Glow Battle Ninja – Fight Like a Ninja, Win as a Team

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Unleash your inner ninja warrior with this glowing sword game! Light up the backyard or rec room with glowing lights and physical activity as players run, swing, dodge and strategize to conquer their opponents. Includes ten downloadable game options, four light up foam katana swords and four dojo markers.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 2-4+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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What age is it meant for?
If you can run, you can play! The most common ages of our players are 8-14 but something we’re proud of is the way that multiple ages can play together. We’ve literally seen grandparents play with their grandchildren. It also works great for birthdays, family reunions, camps and icebreakers.

How many people can play?
It ranges from 2-20+, depending on the game chosen. The “main” game “Glow Battle,” contains parts for up to ten players but Gladiator is perfect for as few as two. Thieves & Guards allows twenty or more people to play.

Where can I play it?
As long as there’s space to run freely — and safely — there’s an opportunity to play this game. Backyards, parks, campgrounds: they all work. You also can play indoors with the lights off so long as the area is clear of obstructions. Indoor rec areas and gyms work especially well for this.

How are hits registered?
The bracelets are used to keep track of hits; they don’t actually register them. Every player begins the game with their bracelet in “solid” mode. After they are hit the first time, they must return to their team’s “Regeneration Station” (aka home base), then change their bracelets to strobe mode. If they get hit again, they’re out of the game for the round. The hits themselves are recognized using the honesty method. Although it doesn’t hurt, players KNOW when they’ve been hit. Sometimes a moderator is helpful, but for the most part we’ve found that people embrace the spirit of the game and are honest about keeping track of hits.

124 reviews for Glow Battle Ninja – Fight Like a Ninja, Win as a Team

  1. Rosie H.

    The batteries died in 3 out 4 katanas in less then 20 minutes. Very disappointing.

  2. Julia K.

    My nieces and nephews loved playing this game! I loved that they were not looking at a screen and interacting with each other. I am sure they will want to play it again at our next family reunion!

  3. gentry s.

    My 11 and 6 year old got a set for Easter. Upon arrival there were two mishaps but I contacted the shop and was sent replacement parts for FREE! The boys have had lots of fun with them.

  4. Justin .

    Great product

  5. Amanda

    I have 9,8&4 year old. They love it. Fun outside game

  6. Laura s.

    I have a 11y/o and a 1.5y/o. They love these, they’re sturdy yet soft enough that they’re not going to break when playing. The lights are very bright and easy to see. Only complaint is no directions came with game. Or any ideas of how to play with the game.

  7. Desree B.

    I was so excited about this game! I bought it to get the kids out side and moving. It came a day earlier which was awesome. Was very disappointed when I got the swords out there was a cheap thin layer of plastic over the foam and 1 Dojo was not working. I was able to add a piece of paper under the battery and it worked. When it stated to get dark we went out to play, after 10 minutes of the game the plastic tore off and all the dojo’s but one quit working and one of the swords quit working.

  8. R.McWatters .

    The grandkids loved playing with these and they were soft and and couldn’t hurt anyone.

  9. Michael

    My kids absolutely loved these! We all had so much fun!

  10. Tavia

    Probably better off getting these from dollar tree , plastic came off as soon as the kids started playing with them. Definitely they definitely do not look like anything from the picture, just not worth the 30 something dollars , kids did enjoy while they lasted… and they only lasted a few hours …

  11. catherine m.

    I bought this for my grandson for his birthday! The first time they were used they just ripped apart! I called they said they would replace them ,nope ! Don’t waste your money!!!

  12. Trindy

    The foam swords were thicker than I thought they’d be but the plastic coating which has the design on it is flimsy and easily torn. I was surprised at how bright they lit up at night and my son loved playing with them even during the daylight you could easily see the light inside all the items in the box, however only about half of my box came with working lights everything else either had dead batteries or just didn’t work at all. That’s the reason I’m only giving this 2 stars, I ended up taking out batteries from the bracelets that did work and putting them in the swords that had dead batteries. Also the bracelets really don’t serve much of a function there’s no link between them and the sword so other than maybe helping to locate your opponent when little kids play they don’t worry about using the bracelets at all. The ground markers again only some of them worked so we ended up not using them either in the end though my son and his cousins had fun with just the swords and played for hours with them they did use some of the games on the cards but also made up their own games. I paid over $50 for this and honestly feel like it’s only worth half that bc only half of the items in the box worked.

