Capture the Flag Super Set for 40+ Players

Designed for up to 40 campers, it’s the thrilling new way to play Capture the Flag: using glow-in-the-dark lights! Light up the night with glowing jails markers, territory lights, team LED bracelets and a glowing flag while playing the classic game of stealth, speed and strategy.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 40+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

Includes: 20 green bracelets, 20 blue bracelets, 8 green jail markers, 8 blue jail markers, 1 green orb, 1 blue orb, 5 territory lights, 96 spare CR1220 batteries

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Capture the Flag REDUX – A Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Game × 2

It's the new way to play Capture the Flag: with glow-in-the-dark lights! The classic game of stealth, speed and strategy has been adapted for today's youth. Includes eight light-up jail markers, eight glow bracelets, five territory markers, two orbs and ten downloadable game variations.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 4-9+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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REDUX Expansion Set – Add 12 Players to Capture the Flag REDUX × 2

Expands REDUX to a 20 player game. Bracelets are adjustable, reusable and bright. Includes six green bracelets and six blue bracelets.

Adds 4 Players

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Battery Replacements for Most Starlux Games × 2

Replaces all required batteries for Bath Buddy, Capture the Flag REDUX, 12-Bracelet Expansion Set, 3-Way Magenta Expansion Set, Darkridge Reunion, Ghosts in the Graveyard, Pool Party, Dive Diamonds, Vikings of the Northern Lights, Wizards & Werewolves and Word Treasures. Includes 48 CR 1220 batteries.

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  • Tournaments/All Camp Events
  • Olympics
  • Evening Activities
  • Rainy Day/Indoor Activities
  • Glowing Treasure Hunt


The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Game Setup
1. Choose Teams

Each player wears a lit team bracelet. Extra bracelets can be purchased by searching “redux expansion”

Mark Territories
2. Mark Territories

Separate the two team's territories using the 5 red territory markers

Set up Jails
3. Set up Jails

Form a 10’ square using the 4 Jail Markers for each team

Hide your orb
4. Hide your orb

In this game, you'll hide a glowing orb (rather than a bandana or ball)

5. Strategize

Decide as a team to decide who will defend, invade or use other tactics... Now you're ready to play!

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Your Mission
1. Your Mission

Sneak into the other team’s territory and steal their flag – without getting tagged

Find the Orb
2. Find the Orb

Figuring out where it's located can be a big part of the challenge!

Don't Get Caught
3. Don't Get Caught

If you’re tagged while in enemy territory, you must go to that team’s jail

4. Jailbreak

Free teammates from jail by reaching them before being tagged

5. Win!

Get your opponents Orb back to your territory before they get yours!

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