Capture the Flag REDUX – A Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Game

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It’s the new way to play Capture the Flag: with glow-in-the-dark lights! The classic game of stealth, speed and strategy has been adapted for today’s youth. Includes eight light-up jail markers, eight glow bracelets, five territory markers, two orbs and ten downloadable game variations.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: 4-9+

Batteries: Included and replaceable

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Game Setup
1. Choose Teams

Each player wears a lit team bracelet. Extra bracelets can be purchased by searching “redux expansion”

Mark Territories
2. Mark Territories

Separate the two team's territories using the 5 red territory markers

Set up Jails
3. Set up Jails

Form a 10’ square using the 4 Jail Markers for each team

Hide your orb
4. Hide your orb

In this game, you'll hide a glowing orb (rather than a bandana or ball)

5. Strategize

Decide as a team to decide who will defend, invade or use other tactics... Now you're ready to play!

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
Your Mission
1. Your Mission

Sneak into the other team’s territory and steal their flag – without getting tagged

Find the Orb
2. Find the Orb

Figuring out where it's located can be a big part of the challenge!

Don't Get Caught
3. Don't Get Caught

If you’re tagged while in enemy territory, you must go to that team’s jail

4. Jailbreak

Free teammates from jail by reaching them before being tagged

5. Win!

Get your opponents Orb back to your territory before they get yours!

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The I.T. player tags invaders
Kick the Cosmic Can!
2 Orbs
2 Orbs (Flags)

Each team has their own orb (aka "flag")

5 Territory Lights
5 Territory Lights

Use to divide the playing field into territories

8 Jail Markers
8 Jail Markers

Place 4 per team in a 10' square on the ground

Hide your orb
8 Light Up Bracelets

Each player wears one to identify their team

12 Game Variations
12 Game Variations

Includes capture the flag variations and all new games. Available as a digital download

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Are the game pieces durable?
The items included in this kit are designed to endure a beating — stepped on, dropped, etc — but we recommend against throwing them. We know that things happen though, so if you have any issues, just let us know and our customer service team mail you replacements free of charge.

What age is it meant for?
If you can run, you can play! The most common ages of our players are 8-14 but something we're proud of is the way that multiple ages can play together. We've literally seen grandparents play with their grandchildren. It also works great for birthdays, family reunions, camps and icebreakers.

How many people can play?
It ranges from 4-20+, depending on the game chosen. The kit includes enough game pieces to play the traditional Capture the Flag game with up to ten players but our game "Invader" is perfect for as few as four people while Treasure Thieves and Ninja both allow for twenty or more people to play. You also can purchase additional wristbands and our 3-way game kit to allow for even more players.

Where can I play it?
As long as there's space to run freely — and safely — there's an opportunity to play this game. Backyards, parks, campgrounds: they all work. You also can play indoors with the lights off so long as the area is clear of obstructions. Indoor rec areas and gyms work especially well for this.

872 reviews for Capture the Flag REDUX – A Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Game

  1. Brooke C.

    We have absolutely loved this product for YEARS. We got a set about 5 years ago, after tons of uses we finally decided we wore those out and ordered a new set! Absolutely love it. We also love the updates in the design/functionality of the wrist bands.

  2. Amanda L.

    Bought this for my sons party. Kids had a blast

  3. Paige A.

    Bought this as a gift for family whom we were visiting. The six kids, ages 6-15, and even the adults enjoyed this thoroughly! Unfortunately, a few of the wristband pegs fell off, making if difficult to keep the wristbands on. I contacted the company’s customer service and within minutes, new wristbands were on the way! So happy with this purchase. We will be buying one for our own home, especially in light of exceptional customer service.

  4. Sarah P.

    This is such a fun game! We bought this for our 9 year old and he couldn’t wait to play with his friends. My husband and I even played with the kids (although we are much slower). It is well made and comes with lots of wristbands to mark teammates. I can see this becoming a summer evening, weekly game!

  5. EBH

    We bought this to incorporate into my son’s tenth birthday party in our back yard. We purchased several things for entertainment outside, but this was by far, the biggest hit. The boys had a blast playing capture the flag in the DARK for hours!!!! Highly recommend, great time. Now we plan on letting the neighborhood kids use it on weekends.

