Vikings of the Northern Lights – The New Way to Play Freeze Tag

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Vikings race to collect the glowing gems and return them to the scepter while Ice Dragons try to freeze tag all the players. Designed for both sun and snow, this group game inspires imagination and brings players together for active excitement. It also can be used for pretend play and costumes. Includes one medieval scepter and five glowing gems.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 4-10

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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34 reviews for Vikings of the Northern Lights – The New Way to Play Freeze Tag

  1. Jonathan O.

    Such a fun prop to hold. I will say it feels kind of cheap, but fun nonetheless.

  2. melissa j.

    Unique outdoor game for all seasons and all ages

  3. Tori

    Bought this on a whim because I thought it was something Thanos/End Game related. I was wrong but we ended up playing this in the snow with the kids and it was wayyyy more fun than expected! Definitely a pleasant surprise and it gets everyone out of the house! This could be played indoors too though!

  4. Amable J.

    I got this for my nephew as something different from the usual toy cars, board games, and transformers. He and his cousins liked it, but it is a new game concept, so they’re working on it. Lost interest for a couple days, but I’ll get them back on it. It looks like a fun game, but with more people.

  5. vicky

    Des pièces se sont détachées la première soirée que les enfants ont joué avec, sans l’avoir échappé par terre, très décevant.

  6. Cheryl V.

    I got this game for my 3 boys 12,8,5. It was a last minute gift and I was on the fence about weather or not they would like it. I’m happy to report it was a favorite! They love playing out in the yard with this game. It has brought lots of fun during the cold winter. I will say it’s not a great quality it easily falls apart. We have had to glue all the wand pieces back together. The kid wish we could buy replacement jem’s as well. All and all its a fun game that help keeps their imagination going. I would buy this game again.

  7. Ryan F.

    My kids love this game. Got them excited to play outside.

  8. MaMa H.

    Best holiday gift of the 2020 season! Our young teens actually BEGGED to go outside to PLAY… as in, wanted to do something physically ACTIVE during the pandemic with FAMILY… not on screens. The wand and light-up gems were the perfect inspiration for outdoor games. Hooray for Starlux!Note that I’d originally given 4 stars because we had one of the panels holding a gem fall off during normal play. Wow, Starlux Games was SO responsive! They sent a replacement ASAP and have followed up multiple times to confirm. GREAT service… very impressed.

  9. CMG


  10. Laura

    The idea behind this is great, and there are many possible ways to play beyond freeze tag. My two are eight and five, so we used this as an Easter egg sort of hunt with the idea of it being a race against a clock to find all the pieces. The kids loved it and played happily outside in the snow with this (and later inside).The gems take CR 1220 button batteries and they are kind of a pain to remove so you will want to make sure the gems aren’t left on. You will also need a very small philips head screwdriver to remove them.The issue with the game comes down to the construction of the rod. Other reviewers have noted that the gems can easily slide out if the rod is tilted the wrong way, and that was our experience too. The kids would find a gem and slide it on only to have it slip off as they ran on to gather the next (see the picture of the kids by the tree with a lost yellow gem in the foreground). It would be nice if there was a child-friendly way to clock the gems in place. However, that is not the issue we had.The rod we had ended up having the plastic parts fall off of the rod (see picture). It should be easy to fix once I find my hot glue gun, but it really shouldn’t have come apart in the first place! This is my reason for the lower rating.

  11. Mich h.

    Lights work. I thought there were 4 stones, but there are 5. Super cute idea for a game. Takes freeze tag to the next level.

  12. Jami L.

    Each crystal has it’s own on and off switch and it fits neatly into the wand – also very cool looking. The game is okay, but needs people to get really into it to make it fun. Not so much for individual play, except to activate the imagination. The crystals do come out easily – and all flew down the stairs when my kiddo swung it around on his way down. The lights are awesome and add a mysterious element to the game. My kiddo is having fun pretending to be a Viking. Overall, I do like the wand and crystals – I will like the game more when my son has friends over to play, but it is a nicely made product that is very sturdy.

  13. catherine y.

    SO FUN!!! my kids (ages 10-17) love this game. it’s easy to learn and it gets them out moving and exercising while having fun! our whole family plays it and we recommend it to all of our friends!

