Pool Party – Light Up Your Favorite Swimming Games

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Leap into the water and find new ways to enjoy your pool – with a light-up pool party kit! Experience hours of glowing excitement with game options that range from upgraded classics to relay races to all new games. Includes two floating lights, two dive diamonds, four light up bracelets and 10 game options.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 1-8

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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Who is this for? What ages?
If you can swim, you can play! We recommend ages 5+, but something we’re proud of is the way that multiple ages can play together. It works great for pool parties, neighborhood BBQs and vacations.

How many people can play?
Some of the game components can be used by just one person (like the Dive Diamonds) but in general, the more the merrier. It really depends on the size of the pool.

Does it have to be dark to play?
Not at all. The game pieces have a more visible effect in low light conditions, but those conditions can include everything from them being at the bottom of a pool to playing at sunset.

How long do the batteries last?
The batteries included in each of the game pieces are designed to last 10-12 hours and are type CR1220. To replenish them, we recommend using use the Capture the Flag REDUX Battery set. It includes enough batteries to replace all the lights twice and costs $5.

24 reviews for Pool Party – Light Up Your Favorite Swimming Games

  1. enic3nyc

    Got this for my kid! Since it’s still cold outside yet we tested it on the bath tub for now…So far so good! He had fun playing with the bracelet while trying to dive for the diamond. Cannot wait for summer so he can enjoy it outdoors in a pool as well!

  2. AL

    Not happy that half the lights needed new batteries

  3. Sassy l.

    I was so excited to use these with my grandkids and I thought the concept was awesome. Unfortunately, most of the items stopped working after the first time we put them in the pool. One dip and the button to switch the light on and off stopped working. Some of the lights are stuck on and some are dim. All of them got water inside the battery area. Ill definitely be returning these and im super bummed that I couldn’t use them. Not worth it!

  4. anerak

    My kids love anything that glows, so of course we had to order this and they had to find every possible way to play with these lights (including putting them face out in their goggles 😂.)The lights themselves are super bright and we didn’t even need to wait until dark to play with them. We had a large group of kids, and there were plenty of lights, bracelets, and games to keep them entertained for hours. When we first got the package, two of the bracelets did not work. Upon contacting the company, two more bracelets arrived quickly. My son even commented about the personal hand written note from them! 😀Great customer service. I am sure they would even replace some of my lights that rusted, or will continue to work hard to improve that. Thanks for the fun!

  5. Zdood10

    My kids thought the games were so fun and they were so exciting to see all the pieces glowing in the pool. My only complaint would be that some of the pieces were hard to turn off maybe because water leaked inside. Overall super fun!

  6. Loquatia

    We had a great time playing this game! We even had friends over to play it! We had a little issue with a few of the diamonds and when I let the company know they replaced them quickly without hesitation and with extra batteries. Great customer service! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I feel the of price should be a bit lower for a kids game. It has brought a lot of fun pool nights.

  7. Anonymous

    This is a super cute game and a fun concept. The packaging was adorable and the box is made to be kept for storage. I really liked the clear instructions and cautions about pool safety. I also appreciate the card that states “your game has traveled a long way to reach you, please check each piece and contact us right away if anything is broken or not working for an immediate replacement.” The game cards are laminated for durability and convenience and are super cute. It’s a fun way to add lights to the pool for a party in addition to using for pool games. The instructions clearly state to be sure all pieces are fully dried before turning off and this is important to keep your game pieces from rusting. Also, make sure when turning on the lights they are securely tightened as some of our pieces rusted when turned off while wet, although I still think it’s a great family game. I LOVE that they sent replacement batteries for the larger pieces so we can continue using the game after the first batteries wear out. Also, don’t leave them in the pool overnight or for extended periods to avoid rusting. I recommend!

  8. LindsiSanorFitness

    We loved everything about this game! All the cool lights and different games my kids and their friends could play were awesome! Also, they loved just playing with the toys without an “official” game….totally recommend it!

  9. Eda M.

    My friend ordered these for our pool and the kids really enjoyed them. I liked the variation of game ideas that offered lots of different and creative ways to play in the pool. The lights looked super pretty in the pool, even when it wasn’t completely dark. As it got darker they still showed up brightly even when the pool lights were on. Fun!

  10. MsKMJ

    This product was a wonderful surprise! I was shocked how much they send you. It included two floating flowers, lights for the pool edge, bracelets, diving diamonds, and extra batteries (the small circle ones that cost a fortune)!!! It also came with a pack of cards each with a different game that can be played using some or all the pieces they provide. The games range in level so really there was something that everyone young to old got a chance to participate in. I was worried that the lights might not be bright enough to use unless it was pitch black outside but these babies are SUPER bright. We have used them day and night. My only real hold up on giving this product 5 stars was the price but with so many neighborhood kids always joining in the games it does make me feel better that it is getting lots of enjoyment!

