Protectors of the Rainbow – A Glowing Treasure Hunt

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Greedy leprechauns have stolen the colors of the rainbow and it’s up to the unicorns to get them back! Spark kids’ imaginations as they race to find hidden glow-in-the-dark gems and return them to the game’s base, an interactive, color-changing rainbow that makes celebration sounds when the colored gems are returned. Includes one cloud light (that also works as a night light) and five gems.

Ages: 4-10

Number of Players: 2-6

Batteries included? Includes batteries for gems. Requires 4 AA batteries for base.

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Oh no! Leprechauns have stolen the colors of the rainbow!!
The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Hide the Gems
1. Hide the Gems

Leprechaun players (or parents, siblings, etc) hide the gems. The better hidden, the longer the game.

Find the Rainbow
2. Find the Rainbow

Unicorns (the searching players) attempt to locate the gems and restore the rainbow.

Return to the Cloud
3. Return to the Cloud

Once a gem is found, bring it back to the Rainbow cloud. Each gem makes its own sound when placed.

Place the Final Gem
4. Place the Final Gem

The cloud bursts into light and song when all of the gems are returned, ending the round.

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Advanced Games
Timed Competition
Race against the clock and take turns to see who's fastest at finding the lights - and who's best at hiding them!
Double Trouble
Two teams compete at the same time, both hiding lights for their opponents then racing to find their own.
Rainbow Order
Level up the challenge by only allowing lights to be placed according to the sequence of the rainbow.
Clock graphic
Mischief Maker
Give Leprechauns special powers. Choose from six unique options! Available as a digital download.
The Final Challenge - Leprechaun Powers!
While Unicorns search for gems, Tornado Leprechauns can tag them, forcing them to spin in circles five times before resuming their search.
Unicorns tagged by Leprechauns must place their hands on another Unicorn's hips and move that way, continuing your search in a conga line.
Dancing Magic
Get ready to dance, Unicorns! If a Leprechaun tags you, you'll need to show off your best dance moves for 30 seconds before continuing your search.
Gem Thief
Unlike the normal rules, Thieves can steal gems off the rainbow! If a Thief is caught (tagged), they must return the gem to the tagger.
Product Features
Bright Glowing Gems
Includes 5 removeable game pieces, designed to be placed indoors or outside. Batteries included and replaceable (type CR1220), 12+ hour duration.
Inactive Sound
Each color of the rainbow provides its own unique tune when a gem is fitted into its slot. Removing the gems also generates an interactive sound.
Celebration Song
When all the gems are placed on the cloud, it bursts into light and plays a rejoiceful tune to acknowledge the restored rainbow.
Night Light Mode
The cloud has two uses: game mode and nightlight. The nightlight offers a soft, ambient glow that slowly changes colors in a soothing way.

51 reviews for Protectors of the Rainbow – A Glowing Treasure Hunt

  1. Steven

    This game is awesome! I purchased it for my friends kids on Kickstarter and they have had it for about a year now. The girls still play it to this day and enjoy hiding and finding the gems.

  2. Katie D.

    I bought this as a gift for a 3 year old and her and her friends loved it! Super cute, but try to keep track of the pieces!

  3. Emma

    Both my kids love this game! They ask to play it every night before bed. My kids are 4 and 2 so it’s perfect for both of them. A simple but fun game.

  4. Puff o.

    Based i would say on hide and seek style games and although simple is fun for the kids and its nice to have something that doesn’t involve tech all the time.Very well made ,very noisy and very bright when in play. So far its been played with lots so worth having. Just a little over priced id say.

  5. Maple

    My daughter is obsessed with unicorns and rainbows! This is such a fun game for her to play with her friends. The light up rainbow is the cutest! We actually took it to her cousin’s house and they loved hiding the jewels from one another (to the point that they couldn’t find one of them for a long time). My daughter is always on the move, so I love that it’s an active game that requires moving around. It can be played as a preschool game, birthday party game, or just in the family or with friends. So many fun things to do with this this game. I am actually going to pull it out on St Patrick’s day for preschool and I will be the leprechaun finding the jewels. They will love it!

