Eyeballs of Madness Tournament Set (24 players)

This carrot-flinging, eyeball-knocking game just got wackier. Teams now face off tournament style, using brains and agility to get to 21+ points first. Using the Throw Carrots, players must strategize to decide whether to score or whether to reveal their opponents’ hidden points. Includes 56 Eyeballs, 56 Eyestalks (stands) and 4 Throw Carrots. This bundle is for groups looking for smart, silly fun!

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Eyeballs of Madness – A Strategic Lawn Game × 4

Arrange your team's targets ("eyeballs") to mislead and challenge your opponents. Then toss a "carrot" at their arrangement, trying to hit the eyeballs that will maximum your score. Part wacky lawn game, part strategic competition, it's a great alternative to other 'stand and toss' yard games. Includes a simplified version for kids, fourteen eyeballs, fourteen stands and one stretchy carrot.

Ages: 12+

Number of Players: 2-6

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