Whether you are a Sunday school leader or a parent looking to grow your child’s faith, these Bible games for kids will help reinforce the lessons in a fun and exciting way. It’s often a challenge to get kids engaged in Bible studies and expose them to faith-filled principles while holding their interest. These games keep kids active and entertained while helping them learn more about the Bible. They are perfect combination of fun and faith and are ideal for youth groups, church camps, Sunday schools or home use.


This game is an easy way to entertain a large group of kids like a youth group or children’s ministry while working within a budget. Take a printed Bible verse and make two copies. Cut the verse up into smaller sentences or phrases and then place each piece inside of a separate balloon. Split into two teams and race down trying to pop each balloon by sitting on it. Once all of the balloons on your team are popped, each team tries to piece the Bible verse together as best they can. The first one to pop all of the balloons and put together the Bible verse is the winner. Bible Balloons is a great way to encourage physical activity while teaching children more about the Bible.


Save the Lost is another fun Bible game that kids will love. It is a unique and exciting glow in the dark game that teaches meaningful principles. This game is incredibly active and is perfect for kids who like to be constantly up and moving instead of sitting still. Save the Lost involves hiding, searching, and sneaking up on other players. The game box includes 22 glowing LED pieces and easy-to-follow instructions and is perfect for all ages. Kids can have a blast while they get a little closer to faith with this entertaining glowing Christian game that lets you literally “follow the light!”  Learn more and purchase Save the Lost here.

Save the Lost Christian Game


This Christian game by Group Pub Inc. is ideal for young children who are just starting to discover their faith. Kids take turns passing around this colorful, inflatable ball which contains prayer prompts and discussion starters on the sides. Set a short timer while they pass it around, and when it sounds, whoever is holding the ball has to read whatever sentence or prompt that their thumb has landed on. This is a great activity that encourages kids to open up about their faith and encourages prayer and building community. There is also a Throw & Tell Ball for preteens which includes icebreakers activities to really get them to open up and engage their religion. Kids will love this lively game, and parents will love to see them talking and laughing with each other while growing closer to God. You can purchase a Throw and Tell Prayer Ball at amazon.com.


One of the easiest and most exciting Bible games for kids to play is one that only requires a couple pieces of paper. Teams take turns writing down Bible stories or characters onto the sheets of paper. Then, the opposing team picks a person to silently act out each one while his or her teammates try to guess what they are. Each correct guess earns them a point, and the team that finishes with the most points is the champion. This game allows kids to use their creative acting skills while encouraging them to actively engage with the Scripture.


A religious twist on a classic game, Bible Bingo encourages children to dig deep into their faith and have fun learning Biblical principles. The game set comes with six double-sided playing boards, twenty different Scripture verses printed on ninety calling cards, and 150 game tokens. This game is more than just a classic bingo game – it includes variations for younger and older kids. These options make this game even more entertaining by getting kids to match principles and truths to the Bible verses that are read out loud. Who knew that bingo could be a such fun way to help build your faith? This game is available at amazon.com.


Everyone’s favorite party game just got a little more holy. In the classic game of wacky comparisons, players take turns playing red apple cards that they think are best described by the green ones played by the judge. In this edition, all of the themes on the cards are Biblical or related to faith in some way. If the judge chooses your card as the one they think is the best fit because it’s wacky, perfect, or flat out weird, you get a point. This game encourages kids to think outside the box and really use their imagination and intuition while addressing Biblical themes, people, or stories. Perfect for kids ages eight and up, it makes an ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas, and is a great way for children to have fun with their faith. This game is available at amazon.com.


Similar to Bible Balloons, this game encourages teamwork and cooperation while reinforcing lessons from Scripture. Teams get a few minutes to try and memorize a Bible verse or certain pieces of it, depending on their strategy. They then take turns running to a chalkboard, blackboard, or even a piece of poster board, writing down the words – one by one – that they have memorized to that particular Bible verse. Whoever gets their Bible verse right the fastest is the winner. This is a dynamic game for youth groups and larger parties that promotes teamwork, active involvement, and faith building. Watch your kids have a ball as they run back and forth trying to remember their verses!