  6. Deanna K.

    My kids have LOVED this game. They love how it lights up as you add the lights and plays a little ditty of music when in game mode. My daughter- who loves all things rainbow and unicorns- loves that it can be used as nightlight and changes colors slowly. I love that it can be plugged in so we don’t go through a ton of batteries. I like the versatility of it- we can play the game that it suggests or just play with the gems anyway the kids want. Fun game/toy!

  7. Anne O.

    I got this for my daughter to have as a game to play when she has friends over. It’s been used numerous times and her friends love it as well. She also uses it nightly as a night light. We are definitely fans of this game/nightlight!

  8. Falisha

    My kids are obsessed with this game! However, it does seem rather delicate. I worry that it might not hold up. Our green green already stopped lighting when it connects to the rainbow sporadically and we’ve been playing with it for two days.

  9. Loquatia

    So much fun! My girls loved it and had to put on their unicorn pjs. Haha! They played so many different games with the gems. Love how bright they are! It actually kept them pretty entertained for quite awhile.

  10. Pixel C.

    To start I would like to add that I find the toy way to loud, the base should have the option to be change the volume.The concept of the game is good and similar to the show my boy watches on a kids channel where children pirates have to collect gems from bad adult pirates, that’s why I really wanted to have this game. He is only 2 so we hide the gems in plain side within one room otherwise he will loose interest as he gets distracts easy and just plays with some thing else. He loves finding the gems and putting them onto the base.Can’t wait until he is older and we can actually hide the gems and try out different game modes. Can’t comment on the game modes as we can’t play them yet but they seem simple enough to follow for a older child for sure and sound fun.Only really negative point is the volume of the base…. it’s LOUD! I limit the time my boy plays with it as I’m worried about his ears as he likes putting the gems on mostly so he plays with the base.

  11. Michael J.

    We played this last night with 7 of my grandchildren ages 1 to 8. They LOVED it. Something they could all do together. We let one person hide the gems, one hold the cloud, and the other 5 each find a gem. I’m pretty sure the 8 year old would quickly get bored, but he LOVED the Vikings of the North game that is similar but for older kids.

  12. Ashley H.

    This product has been the best game we’ve gotten for our kids! I like how there’s no set up/assembly required and you can start playing right out of the box. Two downsides I have found 1. Relatively expensive for a game. I usually wouldn’t pay this much for a game but I knew my kids would love it. 2. The tabs that help the jewels stay in their designated spots break off really easy (see picture).Overall this was a good investment and even my 2.5 year old can play!

  13. S.K.

    My girls love this game. They love to hid and find the gems. I love that you can turn the music on or off. They like to turn the gems on and search for them with the lights off. It has been a fun game and keeps the kiddos attention for a long time as they take turns hiding and finding gems.

  14. Amy F.

    This is a game that offers hours of fun. My kids love taking it in turns. It is very good quality and the gems have easily withstood my 4 year old dropping them multiple time and they still appear like new.

  15. Alex

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this- surely it’s just a game of hide and seek right? To adults, it might be, but so far our children (aged 7 &3) have played with it for HOURS.The box consists of a white ‘cloud’ which holds 5 gems. Once you turn the cloud and gems on (there are small black switches on the sides), the gems will light up. You then take turns hiding these gems around the house. The cloud will play an initial melody and then each time you find a gem and place it in the corresponding colour it plays a little tune. Once all have been collected, a triumphant tune is heard. There is a backstory to the game – something about unicorns and saving the rainbow, but this went over our 3 year old’s head.This is a simple game, yet the children simply can’t get enough of it! So whilst initially I thought it would be a one trick wonder, I’m now fully converted! I would buy this for any children in the family/friends children as it would be huge hit.

  16. Caitlin

    Amazing fun! Parents hide the gems and they light up for children to find. The cloud can light up and play a song or can light up with no sound. Perfect for young and older children.Simple but so much fun! Well made, beautiful storage box.