  13. bernard

    beaucoup de plaisir

  14. Conscious C.

    The swords are fun, but the plastic wrap design on them started falling apart on the 1st use. After it comes off the swords are still functional to fight with so you can keep playing. The smaller light up pieces turn on and off by screwing and unscrewing them. This makes it really easy to accidentally open it up and have batteries falling out on the ground. Ok (at best) if you only have older kids, but I do not and now I’m worried that my 6 year old isn’t going to pay attention and my 1.5 year old is going to swallow a battery. BTW, my 1.5 year old also loves sword battles so much!. If he were slightly younger he would be chewing on the foam sword too, thankfully he has passed that phase. So, lots of fun for ages 1,6,9, and adults in our house – but it is a lot of money to buy light up foam tubes as the rest is useless to us. I was hoping to buy more and have this be a big thing at the 10th birthday party this summer but I don’t want to spend that kind of money for the poor quality.

  15. August L.

    Geeze one time and they fell apart. Lots of money. Quality sucks

  16. Michael H.

    These are cheaply made and very easy to break; my grandchildren destroyed them in one day!

  17. Anonymous

    Bought these for my friend’s kids. My daughter and her kids had so much fun playing with these! It was a big hit! Did have some issues with the product but the customer service from this company more than made up for it! They were prompt, came up with a resolution fast, and made sure I was completely satisfied with the fix! Will 100% be looking at other products of theirs in the future to potentially buy!

  18. My C.

    Within just aboutb10 minutes the cute plastic was coming off these foam swords. I love that you can turn the light off for more play another day!!

  19. Gian

    My 6 yr old really enjoyed these. A bit expensive for what they are (foam with a small light bulb inside) but that seems to be the case for everything these days.

  20. Sean M.

    Great customer support for replacement parts! Kids love the game and the ideas for formats are very creative

  21. Sarah

    Love this game!!! So much fun! The only con is for the little lights – it unscrews too easily and the battery (the small round kind) fall out. I have animals and young kids, so we decided to use aGlow stick instead for the “capture the flag” part.

  22. C S.

    Game was missing a part on arrival. Contacted the company and they sent it ASAP and it still arrived before Christmas. We played the game Christmas evening and had a blast. It held up well and engaged the kids for a long time.

  23. melissa

    Bought for nephew’s for Christmas they like it

  24. Cherie J.

    I got two of these for my grandsons for Christmas. The kids love them! They are a lot of fun. That being said. The “sword” is basically a cylinder of foam with a plastic sleeve. One of the “swords” doesn’t light up and was not working right from the get go. The plastic sleeve is not staying on. One set the plastic is already off all the swords. It doesn’t really affect the game or the sword, but it’s still disappointing.

  25. Matthew K.

    impulse buy that is paying off. I’d buy three more if they were available

  26. Peyton R.

    I was looking for something to get my sister for Christmas and she is not girly or anything so this looks like the perfect gift ad it keeps you honest because some times my and my sisters like to cheat a bit! lol! I can not wait to give this to her she will be so happy!

  27. clint

    These were used with my wife and I with our 3 and 5 years olds. No crazy swings or abuse but the plastic sheath that covers the foam breaks and rips almost immediately

  28. donna d.

    My grandson loves this toy! I gave it to him for his 8th birthday, and it was a bit hit! It was delivered quickly too!

  29. Aubs

    A lot of fun!

  30. Carmen R.

    This is functional, fun and a clever, in that it’s pretty fun for a product that’s really nothing special. I don’t expect it to hold up. I’d be much happier if it had been priced in then $12.99-$14.99 range. I feel I over-payed.

  31. Mundo

    We bought the glow in the dark foam swords and my kids have been having fun with this but the only issue is the swords come wrapped in plastic. The plastic is there to give it the design you see in the ads. That plastic easily tears and you either have to use clear tape to bandage the torn parts together or just completely remove the plastic and be left with a white foam stick. My kids are still having fun but just annoying have to tape it up every time there is a new tear.

  32. Shawna

    I was under the impression that the game would automatically keep track of hits and timed regaining. But it actually doesn’t, it makes the kids play the honor system. “I hit you your out. No you didn’t. Yes I did.” Back and fourth with all the kids was a nightmare to referee. Also, even though it came with batteries for everything half of them were dead on the bracelets. I gave it away to a church youth group afterwards hoping that they could use it in some way. Not worth the money and effort.

  33. Nathan

    Pretty cheap. Plastic sleeves break real easy on the swords. Returning.

  34. Sand b.

    We ordered this as an Easter basket gift…..and then Quarantine happened! So after a few months of staying completely socially distant we invited a few friends over to play this game….or should I say collection of games!!!! We selected a few options (which all the directions for each game are on separate cards) and then let each guest pick a card randomly. We would play that game a few times and then the next kid would get to choose. At the end, we picked our favorite to play again. There are still a few games we haven’t played, so more fun for next time! I haven’t run this much in 10 years collectively. But it was so fun, I couldn’t stop!!!! And I’m 46. LOL. Great fun for kids and adults!

