Dive Diamonds Treasure Trove for 36+ Players

Upgrade your camp’s diving games with glowing diamonds, perfect for groups of up to 36 youth! These gems feature a ‘slow-sink’ design and an easy-grip surface, making them ideal for glowing underwater treasure hunts. Includes 36 diamonds in 3 distinctive colors – perfect for you camp’s aquatic games.

Ages: 5+

Number of Players: 36+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

Includes: 12 Magenta Dive Diamonds, 12 Blue Dive Diamonds, 12 Purple Dive Diamonds, 48 spare CR1220 batteries

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Battery Replacements for Most Starlux Games

Replaces all required batteries for Bath Buddy, Capture the Flag REDUX, 12-Bracelet Expansion Set, 3-Way Magenta Expansion Set, Darkridge Reunion, Ghosts in the Graveyard, Pool Party, Dive Diamonds, Vikings of the Northern Lights, Wizards & Werewolves and Word Treasures. Includes 48 CR 1220 batteries.

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Dive Diamonds – Race to Retrieve the Glowing Gems × 12

Remember diving for quarters as a kid? Now youth can dive for glowing diamonds! This upgrade offers a "slow-sink" design, easy-grip surface, 3 distinctive colors, and is waterproof. Includes turquoise, magenta and onyx colored gems.

Ages: 5+

Number of Players: 1-8

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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  • Treasure Hunts
  • Diving Games
  • Free Play
kids underwater playing with dive diamonds

Remember diving for quarters as a kid? This is the ultimate upgrade! Players race to retrieve glowing underwater gems or simply explore an underwater treasure hunt... or make up their own games!

kids playing in a pool with dive diamonds

What are Starlux Swimming Games?

Use specially designed glowing waterproof game pieces to play new and classic swimming games. With the Starlux Dive Diamonds, players will enjoy three different underwater game options or make up their own.

Relax by the pool while kids light up the water!

Game pieces also work great in the bathtub for younger kids.

What Does the Dive Diamond Set Include?

  • 1 Blue-Green Dive Diamond
  • 1 Magenta Dive Diamond
  • 1 Purple Dive Diamond
  • 3 Game Options

*All batteries included and replaceable

Dive diamond game pieces
kids playing in a pool with dive diamonds

Why Play?

EASY SET UP - Just turn the lights on and get in the pool! Ages 8+ get playing quickly.

GET YOUTH ACTIVE - Put down the electronics and have a blast being active

MORE POOL USE - The light-up game pieces encourage play and can be enjoyed after sunset

RELAX - Kick back and enjoy as youth stay engaged for HOURS playing these games

Get Out and Get GLOWING!

Remember when you were a kid, racing off with your friends to go outside and play? At Starlux Games, we strive to inspire today’s youth to do the same!

We're a US-based company who's been featured by publications ranging from Buzzfeed to The Today Show. Our awards include "Outdoor Game of the Year" from Creative Child, "Best Toys and Games" from Boys Life and others.

But what really matters to us is YOU: are we inspiring you, your friends and family to have a blast doing something active together? We hope so!

Dive diamond game pieces