Cosmic Kick the Can – Kick and Race to Outer Space!

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An Intergalactic Terrestrial (I.T.) has landed in your neighborhood and rude invaders are trying to kick it out of town! I.T. scores points by tagging invaders while invaders score points by kicking the Cosmic Can – and get bonus points if it lands on their color. Your otherworldly upgrade to the classic has just landed. Includes one fully kickable, color-changing Cosmic Can.

Ages: 5+

Number of Players: 4-12+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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Cosmic Kick the Can Youtube video
  • CLASSIC GAME UPGRADED: It's the classic game "Kick the Can" with a cosmic upgrade - kick a glowing, bouncy spaceship
  • ALIEN THEMED: An Intergalactic Terrestrial (I.T.) defends against invaders trying to kick its ship into outer space
  • SIMPLE: It's easy to learn - either try to kick the can or defend it by tagging, then watch to see color it lands on
  • INCLUSIVE: Combining speed, agility, stealth and luck, players of varying abilities can still win
  • GREAT GIFT: Active, social and unique, it even works as a hacky sack substitute or for kickball