  35. Brady

    This product was absolutely great for the kids!

  36. Allyson T.

    Kids have a blast with these!! Sturdy and so much fun!

  37. Emily A.

    My kids love these at night and for the price they are worth it. The plastic may come off but the foam lights still work.

  38. Ryan C.

    My kids and I played for hours with this after we opened the box. There are several games you can play that are a lot of fun. It comes with all the batteries included which is a huge plus. We were out in the yard and going within minutes of starting. Two words of caution with these games 1) Don’t play in complete darkness, have a little light background. You could run into something. 2) Don’t make plans for the following day. You will be tired after running around all night. I highly recommend this game. It will be perfect for July 4th family gathering and much safer than blowing things up.

  39. Ian A.

    Seemed very cheaply made. Right out of the box four of the items didn’t work; battery wires not secured, batteries and/or leds not working. Product didn’t seem to work as advertised.

  40. paola

    Bellissime,colorate e divertenti . I miei tre bambini si sono divertiti tantissimo!Le adorano.

  41. karmina

    I liked the variety of games you can play with it. I disliked the plastic wrap of the sword, it breaks easily. Would like that it was made of a more durable material.

  42. Jennifer R.

    Bought this for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. She and her friends had a blast! One note: You may want to add a referee to make sure people aren’t cheating. When the game arrived, one of the bracelets was not working. We emailed the maker and had not one, but two, new parts within the week! Really great buying experience and game experience!

  43. Lolo

    Super poor quality. One part arrived broken. Others broke within seconds of game play with elementary school-aged children. One word: Cheap. Search for a better comparable item…anything would be an improvement.

  44. Dara G.

    It’s a interesting price of crap.

  45. Professional c.

    This game was a fun game and a way to be active with our family! We only played with our family, but it would be a lot of fun with a large group! The game says 8+, but our 5 year old was able to play along! There are 9 variations of the game and we have only been able to play 2 of them. I can see how this game will be very versatile and we won’t get bored with playing the same thing over and over! It is meant as an outdoor game, but we were able to play it inside as well, using two rooms on either side of the house as the regeneration stations.

  46. Heather Y.

    My teens had a blast playing a couple of the battles in this game. We took the game to a family get-together. My three girls and their four cousins ran around in the dark back yard for hours.The set up is simple and the game play is easy to understand and follow. We can’t wait to try the other battle cards.We only had one issue with the game…when we opened it 2 of the swords, one bracelet, and one base marker light didn’t light up….but we had enough to play…..and the kids didn’t let it stop them from enjoying the hours of fun. I think this will be a great game to take camping also.

  47. R D.

    This game is a lot of fun! Suddenly we are a very popular house to hang out at. My son can’t wait for the next night we can host a Glow Battle Game!

  48. Tracy

    Like for group kids for pary

  49. kelley s.

    Whole family is so excited to play… great family bonding time

  50. Dot

    Bought for my grandsons, they liked it , took it home with them .

  51. Tina M.

    My kids had an awesome time playing this game!! Brings people together!

  52. Anonymous

    Bought this for my husband’s bday party (we’re all kids at heart 😂) & it was a lot of fun! Unfortunately I had to give a lower rating than I wanted because 2 of the swords’ lights won’t light. 1 had rust where the batteries are & the other was ruined by battery acid. 😞 8 out of 10 worked but I wished they all worked.

  53. Papa J.

    This is a well thought out and manufactured game. The game variations and rules are excellent and make for hours of fun. This would be great for groups but my 2 grandsons aged 7 and 10 enjoyed playing indoors with it too.If one of them doesn’t light up when you turn it on simply remove the bettery door and spin the batteries, this will fix the connection.

  54. Dr G.

    although I very much admire the concept of the game, I have issues with it. Mainly, I had to pay a considerable amount (it was not available on UK) and that several components broke on the first use with our youth group on Saturday night. Specifically, several light sabers are broken beyond repair and a bracelet. Why not put a few spares in the box?

  55. whosthere

    The only thing that came in the box was the cheap foam swords. That’s it. Nothing else. No wristbands, no braclets, no Regan station markers and no game cards. Highly disappointed. Definitely returning.

  56. Noah R.

    Update: after a shipping error, I reached out to the company. In the end, everything worked out! We played the glow games while on a multi family camping trip. It was a blast for kids and adults. High recommend. We look forward to playing again.