  17. Shelina b.

    The price of this at first caught me a little of guard i will admit so i was a little skeptical at first it is more suitable for the younger children but great fun for the family all around if they wantef to join in can have up to 2 to 7 playersGame is easy enough to play you hide the lights and the other team has to find itIt doesnt inlcude USB charger which i found slightly odd given the price that could have easily been included but batteries work tooAll that said and done i just dont honestly think the price is worth it, its just to steep for what it is its the price that makes me give it 3 stars and for not including everything

  18. HTH

    If you yearn for a simpler game for your children, or want to show your Grandchildren they can have fun without having to be plugged into a mobile device or electronic games machine. This may well be the perfect gift for them, from you.It comes in a lovely glossy retail box with lots of promise, advising it is for 4 to 10 year olds and can take 15 minutes to an hour to play a game. On the box and in the listing the title says ALL batteries are included, this is wrong, you will need 4 x AA batteries for the cloud part, I mention this simply to save you from disappointment on Christmas morning!This is the worlds oldest, most simple game, made contemporary by the use of light up pieces and words like Unicorn & Leprechaun in the description and even its name “Protectors of the rainbow” invokes colourful imagination with children.In the box is a cloud shaped piece of white plastic with a small box of plastic gems.The idea of the game is that the Leprechauns hide the small plastic gems and the unicorns then have to find them and return them to the cloud. Which is all lovely and colourful and lights up so even more fun can be had in a darkened room playing it.The variations of play suggested in the box amount to no more than making teams or playing against the clock, the game is the same. The gem pieces all come with a pre-loaded watch style battery to light them up while away from the cloud, although the game works the same whether they are switched on or not, so I would save switching them on only for when playing in the dark.They still light up when placed into the cloud whether they are switched on or not.The other feature of this product is that it can be used as a night light, although I would suggest you use a power lead (not included) if you intend to use it this way, good news all you need is an old mobile phone plug and the right small firewire type lead which you must have one hidden somewhere from a old mobile phone, obviously this makes it low voltage and safe to use.I would say younger children if supervised could play, I am guessing the minimum age (4) is because of the size of the gems.I would say it is quite noisy when playing the game, but there again so are three or four excited children so at least it will be heard. I think at a smidge under £45 it is enough to pay for it, but I do believe they will have a lot of fun playing with it.It is after all a lot cheaper than a video game! I would certainly recommend this product.Thank you for reading my review all the way to the end, I hope it was helpful and informative enough for you.

  19. Julia R.

     This is a game iv not seen before so my opinion is varied 😁 I like the idea, I like the cloud and the light up gems, hide and seek works well, doesn’t come with charger luckily I had one as it takes a few batteries, but its not a game I’m going to get out alot I imagine

  20. AM

    I got this for my daughter as a gift for her on her 7th Birthday. She is really into Unicorns as are most girls of her age. As soon as she saw it, she was really over the moon and wanted to open it straight away. I had to convince her to wait till her birthday which was a few days away. As soon as we cut the cake on her birthday, she wanted to open this gift.I have a 5 year old boy as well and both my daughter and my son have played with this game for hours this morning! They played with it themselves and then they roped me into their game as well when they exhausted all their usual hiding places. I found it quite fun as well to hide the gems at some secret locations inside the house so that they have to search all around to find them. They tried all the ideas of how to play too. They also loved the music built into the game.I love that the gems already come with batteries so you can play right away, even if you don’t have batteries for the cloud or you can use a USB cable to keep it powered on which was quite easy as we have loads of spare cables.The only major issue for me is the price and at around £45, I think it is a bit steep if I had to buy this myself. Although, if your kids are into unicorns and treasure hunting, you wouldn’t mind paying this premium for a super fun experience that you get here. 4 Stars.

  21. stephen

    We have used Starlux games plenty of times and this one is great! Make sure you buy Capture the flag Redux!

  22. Ben

    This is so original! A fun indoor/outdoor game AND a night light, all in one!!! My daughter just loves it!

  23. tktwister

    Got this gift for my nieces! They loved it!! Great buy for kids. Who knew kids would be so into the lights.

  24. Ryan G.

    Very fun game! My girls (2 and 5 y/o) have been playing nonstop with it since we received it!Well made game, durable. Just wish the contacts in the removable pieces were stronger. Sometimes the game pieces don’t all light night when in the “cloud” due to poor connection.

