Sharks & Minnows Pool Set™ (Single Use Only) – by Starlux Games

Amp up the excitement of classic games like “Sharks & Minnows,” “What Time is It Mr Shark” and other games using light-up waterproof bracelets

Ages: 5 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 3-7+

Batteries included? Yes

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Light up the pool with glowing Sharks and Minnows! Each Minnow who gets tagged before reaching the far side of the pool takes a glowing bracelet from the Shark, puts it on and joins the Shark team for the next round.

  • Includes six glowing bracelets
  • Play three additional games – Whales vs. Sharks, Popsicle and What Time is it, Dr. Shark
  • Get youth off their phones and TVs and encourage physical activity
  • Relax by the pool while the kids stay entertained for hours
  • Single use item


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