Eyeballs of Madness – A Strategic Lawn Game

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Arrange your team’s targets (“eyeballs”) to mislead and challenge your opponents. Then toss a “carrot” at their arrangement, trying to hit the eyeballs that will maximum your score. Part wacky lawn game, part strategic competition, it’s a great alternative to other ‘stand and toss’ yard games. Includes a simplified version for kids, fourteen eyeballs, fourteen stands and one stretchy carrot.

Ages: 12+

Number of Players: 2-6

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Pick Your Team
1. Pick Your Team

Green or Orange. Each team grabs their 7 eyeballs and 7 eye stalks (3 tall, 2 medium, and 2 short).

Form Your Line
2. Form Your Line

Form your throwing line 15 feet away from the other team (or closer to make the game easier)

Position Eye Stalks
3. Position Eye Stalks

Position your eye stalks in front of the throwing line in any pattern.

Set Eyeballs
4. Set Eyeballs

Set eyeballs on top of stalks, numbers facing you, irises facing opponents, and announce when done.

5. Play
5. Play

Once all 14 eyeballs are properly set up on their stands, you're ready to throw the carrot!

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
The Goal
1. The Goal

Score 21+ points. But be careful: if you knock the Ø ball it will reduce your score to zero!

The Strategy
2. The Strategy

Choose whether you wish to score points or learn the point values of other eyeballs.

3. Throw

Identify your target, step behind the throw line and underhand toss the carrot.

Score vs Learn
4. Score vs Learn

Score by knocking over the eye you called; knock down other eyes to learn their point value.

Tally Your Score
5. Tally Your Score

Return non-scored eyes to their stalk and continue playing until someone reaches 21+ points.

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A Unparalleled Lawn Game
Easy to carry vs bulky
Fun to fling vs bland throwing item
Unique targets vs boring targets
Strategic vs repetitive setup and play