  6. Malania A.

    Our kids and their friends are aged 10 – 12 and we had so much fun. We played for hours. The pieces lit up so brightly and seem durable.

  7. Alisha

    Great idea but 2 bracelet broke after first use.

  8. Lara

    This is a great gift for kids that want to play outdoors at night! Our neighborhood has enjoyed this game over and over. We had a problem with one of the pieces not lighting up and the company overnighted new bracelets the next day – the customer service was exceptional! Highly recommend!

  9. Angela .

    My kids have loved playing this game with friends and neighbors! We had a little issue with one of the pieces and the customer service was phenomenal!

  10. Anonymous

    My daughter received this game as a gift (she requested it after playing at a friends house). She was so excited! It is very well made and comes with everything you need to have a fun game of capture the flag. We had to contact customer service due to one of the light up bands not staying on like the others. They responded the same day, were so kind and helpful, and got us a new band within two days. I am very impressed with this company and their customer service. I will definitely order from them again and try out some of their other products. My daughter and her friends love this game. I would highly recommend it to others!

  11. Kayla

    We bought this game for some friends kiddos, It is everything we expected to be. All the kids in the neighborhood have had fun with it.

  12. Kaci M.

    This glow in the dark version of Capture the Flag was a hit with my 11, 13, and 15 year old kids. They have a pod of neighborhood friends we are social with right now and they were growing bored of walking to the neighborhood park to hang out as the only thing to do. I got this hoping they would like it and it was a huge hit. They were able to set up the game themselves with the detailed instructions and we had about 7 teens running and screaming and having a grand time in our yards along the street. It was fantastic. They have big plans to stretch their game perimeter this weekend to include several streets to make it more challenging. Such a great gift for tweens or teens. Gives them hours of play that involves exercise 🙌🏻

  13. Melissa B.

    Such a blast. The best family, birthday, kid, adult game.

  14. carrie

    This is a very fun game! Customer service was awesome! They replaced a bracelet for free! I have been using Amazon for years and this is the first product I’ve felt deemable of a review. Now that’s saying something !

  15. Betty G.


  16. Kathleen B.

    My kids were so excited to get this set. After a few uses a piece or two did crack, but we emailed the company and they sent us replacement pieces right away. Best customer service!!

  17. Anonymous

    Present for my granddaughter. She has really enjoyed playing with this with her neighbors.

  18. AM

    We’re on our 4th year of hosting a homeschooled teen “capture the flag” and hotdog feed night. They love it. We scope out a park that has few lights and lots of old trees. We do it during the winter months with an accompanying fire and junk food. The teens talk about it for several weeks after and we always get requests for more than one night. I highly recommend for teen groups.

  19. Crawspace

    Very good product

  20. Satisfied C.

    This was a gift for grandchildren ages 12 and 9. They liked the gift very much. The gift has not yet been used so I cannot give a review for durability or thickness. I rated 5 stars in anticipation of excellent durability and thickness.

  21. Anonymous

    I rarely write reviews but this game and company are exceptional. My kids have had hours an hours of good old fashion fun with this game. And when a few of the pieces broke the company sent replacements free of charge with a handwritten note. Superb customer service, and this game will entertain your kids hours. Highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed.

  22. TesDM

    Cool game set!! The idea that this can be played many different ways was appealing. The day after we opened it we played it 3 different ways – all 3 were so fun. I’m not sure how long the glow batons will last if play is rough, but they light up well. We are pleased with this and can’t wait for warmer weather- this is a great game.

  23. Noel L.

    Kids enjoyed the gift and it appears to be durable.

  24. Vicky A.

    We had gotten this gift for my son for Christmas a couple of years ago. Just recently 2 of the parts weren’t working properly. I contacted the company immediately and without any hesitation they sent us new parts. We just got them yesterday and we are so pleased. Thank you!