  57. Christen

    Kids played with it once some if the lights didnt work

  58. Michelle E.

    Now that we have had a chance to play the game I have to say I love the idea of it! However I had several pieces that the batteries did not work in and we’re unable to use until I can find batteries to replace them. And on other pieces the plastic was trying to peel off of the foam. I was very excited to get this game for my boys, but I’m slightly disappointed in the quality of the product for the cost. So at this point we have about half of the game pieces that are working and half that will not light up. I was really wishing for a bit more quality for the price.Thanks,Michelle Eichler

  59. Erica M.

    It was only good for once use, didn’t even last the amount of time discribed, wrappers were coming off, batteries were flying off, some of the bracelets stopped working with in an hour

  60. Frank

    I bought this for my nieces and they loved it. Their parents also got in on the action. From the sounds of it they all had a blast.

  61. Jane M.

    This was a Christmas gift for my grandson. He loved it!! Couldn’t wait until it got dark so that he could play with it outside!

  62. Nichole

    I thought this would keep our kids from squabbling about whether or not they were tagged. This is not the case. These are lightweight foam sticks with an LED. You have to manually change your status when you get tagged. They are fun but WAY over priced for what they are. One sword and two home base lights do not work but I’m sure the manufacturer will take care of that. Our kids loved them and we will use them often.

  63. LittleMoosieandWillowsMom

    This made my Grandson very happy. He loves it.It arrived on time.I believe its his favorite gift.Says its AWESOME!!

  64. jkw0570

    I got this for my son for his 10th birthday. He and his friends love it!

  65. Anonymous

    Great idea, but unfortunately these do not hold up well at all. Used for birthday party and most of them were destroyed. So its disappointing for the price, I wish I would have just spent the extra money on lazer tag guns.

  66. Elizabeth

    This was a huge hit with my family and friends! My husband and I got this while it was on Kickstarter, and played with my family when they came over to visit. My mom and all of my siblings loved it! We played it again later with our friends and their 4 year old son, and it was a huge hit with the whole family. It doesn’t hurt when you get really into whacking each other, and even the 4 year old was fine with getting hit! We did have some issues with the top of one of the swords coming off, but the customer support was awesome in helping us figure out how to prevent this issue with our other swords and replacing the one we lost the top of. I would HIGHLY recommend this! It is definitely a new family favorite outdoor activity!

  67. Viktor M.

    This game is a perfect mix of physical and imaginative fun. It’s great for children and adults, and even parents wanting to to just spar a bit with their kids. I’m very happy with this purchase through kickstarter.

  68. missy

    12 year old birthday party…they instantly broke…not at all what I expected. Next time I will remember to read specs before buying… it’s literally styrofoam wrapped in plastic.

  69. Amy V.

    Bought this for 8-11 age range. Product looked cheap and quality was even worse. The heap plastic cover confused some kids who thought it was wrapping and tore it off, leaving nothing but a white foam tube. I expected the swords to be larger but that’s on me for not reading the description as to the size. Half of the bracelets and 3 of the swords broke and were not working within 30 minutes of use. The kids were frustrated with the product and gave up on playing with it.

  70. Angela L.

    One the surface, the game looks like it would be a lot of fun, which is why we bought it for our Halloween party. The swords are made of cheap foam and covered in cheap plastic. I liken the plastic to the thin plastic that covers bottle caps to safety protect them. As a result, the swords were completely destroyed by the kids in a matter of 2 hours. The plastic fell apart, some didn’t stay on the swords and the light units fell out. Kids will play rough, especially with something as fun as a light-up sword and these swords did not hold up.

  71. Antoinett D.

    Not worth almost $60! We purchased for a Halloween Party. As the kids played with them parts started to fly off and the batteries were flying around. Each sword was destroyed. These were 7 & 8 year olds and they were fully supervised while playing it so they weren’t doing anything crazy. When we cleaned up this morning after the party my Roomba was finding all of the little button batteries. Cool idea but poor quality for the price point. The only part that survived was the bracelet; maybe we’ll use those to be seen when out running at dusk? Overall disappointed with what we got for the price.

  72. JJ H.

    Children ages 3 to 93, have enjoyed this fun games system. Customer support has been top notch with answering questions and replacements. Parents and grandparents where rolling in the grass watching their kids have a blast playing these games and seven joined the kids with the gameplay. 🙂

  73. Kevin J.

    Bad:LEDs were not working well in two of the swords and needed to be jiggled to stay on for short periods of time1 bracelet band came out of the flasher, required a bit of wrangling to push it back inAt least 2 LED units came out of the bottom of their swords, requiring the player to compensate during playAt least 1 base station light kept getting ‘untwisted’, requiring re-tightening to stay onGood:THE GAME IS FUN! With the different game play styles, the kids had a blast for the half hour that we played.Overall:I cannot recommend due to build quality, but if you’re handy, you can probably repair the things that your kids destroy. The game is a ton of fun, though.I purchased this for the Kickstarter. I don’t know if subsequent retail boxes have the same build quality.

