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Bring fantasy to life! Werewolves hunt Wizards. Wizards search for glowing crystals to end the Werewolves’ curse. It’s a thrilling, glow-in-the dark neighborhood game that’s part “hunt and go seek,” part capture the flag and part zombie tag. Includes three levels of game play, two star crystals, four field markers, five wizard armlets, one alpha werewolf bracelet, one moon crystal and ten role cards.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 4-10+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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Who is this game for?
The game includes three different levels of gameplay for ages 8-65+. They range from very simple, which is great for younger players, to highly strategic, where each Wizard has its own unique power. That said, people love it that all ages can play together.

Where should I play the game?
You can play anywhere with space to run safely: backyards, parks, even basements or garages.

Does it have to be dark to play?
You can play at any time. For maximum glow fun and full werewolf power, however, we do recommend playing in low light: such as inside with the lights off or twilight.

How long do the batteries last?
The batteries included in each of the game pieces are designed to last 10-12 hours and are type CR1220. To replenish them, you can use the Starlux Games Battery Replacement Set. It includes enough batteries to replenish most lights more than once and costs $7.90.

45 reviews for Wizards & Werewolves – Magical Hide & Seek

  1. Mama J.

    This is great. Wizards, WereWolves, game on! This is a really interactive game that gets everyone up and moving. You get everything you need to play and have a blast. This is just so much fun. There are rules but we kept it pretty simple.This is basically capture the flag but with a science fiction twist. Tons of fun. Highly recommend to get the teenagers out of the house and away from the game consoles. Burn off the energy and get physically active.You receive four field markers, two star crystals, 1 Alpha wolf bracelet, five wizard armlets, a moon crystal and ten role cards. You also receive instructions but really you can make any rules as complicated or uncomplicated as you want. There are three levels of play A, B, and C. One crystal saves them all, Destroy the Alpha, and Circle of Wizards.You will find roles of Alpha werewolf, Arch Wizard, Astral walker, Banisher, Healer, Teleporter and werewolf.Perfect game for the neighborhood!

  2. mandy

    Such a fun game!! So much more fun than we expected!

  3. cre8ivemom

    We love this game so much we bought a second set for friends. Engaging game that kept the kids (ages 7-13) active for hours!

  4. Talia S.

    Can’t wait till spring to play it outside!

  5. Katherine

    We gave this game to our 7 year old for his birthday and he loves it! The packaging is really fun, all the light-up parts worked, and he, our 10 year old, and some neighbors spent so much time playing in the yard. There are all different ways to play, so it can be as easy or hard as you/the kids want. Even my 4 year old nephew got in on the fun with some help from the older kids. I highly recommend this game!

  6. FotoPat

    This is such a cool idea I’m surprised no one has thought of this before. Yes, the base version of this game is mostly just tag with a lot of bling added on, but the bling adds quite a bit to the experience. Also, for the base game you might be able throw some this stuff together on your own using glow in the dark bracelets and the like. However, since those bracelets only last a single night you’d have to keeping buying them over and over. So with that in mind combined with the advanced rules with role cards I think the asking price is within reason.I think this is a super cool game for kids and (playful) adults who like to run around. This is a game that could actually played year round, but the werewolf theme makes it perfect for fall and Halloween. Very happy to have this is in my game collection.

  7. A. W.

    So I got this at Christmas and had to wait to play it until it was nice out and we were no longer on pandemic lock down. We finally had a chance to play up at the cottage, we had four kids aged 10 to 13, and only the eldest boy wanted to play this, we had to force the others to play. He read the instructions and basically told the rest of us how to play and he insisted that there be a minimum of 7 players so three adults were forced to play too. We did five wizards so each ‘power’ was filled and then two werewolves. The games actually went really fast and we played three in a row just in the yard around the cottage. We had one drop out after the first two games and decided that the teleporting was the least used wizard power, so if you only have 6 people skip that wizard. One wrist band was missing two screws so when you tried to put the end in it would separate and the end wouldn’t stay in it so we had to tape that one together. All in all it ended up being a lot more fun than anyone was expecting and everyone even the adults liked the game a lot, though one adult complained that it was too complicated with all the who has what powers and who could tag who, but kids must be more adaptable that a 58 year old dad 🙂 It was nice to get kids out of the cottage at dusk instead of being on a screen. I am really looking forward to getting together a group of 10 kids and playing at wider open park where we could have more space. I think for some in the group this was a definite “love” or five stars, the one dad who said it was complicated and the one kid who quit after two games would probably not go that high, so I will say four stars for a definite strong “like”.

