Knights of the Orb

Add safe, glowing foam weapons to your capture the flag game as you battle like medieval warriors!

Ages: 8 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 6-20+

Batteries included? Yes

$99.80 $89.00

Glow Battle ® - Family Pack - by Starlux Games

Battle friends and family using harmless glowing swords! Perfect for groups, birthdays and sleepovers, it includes 10 game options and 28 light-up game pieces.

Ages: 8 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 2-20

Batteries included? Yes

Available on backorder

Capture the Flag REDUX ® - by Starlux Games

It’s the new way to play Capture the Flag: with glow-in-the-dark lights! Award-winning and active, all ages play together in this unique group game.

Ages: 8 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 4-20

Batteries included? Yes

In Stock Ready to Ship (can be backordered)

Available on backorder


Setup is easy. Just follow these 5 steps

  1. Choose a playing field where it’s safe to run in low light conditions. Lay glowing red territory lights to divide the playing field in half. Each team picks a side: their home territory.
  2. Put on the LED glow bracelet of your team’s color. Insert the free end into the connector, and push button to start glowing.
  3. Place glowing jail markers of your team’s color in a 6 x 6 foot square. This will be your jail and starting position.
  4. Light up your team’s Orb and hide it inside your territory. No covering or hiding it above eye level.
  5. Pick up your glow swords and put on your best warrior ferocious face.



  1. Win by capturing your opponent’s Orb and getting it back to your territory.
  2. Players must stand at least 15 feet away from their team’s Orb and jail. No puppy guarding!
  3. Hit players go to jail. They may only leave when a teammate reaches the jail without being hit. All players in jail get a free walk back to their home territory.
  4. All lights must remain on and cannot be covered.
  5. Pro Tip: if you get out, become a Game Guardian and make sure all players follow the rules.

“EVERYONE ARMED” – Variation A (4-10 players)

  1. Everyone gets swords. Use them to thwack your opponents whenever the need arises!
  2. If you’re hit inside your opponent’s territory, you lose a life level (change your bracelet) and go to jail.
  3. If you’re hit in your home territory, you lose a life level but do not go to jail.
  4. Get hit twice and you’re “dead” (out for that round).
  5. To increase the length of game sessions, give players three or more lives.

SCOUTS & DEFENDERS – Variation B (4-20 players)

  1. Each team chooses their “Scouts” and “Defenders. You can choose any number of either but cannot change roles after the game starts.
  2. Scouts are offensive players. They can enter the other team’s territory but do not carry weapons.
  3. Defenders wield swords to defend the Orb but may not leave their home territory.
  4. Scouts hit by the other team’s side go to jail and lose a life level. They cannot leave jail until a teammate rescues them.
  5. Scouts hit twice are “dead” (out for that round). If your team has no more Scouts, you forfeit the game territory, no matter which team they’re on.


Use this game combo set to play the following three games:

Knights of the Orb – Add safe, glowing foam weapons to your capture the flag game as you battle like medieval warriors!

Capture the Flag REDUX – This game pumps up the excitement of the classic outdoor game Capture the Flag with glowing lights and new styles of play. Experience it anywhere with space to run — after sunset or inside with the lights off.

Glow Battle – Use glowing foam swords to battle friends, foes and family. With twenty eight glowing game pieces, the kit is designed for playing 10 organized games such as Gladiators, Knights of Old, Vampires and more!

Additional Information

Number of Players4-20+
Gameplay Options28
Standard ShippingFREE
Money Back GuaranteeYES
All batteries included?YES
Weight66 oz
Dimensions11 x 6 x 6 in


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