If you are organizing an after school program or a late-night activity program, you might be struggling to find some exciting activities that you can do with the kids that arrive. Whether you are running the program at a local school or community center, or you need games for schools in gym class, here are some fantastic activities that you can enjoy to keep kids active and to ensure that they have a lot of fun:


Crab Walk Soccer

Divide the class into two teams and get them to sit on lines which are just a short distance apart.This can be the perfect PE game. Every player is going to be assigned a number on each team. To get started, you place the soccer ball in the middle of the area that you mark out, and then the official will call out a number. A player from every team that has been assigned that number will make their way into the center by crab walking to get the ball. The goal will be to eventually get the ball past the opponent’s goal line. The strategy in crab walk soccer is to make sure that a player can get back to the line to block the open hole in the goal line when a new number is called. Only the player whose number has been called will have the ability to score the ball past the goal line.


Capture The Flag REDUX

If your program regularly goes quite late into the evening, you could consider playing Capture the Flag REDUX. This fun version of capture the flag is completed with the idea of glow-in-the-dark flags as well as players that glow-in-the-dark. Schools can have the kit on standby for use with many classes. Using unique glow-in-the-dark elements, players can guard the flag at their own base, capture a glowing flag, and wear armbands which will distinguish the two teams. Capture the flag REDUX is somewhat similar to regular capture the flag with the difference being that it can be an amazing experience for after-school programs in the evening.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image

Triangle Tag

Triangle tag is a popular PE game for smaller classes. Get started with a group of 4-5 people with one person that will be designated as “it.” Other players will join hands and create a circle while the person that is “it” will stand off to the side. The cooperative group within the circle will pick someone who they will protect and place in the middle of the circle. The goal of the person who is “it” is to eventually tag everyone in the circle and reach the person in the middle. The circle will continue to be closed to protect the person in the middle and other players will attempt to twist and turn to prevent the person in the middle from being tagged. The “it” player can reach through the circle in an attempt to tag the middle person or slowly tag away other people to make the circle smaller. Make sure to let everyone have a chance to be “it.”


Any of these items would be an excellent after school game to consider. Remember that you can include some or all of them in your after school program.

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