  8. Dana R.

    My kids, 6, 7 and 13, all love playing this game. I can’t wait to try it with a larger group.

  9. Amanda G.

    I love this so much! It is a fun game for the whole family and the product owner even messaged me to ask if I needed any help/tips! Thank you so much ♡ I can tell they care about their customers.

  10. Lynda B.

    This is a lot of fun to play with the kids. We love all the difference versions.

  11. Ravenskya

    So the game is tag, or a variant of it. What you are buying is a bunch of light up things that you place around to mark off the field of play, some bracelets to identify the werewolves or wizards and a soul stone – which is a red thing about the size of a softball that also lights up. Someone is the werewolf and they go hide the soulstone. Then they howl and the game is on. The wizards are trying to find the soul stone before being tagged by the werewolf and turned into werewolves themselves.As an adult I’m not sure why this needs to be bought… however for some reason the 8 and 10 year old insist on playing it all the time, and they can’t imagine playing it without the set. It’s great for large numbers of kids… when all the cousins are together or each of the kids has friends over. But again… as an adult I think I could spray paint a softball in some bright color and use that as the object to be hidden.

  12. Cassandra S.

    I love the idea of getting my kids to do more active things. I’m always hopeful something will catch on and be a lasting activity that they will return to frequently. This game showed some potential but unfortunately it just doesn’t have lasting appeal. My kids played it once and had fun with it for a while but they have no desire to really play it again. My youngest might be willing but the older two are definitely not interested. If you’re looking to get your kids off the couch this may get them up and moving a few times this might do that but I don’t see it being enough to keep them coming back for more time and time again. I also think if your kids are like mine and won’t play it more than a few times than $40ish is a bit much to spend on 12 fancy glowing pieces of plastic that will get used only a few times.

  13. Miss C.

    This game is great! It’s like an amped up game of Capture the Flag.We have only a small outside area in which to play, and this game was still fun. It’s also easy to understand for a wide age range. We played it with a group of kids between the ages of 5-11. While the 5 year old needed some assistance, he still had a blast. This would easily be enjoyed by older kids as well.The pieces that light up came with plastic inserts to keep the batteries from draining until they are played with. After we used them, the batteries did drain somewhat quickly.

