Relay Race Swim Kit™ (Single Use Only) – by Starlux Games

Get active, get wet and get swimming with this floating light set! Use for relay races or make up your own games.  Includes 2 floating game lights.

Ages: 5 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 3-7+

Batteries included? Yes


In Stock Ready to Ship (can be backordered)



Win the race with glowing lights! Transport the glowing light as quickly as possible to your teammate on the other side of the pool. The first team to have all their swimmers cross the pool with their light wins. Dive in!

  • Includes two floating game lights
  • Three variations included
  • Free Carry – carry the light any way you choose (easiest)
  • Both Hands Touching – use only your legs to swim (most challenging)
  • Splash It – only water can touch the light as it goes across (slowest)
  • No matter how you play, get youth active and having fun
  • Single use item

Additional Information

Number of Players3-7+
Gameplay Options3
Standard ShippingFREE
Money Back GuaranteeYES
All batteries included?YES
Weight3.6 oz
Dimensions9 x 4 x 2 inches


What age is it meant for?
If you can swim, you can play! We recommend ages 8+, but something we’re proud of is the way that multiple ages can play together. We’ve literally seen grandparents play with their grandchildren. It also works great for birthdays, family reunions, camps and icebreakers.

How many people can play?
Two or more people can play. The games are designed to have a flexible number of players. Sharks & Minnows, Human Whirlpool, Treasure Hunters and all other games can be played with as few as two people, but the more the merrier!

Are batteries included?
Yes. All batteries are included.

What if a light isn’t working when I first get the game?
Let us know, and we’ll send you a replacement within 48 hours.

Can I play this during the daytime?
Of course! All game pieces will still be functional and visible – it just won’t be as visually dynamic as it is at night.


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