  14. LR66b

    I picked up Vikings of The Northern Lights from Starlux Games for my family to enjoy while we are home quarantining! It’s a really cool wand and you kind of feel like Thor when you get to hoist it! The gems glow brightly and are small enough to hide almost anywhere! We have played by the rules, but we also have had fun making up our own games and side stories to further the adventure. We even played inside in the dark during a power outage and it was really cool! When I first saw the game advertised, I hesitated getting it because at 10 & 12 I thought my kids might be too old for this, but I was wrong! They both love it and so do we! We are looking forward to playing this with more friends someday soon, but for now my family of 4 will continue to enjoy just us! We all consider this another winner from Starlux, we also have their Capture the Flag glow game and have enjoyed that for years!

  15. Kindle C.

    This is a good game. Surprising it holds up pretty well. All the peices are big and easy to hold, find and fun to plug in! Great concept and totally entertains the kids for hours.

  16. Edward Y.

    We love this game! The scepter is so much fun and so bright! Our baby absolutely loves the bright lights. I’m so excited for our younger siblings to play this game, we know they will love it.

  17. Josephine H.

    We love this game, I love the look of it and it’s brightly lit gems and my older kids love how active the game is. Anything involving dragons is a win in our book!

  18. Gear R.

    I ordered this game for my niece and nephew who are 7 and 9 years old and are big fans of Frozen and How to Train Your Dragon. They love the specter and that the gems light up. Their parents like that this is an outdoor game where they can use their imagination and get exercise.They played the game according to the directions a couple of times and then made a game of their own using the scepter. This is an active family game that leads children to use their imagination. I recommend it!

  19. Michael J.

    Starlux Games continues to reinvent tag with a dash of technology. This latest version pits vikings against dragons.Like Starlux’s other games, each “gem” is a different color and is battery powered. Turn on the switch and then hide the gem. Ice dragons play defense while vikings play offense, attempting to place the crystal into the rod of winter. If the dragons freeze-tag all the vikings, they win; if the vikings collect all the gems, they win.Really, the best part of this set is the Rod of Winter, which makes for a great prop and looks nifty with the gems in it. that said, the gems work best at night or in dark conditions indoors, and the gems don’t sit very well in the Rod so be careful when running with it!

  20. Marius D.

    Vikings of the Northern Lights is an action-packed tag game, played best with 3-10 players. The instructions are easy to follow and make for a fun game for everyone, whether you are a kid or an adult looking to have some fun. Inside the box there is a magical medieval scepter and five glow-up gems, the colors being red, blue, green, purple and yellow. And honestly, the scepter looks really cool and gives a powerful feeling when you hold it. The lights in the gems are very bright, while making for long battery life. The kids in our neighborhood have played with these for almost a week and the batteries don’t need to be replaced. This game is great for birthday parties and outdoor events, like camping and backyard play. Also, the best part for me, my kids stopped playing video or shooter games and started playing outside more, made new friends with the kids in the neighborhood while playing with this toy. Definitely a good way to get your kids to get outside and off of technology. One perk of this game is that you can put your own twist on the rules and make your own games with the gems. My kids and their friends played capture the flag with the gems in the dark. The best time to play is at dusk, as the gems are very bright and visible in the dark. We also tried playing in the day and it worked well. You can play pretty much anywhere, we played in the streets of our neighborhood, in the woods, and an empty backyard; all of them were equally fun, but the woods were more challenging as there were more hiding spots. And even with all this play and abuse one big thing that we noticed was that the gems are surprisingly strong and have been dropped and thrown many times and survived, still in great shape, which speaks to the durability. Our only complaint was that in our experience the red gem seemed to slide off easily and fall out, even though the other gems did not (which did not affect our game) Pro’s• Easy to learn• Great for all ages• Gems have good battery life and are very bright• You can play it anywhere• Gems can handle some abuse Con’s• In our experience, the red gem slid off easily and was prone to fall out. This did not affect our game and might be a specific only to the set we receivedOverall, this seems like a great game for the money and it’s loads of fun; I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an outdoor game.

  21. Amanda H.

    What you get: a plastic wand with five different colored lights attached to the top. Each light has a switch on the underside and can be inserted either way, there’s no right-side up. It comes with batteries already installed. The wand looks cool. The surface has a worn metal appearance. But it feels light and hollow like fairly cheap plastic. It does work. The handle is easy to grab and carry and the lights seem secure. If you think you or your kids have the imagination to make a game (or games) out of that, it’s a very nice prop.

  22. Heidi A.

    So this is really a toy with removeable glowing gems that can be used to inspire an Easter Egg style hunt game, outdoors or indoors if you allow that kind of indoor activity which we do. And we all enjoyed it. The jewels come already battery powered and worked well. So far, none have burned out despite being on for quite a while. Everyone of all ages–1.75 years to 74 years old–kept playing with the gems. The toddler really had fun finding these and carried the green around (his favorite color) for quite a while. The jewels are large enough to not be any sort of choking hazard. Overall, a cool looking toy that has entertained us longer than several others have.