  14. Michael J.

    This game caught my eye because it’s advertised for “RPG, DND, LARP and Costume Fantasy Fans” so I couldn’t resist trying it. Although the RPG and D&D references are a stretch, I can definitely see it used as a prop in LARPs and cosplay.Basically, this is a variant of tag with some additional structure and technology mixed in. There are two groups, werewolves and wizards, each tasked with a different win condition. Werewolves hide glowing crystals (and themselves) with the goal of tagging all the wizards, thereby turning them into werewolves. Wizards wear glowing armlets, avoiding being “bitten” by werewolves while at the same time attempting to track down the alpha werewolf.The game works best at night because it gives the werewolves an advantage. They don’t have glowing armlets, so they’re harder to spot. Anyone wearing an armlet is much more visible at night; conversely, the werewolves are harder to see in the dark.There are four markers and three crystals, one of them being the Moon Crystal. Curiously, the markers and crystals are the same color, which can be problematic as a wizard in the dark could easily mistake a marker for a crystal and grab it (the two smaller crystals are about the same size as the markers). They should be different colors.It’s also worth noting that the set should come with five armbands. Mine only included three. This limits the game somewhat — werewolves can theoretically be unlimited, but your starting number of wizards can’t be higher than five.There are three different levels of gameplay, each with increasing complexity.Level A: One Crystal Saves Them AllThis is the basic version where there’s just one Alpha Werewolf and everyone else is a wizard. The Alpha Werewolf hides the Moon Crystal and then howls to start the game. As soon as a wizard touches the crystal, the werewolves lose. However, the Alpha can turn wizards into werewolves by touching them. This puts a lot of pressure on the Alpha, so it’s best if it’s an older child or adult (the game recommends “the most successful wizard” be the Alpha for the next game, which is code for “the kid who can run fastest.”). Also, no “puppy guarding” — werewolves have to stay at least 15 feet away from a crystal.Level B: Destroy the Alpha WerewolfBoth teams are split evenly between werewolves and wizards (that’s a possibility of ten players total), with the Alpha chosen by the werewolves. Weirdly, in a game that identifies everything with glowing tags, the Alpha has no means of identification — the werewolves “announces its identity to the Wizards.” Again, a lost opportunity to identify the Alpha somehow with a different-colored armband. In fact, the board game art implies werewolves are colored blue, but every item in the game glows red.Unlike Level A, in Level B wizards have two “hit points.” The first time they are tagged/bitten they return to the nearest marker and change their armlet to flashing to indicate they’re hurt, then return to the game. If the wizard is tagged/bitten again, they’re turned into werewolves.Tagging the Alpha Werewolf with a crystal destroys it and wins the game. The Alpha can’t bite you while holding a crystal (other werewolves can), but you can’t drop or pass the crystal on either. If you have the Star crystals (the two smaller ones) the crystal can be used as an antidote. With the Moon crystal (the bigger one) it requires two werewolves to tag the wizard at once. If two werewolves actually manage to do this by “linking arms while tagging or by tagging at the same time” the Moon crystal also acts as an antidote.The antidote mechanic means that the crystal is deposited to the nearest field marker, but the wizard is still in the game. Basically, the crystals add an extra hit point to the wizards.This game is a little too complicated and seems likely to cause more than a few bumps and bruises; asking two werewolves to tag someone simultaneously or with arms linked in the dark seems like a recipe for clothes-lining someone across the throat.Level C: Circle of WizardsThis game involves classes, which includes cards chosen by the wizards for their specialist. All the rules for B apply too. But there are cards, including for no particular reason an Alpha and regular werewolf card, which doesn’t quite make sense as there aren’t enough cards for all the potential werewolves and being one doesn’t give them a special ability beyond turning a wizard into a werewolf. The cards include the arch wizard, astral walker, banisher, healer, and teleporter.* Arch Wizard: The arch wizard is the only one who can destroy the alpha werewolf and can’t be bitten by the alpha either. But she can be bitten by other werewolves.Incidentally, any wizard can become an arch by grabbing the Moon crystal, but thereby loses their other class abilities.* Astral Walker: The astral walker can leave the field marker boundaries so long as there are other wizards still playing within those boundaries (otherwise the astral walker could, I dunno, just go home I guess). This requires a setup where the boundaries have an ability for the astral walker to actually play beyond the border, so it’s important to keep that in mind during set up. You don’t want to put your markers right at the edge of a fence, for example!* Banisher: Banishers can make werewolves walk to the nearest marker before running back into the game again. They also can’t be bitten by werewolves (which makes sense, as the banisher would otherwise quickly become a werewolf) except for the Alpha. Also, the banisher can’t carry the Moon crystal.* Healer: The healer can convert bitten wizards (werewolves created in the game) back to wizards by tagging them. They can’t convert “OG” werewolves. This is challenging in the dark to distinguish who is who, as bitten wizards turn off their armlets so they look a lot like regular werewolves in the dark.* Teleporter: Teleporters can give any wizard they touch a free ride back to the nearest marker. They’re supposed to hold their hands in a “T” as they walk there. Again, good luck seeing this in the dark.Can you use any of this for a Dungeons & Dragons (DND) or other role-playing game (RPG) session? Maybe. The crystals have a nice heft to them and glow. There’s unfortunately a wizard/werewolf logo on each, marring the effect somewhat.For a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP), the armlets might be helpful for indicating damage, and the markers could be useful for demarcating one area, but not much more than that. Given they’re all the same color, the crystals and markers will likely cause more confusion if used together.For cosplayers, the Moon crystal is a fun prop, with the aforementioned caveat about the logo.Wizards & Werewolves is a fun idea with interesting components. The game is a bit of a mess — the classes almost guarantee chaos on the field — but that’s part of the fun. The lights should be differentiated with colors, the alpha needs a marker besides declaring who he/she is, and the dual-tag rule should be changed to something less likely to cause injury…but once you have players howling at the top of their lungs as they start the game or turn into werewolves, it’s hard to deny there’s some magic here. It’s just not refined as it could be.

  15. Angela

    Great game to get the family outdoors, my kids loved it!

  16. JT

    This is such a fun game. We had 8 playing this game and everyone loved it. It’s a fun mix with the different characters, a combination of a few games. We played it in the mountains, so there were plenty of fun places to hide, which made it even more exciting! I would definitely recommend this game.

  17. Professional c.

    This is a fun game for an active family or group of friends! If you ever played night games as a kid this will bring you back! It’s easy to set up and can be a quick game or several hours. My kids have grabbed it and gone out to play with their friends with out any trouble. It has different levels of play to keep things interesting!

  18. B. P.

    We bought this game after the weather turned cold- so we’ve only had a chance to play indoors. It was super fun and the kids (ages 6-11) loved it! I like that there are different levels of play, we are excited to get outside and try it with a larger group- will be perfect for night games! The bands on the bracelets are a little hard to get on, and would rather have an elastic coil that could fit multiple sizes.