  25. Anonymous

    Excellent kind of game for social distancing.

  26. Anonymous

    It is a birthday gift for my daughter, it looks super cute & unique. I’m sure she’ll love it when she gets to open it soon. Looking forward to playing.

  27. Vladimirs

    My son likes it.Great game for that price.Easy to play. The game brings lot of fun to our house.The package includes 1 cloud and 5 gems.Such game also can be a perfect present for Christmas.Overall, great game for good price. Definetly can recommend it.

  28. Anne B.

    Lovely game for kids. Even my 2 year old loves hunting for the rainbow gems.The gems light up which is great.Unfortunately there where no batteries in the big cloud (unlike stated on the package). It is supposed to play music and light up, but we couldn’t test this s we are out of batteries.

  29. MM

    This is a great game for my 3, nearly 4 year old girl to play. What I love with this game and concept is that it is so simple, and also keeps kids active while they play. So they don’t need to sit down and concentrate but they are up and around hiding and finding the gems – which is great for active and younger kids.The light up element makes it very exciting and appealing for my little one and the concept of the game grabbed her attention really well.It is quite pricey but it’s something a bit different and we had a lot of fun with it

  30. Mommymakeslifeeasier

    Honestly this was oodles of fun! Our 4 and 2 year old played this for hours! They light up and it was a scavenger hunt for gems! They just loved it! Highly highly recommended

  31. SL

    I’ve read other people’s reviews and so many people seem to rave about this but if I’m being totally honest I believe it is very overpriced. There are quite a lot of little games you can play with nice colours and music, plus you can use it as a nightlight but I just couldn’t justify paying £45 for this it’s really just a cloud shaped but of plastic with lights and other little bits of plastic you can remove… If it was £30 cheaper it would be 5 stars for sure as it is good fun but it’s a 3 stars I’m afraid.

  32. Whitelilydove.

    This was a great game to play with my 4 year old. We came up with quite a few different ways to play including hide and seek and also challenges similar to the swashbuckle program which he loves. If he earned all his jewels back he won but if not then I won, these kept him entertained for hours.I do think the price is a bit steep for a children’s game and think it it needs to be half the price.The rainbow it’s self is quite loud but you can use it on a different setting or not with batteries in 🙂

  33. Anonymous

    My kids played this game for hours….by themselves! Yep, you read that right. By. Themselves. They really got into the “story” of the game and played make believe while following the rules of the game.

  34. Anonymous

    States on the blurb and packaging that it comes with “all” batteries” – while the gems do have the batteries included the was no AA batteries for the cloud base in the box.As for the game it is certainly cute an fun but to be clear it is not a guided game. There is a card with game instructions but there is no built in timing or anything which is great for creativity with making games but its worth noting in case you’re expecting more guided play.The premise of the game is simple, someone hides the gems, then one or more find them, this can be timed by another person on a separate timer. There are variations where the gems are found in any order or by the order of colours on the rainbow.The gems can be set to be lit only when on the cloud or all the time when the game is turned on. This is actually the best way for the game to be played its much more fun as the hiding can be very clever to disguise the colour glow.When the gems are placed onto the cloud their is a jingle that changes as more gems are put on.Its a great fun game but you could do the same with random house objects as we’ve done before but it is a great fun alternative.

  35. Nicolle S.

    Great game! So much fun for the whole family!This is a fab game for everyone – even for adults after a few drinks!Brilliant quality and easy to use!

  36. Gaz

    This is really hide and seek or maybe the hotter/closer, colder/further type games with a twist. Rather than hiding yourself the gem stones get hidden and the race is on to find and return them. It is quite loud, magically themed indoor fun, perhaps better than the kids hiding in the same cupboard many times on a row. That said, we did find our three children did get quite manic racing around to find the gems even when not playing as a timed version. Fun have though.

  37. Erika B.

    This is a great little game for the family to play. The idea is pretty simple – there are 5 jewels which light up, and can be hidden around the home. The object is to find the jewels and place them back in to their rainbow cloud. This promotes colour matching, and encourages exploration and gross motor movements. What we liked about the game is that the rainbow cloud and jewels reminded us of Thanos’ Glove – it intrigued the older Marvel fans who might otherwise have opted out of playing! A new take on hide and seek, but really enjoyable and with a touch of rainbow magic – Great Family fun!

