Dive Diamonds – Race to Retrieve the Glowing Gems

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Remember diving for quarters as a kid? Now youth can dive for glowing diamonds! This upgrade offers a “slow-sink” design, easy-grip surface, 3 distinctive colors, and is waterproof. Includes turquoise, magenta and onyx colored gems.

Ages: 5+

Number of Players: 1-8

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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Race to retrieve the glowing underwater gems! Remember diving for quarters as a kid? This is the ultimate upgrade. Includes three underwater swim lights.

  • Includes three underwater swim lights
  • Multiple ways to play!
  • Race to the bottom of the pool to retrieve the glowing diamonds
  • Play as individuals or split into teams
  • Play Biggest Breath – carry the diamond to the bottom of the pool and see who can hold their breath longest
  • Get youth off their phones and TV and encourage physical activity

27 reviews for Dive Diamonds – Race to Retrieve the Glowing Gems

  1. lydia c.

    This was a gift for my grandson, and was shipped to his home. My daughter loved them. But my grandsons birthday was today and I know he wasn’t going to open it till later. I know he’ll love them tho.

  2. saradarlin

    Only 2 of the lights worked to start, one of the working ones quickly filled with water and became unusable. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

  3. Anonymous

    Cheap o rings. Poor design to seal batteries. Lost 2 of 3 lites 1st time in pool.I stupidly Bought new batteries and tried again thinking the 1st time was may fault for not insuring the Battery covers were tight to begin with, but lost 2 to poor workmanship.Made in China, gets you sometimes

  4. Michael S.

    It’s for an Easter gift!! My kids will love it for the pool

  5. Anonymous

    The kids love them since they lit up

  6. Omar L.

    Los juguetes presentan puntas filosas que pueden dañar piscinas armables o inflables. Creí que eran tipo de goma o silicone, pero solo se puede utilizar en piscinas de concreto.

  7. crystal k.

    These adorable gem shaped, light up diving toys are exactly what they say they are. They are heavy enough to sit at the bottom of a pool. Their colors definitely light up a bathtub. I got these in October, so there’s no way I got to try them in a pool. However they are a fun addition to the bath, illuminating the bubble makes for FUN time in the bath. The product itself was made very well. I would definitely order more. I cant wait to use them in the summer for actual pool use. What a great fun product ! This is also my second purchase with Starlux games. I really enjoy their products and how they can be used for the whole family

  8. KitKat

    The kids are looking forward to playing this in the pool, especially at night! I like the construction of the crystals because they seem very durable. This is important so that they don’t break easily. The instructions were great and I loved that they suggest three different ways to play with these crystals. I’m sure there are even more games the kids could invent so that they could use these fun crystals. Well worth the money!

  9. Genevieve E.

    We bought these for our son who is scared of putting his head under the water and he loved them. We took them to swim lessons and also used them in the bathtub! They totally helped him conquer his fear of putting his head under the water.

  10. Victoria Y.

    My grandkids love these! They light up so brightly and are a perfect size for quick grabbing. We are using them currently in our hot tub and we are planning on buying more in the summer for the pool!

  11. Anonymous

    A bit thick but appears to be good idea. decent price

  12. Edward Y.

    I’m so happy with this product! We got these dive diamonds for my daughter to play with in the bath. I wanted to test them out first to see how they did in the bath, and I am so pleased! They are so bright and are even better in the water. We are giving them to her for Christmas and I know she is going to love them!

  13. Kirk B.

    The Starlux Dive Diamonds are great for older kids. They light up very brightly and are heavy and sink to the bottom of the pool fast. Very fun light up toys. Comes with different game ideas as well.

  14. Natalie

    My son loved playing with these in the tub he said it felt like his own DJ party under water! Can’t wait to try this summer in the pool this summer. The toys all worked right out of the box easy to use. These make a fun gift for kids.

  15. William

    These were fun for my daughter to play with in our swim spa. She enjoyed diving for them and played some games too. They worked well and stayed on for hours under water.

  16. Heather

    Shorted out first time we used em

  17. Robert W.

    Two out of the four didn’t work when I opened the package …..

  18. Anonymous

    Wasn’t as bright as pictures show. Some quit working all together. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  19. Karen P.

    This item did not work as described. Please issue a credit as I have already thrown them away!

  20. Kyle

    I have a 7 year old girl and a 2 year old boy and they are in love with these! The light is bright enough to turn the lights off in the bathroom and use them in the tub. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is that one broke when my 2 year old dropped it from waist height into a tub full of water. I think something came loose because I could hear it rattling inside, but couldn’t get the light to turn on. I told the company and the customer service was awesome and speedy. They replaced the whole gem light and sent a big pack of batteries.

  21. Ben

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  We used these dive diamonds in the swimming pool during a staycation and we also tried them out in the bathtub! Everyone had such a blast and the lights look really cool.!

  22. S T.

    It’s not swimming season for us, but my toddlers have been playing with these in the bath tub and have had so much fun! Sometimes I turn the lights off and let the diamonds glow different colors in the tub, and they get so excited!

  23. CHEezyMom

    They all worked before we put them in the pool but as soon as they went in the water two of them stopped working, one of them flickered on and off for a minute then stopped working, and the fourth one lit up after several tries but would not stay on. My kids were excited to play with these and they can still be used as weights to dive for but the whole appeal of these is that they were supposed to light up but they don’t. The one dive diamond that worked intermittently wasn’t even that bright, it just barely glows. Very disappointing.

  24. Lisa M.

    Can’t wait till summer! The diamonds are nice and substantial. Great company to work with too!

  25. JeniH

    I got these for my kids for Christmas. I figured for the price that they would be fairly good quality. Today is 12/26. My kids opened them and played with them for 30 mins yesterday and they were removed from the pool. One won’t turn off and not today, the next day, 3 of them won’t turn on. What a waste.

  26. Anonymous

    My kids really like playing this game. Especially my youngest because he can see the lights where with other diving toys he can’t find them.

  27. Anonymous

    Tried these out with a group of teenagers and they loved the lights and played with them for hours. Tried them a second time with younger kids and they too loved playing and diving for the lights. This is a fun game for all ages. The developer was also great to work with when I had a question and was quick to respond.

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