  11. Nikki P.

    Very creative and fun for all ages. My 3 teenage girls and their friends played for hours. It was nice to have them all enjoying something other than electronics and playing on their phones. Very cool game!

  12. Rag B.

    My kids and their friends ended up having such a blast playing the games. The glow in the dark peices take everything to a whole new, more fun level and they seriously look so beautiful in the water! I love the ambience they create! As we were going back to our hotel room, my son and I overheard three mothers talking about each of the the “cool” glow-in-the-dark pool games we had been playing. They then asked where they could get the games themselves.

  13. Julee H.

    Maybe I didn’t research it well enough because it wasn’t what I expected. It’s basically just some lights to throw in the pool and a couple floating flower lights. One light didn’t work and the kids were bored with it in less than 10 minutes. Certainly wasn’t worth $50.00.

  14. Jessica M.

    Not worth the money at all. You pay $50 for glow sticks that you can buy at the Dollar Store.

  15. R. A.

    Bought this game as a housewarming gift for a close friend’s family. Reminded me of pool games I played with my siblings back in the 90s. From what I heard, my friend’s kids have greatly enjoyed playing this game, and loved the book, which they spent an entire afternoon using to plan events. It’s a high-quality pool toy, perfect for kids of all ages. Bright lights, and the kit comes with a change of batteries as well.

  16. Taylor S.

    This is a high quality set. I tested it in the pool this past weekend and all of the lights look great and feel solidly made. The variety of light-up items including silver dollar sized “border markers” that sink, diamonds that sink and let off a glow, flowers that float, and the wristbands that can strobe at two different speeds or stay lit made for a large variety of games we were able to play (a number of which are included on flash cards in the box), it’s definitely a great value and we can’t wait to bring out the lights again. Also came with 10 extra watch sized batteries that power the lights so we should be set for a while. Would definitely recommend for anyone with access to a pool at night time.

  17. Anonymous

    I received this product about two weeks ago now. I am a swimming instructor in the Orlando area and I have to say, these are great. I use the sinking diamonds and flat pieces to help teach my students to retrieve items from the bottom of the pool, it is especially easy since they light up and even the youngest of kids think they are pretty. The light also makes it easy for new swimmers to find their target under the water. The bracelets have been a fun tool to use to explain paddling to my kids. Green means left, blue means right, and we cycle back and forth. I could also see these being great if you have a game of sharks and minnows or enough kids to do tag and those type of things (I will most likely try this in my group lessons later on). I also like the lilly pads because the kids love swimming out to them. All in all, great products.

  18. Anonymous

    The devices don’t work. The company sent me another box but they didn’t work either. They fill with water and then lights go out or lights didn’t work at all. Its a great idea and I would try again if the company can actually make them work right.

  19. Amanda M.

    Unfortunately I have sent for a return label. The idea for this game is great but several of our pieces were broken upon arrival. The glue/silicone had come loose and the jewels or big diamonds were detached from the bulb. We played with the pieces we had bc it was a Christmas gift and the kids were begging to. The next morning, literally 10 hours later, I looked at the pieces and every single one of them has a rust like crust on them making them totally unusable for the future. They were so messy. .Sorry, I wanted to like this but it’s a no go.

  20. D. B.

    So much fun and a great degree of brightness. It lasted through the entire pool party and we can change the batteries and do it again! The book was a clever idea as well and our 10 year old spent the afternoon planning the events.

  21. HCA

    Got this for my nieces who come over to swim at my pool often. They haven’t used it yet but we did bust out the lights for my own July 4th party. You’ll be surprised by how bright the lights are! Super bright. Also like that the kit comes with a mesh bag so you can just store and keep it Dry outside. Sort of wish the lights were sealed a bit better because the lights remain on until they’re dry, but the kit does mention this so it wasn’t s big surprise or anything.

  22. Kesick F.

    We received this item last week and we have loved it! Living in the desert, it’s almost too hot to swim during the day. We have always loved night swimming. Now with the Starlight Swimming Games we can play all types of pool games – even at night. It’s been fun for the entire family! Thanks for a great product that has already provided hours of entertainment!


    I ordered this for my great-niece for her new pool. She and her friends are loving all the game variations. There is something for everyone. Highly recommend this great summertime pool game!!!

  24. Nathan C.

    Great product, and so many fun different ways to use all the pieces. The lights are brighter than I expected. Make sure you dry off each piece before turning them off and putting them away. My son’s favorite game was Zombies and Doctors!!
    I would’ve given this a 5 star, but I did think it was a little on the high end as far as price. Even $39.99 would’ve made me feel a little better when buying the game kit. I also think that 10 glow bracelets would be perfect instead of 6. Especially when the games say for a player or two starts out wearing 2 bracelets.
    Overall we love it and will be putting this to use all year long because we can even use it for ambiance when it’s not so hot out.

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