  38. LAP

    This is a good fun game to play. I think it is perfect for younger kids as they’ll love the flashing colours and the fun of running around. It is a really simple game to play. It is really good quality and great that it can double up as a nightlight too.

  39. Russell B.

    I got this game for my kiddos who love unicorns and everything magical! They love taking turns hiding the pieces and then rescuing and returning them to the cloud! Great gift idea!

  40. Lauren i.

    This game is awesome, perfect for a three year old who loves a treasure hunt! Brilliant game for the whole family to enjoy. Would definitely recommend.

  41. J P.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Fun game to play with the kids, the box comes with the cloud and the stone/diamond lights and instructions how to play, that’s it.Each stone has a switch so you can turn it on to play according to the instructions the batteries last about 10 plays. The cloud doesn’t come with batteries so you need 4 AA so it can be used.The reason why I’m giving it 3 starts is because this game is over priced, plus it doesn’t even come with the cable for you to connect it and for £44 that cost I think at least it should come with that cable, also yes the game is good but the quality of the cloud is not worth so much. There is a lot to improve to charge so much for this game.

  42. michelle

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  What an amazing toy. My daughter has what feels like the entire contents of a toy shop but this I have to say is something totally different and something she definitely doesn’t have nor have we seen before.The packaging is nice and inviting in sturdy cardboard with foam inserts holding it all together nicely. Security sealed on the side.When opened up you have two laminated cards which show the various ways you can play (in groups and in isolation). As a parent with one child we often find ourselves having to entertain her and this is brilliant As we can do our bit to set it up and leave her to her own devices to scour the house and garden for the stones.The cloud And jewels are well made and robust and of good size. The gems flow beautifully and the cloud gives off a fantastic glow of light making it perfect for a nightlight.There is the option of battery or usb power which is its only downfall as for the money I would expect to receive a usb power lead and plug but it is clear before you buy that it isn’t included. The gems are good to go as you receive them.When all the gems have been found and placed in the coloured holder the cloud lights up a beautiful rainbow colour and makes sounds. It’s a great way to burn off some energy and entertain the kids during lockdown. Also teaches hand eye coordination and colours.Overall thoroughly enjoyable to play with her. She likes the fact she can hide them for mum and dad To find.

  43. Alex

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is a fun interactive game, cannot wait to play with my 3 young children. Game mode- move the switch to the left. Turn each them on. The base takes 3 AA batteries (not included) or you can charge it using a usb power cable (not included). Each gem uses small round batteries (cr1220, should last about 10 sessions according to leaflet). Give the leprechauns (parents) two minutes hide the gems then click how long it takes the unicorns (kids) to find them. Swap roles and see how long it takes each team to find the gems. Whoever takes less time is the winner. You have to lace them in rainbow order.Double game- fund two areas to hide the lights. One team hides blue and purple, the other red and yellow. Both teams choose where green goes. Count 12e go! And race to get the other teams gems. Put both onto the cloud and grab green to win!You can also use this as a nightlight.This is made well and great music/noises. Colours are lovely and even the acksging is good, great how to cards, laminated and easy to follow.

  44. Ayami

    Protectors of the Rainbow is basically just hide and seek with gemstones. The base of the game uses 4 x AA batteries and features a rainbow on top of a cloud with spaces to place the 5 gemstones. There are 3 modes – 1 where it plays music and lights up as you add the gemstones, 2 is just off so there’s no lights or music and 3 is a nightlight where the cloud can be white or light up the various colours of the rainbow – just tap it to change. It describes there are 5 games you can play but this is really just based on how you want to play it rather than the game actually having separate modes e.g. the timed competition involves you keeping the time and rainbow order just means you need to put them in order rather than the game knowing you’re playing that way. The gemstones are a good size with a little switch to light them up – these come with batteries but it does mention they will only last for around 10 games so it could get expensive buying 5 x CR1220. The cloud can be powered by USB (not provided) which is handy if you don’t want to keep using batteries. One of the springs in the battery compartment of our cloud is bent though so just have to hope we don’t lose the back as it holds it in place (it is screwed closed though). The game is fun but obnoxiously loud and there’s no way to turn it down. It does have a kind of fairy tale foresty feel to the music but I wish it offered more from the game element e.g. a timer as there’s no real challenge to it unless you time it yourself or have teams to generate a bit of competition. I’m not sure why it’s age 4+ (maybe small parts) as I feel my 3 year old understands the game well and absolutely loves a game of hide and seek – saves me trying to find places to hide!

