Ghosts in the Graveyard REDUX – A Spooky, Tag-Style Classic

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It’s time for a glowing graveyard game! Some players are ghosts, who hide and haunt. Other players are hunters, who search for the ghost.
Once a ghost is spotted, the hunters yell a warning and race back towards the safe zone. Hunters who are tagged before making it back
become ghosts the next round. Includes four safe zone markers and seven glow bracelets.

Ages: 5+

Number of Players: 4-8

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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Ghosts in The Graveyard REDUX
The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Who's the Ghost?
1. Who's the Ghost?

Start by choosing one player to be the ghost. This player does not need to wear a light up bracelet.

Ghost Hunters
2. Ghost Hunters

All other players are Ghost Hunters. They should wear lit bracelets.

Mark a Safe Zone
3. Mark a Safe Zone

Light up the four green markers and place them in a square on the ground.

Choose Boundaries
4. Choose Boundaries

Define the playing area - aka, "Graveyard." Ensure all players know what is out of bounds.

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Count Down
1. Count Down

The Ghost hides while the Ghost Hunters close their eyes and count down aloud from 20.

Ghost Hunters
2. Hunters Search

The Ghost Hunters search for the Ghost. Use flashlights if required for safety or comfort.

Run Run Run
3. Run, run, ruuuun!

If a Ghost Hunter sees a Ghost, they shout, “There’s a ghost in the graveyard! Run, run, ruuuun!”

Don't Get Caught
4. Don't Get Caught

Once seen, Ghosts attempt to tag Hunters, who try to reach the Safe Zone before being tagged.

Choose Boundaries
5. Get Tagged?

Tagged Hunters become Ghosts. The last Hunter tagged becomes the first Ghost the next round.

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Who's the Ghost?
7 Glow Bracelets

Bracelets are adjustable in size with super bright LEDS. Batteries included and replaceable.

Safe Zone Lights
4 Safe Zone Lights

Operated with a simple switch on the base. Batteries included and replaceable.

Set instructions
1 Set Instructions

Includes game setup, how to play, rules and illustrations on a single sheet of colored cardstock.

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  • "SPOOKY" TAG: Find the hidden "ghost" player and get back to the "safe zone" without getting tagged
  • ACTIVE & GOOFY: "There's a ghost in the graveyard, run, run ruuuuun!!" Players search, hide, run and scare
  • INCLUDES: 7 Ghost Hunter bracelets and 4 Safe Zone Markers (batteries included and replaceable)
  • INDOORS & OUTSIDE: Play the game anywhere with space to run and hide
  • BIRTHDAY GIFT & ACTIVITY: Give as a gift or play at a party; a great group activity


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