Capture the Flag REDUX ® – Manufacturer Refurbished – by Starlux Games

It’s the new way to play Capture the Flag: with glow-in-the-dark lights! Award-winning and active, all ages play together in this unique group game.
MANUFACTURER REFURBISHED: packaging will show signs of wear but game pieces are new and functional

Ages: 8 to 65+, all ages play together

Number of Players: 4-20

Batteries included? Yes


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Capture the Flag Game Box Cover

The ultimate outdoor game

Quality game pieces

Play day or night

Play year round

Play inside or outdoors

New kinds of excitement

Play for 12 hours

Batteries included and replaceable (type CR1220)
Durable and Adjustable

Customized, long-lasting and dependable game pieces
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  • MANUFACTURER REFURBISHED: packaging will show signs of wear but game pieces are new and functional
  • Play Capture the Flag with futuristic glow-in-the-dark lights
  • Exciting group game where all ages can play together
  • Get youth off their phones and TVs – and outdoors being active!
  • Includes 6 ALL-NEW games and 6 game variations
  • All batteries included and last 12 to 24 hours


What age is it meant for?
If you can run, you can play! The most common ages of our players are 8-14 but something we’re proud of is the way that multiple ages can play together. We’ve literally seen grandparents play with their grandchildren. It also works great for birthdays, family reunions, camps and icebreakers.

How many people can play?
It ranges from 4-20+, depending on the game chosen. The kit includes enough game pieces to play the traditional Capture the Flag game with up to ten players but our game “Invader” is perfect for as few as four people while Treasure Thieves and Ninja both allow for twenty or more people to play. You also can purchase additional wristbands and our 3-way game kit to allow for even more players.

Where can I play it?
As long as there’s space to run freely — and safely — there’s an opportunity to play this game. Backyards, parks, campgrounds: they all work. You also can play indoors with the lights off so long as the area is clear of obstructions. Indoor rec areas and gyms work especially well for this.

Are batteries included?
All required batteries are included.

Is it possible to replace the batteries?
All the batteries are 100% replaceable. To replenish batteries, use the following: LED Bracelets, 1 CR2032; Territory Lights & Jail Markers, 2 CR2032; Orbs, 3 AG3 batteries

How long do the batteries last?
The lights will last at full intensity for 8-10 hours. After that, they continue to light up for another 24-36 hours but will grow more dim with time.

What if a light isn’t working when I first get the game?
Let us know and we’ll send you a replacement within 48 hours

The bracelets are too large. How do I adjust them?
The bracelets contain small segmented grooves. You can easily trim them with scissors.

Can I play this in snow?
Yes, absolutely. While we don’t recommend submerging our game pieces in water, they are water resistant enough to set atop snow. The glowing lights against the white snow are really quite beautiful!

Can I play this during the daytime?
If you want to play during the day, we recommend finding a safe and spacious indoor area where you can turn off the lights (such as a gymnasium). That said, you can still play outside during the day – all the game pieces will still be visible and functional – it just won’t be as visually dynamic as at night.


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Batteries Included?

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