Glow Battle Weapon Expansion Set – Double the Weapons!

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Double the fun using double the weapons! That means every player can fight two handed. The extra items also come in handy for bonus games such as Knights of Old, Death Race and Vampires.


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  • Includes 10 additional Weapons of Light: painless but fun glowing swords
  • Players fight two handed for Epic Glow Battle
  • Use to add up to ten more players to game variations such as Thieves & Guards
  • For use with Glow Battle; this is NOT a stand-alone item
  • All batteries included

Additional Information

Number of Players4-20
Gameplay Options8
Standard ShippingFREE
Money Back GuaranteeYES
All batteries included?YES
Weight19.52 oz
Dimensions16.3 x 7.5 x 5.5 in


Is this a standalone item?
This expansion set is intended to be used as part of Glow Battle. When someone adds a Double Weapon kit to the game, that allows all players to use two weapons at once! This variation adds excitement not just to Glow Battle but to all the other game variations as well. That said, if you really just want something that you can use to (safely) hit people with, this set will 100% work!

Does it let you play with more players?
Yes, you can add up to ten additional players to the following Glow Battle games: Thieves & Guards, Death Race and Steal the Bacon.

What if a light isn’t working when I first get the game?
Let us know and we’ll send you a replacement within 48 hours

Where can I play it?
As long as there’s space to run freely — and safely — there’s an opportunity to play this game. Backyards, parks, campgrounds: they all work. You also can play indoors with the lights off so long as the area is clear of obstructions. Indoor rec areas and gyms work especially well for this.

Are batteries included?
All required batteries are included.

Is it possible to replace the batteries?
All the batteries are 100% replaceable. To replenish them, use 3 AG3 batteries

How long do the batteries last?
The lights will last at full intensity for 8-10 hours. After that, they continue to light up for another 24-36 hours but will grow more dim with time.

Does it hurt to get hit?
Not at all – though they do make a delightful SMACKING noise! Seriously, it doesn’t hurt to get hit.

How are hits registered?
The bracelets are used to keep track of hits; they don’t actually register them. Every player begins the game with their bracelet in “solid” mode. After they are hit the first time, they must return to their team’s “Regeneration Station” (aka home base), then change their bracelets to strobe mode. If they get hit again, they’re out of the game for the round. The hits themselves are recognized using the honesty method. Although it doesn’t hurt, players KNOW when they’ve been hit. Sometimes a moderator is helpful, but for the most part we’ve found that people embrace the spirit of the game and are honest about keeping track of hits.

Can I play this during the daytime?
If you want to play during the day, we recommend finding a safe and spacious indoor area where you can turn off the lights (such as a gymnasium). That said, you can still play outside during the day – all the game pieces will still be visible and functional – it just won’t be as visually dynamic as at night.

2 reviews for Glow Battle Weapon Expansion Set – Double the Weapons!

  1. Nathan N.

    My kids liked the original game but I didn’t have enough swords for their friends so I bought this expansion. Same quality as the original kit.

  2. Kara Y.

    So worth the money! I went back and forth on whether or not to shell out the extra $25 for this, but it became very apparent that we would need more swords once kids started bringing more and more of their friends to play. I feel like the group always grows as you start playing and it was nice to have extra swords! Plus if one of the swords started acting up it was nice to just run back and grab a different one.

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