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Bring fantasy to life in this outdoor game of hunting, hiding and howling! Play as a Wizard to search for glowing crystals or bare your teeth and hunt as a Werewolf.

Ages: 8 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 4-10+

Batteries included? Yes


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Who is this game for?
The game includes three different levels of gameplay for ages 8-65+. They range from very simple, which is great for younger players, to highly strategic, where each Wizard has its own unique power. That said, people love it that all ages can play together.

Where should I play the game?
You can play anywhere with space to run safely: backyards, parks, even basements or garages.

Does it have to be dark to play?
You can play at any time. For maximum glow fun and full werewolf power, however, we do recommend playing in low light: such as inside with the lights off or twilight.

How long do the batteries last?
The batteries included in each of the game pieces are designed to last 10-12 hours and are type CR1220. To replenish them, you can use the Capture the Flag REDUX Battery set. It includes enough batteries to replace all the lights twice and costs $5.

8 reviews for Wizards & Werewolves ® – by Starlux Games

  1. amanda w.

    Firstly, I would like to say what exceptional customer service I have received after buying this game from Amazon Uk.
    It arrived without the cards inside which meant we had no instructions and could not play.
    I e mailed Starlux directly because the game looked like so much fun and I didn’t want to return the whole thing to Amazon and re order as it was for a fast approaching party.
    I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply the next day which was a Sunday! Told the replacement cards would be in the post the next day, and promptly received them in the uk the following week.
    The game was sooo much fun to play at our party, I thought just the children would be involved enough to play the characters properly, but the adults enjoyed it just as much!
    Can’t praise it enough…. great game and brilliant customer service.
    Thank you
    Amanda Williams

  2. Heather Y.

    This game is great! I had my 3 teens and their adult sister and her son playing this game. Everything came as described and all items worked. The instructions are easy to follow and understand. The kids played for quite a while. It is fun to see them outside away from the electronics and this game kept them interested. One of their favorite games to play after dark is “goast in the graveyard”… Wizards and Werewolves has taken that over. The kids had a blast trying to out run the werewolf(s) and find the healing stone. What a fun game!

  3. Keith H.

    We had so much fun playing this game! We wanted to meet some new friends and put together a group through Meetup for people interested in being active and looking for something to do after work. Even though we were mostly strangers, we all bonded pretty quickly through playing this game. We met up at a forested park and started off with the first level of play. It was actually really dark and a bit misty so wandering around looking for the cool glowing lights and trying to avoid the werewolf was genuinely thrilling. Each time you hear another of your wizard friends howl in the night as they got captured, the excitement and adrenaline really amped up! It truly felt like we were immersed in a fantasy world!

    The different game varieties made each round unique and fun in different ways and kept everyone entertained for hours. Highly recommended for groups of friends and family looking to have some new experiences and fun that doesn’t involve a screen 🙂

  4. Viktor M.

    This is such a fun game to play if you’re looking to combine physical exercise and imagination. It has just the right mix of creative elements with the wizard and werewolf abilities (each player has a specific role and they feel important) without being too technical. There are three main game modes with varying complexity to not get bored playing repeatedly.

    If you like the idea of outdoor group play, with some fantasy themes, and running around with your friends then I can’t recommend this enough!


  5. jerry j.

    I bought this to play with my nieces and nephews. While I was really uncertain how they would like it (and myself and family, frankly), we had so much fun! My younger niece and nephew wanted to jump right into playing the third level with all of the wizard powers, but I think we made the right choice by starting a little easier. it made the more advanced rules easier to grasp. this was a cool game and was impressed with the quality of it all around. currently holding off on buying capture the flag redux, but a three-way game sounds intriguing…

  6. sum1savvy

    Wizards and Werewolves is truly magical! This night game has not only brought our family together to be more active, but it has also sparked an interest in friends and neighborhood kids to get out of the house as well! We adults love playing, our teenagers and their friends get into it, as well as our younger kids. It is truly for everyone which makes it so great! This summer we have had countless night’s of running around in the dark howling and being as speedy, yet stealthy as possible. Each time we play it’s like a new game because it is so versatile and rules are so adaptable. We are trying to figure out how to keep the fun going inside now that it’s getting cooler outside.

    Also, being owners of multiple Starlux games, we can vouch that these wristbands stay together better than previous ones from other games of theirs; although still a little difficult to get on.

    I would definitely recommend this game and have had many neighborhood moms ask about it. Great memories are being made with this one!

  7. Troy Y.

    This game is going to be so much fun! All the pieces look well made and it’s simple to understand. I think this would be perfect for families who go camping or when you have get togethers!

  8. Nathan N.

    This game is a lot of fun. It really adds a new dimension to an outdoor game.

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