What’s the best gift to give a teen boy? That’s a tough question. Choosing the best games for teenagers is always a challenge.

If you’re a parent, then you know that they don’t need anymore attitude. They think they already have all the answers, so they don’t need those. And, they definitely don’t need more time on their screens. What they do need is more time outside, more time interacting with their friends, more time being active and more time away from their video games. It’s a challenge to fulfill those needs with a gift that is still fun and exciting to them, but it just takes a little creativity.

Next time that you’re on the hunt for a gift for teen boys, check out this handy gift guide for boys ages 13 to 16.


It’s recommended that teens get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, yet many teens don’t get near that amount.

One way to keep your teen boys motivated to stay active is to choose a gift that gets them away from their phones and tablets and up and moving.

The Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game (available on amazon) is just this kind of gift. You just hang it on a wall inside or out, and start playing. It’s a fun alternative to darts that’s safe, challenging and somewhat addictive…the perfect thing for boys.

The set contains one game board, six black and six red rings, as well as instructions to play with a few variations. It truly makes a unique and exciting gift for boys. As a bonus, it’s beautifully finished game board that looks great hanging in any game room or family room.


Studies show that social interaction in teen years is important for both mental and physical health and well-being. Socially active teens are more physically healthy because their social relationships help them cope with the stress and pressure of teenage life.

One of the best gifts that you can give a teen boy is something that fosters these relationships. Choose a game that involves their friends, laughter, and a little craziness. “Not Parent Approved” (available on amazon) is a hilarious word game of fill-in-the blanks fits this description. It’s a card game that was inspired by Cards Against Humanity but is 100% family-friendly. With Not Parent Approved, your teens get to act a little mischievous without getting into real trouble, spend social time with their friends, express their creativity with some wacky humor and laugh at some good jokes and themselves.

The game comes with 455 durable cards that you can take anywhere like parties, sleepovers, and road trips. This winner of Scholastic’s Gold Star Toy Award. It’s easy-to-learn, simple play and a whole lot of crazy fun!


It’s a fact, spending time outdoors reduces levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It’s important for teens to take time to be unplugged and out in nature to help regulate their mood and restore their mental energy.

Of course, fun gifts for boys have always included nature-inspired equipment such as binoculars, flashlights, and camping gear. Another great idea is a KingCamp Outdoor Camping Hammock (available on amazon). Boys love these portable hammocks for road trips or even their own backyard. This one is a breathable lightweight mesh hammock with metal hood ropes that make it stable and easy to install. It’s ideal for backpacking, camping, and napping – all the things that boys love to do. Plus, the storage bag for the hammock can also attach to the side of it to store phones, books and small items. It’s easy to pack and carry, easy to set up and easy to kick back and soak in some fresh air and nature.


Teenage boys love competition. If there is someone to be defeated or bragging rights to be won, then they are all in. And, there are so many fun games that encourage healthy competition and friendly rivalry. The Bounce Battle Premium Wood Edition Game Set (available on amazon) is all that. It’s a easy-to-learn game of skill, strategy and chance. And, it’s quite addictive. You simply pick your color, choose a battle and then bounce in to win. You can play with multiple players, one-on-one, in teams or tournament style. The set includes one wood game cube, 27 high quality white and orange balls (one extra), and instructions for dozens of ways to play including 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Nine Cup, Level Out, Point Ball, Alphabet Soup, H-O-R-S-E, and more. Simply place the game cube squarely on a solid table or the floor, position yourself very close to the cube on the opposite side of your opponent, get creative and have fun.


Sometimes you hit the jackpot with a gift that gives it all. That’s Capture the Flag REDUX, the ultimate outdoor, active, and socially interactive competition.

It’s the classic Capture the Flag game revolutionized with futuristic glow-in-the-dark lights. And, it’s a perfect gift for teen boys to keep them busy as they break teammates out of jail, sneak into enemy territory, protect base and steal the glowing flag to win. The game box includes two glowing orbs to use as the “flags,” color-coded LED bracelets to differentiate team members, glowing jail markers, and a rule-book.

As an extra bonus, each kit includes 12 game variation cards that offer even more ways to play Capture the Flag, as well as other games. If you’re looking for a cool boy gift idea or a fun activity for teen parties, Capture the Flag REDUX is the easy choice.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image

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