REDUX Expansion Set – Add 12 Players to Capture the Flag REDUX

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Expands REDUX to a 20 player game. Bracelets are adjustable, reusable and bright. Includes six green bracelets and six blue bracelets.

Adds 4 Players

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  • Twelve extra bracelets for additional players
  • For use with Capture the Flag REDUX; this is NOT a stand-alone item

38 reviews for REDUX Expansion Set – Add 12 Players to Capture the Flag REDUX

  1. Anonymous

    Box cane empty very dissapointed. Box had clearly been open

  2. MamaBear

    The perfect extension kit. This kit was perfect for our neighborhood block party. All the kids were able to join in. The bands were a little different then the ones that came with the full game but color and durability were both great. We had kids from 2 years old to adults and band were able to fit everyone. The little kids were a bit loose but if they fall off you can see them glowing. Didn’t have any issues with falling off though. Just the occasional cheater that turned off their band to run past their opponents.

  3. Wynskyn

    We have used these for playing Ultimate Frisbee at night and they have been awesome! Unfortunately, some of the button connectors on the bracelets didn’t make it past the first night, but customer service has already shipped replacements. Would definitely recommend these lights and this company!Update: the replacement bracelets we received were the old kind and most players do not like them. (Still, five stars on customer service.) I still had the button-less bracelets. We tried safety pinning them first – that was a pain and the pins were easily bent and popped out of the bracelets.If you lose the buttons, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a package of heavy duty velcro at Walmart for $3, cutting it into strips and go back to enjoying these awesome bracelets!

  4. kfisher

    These bracelets really light up great for all activities really and this company offers battery replacement packs for a good price which makes it a lot easier when you get low lights

  5. Harvey C.

    I love this ! we used it for a school event and had a great turnout !

  6. Allison C.

    love it! my nephew had a blast!

  7. Meggie J.

    My boys and friends have so much fun!

  8. Jan .

    Bought this for a summer kids camp game. All flags glowed great and the kids had a blast playing the game. Variations were even played a different night.

  9. J.Gold

    We purchased the Glow Capture the Flag in August for my daughters 15th birthday party and had so much fun we ordered additional glow bracelets for one of her high school events. The kids are still talking about how much fun they had and asking when we will play this game again. We did have some bracelets as well as one of our flags break, but the company took our call and sent replacements Immediately. This is a great company with great customer service and unique products. Thank you !!

  10. The R.

    Overall great product but we had one blue led bracobrsak at the clasp. Wish the clasp were more user friendly

  11. sck

    So much fun!!! Loved it. It was perfect!

  12. J. M.

    UPDATE 7/1/2019: Stellar customer service from this company. They saw my review and contacted me to make it right. They replaced all my bracelets with the correct ones within 24 hours. The new version of the bracelets are sturdier and you can in fact replace the batteries. Kids already loved the game, now Mom does, too!I received the wrong item – rather than receiving the 16 bracelet expansion pack with 8 blue and 8 green bracelets, I received a magenta pack with 8 bracelets, globe, and 4 magenta lights (the box correctly stated what it included, but the barcode label on the box was for what I ordered, so whoever put the label on the box did so incorrectly). Unfortunately I received it the day before I needed it so there wasn’t time to return for the correct item to be sent. The game is really fun, but I am surprised at how high the reviews are and the responses that you can change the batteries in the bracelets. None of the packs that I received have a complete working set of bracelets; taking apart the battery cases is incredibly tedious with a tiny screwdriver and even then the batteries on mine cannot be removed, they are soldered into the bracket. Would I buy it again, yes, but I think the company could improve their product quality.

  13. AJ

    One of the best outdoor games ever

  14. AIMEE S.

    My daughter received the Capture the Flag game for Christmas. She has played it almost every nice evening this spring. I am always seeing green and blue streaks running through my back yard. Purchased this expansion pack so more friends could play with her. Well worth the money. Love seeing them outside running and playing instead of glued to their devices.

  15. Pastor E.

    I really love this game as a whole, the orbs glow bright and the bands are great. but the bands in the expansion set are not the same as the ones in the main game. They are not the same quality plastic and break much easier. after one use a few of the bands had already come apart. I wish I had just bought another set with the Orbs those bands are better plastic and are much much easier to change out the battery

  16. SGM M.

    Played this game with a group of 30 kids in a comlletely dark gym and they loved it! Everything worked as advertised and was of good quality construction. Great toy!!

  17. Phoebe H.

    Kids love these!

  18. Christine

    Great family game.

