Keeping kids and teenagers outside and active as the weather turns cooler is a challenge for parents.

It’s often hard to find fun games and things to do in the long, cold and dark months of fall and winter. The shorter days and colder temperatures can lead to spending more time inside on screens, getting less activity and other unhealthy habits.

Just because it’s dark and cool out doesn’t mean that your kids have to stay inside. They still need fresh air, sunshine and activity for their physical and mental well-being. Crisp fall weather can be a great motivator to bundle up, get outside and get moving. Grab some friends or neighbors and try these invigorating outdoor activities to keep your kids saying, “cool air, don’t care!”


When cool weather hits, you can find pumpkins and gourds in every store or market. Purchase some extra for fun backyard games like Pumpkin Ring Toss and Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe.

For the ring toss, place medium to large pumpkins at various distances away from the throwing line. Then, give each player a set of five plastic rings to throw. The pumpkins that are further away are worth more points. And, you can use the smaller pumpkins and gourds to play outdoor tic tac toe using sticks or chalk to mark your boards.


You don’t need an actual sporting event to host a tailgate in the fall.

Set up your backyard with some fun tailgate activities like corn hole, lawn darts, ladder toss, and horseshoes. Have everyone wear their favorite team shirt, set up a card table with some fun snacks and enjoy your day outside with your family.

You can even hang some party lights from poles so that you can continue your backyard tailgate way into the evening.


When the days start getting shorter, it’s the perfect time to play outdoor glow-in-the-dark games like Capture the Flag REDUX. It’s the classic Capture the Flag game revolutionized with futuristic glow-in-the-dark lights.

Grab some neighborhood kids and watch them get moving as they break teammates out of jail, sneak into enemy territory, protect base and steal the glowing flag to win.

Each game box includes two glowing orbs to use as the “flags,” color-coded LED bracelets to differentiate team members, glowing jail markers, and a rulebook. As an extra bonus, each kit includes 12 game variation cards that offer even more ways to play Capture the Flag, as well as other games. Available for purchase here.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image


Once the cool weather hits and the pool is no longer an option, use the pool toys for some additional outdoor fun.

Divide into two teams and give each player a pool noodle. Use a beach ball as the puck and designate goals with lawn chairs.

Then, let each team have at it while they use their noodles to get the ball into the other team’s goal. It’s a silly twist on hockey and a fun way to get kids of all ages moving.


Score big with your kids in the fall with this LED lit ball for a fun glow-in-the-dark game of flag football. Even after the sun goes down, you can keep playing with this durable football that features bright red LED’s built right in with a 3 minute timer that triggers when the ball is kicked.

Each ball comes with an inflator needle, two LED light modules, two round rubber light covers, and installation tool and instructions. Batteries are replaceable with 3 – AG13 button batteries. Available for purchase here.


If the temperature drops enough, this is a fun game to play, as well as a good lesson in science. All you need are some empty water bottles, a pack of balloons and gloves for all of the bowlers.

Fill the balloons with water and let them sit out overnight. Fill the water bottles 2/3 with water and let them sit out, as well. The next day, cut off the outer balloon and use the inside frozen balls for ice bowling. The water bottles become the “pins.”


Use plastic buckets to set up a “golf course” around your yard. Number the buckets from one to nine. Then, each player takes a turn throwing the frisbee toward the numbered “hole” just like in golf.

The players try and make as few throws as possible to land the frisbee in the bucket. At the end of all of the holes, the player with the lowest score is the Freezin’ Frisbee Golf Campion.


There are some games that can be used in the day, in the night, in warm weather and in cold weather, and this is one of those games. You can play Glow Battle inside in a dark room, outside after the sun goes down, and in any weather – anywhere that you have open space.

Players use strategy, teamwork, and their own warrior instincts to team up and take down their opponent using harmless, glowing batons.

Teams are designated by different colored LED bracelets and have a base to “recharge” after they get hit. It’s a fun and exciting glowing game that incorporates activity with strategy. Available for purchase here.


This old school classic even has a cold weather word in the title! Choose one person to be “it” and then they chase the other players around trying to tag them. When the freezer successfully tags a player, they are frozen until another player tags them to unfreeze them. Continue playing the game until all of the players are frozen and then a new person becomes “it.”

Do you have any other fun games for cool weather? If yes, please share them in the comments below.

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