  74. Jessica .

    This is a blast! My boys and I love it.

  75. Shane M.

    We were a pretty active family before ordering this game. But some of our activities were not the most fun for each member.Glow Battle has been a unanimous hit for all of us. It burns calories while being fun. So there is less need to hop on the boring treadmill daily. More games, less mindless walking in place!It has made it easier for our kids to invite neighbors over for a round of glowing sword battles.

  76. Brian R.

    My friends and I had hours of fun with this game.The glow in the dark feature creates a really cool atmosphere. It’s sort of sci-fi action. And we realized that hitting each other with the swords didn’t hurt, so we could freely get after each other and get lost in the fun without censoring ourselves in any way.This is a really fun game!

  77. Jaimie G.

    This is absolutely AWESOME! Fun for hours! So many different ways you can play! We like hide and seek, ghosts in the graveyard and a good old sword fight that doesn’t hurt.. Lol.. Comes with cards that have other games you can play. AND… It comes with batteries! Nothing comes with batteries these days! We even played this with grandma. Seriously a blast. More than 5 stars to me! Love it!

  78. Gidget

    I was given this game as a gift and my 5 and 7 year old went nuts for this! Admittedly, they don’t do a good job sticking to the rules, but boy do they love fighting each other with these things. And I love that no one gets hurt. Such a great idea! Two thumbs up!

  79. Richard N.

    First let me say that my kids loved playing the game. There are lots of lights and they had fun swinging glowing sticks. However, there are a couple downsides to consider: 1) indicating who was hit is a manual process and the kids would tend to argue about who hit who first. 2) the bracelets that you needed to change when hit were backwards, when you are supposed to go from solid to blinking, the button press instead when from solid to off and then to blinking. And finally, 3) Seemed to be a bit priced too high for what you get.So in summary: a few negatives but my kids had a great time playing with it just the same.

  80. R. P.

    My kids were so excited to for night to come when this arrived! They invited friends and cousins over and played for HOURS! Ages ranged from 11-16. It was awesome to hear their fun and have them get some exercise. I think they may have been a little rough with their play – a couple swords wouldn’t turn on the next time and the battery case fell apart. I was hoping the quality would’ve been a bit better but it was a lot of fun for the price!

  81. Patti H.

    As the mother of five boys, I’m always looking for constructive ways that they can expend energy. Glow Battle does just that. The great thing is that they can play Glow Battle in an open space inside, they can play in the backyard, they can play in the garage, and they can even play on the trampoline. Really, anywhere with some space. I thought they might get bored with it after playing a few times, but turns out that all-aged boys really love to chase each other around with lighted batons for hours on end. Plus, it includes instructions for several game variations of strategy and teamwork that keep it fresh. And, all of the game pieces and batteries have withstood my crazy crew. I think Glow Battle is a great gift idea for Christmas or birthdays or whatever!

  82. HCA

    A few families and I played this in a nearby park. Most of us “adults” pooped out pretty early-great exercise though-and the kids just kept going and going. They loved it so much and it was a great way to get everyone involved and safely playing after dark! The swords light up really well too and don’t hurt so even young kids could play. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants some exercise in their day but in a fun way! So much running but I didn’t even notice!

  83. Avid R.

    We backed Glow Battle on Kickstarter, and we are thrilled to have it. We haven’t spent much time playing the formal games laid out, mostly we’ve just had fun whacking one another. We played with my in laws, and everyone from my 6 year old niece to my 70 something father in law had a great time. The best way I have come up with to describe it is “Imagine that Nerf made lightsabers.”

  84. Anonymous

    We loved playing this game. It was a great activity. This game is very versatile! We actually played it indoors. The game was easy to set up and easy to play. It was great for adults as well! Wished the wristlets could keep score of how many times you were hit and that they automatically reset. The game pieces were good but wish they were a little more sturdy. Overall we loved it and will be watching out for more games from this company!

  85. Shelby S.

    Great game for ALL ages!! Including those adults who want to relive their childhood!! Capture the flag is better than ever with light sabers. LOVE how the batteries are rechargeable. They could last a bit longer though. The kids loved how bright to sabers and bracelets are! Makes it easy on us parents to keep track of the kids( when we are not being one ourselves 😉 ) If things get a little rough which it is bound to happen especially with teenagers protective eye gear is a good idea.