  19. Smiles

    This is a really fun game for all ages! It is like a cross between capture the flag and ultimate werewolf. I love how it gets the kids(and adults) active! It’s great for birthday parties and any kind of get together, or just a fun time with the family. The parts are well made, not cheap or flimsy, and fit in the box perfectly for easy put away and storage. Highly recommend!

  20. amanda w.

    Firstly, I would like to say what exceptional customer service I have received after buying this game from Amazon Uk.
    It arrived without the cards inside which meant we had no instructions and could not play.
    I e mailed Starlux directly because the game looked like so much fun and I didn’t want to return the whole thing to Amazon and re order as it was for a fast approaching party.
    I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply the next day which was a Sunday! Told the replacement cards would be in the post the next day, and promptly received them in the uk the following week.
    The game was sooo much fun to play at our party, I thought just the children would be involved enough to play the characters properly, but the adults enjoyed it just as much!
    Can’t praise it enough…. great game and brilliant customer service.
    Thank you
    Amanda Williams

  21. Matt L.

    This is such a fun game!!! I love all the different variations of the game. It keeps it exciting. We have enjoyed playing this multiple of times. It’s so fun, that all the cousins stayed outside playing even though it was freezing. Great family game!

  22. Heather Y.

    This game is great! I had my 3 teens and their adult sister and her son playing this game. Everything came as described and all items worked. The instructions are easy to follow and understand. The kids played for quite a while. It is fun to see them outside away from the electronics and this game kept them interested. One of their favorite games to play after dark is “goast in the graveyard”… Wizards and Werewolves has taken that over. The kids had a blast trying to out run the werewolf(s) and find the healing stone. What a fun game!

  23. Anonymous

    Wizards and werewolf’s game is so much fun!!! It’s basically an awesome version of capture the flag!!! We all had so much fun playing and our neighborhood friends even joined in!! Must have family game! My childhood Harry Potter Fantasy was totally lived!!

  24. Robyn S.

    I have to admit the werewolf howls was the absolute best part. (Cry laughing) We played with kids from age range 1st grade to H.S. Jr. The game play rules and concepts were super easy to understand and play as well as, then adapt and make our own. When we had more players we just used the boundary markers as extra moon crystals. Totally Fun. We liked so much i wish we would have bought the expansion/extra bracelet set along with the game.

  25. Ben

    What a great “other & better” option to video games and movies at night! We really enjoyed seeing our kids and their friends out playing a night gameS just like we used to do back in the day! With the cold snowy weather setting in, we’re Excited to try it out at the gym by our house with the lights out!

  26. Carlye

    My kids love this game! They stayed outside with their cousins for hours playing it! love that it had different levels so it was adaptable for different age groups and I love that it came with batteries and was ready to play right away.

  27. Loquatia

    So fun! We grabbed a bunch of neighbor kids and played different games for a few hours at the park. They loved it!! Fun to have so many variations of games to play.

  28. Steven

    Tons of fun especially with it getting dark so early. Family and neighbors have all been playing it.

  29. jamjar123

    I bought this and it was great fun but we’ve lost two armlets can I get some spares?

  30. Brittney B.

    I ordered this thinking it would be a fun outdoor game around Halloween time. My boys ages 10 & 12 had some friends over and they got it out to play. They has so much fun! They were outside for hours, even as it started to get chilly. When they tired of one version of the game, they switched it up and started the other version, which it turns out they liked even better. One of my favorite parts was that it didn’t take any effort on my part! It was easy to use and set up, the instructions were clear and the kids spent hours playing it!They have pulled it out to play numerous times since. And my little boys ages 5 & 6 also started using the gemstones to play night hide and seek! They wanted in on the action! Such a fun game! Definitely recommend.

  31. Tesa M.

    My 13 year old son and his friends had a great time playing wizards and werewolves at his birthday party. They literally spent hours playing. Great time!!

  32. Stephanie .

    We loved how quick and easy this game was to grab. The instructions were quick and easy to understand. They loved how the pieces glow ! We also changed it up when we played again to include my 4 yr old. She was sooooo excited ! My teenager loved it, his friends even thought it was cool! My husband played it with some military buddies and they had a blast. The game pieces are high quality. The kids had fun putting the electronics down and going outside again ! We have a couple other games made this company and they are top notch ! I know when we play one of their games, we will have fun ! The first time we played my husband read the instructions in a fun voice to help everyone get into character, that made it even more fun ! Try it !