  25. Megan A.

    We love this product; the only thing i wish was different is the ability to find the pieces after the game is over the little pieces that come with it are easy to lose ; we already lost 2 after one game 🙁 other then that great product;

  26. Melissa V.

    This looked like such an awesome game. Was actually sold out and surprised we were able to get it by Christmas. When we opened the product to use almost all of the devices inside the box were turned on and the batteries dead. Now we have to go out and buy 10-20 watch batteries!! This is a $50 game we now have to spend more money on to get working properly. Not happy.

  27. Susan

    I gave this to my niece and nephews for Christmas. It has been a huge hit.

  28. Shirley

    Guven as a gift for Christmas and was received well. Will have to wait for warmer weather to play this.

  29. Papa R.

    Box looks like it was open before arrival. Its a gift so I’m just hoping all parts are there.

  30. Gelly B.

    This game is perfect. I’m a mom of 7 all different ages. We all played and loved.

  31. Chrissy

    Kids are having a lot of fun w this. The lights are bright, so you can see them in the dark great!

  32. Janie M.

    My grandchildren loved this game to play outside in the dark. It was great!

  33. Anonymous

    Kids love playing this game after dark – very durable

  34. Anonymous

    This was a birthday present for my sons 11th bday. It was a great hit to play in the dark. They also took it to the beach with them and played it on the beach at night with their cousins.

  35. danielle

    Returned. All of the pieces did not work

  36. Connie P.

    Grandson loved playing it in the dark!!’

  37. Courtney

    My husband and I are always looking for fun games to get the kids moving and outdoors. They loved this!! We had the neighborhood block over and they played for a long time. One of the orbs didn’t work upon receiving the box even with new batteries put in. I called the number on the sheet in the box and they shipped us replacement parts the next day and I got them within 3 days. This is a really fun game at night!! The kids ages range from 4-11.

  38. blessed

    Arrived on time and gave to my great nephew for his birthday. He was thrilled.

  39. MamaBear

    This is so much fun!!! I purchased for our neighborhood kids to play on Halloween and they had a blast! We did need to purchase the extender kit with an additional 12 bands so that all the kids could join in but it was well worth it. We had kids from 2 years of ages to 12 years old and even a few Dads that wanted to join in. Game went on for hours and had no issues with the product. Just lots of memories made.

  40. TH

    Our family has really enjoyed playing with this game. When it was shipped to us one of the items was not glowing but the customer service was great and they shipped me that piece of the game very quickly at no charge. Awesome job!

  41. Marla E.

    kids love it

  42. Anonymous

    Let me start by saying, in December 2019 my kids received the “original” capture the flag game and it became the HIT on the neighborhood! For the next six months it was played 1-3 times per week, averaging 10-12 players per game. Very durable & fun! HOWEVER, by August the game was (deservedly) beginning to fall apart so we ordered the “REDUX” set thinking it would be equally as durable and dependable. IT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE! All parts are redesigned & while they look pretty cool, they are all JUNK. The set started failing after a few times of use to the point where we started using the “original” pieces to replace the new ones. We now have to look for another brand to replace it as the interest/excitement of playing still exists.

  43. Crystal P.

    Great product will be an awesome Christmas gift for my son

  44. Jim

    The kids (ages 9 to 15) absolutely loved this game and played for hours! Highly recommend. The product is a great gift idea and the quality is good. The bracelets are just ok but everything else is great. But what I loved the most was the customer service. Like the other reviews, our product did come with some not working bracelets and team markers. I emailed Starlux and they immediately shipped out replacements, a few extras for the inconvenience, a sweet personalized card, and coupon code. All of this makes us a very satisfied customer.

  45. laurie N.

    Considering all my grandkids have been coped up during the pandemic, I decided to get each household this Capture the Flag outdoor game. I bought 3. Packaging for 2 of the 3 games looks great. The third is completely different, flimsy and not worthy of storage between game playing. It goes back. I wont reorder because I dont know which packaging I woukd receive.

  46. Brit

    kids had so much fun

  47. Plant_Witch

    Durable and easy to use.

  48. Patricia B.

    We were missing initially missing pieces in our game, but a quick email, and great customer service got us on track!We’ve played the game several times now, and have had a great time! Looking to expand our collection of Starlux games!