  86. Sakar_12

    Glow battle is a blast! We took this camping with a big group and not only did the kids have fun with it, the adults could keep track of the kids running around in the dark😉. It’s definitely easier for bigger kids to understand game rules and be safe but the younger kids thought it looked awesome and wanted to join in… We may have to expand our pack!

  87. Heather D.

    My kids absolutely LOVE this game! It is refreshing to have them interested in something other than electronics. It was so fun to watch my husband and older kids play and my five year old has a blast. He wants to play every night.We love that you can have 10 people playing at a time. We are thinking about getting another set because we have so many kids over for night games and they have to take turns. This game has been a big hit for our family.

  88. Tracy M.

    This was great to get us outside and running around together. I had fun with it and it seems like my kids would have fun with a group of other kids. I could even see us using the little glow pods and playing sardines.

  89. N N.

    My kids like to play rough with each other so I was trying to find a game they could play together without getting hurt. They love glow in the dark things so I got them this game and they loved it. I thought maybe the wrap on the swords wouldn’t hold up to their play but it seems to be doing fine. They also have replaceable batteries which is great because some other light up toys I have don’t. Overall the kids enjoyed it and it was a good way to get rid of some of their energy without someone getting hurt.

  90. jammaster_mom

    We played this over the summer with 2 other families. We had a total of 10 kids that ranged in age from 5 to 16 and they all LOVED it! There were so many variations of the game that we found one that the littles could do and understand. Later in the evening the big kids and Dad’s went out for a more intense version and had a blast. This was well worth the purchase and would be a great game for group camping or youth groups. I will warn you that the adults will want to play also so plan accordingly:)

  91. B. J.

    This was! When I heard about these Glow Games, I thought they sounded like pure genius and couldn’t wait to order one. Our Glow Battle came quickly and very well packaged. My kids and I were anxious to open it up and test it out. Inside were all the pieces we needed for an evening of truly epic good times. Included in the box was a stack of different cards with instructions for a variety of Glow Battle Games using the game pieces (light stations, bracelets, and sabers) ranging from 2-20 players and game times lasting 5-60 minutes. Word got around that we were having night games at our house and we ended up having 12 kids total coming over to test them out, ranging from 10-15 years of age. These kids had such a great time! They could have played for hours. I don’t know which was my favorite part—their happy voices, knowing they were getting in some fresh air and exercise, or the fact that they were having such a great time without playing any video games! On top of that, it will make the perfect Christmas gift for our extended family. The level of awesomeness for our future family get-togethers is going to be raised exponentially!*I included some pictures of a few of the game pieces and cards—as well as a picture of a battle in session. Get it!

  92. brittany

    This game was such a cool twist on some family fun! The glow in the dark feature was something totally unique & made it super exciting for my kids. I grew up in an age when “night games” were the norm, & you’d roam around the neighborhood with all of your friends & not worry. Although we live in a different day and age…this game was the closest thing that my kids will experience to risking around playing games at night. We went to the field at the school on our street & had a BLAST!! I recommend this to anyone, knowing you’ll love the time spent with family or friends. It is totally worth the price.

  93. DeKay F.

    This game was given to our family by a friend. We really enjoyed playing it together as a family. We played it both inside and outside and found playing it outside with more space was more enjoyable. We played as a family following the basic rules of the game, but my children have spent hours making up their own games using the the glow battle equipment. I would say the 8+ age rating on the game is appropriate due to the battle nature of the game. We look forward to trying out the different variations of the game!

  94. jennifer E.

    The kids big and little love this game. Easy to use and endless night game options. Everything works great.

  95. David E.

    Out of the box we had two of the light up swords and one of the bracelets not work. After the first round, maybe 15mins of play, we had the plastic wrap on the swords coming off, bracelets not staying connected and falling off and batteries coming out. We ended up playing something else and throwing the Glow Battle in the trash. Very disappointed.

  96. Anne O.

    My kids enjoyed it and are constantly asking to play this. It is so much better when played in the dark for obvious reasons but my kids can’t always wait 😁. Cons: the plastic covering around the foam sticks ripped after a couple uses but they really are just for decoration. My kids enjoyed the different ways you can play the game, especially the capture the flag version. Overall, I would totally recommend this game. What kids don’t want to play a game where they are allowed to hit each other?!

  97. Anonymous

    This game was a lot of fun! Super cool concept and it was easy to play. The glow pieces add a cool element to it. My 9 year old daughter loved the lifht sabers and played with it them for fun too. Recommend this game for parties, family night or otherwise.

