We are so happy to announce that we just received another great review for our new glow in the dark game, GLOW BATTLE, from Tricia Fandrey at the popular blog, The Night Owl Mama.

Here is what Tricia had to say about GLOW BATTLE:

“The whole family couldn’t wait to get their hands on these wands. Even though these aren’t the original wands used in the game that will be available in stores the concept is awesome. My boys were running all over the house with these wands and of course even though this game has rules I think they made up their own. That’s the great thing about games you can either follow the rules set up or you can put together your own rules to create a whole new fun game.

Everyone couldn’t wait to jump in on the action. The boys wanted to call their friends over to join the fun. I can see this game being the perfect birthday party game, get together game, or entertainment for all.”


Thank you Tricia for the great review! We’re so happy your family enjoyed playing GLOW BATTLE.

Click here to read Tricia’s full review of GLOW BATTLE at the blog, The Night Owl Mama.

If you would like to get GLOW BATTLE for your family, click here to purchase it.

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