  49. Ciarda H.

    I was excited about this game (my daughter requested it for an outdoor birthday party — COVID era…). Disappointed that a wrist band bracelet was missing. Overall it looks like it’s a pretty good quality game and should be fun.

  50. Jeffrey A.

    Our youth group played this in the sanctuary. The kids had a blast! I used flag football belts and one flag to help keep the kids “honest” which was helpful. I had an issue with one of the bracelets and let customer service know. They shipped out a replacement quickly and were very easy to work with. I highly recommend this product.

  51. Anonymous

    This game is pretty cool. Got it for a gift for my nephew. Him and his friends loved it and got right to playing. Easy to configure. They figured it out on their own and had a blast.

  52. Deniene

    Great purchase, my kids take this to sleepovers and eveyone has a blast. We did have one bracelet not working and one of the jail markers only lasted a few nights of use, but upon contacting customer support they quickly resolved the problem sending replacements at no charge along with a few extra pieces just in case. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

  53. Alyse

    We love this set. I really like the variation cards to give some new ideas, as well. The wristbands are rather thick and difficult for kids to put on by themselves. They are also a little bulky and uncomfortable. We bought some fabric Velcro light up wristbands that worked much better. I would love it if we could get more jail markers and side dividing markers without having to get more wristbands or orbs. All-in-all it is a great idea and we based a birthday party after it. All the kids had a blast!

  54. Mercedes G.

    More than half of the pieces didn’t illuminate the children were so disappointed. Lots of tears and there was no way I would have those batteries readily available.

  55. Chris T.

    My son got this as a present. all the neighbors kids joined in for great evenings of fun.
    Starlux Games has been able to ship out replacement parts as they are lost or destroyed.
    Highly recommend the game for the kids to play together (in our neighborhood pod).

  56. Online S.

    Kids love it. I don’t see it lasting long. A piece missing when I got it and some of the bracelets are coming about after 2 games. Replacing batteries may be more of a chore and more costly than you would want to mess with.

  57. kiddingme

    Screw on blue orb is either rusted or bad discolored and misshaped because cannot see head to unscrew it. ALL items in package use CR1220 batteries, not the 3 different kinds listed in the online manual here on Amazon. Several bands did not work and we ordered replacement batteries at same time as game (to be prepared) based on manual only to find none of them are correct ones. Will go to store tomorrow to get correct batteries and may update review based on OEM/seller response and also the enjoyment factor after kids use.

  58. Steve

    I bought this item as a gift for my 9 year old niece, but the adults had as much, if not more, fun than the kids did!

  59. dejuan l.

    I love this game! It’s a great game for kids. They absolutely love the light up feature. Makes the game so much more fun.

  60. Natalie A.


  61. TjsMom

    This is an excellent product. Everything worked as expected and provided lots of fun! Only weakness is that the wristbands are on the small side. Some adults or husky kids won’t be able to use them.

  62. Anonymous

    Bought this for my 10 year old grandson’s birthday. He said it was a blast playing it with all his friends.

  63. Lori P.

    This game did not have all the pieces to it. The green 8 green bracelets for were missing.

  64. Anonymous

    I gave it to my son for his bday and he really liked it. I really liked it.. Definitely recommend it for kids and adults.

  65. Jodi H.

    My son and his buddy love this

  66. Bob D.

    I got these for my son’s birthday. They played capture the flag at night with these bracelets and nerf guns instead of hands to tag. The kids had a blast. Running around shooting each other in the dark was great fun. I would definitely recommend. This replaced spending more money to have a party at the trampoline place that everyone goes to and the kids had more fun and have played more times. Would definitely recommend.

  67. Karla M.

    Was a gift , and the boy love it

  68. R. K.

    We purchased this for our twin 13 y.o’s. and they loved it’ played for a couple of hours till the mosquito’s ran them off. Otherwise very fun. The pieces are all battery operated and light up very nicely. You get boundary lights and armband lights, ect. They seem to be pretty durable.

  69. MARIA C.


  70. dan b.