  98. Linde F.

    Not only is this game entertaining to watch but it gets the kids active and keeps them playing for hours. There are so many different ways and games to play with glow battle that my kids have played a different game every night with the neighborhood kids. They get so excited to tell other family and friends about it and anyone that comes over is invited to play. It is such a blast and the swords dont hurt at all when you tap someone with them, even if you swing hard. it is so much fun! Our fmily would recommend this game to anyonw who likes to play any game!

  99. Matt

    We took this camping and had Jedi light saber battles with the kids. Hilarious! Everyone had a blast!

  100. Kindle C.

    My kids absolutely love this game. There are so many ways to play it. We have even come up with our own games and rules so that all of our kids ages 6-16 can play together. My kids are always asking to play it! I like the different game options. Some are team and some are individual. Hours of fun to be had with this. I highly reccomend it!

  101. Heather R.

    Great way to get kids to spend more time outdoors

  102. Colette

    We didn’t live the main gameBut did try some of the alternates and those were great. Interactive, plenty of exercise and lots of fun! It wasn’t quite dark enough our first go round, but we still had a lot of fun. I loaned it to my nephew and he played in the dark with everything lit up and had a blast.

  103. Ashley I.

    Loved everything about this. Our family and neighborhood totally rocked this last week. We wished we would have bought it earlier for all those outside summer nights. Wish I had video to share but was so caught up watching the kids (and adults) have fun I didn’t pick my phone up. Highly recommend.

  104. Anonymous

    My kids love this! They can hit eachother HARD and nobody gets hurt. Lots of laughs and good exercise too! Hours of fun for them and us adults too.

  105. Anonymous

    Our neighborhood kids got together and played this for the first time, and had so much fun! There was constant giggling and laughter as they played. They loved it!

  106. Beth T.

    Not worth the money! Used product first time last night at neighborhood party, and honestly will not be able to use again. As soon as opened box, discovered two of the station markers had fallen apart and wouldn’t light up, so couldn’t set up a region to “restart” the glow bracelets. We did use the glow bracelets just to see kiddos, but they kept falling apart. The swords were a big hit, but only lasted about an hour. The battery cover fell off, thus the battery fell out. Kids lost interest once sword wouldn’t light up. Only 3 swords actually still work today. Great concept, but so cheaply made!!! Way too expensive for a one time use product.

  107. Anonymous

    Makes summer nights with the kids even more fun!

  108. kat

    Sorry the photo is dark, but our four boys and my husband and I have had so much fun playing different games with GlowBattle. The first time I pulled it out I had no idea how much crazy fun our kids would have. They were instantly battling and making up games and teams and stuff. Capture the Flag takes on a whole new meaning with glow in the dark swords! Neighborhood night games just got a lot more fun too! It’s as fun for 6 year olds as it is for 66 year olds!

  109. R P.

    This was so much fun! All of my kids enjoyed it. My 10 year old son and 13 y at old daughter give it 5 stars. My 16 year old son and his friends give it 4 stars because they wish the swords were longer and the bracelets didn’t always stay on their wrists, but they were a good size for the younger kids. One thing that is really great is that it comes with 10 swords, 5 of each color. That means there are plenty to go around for large families or a bunch of friends. Also, the box is large enough that you can easily fit everything back in the box when you’re done. We played outside, but I know some people who have played indoors. I’m giving it 5 stars because my little kids loved it.

  110. Anonymous

    Great product for almost any time of year. The box contains cards that gives you variations on the game which means there are about 8 different games to play which is an incredible value! The kids played for nearly 2 hours. We had a problem with one of the sticks shorting out, but I contacted the company and they went above and beyond to replace my imperfect game piece and added some fun extras. Thanks for the fun times!

  111. Carlye

    We are loving glow battle! I love that the swords are soft so they can smack each other all they want and nobody gets hurt. The instructions are pretty basic and even my five year old was able to understand and enjoy playing. My older kids (9 and 12) have tried out several of the different game options with their friends and they have all been fun. It comes with enough swords and wrist bands for ten kids, so it has been a big hit when we have cousins or friends over.

  112. Loquatia

    This was a super fun game! My kids love playing it with friends at the park! We will definitely keep playing it! The light up bracelets and swirds were super bright and fun!

  113. Brandon E.

    This is a creative and entertaining game for all ages. I bought this game to play with all of my family at our reunion this year and it was a blast. We played in both the day and at night time. I will say it is a lot more fun at night cause all you see are these glowing swords and wrist bands running around battling for the win! This is a excellent alternative to your kids playing on phones and sitting around watching T.V. shows. It was great to get everyone out and about playing together. Fun for the whole family!