  19. Anonymous

    We have a large acreage And a large family… Five kids ages nine through 19. The first night that we played this we had about 25 friends over and it was stinkin’Nebraska cold. The kids bundled up they were all teenagers and it was a full moon. I could not believe how many times they went back out and played another round ! The last round they played loves versus hunters and that was their favorite version . We played a few nights later with a much broader age group ages seven through 21 and it was equally fine. That night it was pitch black with a little moonshine . Since then we have bought the expansion pack to add a third team and are excited to try it out with friends soon. Due to the large size of our acreage we decided to add some glow-in-the-dark cones by Glow City ( via Amazon)and the kids agreed that it helped add to the game . We recently added the expansion pack that includes another glowing orb so that we can divide into three teams. We are excited to try this. Felt the arm bands are very good quality and have had no breakage of any sort . Great game can’t wait till summer late nights when it isn’t so cold .

  20. marcia z.

    Wonderful addition to the game we bought for our youth group. Very sturdy, high quality items. I highly recommend this!

  21. Melissa M.

    These bracelets in the expansion pack are not made to the same quality as the bracelets that come with the full game set. The clasp is designed so bad there is no way that the bracelet is going to stay together if you are standing still let alone when the players are active in the game. Super disappointed! Don’t bother buying.

  22. C. I.

    I ordered this game for a boy’s 14 year old birthday party at night and it was a BIG hit. It IS worth the money! Also they have the BEST customer service for replacement parts – just contact them through their website –

  23. Doug M.

    I never write reviews, but this purchase warranted one. I ordered Capture the Flag Redux and the expansion kit for my son’s 13th birthday. Aside from a few pieces not working, the kit worked wonderfully and the boys had a fantastic night of play. Afterwards I wrote to ask for replacements for the non-working parts. It was so easy to do, and they came quickly without hesitation. Love this company, their product and customer service.

  24. sheryl h.

    Kids loved it and played the game all night. Ages 7 – 14.

  25. Troy L.

    It kept 12 kids from the age of 8-10 busy and excited for 3 hours. Need I say more, awesome!

  26. stock

    The game was a blast and will be used for many groups to come. 2 of the wristbands were not working right (we had bought an add on set as well) but they immediately send 4 to replace. Feels good to know people will go over to make it work.

  27. Becky S.

    With this Expansion Kit, we can use our Capture the Flag REDUX game that we already purchased, at family reunions and other events where there are lots of people. This game is always a huge hit and now we can Double the amount of players that get to join in!

  28. Ben

    Because of this, We can use our Capture the Flag REDUX game that we already purchased, at family reunions and other events where there are lots of people. This game is always a huge hit and now we can Double the amount of players that get to join in!

  29. Jemma T.

    Love this game and the expansion set makes it perfect for extended family at holidays and large groups. Kids LOVE it! Super fun. Amazing customer service…they sent a replacement for one item that didn’t work, super fast, no hassle! Highly recommend!!!!!!

  30. J P.

    I would definitely recommend this product! When the design first came out, the bands were made of hard plastic and would break easily. After speaking to customer service,(best customer service I have ever dealt with) they quickly replaced the bands and even took our advice and revised the bands to a more durable flexible band. We have had many late nights playing this game with ages ranging from 4-50! All of kids friends and parents always want to get together to play! I would recommend this to anyone who is active and enjoys spending time outdoors! NEVER GETS OLD!!

  31. Heather R.

    This is a great way to get kids to spend more time outdoors

  32. Anonymous

    Used for youth group!!!! So fun! So happy!!! We had a blast!!!!

  33. Donna R.

    Exactly as described. Used for a youth group game night and they had a blast.

  34. Kerri T.

    This game is a blast. We are so glad we purchased the expansion pack. We received our free batteries just as promised. Great sellers!

  35. MDHam

    Lots of fun for my boys while at camp! Anyone that saw the lights glowing ran to join in the game. I was very glad that I bought this addition pack of bracelets. Only small issue was since it was dark some kids couldn’t see where the snap was when taking off and pulled the wrong end out. I need to contact supplier for a few replacements.

  36. Josh A.

    These were great to have especially since the bracelets including the game are not the sturdiest. These aren’t the sturdiest either but they’re very cool. one of my students asked why I didn’t just purchase glow sticks. The thing to consider is that these last much much much longer (whereas a glowstick is a 1 time use), they don’t cost that much, and they can Flash or strobe and are brighter than glowsticks. The only reason I’m not giving this a five stars because a couple of the straps broke fairly easily.

  37. Anonymous

    Most break while trying to put on your wrist. Please don’t waste your money.

  38. Theresa G.

    My teenage son is very excited to play this game with his friends. They haven’t had a chance to use it yet because our weather has been cold and rainy. Summer will be coming soon!

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