  33. Anne O.

    My kids were begging to play this game as soon as it came. Definitely a hit in our house. Wish we had a bigger room to play it inside – Oregon rainy season 😁. But despite the rain, we were able to play! We took it to the high school gym with my daughter’s volleyball team and played. They all kept wanting to play the game instead of practice 😂

  34. SP

    We had a really fun time playing this as a family. It was fun for all ages. I really liked that there was different levels of difficulty so you could adapt it to whoever was playing. I also love that all batteries were included and that they are replaceable.

  35. Kindle C.

    This is a fun and easy game to play with friends and family! This can easily be played indoors or outside. The rules were was to follow and we really liked the lighted props. We also liked the different level options if play, which is great for adapting to different age groups. One improvement would be to have the bracelets made with some type of elastic or larger bands to fit easily on adults. Other than that, so fun!!!

  36. CR

    My kids had an absolute blast with this game! They played for two hours, before I made them come in for bed! I love that they were getting two hours of exercise, without even knowing it! I love that the game has three levels of play. That way younger kids can play, but it is still super fun for the older kids as you increase the games difficulty. I love that it brought our neighborhood together for an evening of fun! We can’t wait to play it again!

  37. DarthTincher

    This game is so much fun! We have played many rounds, some with adults only, kids only and a mixture of both. It really is fun for all ages. The game is basically capture the flag, but has some unique twists and different rules, instructions, and difficulties for different ages. We really enjoyed acting out the different characters, but if that’s not your style, don’t do it! The game is still a blast. The bigger the playing field and more trees and things to hide behind, the more interesting the game can be. My only complaint, one of our bracelets came with dead batteries

  38. Keith H.

    We had so much fun playing this game! We wanted to meet some new friends and put together a group through Meetup for people interested in being active and looking for something to do after work. Even though we were mostly strangers, we all bonded pretty quickly through playing this game. We met up at a forested park and started off with the first level of play. It was actually really dark and a bit misty so wandering around looking for the cool glowing lights and trying to avoid the werewolf was genuinely thrilling. Each time you hear another of your wizard friends howl in the night as they got captured, the excitement and adrenaline really amped up! It truly felt like we were immersed in a fantasy world!

    The different game varieties made each round unique and fun in different ways and kept everyone entertained for hours. Highly recommended for groups of friends and family looking to have some new experiences and fun that doesn’t involve a screen 🙂

  39. Anonymous

    My kids and their friends had a blast playing Wizards And Werewolves this last weekend. It was really nice to not have them in the house playing video games and watching TV and out running around and having fun together. We are all excited to play it again soon!

  40. Kyle G.

    I bought this for my nieces and nephews and they had a blast. They got it yesterday in the mail and opened it up a read all the instructions. My sister said they figured it out on their own and played for hours. They had fun and thought the lights were cool.

  41. Viktor M.

    This is such a fun game to play if you’re looking to combine physical exercise and imagination. It has just the right mix of creative elements with the wizard and werewolf abilities (each player has a specific role and they feel important) without being too technical. There are three main game modes with varying complexity to not get bored playing repeatedly.

    If you like the idea of outdoor group play, with some fantasy themes, and running around with your friends then I can’t recommend this enough!


  42. jerry j.

    I bought this to play with my nieces and nephews. While I was really uncertain how they would like it (and myself and family, frankly), we had so much fun! My younger niece and nephew wanted to jump right into playing the third level with all of the wizard powers, but I think we made the right choice by starting a little easier. it made the more advanced rules easier to grasp. this was a cool game and was impressed with the quality of it all around. currently holding off on buying capture the flag redux, but a three-way game sounds intriguing…

  43. sum1savvy

    Wizards and Werewolves is truly magical! This night game has not only brought our family together to be more active, but it has also sparked an interest in friends and neighborhood kids to get out of the house as well! We adults love playing, our teenagers and their friends get into it, as well as our younger kids. It is truly for everyone which makes it so great! This summer we have had countless night’s of running around in the dark howling and being as speedy, yet stealthy as possible. Each time we play it’s like a new game because it is so versatile and rules are so adaptable. We are trying to figure out how to keep the fun going inside now that it’s getting cooler outside.

    Also, being owners of multiple Starlux games, we can vouch that these wristbands stay together better than previous ones from other games of theirs; although still a little difficult to get on.

    I would definitely recommend this game and have had many neighborhood moms ask about it. Great memories are being made with this one!

  44. Troy Y.

    This game is going to be so much fun! All the pieces look well made and it’s simple to understand. I think this would be perfect for families who go camping or when you have get togethers!

  45. Nathan N.

    This game is a lot of fun. It really adds a new dimension to an outdoor game.

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