  45. Dom

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  A very clever game that all ages can play, we have a 4 year old and an 11 year old, this game brought cries of laughter into the house, it’s so much fun!! But be warned it is VERY loud, our 4 year old boy has autism and found it pretty overwhelming at first but soon joined into the fun as he really like the lights. The game is brilliant to play in the dark, perfect for any occasion, we are looking forwards to playing with this over Christmas.The only down points is that it does not come with a charger, you have to use your own but you can use 4 batteries to play the game, the product is well made and nice quality but I feel the price is pretty steep.

  46. Jp

    This is a modern version of hide and seek, great if you have a few children to play, it states, greedy leprechauns have stolen the colours of the rainbow and it’s up to the unicorns to get them back, basically parents hide the gems, children find them and once all found the unit lights up, can be played indoor and out, ages 4-10, I think would suit the younger age

  47. Bre-shanti Q.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  absolutely amazing his toy is just 🤩 wow 🤩 there is so much to do with it but I’m gonna start off with what is intended for so it’s a unicorn game where one person is going to be the leprechaun and hide the gems. Then all the unicorns the other players have to try and find the gems. Once all the gems is put back in the cloud it then makes a rainbow.another purpose that I will be using it for is a night light in my children’s room.this is such a wonderful toy I hope you enjoy it we are definitely enjoying it.

  48. Anonymous

    colourful nice toy, makes a great treasure hunt and the kids was playing with it for hours, can see the colours and find them in any time, conditions and locations as they glow easily

  49. kyle

    I have a 5 year old boy and a 4 year old girl and they played with this game for hours this morning! They tried all the ideas of how to play too. Then my little girl danced to the music it plays for another hour. “I love this so much! This is the best game ever!”I love that the gems already come with batteries so you can play right away, even if you don’t have batteries for the cloud.The tiny plastic pegs that help hold the gems have all broken off, but it doesn’t affect the game working at all.It’s more expensive that what I’d usually spend on toys for my kids, but they are having fun with it and it’s actually a super fun, cute night light!

  50. Michael J.

    Are your kids stuck at home during the pandemic? Are you pulling your hair out trying to keep them busy as the winter months loom? Well then have we got a game for you!This is basically a treasure hunt style game for little kids. They pretend to be unicorns in search of glowing gems with the goal of bringing them back to the glowing cloud. The cloud can also be used as a nightlight. That’s it. That’s the whole game.You can complicate things a bit with the advanced rules: creating a time limit, requiring the gems to be returned in a certain order, breaking into teams, and downloading additional content with rules that complicate the game further at the Starlux web site. It requires an email to get the additional cards, which I don’t love, but in my experience the additional rules are simple enough that you could easily make them up yourself.Like Starlux’s other game, Wizards & Werewolves, this game’s difficulty and fun really varies by the kids who play it. If they’re into the rules, the game has a lot of replay value. If they just want to run around screaming, the additional light-up options are fun but don’t extend the game much in what amounts to an Easter Egg hunt. But if your kids love unicorns and need something to do on a rainy afternoon, this will keep them occupied for a bit–so long as you’re good at channeling your inner leprechaun to hide those gems!

  51. Becca

    We received the product today and my kids were so excited to open it! The instructions to use/set up are simple and to the point. The game comes with 5 color blocks that light up. One person hides them and then the others search for them and return them to the rainbow. Once they all are back the rainbow plays a song to let you know the game is complete. This kept my two kids busy for a while this afternoon and then we had fun playing it as a family tonight! Can’t wait until it warms up and we can play this outside as well. This is a great gift idea!

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