  23. William

    My 11yo daughter and three friends created their own game variation for a smaller group indoors and had a blast. They played for hours and then played it again the next night. The game play is clever and simple, which is a perfect start for them to create their own variations.

  24. A.Mom

    The kids are having a blast playing with this toy!!! I’d highly recommend it.It’s fall of 2020, our schools are closed and we’re still heavily social distancing. Like most people, it’s been a boring 8 months already. So this outdoor hide and seek game has been a great addition to our outside fun. It really helped get the kids interested in playing outside again, plus gives them good exercise. This game includes plenty of running around and lots of moving.I think the kids like hiding the gems more than the like finding them, lol. The battery life seems to be good so far and so much more fun to play at night. And the toy feels durable. We all had fun!!! I’m looking forward to buying the kids another Starlux light up toy for xmas this year!

  25. Anonymous

    Such a fun gift for my kids! What I loved most is that it got all four of my kids (ages 5-12) playing together! They’ve been using it inside and out, but really can’t wait to try playing it in the snow! The lights all work great and it was easy for us to figure out. My kids just finished learning about the Vikings and Norway which made this even more fun for them! I might need a few more to give as family Christmas presents!

  26. Mandy M.

    So far this game seems amazing, especially for getting the kids outside during longer hours of darkness. My 8 year old just liked having the brightly colored wand!

  27. Poz

    Really cute game, kids seemed to love it’s great for outdoors!

  28. MJBurroughs

    This is a neat concept for a game. Sort of like a fantasy based Easter egg hunt for the kids who might be outgrowing that sort of thing. The box has everything including the simple to follow rules. Once the game has been mastered the toy itself is really neat and could be used for cosplay or just good old fashioned make-believe. A great gift.

  29. Krystal

    Even though it is starting to get cooler outside, my kids have loved playing this Vikings game. It’s so cool with the staff and how it talks and changes colors. I mean, it’s such an interactive and fun game. They have so much fun running around and play fighting so this was something that just added so much more fun to their playdates. It’s such a cool game and they are loving it.

  30. Lorinda A.

    It is like capture the flag meets freeze tag with no team boundaries. We add a safe base so the small viking kids don’t have to continuously run the entire game. The kids are assigned to offensive or defensive roles in the game and can’t switch back and forth like normal capture the flag. (unless you make up some house rules.) It can make it more boring for some kids and help others focus. Using any glowing piece makes the game way more fun especially in the dark. This product has great quality. They are sturdy pieces that have been thrown and dropped and don’t show any wear. My kids love finding jewles!!! The viking stick is cool for just pretend play!!!! My kids love carrying it around.Con: The viking stick looks SO cool. However, you have to point it gently (which kids don’t do) or the jewels come flying out and unintentionally injure other children.

  31. Deanna K.

    Overall we’ve had a lot of fun with this toy. My 5yr old likes to use it as a staff or sword and play pretend with it. My older two kids have had fun taking turns hiding the glowing gems inside or outside and finding them. They used the gems to play a fun game of Red Light/Green Light at dusk with cousins. My kids haven’t really liked to play the game that came with it however. It’s a version of freeze tag or sharks & minnows. My kids didn’t like that only one team got to use the staff and they found it a little confusing. So instead, they like to play where one person hides the gems and the teams have to race to find as many as they can and put them in the staff before the other team. Kids ten and older might do better with the included game instructions. My kids liked that it lit up and was something different.

  32. Wulfstan

    This add a bunch to the age-old game of tag, in that the “Vikings” are searching for the glowing “gems” and then the other side are tagging them, stopping them.I wish the gems were transparent, looked more like gems, but this is a fun little games for a group of kids.Not to mention they will design their own games around the Sceptre.

  33. Lindsay

    This game is really fun! My kids love playing it in the dark. The light up concept brings a whole new level of fun to family games and encourages kids to get off of video games! We look forward to trying out more games from Starlux Games!

  34. Patti H.

    First of all, the game pieces are fantastic! Each gem lights up individually and slides into the Rod of Winter. My kids couldn’t wait to play, so they invited a few of their friends over and played in our backyard. The instructions were so easy to explain and perfect for our variety of aged kids. The best part was seeing them running around, hiding and chasing and being active and not on screens. It kept them outside and entertained for hours, and the glowing game pieces allowed them to play into the night. Now, they are excited for the first snow so that they can hide the gems and play it in the snow! I’m going to check out the other games that Starlux has to offer.

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