Throwing a laser tag birthday party is one of the best presents you can give a child. Come to think of it, teens and adults love playing it too! Laser tag is one of those games that gets all the guests involved and might even overshadow the cake and gifts.

Laser tag has been around for a while. To be exact, the U.S. Army started using laser tag for training way back in the late 1970s. Then the fun began as the first arena was built for playing the game commercially in 1984.

If you don’t know much about laser tag, here are the basics. Teams wear sensors and use “laser” weapons that shoot infrared beams (not real lasers). Once a player is hit, a sensor registers that hit and the player who made the shot gets a point. Nothing like a little friendly competition to make a birthday party exciting.

The main thing is to keep your party guests entertained while playing laser tag. Don’t let the kids just go nuts with no rules. Rules don’t hinder games – they make games more fun by adding a structure. If you’re playing at a facility then rules are likely posted.

But if you are using your own laser tag equipment elsewhere, then you can decide the rules. The main game’s concept is tallying up points on each team after a time limit ends. The team with the most hits wins. Simple.

You don’t have to use the basic game scoring concept the entire time though. Be sure to add these variations to keep the game fresh for your laser tag birthday party.

  • Capture the Flag REDUX – Not only do the kids need to avoid being tagged and bagged, they must defend their team flag. The kids must also try to get the other team’s flag back to their side of the field to win the game. If you don’t have a laser tag arena near you, then check out our glow in the dark version of Capture the Flag which many of our fans use for evening time birthday party games.
  • Protect the VIP – In this version, the party guests must defend their team’s VIP. Once the VIP gets hit then the game ends. This variation adds lots of trickery and strategy to laser tag.
  • Elimination Matches – This type gameplay makes each shot count. Racking up points won’t matter so much. The goal is to stay in the game. One hit and that player is eliminated. The team who loses all its players is the clear loser.
  • Free for All – This game throws team work out the window! It’s every kid for themselves here. The goal is to get as many points as possible within the time limit. And no worries about taking on friendly fire… everyone is an enemy in this game.

No matter what variation is played, there is one rule to install if you see the need. No player can simply follow a rival team member pulling the trigger over and over regardless of the hits they take in the process. This is usually a problem with super young participants who don’t understand how this could ruin the fun.

Even in a small town, you can find a good spot for your party. There are plenty of places to play laser tag. The industry has been growing steadily for the past five years, with over 1,150 businesses in the mix. You can choose a commercial indoor facility or your own local outdoor location. Here are the pros and cons of each.


  1. No worry about the weather. Rain or super hot days won’t ruin the laser tag birthday party.
  2. Usually the venue offers food options.
  3. There are often other games available in case the kids want to add some bowling, go karts, or air hockey.


  1. Yes, laser tag equipment works outdoors (the dark foggy arenas are for seeing the full effects of the laser action). Outdoor play will add some Vitamin D to the mix, which is shown to make humans happier – even cranky six-year-olds.
  2. You can choose more natural locations than a climate controlled laser tag fun center. Maybe a local park or a baseball field suits your crew better.
  3. The young-guns will get a bit more exercise in a larger area than a close-quarter match under a roof.

Whether you set your kid’s birthday party up indoors or out, it can’t hurt to add some role-playing to the party. A trip to the theme section of your local party store should help you get the kids in the mood for a Star Wars or Marvel Comics laser tag battle.

As a parent, the best gift you can give your child on their birthday is a fantastic experience. The toys and gifts will fade with time. But years down the line, they will always remember the laser tag birthday party where they laughed and ran wild with their buddies on their favorite day of the year.