Cobra Strike – Knock Your Opponent’s Target While Defending Your Own!

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Uncoil the snake within as you strike your opponents’ targets. Targets attach magnetically to clips, which can be placed anywhere on a player’s clothing. Game structure varies by the number of players and how they want to compete but winning always comes down to the same two skills: speed and agility. Includes four targets and four clips.

Ages: 4-10

Number of Players: 2-4+

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  • SPEED & AGILITY: Knock your opponent’s target while defending your own!
  • PHYSICAL YET SAFE: This is a great alternative to wrestling, sparring and other competitive physical games
  • INCLUDES: 4 magnetic targets (green, blue, silver, gold) and 4 target clips
  • CREATE YOUR OWN: Includes a grid of different game styles to inspire players to get creative
  • REQUIREMENTS: Targets can be attached easily to any clothing but gloves are required


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