  114. crystal k.

    This is a really fun product for the family. The glow bracelets and swords stay lit for a long time. I love that the batteries are replaceable. I would recommend that you play outside since its an active game. The ONLY thing I didnt like is that at the end of the battle need swords is plastic and can hurt someones face, you know if you’re getting crazy, like kids do! We use safety glasses as always with any sport. I didn’t take pics because we are having too much fun. Also, fun for adults in the forests. Not even kidding.

  115. Aaron R.

    This is a great game for the outdoors and a way to get the kids out of the house and off electronics. A great night game!! The lights are super bright and the game comes with many versions or types of games to play with the bracelets, swords, and regen lights.The swords are a bit fragile but as long as kids can stick to the rules they will last. Also an upgrade suggestion to the glow bracelets would be a watch clasp to keep them more secure. This is a highly active game and we found they would come off at times.Our kids loved playing the steal the flag version.

  116. Traci

    My son got Glow Battle game for his 10th birthday! It was a hit! He gathered his buddies for a night of glow battles! Lots of running and giggles to be heard! Loved that it came with game cards with ideas of different games to play with the light-up swords!

  117. Anonymous

    This is a great game for kids and adults of all ages. I loved the colorful light weight swords. The game came with clear instructions on a variety of battles that my family enjoyed playing together. Great for an evening of fun!

  118. JT

    Such a fun game for kids and adults. We had some friends over and played it for hours. There are so many different games that you can play (capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, and many more). The lights are fun and it’s great exercise! Great idea for a game!

  119. Ben

    The BEST part about Glow Battle is that, there were no cell phones or electronics on at my house tonight and my kids, their cousins and friend didn’t even care!!! And when it came time to “call it a night” everyone complained because they didn’t want to stop playing!!! “This kind” of complaining is totally music to my ears! ❤️Total bonus….. The weapons of light don’t hurt when you get hit with them! Yay!!!The kids played a variety of different games tonight. I love that they are easy to set up and figure out. Everyone appreciates that! No one kid got hurt when they were hit with the weapons of light. TOTAL BONUS!!! This is such a nice change compared to all the times over the years that my sons and their buddies have gotten hurt when getting hit with a light saber. Total joy kill!!! So glad to have a game that’s interactive and gets the kids outside, at night and that all age groups can play together. We look forward to lots more Glow Battles at our house!!

  120. SP

    We had some family coming into town and so I bought this for all the cousins to play. They had a blast. I liked how you could have 10 or more players depending on the game. And I loved how there was instructions for a lot of different games. It came with batteries, which was nice and the swords and bracelets were really bright. Overall, a fun way to get the kids moving and out of the house. This would be great for family reunions or parties.

  121. Rae

    I took this on a family trip this summer and whipped it out when things were starting to get a little dull. My kids, nieces and nephews loved it! We actually had to put it away earlier than planned because they were having so much fun!Things I love:I love that these are soft light sabers. It does not hurt at all to get hurt by them, even when things get a little rough!The lights are bright! We weren’t playing in total darkness, so the fact that these are very bright helped a lot! It made it more possible for my little kids to play without getting hurt.I also love the game variations. I jumped in on a new game and was able to have fun by applying stricter rules for myself.Easy to store! It’s not too big to store in our game closet!Things that could use improvement:While the bracelets are awesome and bright, sometimes the kids got too enthusiastic and pulled the wrong end out while trying to remove it. The wrong end goes right back into the slot, so it’s really not a huge problem, but that’s something that would improve it!Overall, Super fun game with lots of variations! I played it with kids that were 2-11! We all had fun!

  122. B. P.

    This was such a fun game- a bunch of neighbor kids came over for multiple nights in a row and played different versions of the game- the battle round, zombies, and capture the flag were the favorites. The wristbands came undone easily so there was a bit of pausing to help put them back on. The swords are great, kids love to hit each other with them and they don’t hurt 🙂 Very fun for a large or small group, and even the adults played!

  123. Anonymous

    We loved playing Glow Battle!!! The kids had so much fun running around and playing with the glow in the dark swords!! It was awesome because they can actually hit each other with these swords and they don’t hurt!!! They can’t wait to play again!!!

  124. M T.

    We played this last night for the first time. Kids loved it! The best part is that they’re running around getting exercise! My only recommendation would be that the wrist straps be adjustable and more like a watch strap. They keep coming apart on the wrong side and we had a hard time putting it back in. Super fun, though, especially when it’s dark!

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