For most kids and teens their favorite scenes in Star Wars involve lightsabers. I have seen each film multiple times over the years. But I must self-report. My weekly Youtube history is full of various lightsaber battles. I love Lightsaber toys.

If your kids are like me and my buddies when we were young, they play the role of lightsaber experts every they get a chance. Back in the day, my little crew had to use any weapon we had on hand. Sticks, the cardboard cones found inside Christmas wrapping paper, and even some duct taped cardboard.

Yes, we were tiny barbarians!

Today’s teens have more choices if they want to dramatize Yoda versus the Emperor in their backyard. They don’t have to destroy mom’s wrapping paper to get to the inside swordlike core. If you have a little Jedi or Sith running around the yard, here is a handy list of the best lightsaber toys and games available.

  1. I doubt most moms will go for a $674 lightsaber. But just in case you have a Darth Maul fan living with you, we did include this weapon. You wouldn’t want your child using this high dollar item to whack friends. But the cool-factor is enough to want to own it. Watch your back though! Any fan of Darth Maul is not to be trusted.


  1. Here is a party pack that won’t break the bank. For under $40 on amazon you can set up a kid’s party with lightsaber action. This set has 12 LED sabers ready to use. Great for small children who won’t be swinging for the fences with these inexpensive “weapons.” Older kids may need a more durable selection of swords.


  1. For parents of younglings who want some versatility in their lightsabers, check these out on Amazon. This set holds two sabers at 26 inches as individual swords. But they come with the ability to join them at the ends to make a double lightsaber of 52-inches. These not only look realistic for the price but also come with sound effects. If your kids are rough like my barbaric tribe of the past, these swords may not hold up to real abuse.


  1. For parents of rough and tumble Star Wars fans, these light up toys will be a hit at festivals, camping trips, or birthday parties. You get 22 lightsabers at a decent price. While they don’t have the realistic look of the Darth Maul example (that I accidentally ordered for myself – Whoops!), they look more durable with their shorter design.


  1. Another action set that can be used for Star Wars roleplaying games is here. These lightsabers are expandable in length so they can be adjusted for tiny Jedis or taller Sith warriors. This set also features various flashing modes and will add to nighttime games at campgrounds or backyard bonfires. They appear to be made of plastic so the kiddos would have to use restraint in their battles. No parent wants an ER visit with an injured Star Wars character.


  1. If you have a little tinkerer like Anakin Skywalker when he was assembling droids as a child, then look at this buildable lightsaber. You’re not a real Jedi until you can construct your own. And every master of the lightsaber has their own style. This toy comes in at under $13 and could set a child or teen on the path of a creator. A Lego toy today could sprout their desire to create lightsabers with 3D printers, woodworking tools, or even metal someday.


  1. I would take two of these 2-packs of lightsabers even as an alleged adult! Four weapons are needed to complete my Halloween costume inspired by General Grievous. Oh, it is a cool set for kids too. They could use them for Halloween as well since that is a kids’ holiday – I guess? I wouldn’t want to catch a kid stealing my costume idea on the streets though. It could… check that – it would lead to a lightsaber fight right then and there!


  1. Ok, don’t let your kids play with this epic set. Let them hang the collectibles on their bedroom wall to make the neighbor kids jealous! What teen would not want a custom lightsaber? These are made to order by an Etsy seller whom I am about to “accidentally” contact about a nickel handled saber! The shop even sells a display that holds the lightsabers.


  1. We don’t recommend lounging indoors all day playing video games. Yet this virtual reality lightsaber game could not be ignored. Your child can get a great feel for what it’s like to battle Kylo Ren or even Darth Vader (use caution!). We advise using this game setup outdoors to get some sunshine! It is better than Xbox One games. At least kiddos are moving more than their thumbs during the Jedi vs. Sith training.


  1. All the lightsaber games/toys listed above are good options. Yet we feel they are not as durable, not as adaptable, nor as safe as Glow Battle. Glow Battle is our newest game of course. And we wouldn’t toot our own horn if we hadn’t designed it to be better than any lightsaber game out there. It has loads of game variations so your kids never get bored. The interactive LED bracelets make the games realistic since it shows when a player is wounded or put out of the game. Best of all, our Weapons of Light are tough enough for even the barbarians of my youth! At the same time, the safe foam design makes them harmless even as they are used to whack friends and family relentlessly.

Glow Battle Game

We’d love to hear from Jedi moms and dads. Have you ever bought a lightsaber set for your children? Was it a hit or a bust?