    Our kids received this as a gift and they have played it plenty of evenings this summer. They absolutely love it! During the 3rd or 4th time playing one of the bracelets came apart. We attempted to fix it but were unsuccessful. We contacted the company and they responded the following day providing instructions on how to obtain a replacement part. We followed the instructions and within several days we received the replacement part (and a couple of extras!) along with a hand written, personal note. Excellent customer service is extremely rare these days. These folks are genuine!

  71. claudine v.

    This game is awesome! We are an active family with 4 kids (6, 8, 10, 12) and we have stayed up many nights past midnight playing this game in the backyard! It’s been a lifesaver during this pandemic! And, the customer service for this company is PHENOMENAL. Well worth it!!!!

  72. Anonymous

    Grandkids loved it!

  73. kv

    Fits a wide variety of kids but a few of the pieces didn’t work they replaced them no questions asked and super fast delivery. Very happy with this product, company

  74. Chrissy

    My daughter got this game as a bday gift and it has filled her summer nights along with neighbors and friends. The game comes with several different game options to play with the pieces and they love it. This company is also great about replacing parts if pieces go missing. Highly recommend!

  75. Branden

    I run Fantasy Contact larps (obviously on haitus at the time of this writing), But this game provided an excellent, durable, game asset usable in most weather conditions. they will stand up to heavy use and are easily distunguisable for capture the flag games, treasure props or Zone Markers. I will be purchasing more of this product, as as soon as I am able (i.e. when we are alowed to hold events again.) we will be posting footage of it’s use.

  76. Jason D.

    Exactly as described. More fun than expected. Played with over 12 people with age range from 5-45.

  77. Tamra

    This game has saved our summer. We started with 4 kids and the number kept growing. It was such a great way for the kids to have fun when there was nothing else to do due to Coronavirus. Word of caution, don’t let the kids turn out the lights until they are back in the box. They are very easy to lose in the dark. This is our second game due to list parts. Also, check the game upon receipt. Had to send one back because pieces were missing and some didn’t work (I think someone returned it that way.). Make sure everything is still in plastic and the wristbands have pull tabs. This game is absolutely worth the money! We even played it inside our house with just our family.

  78. Sally R.

    My daughter saw this and wanted it immediately but at $50 I wasn’t willing to purchase it. So she sold some of her toys to buy this set. I will say, I’ve played this game with my family a few times and just say it is really fun. HOWEVER, the product is lacking quality, especially for $50. Our blue globe has barely lit up from the beginning. Then the screws were falling out of the jail second causing the batteries to fall out. One of the bracelets also went out. For a game we’ve used a total of 5x it has hardly lasted. Very disappointing for my daughter who worked hard to earn money for this game. I gave it the stars only because my kids had so much fun playing. Make a better quality game or lower the cost and it would actually be worth it.

  79. Becky

    UPDATE: the Manufacturer emailed me right away and made this right. Unfortunately they do not fulfill the orders so had little control over what was sent. They replaced the kit and went above and beyond. The kids love playing this at night! I am so frustrated! This was supposed to be a new item, my son just opened it for his birthday to play with his friends and it is gross! 1. A Orb (flag) is missing! There are maybe 3 products still wrapped, the wrist bands are sticky! Almost like they had a giant sticker all over then. And half of them will not light up at all! Tried calling the company and sent to a voicemail. I’m so disappointed! My son really wanted this game!

  80. Readin’ M.

    Want a fun game for the whole family? This game is so much fun!!!! We played it with a huge group and a small group…no matter the size it is hours of good fun!

  81. Crystal g.

    Hours of fun so many options

  82. Stephanie

    Received and finally got around to using it a month or two ago. One unit (Blue base) didn’t glow very brightly so assumed dead batteries. Finally ordered new ones and discovered it still doesn’t work. Also noticed there is a bit of a rattle to it when you shake it, but it went from a faint glow to no glow now even with new batteries. The parts that do work the kids enjoy, but with the price tag I can’t recommend a partially broken out of the box toy. Since it’s been a few months we’ll try exchanging, but not overly optimistic.

  83. Rachel B.

    Kids love playing this game. We had one of the orbs go bad and customer service sent a replacement right away.

  84. Matt

    Such a fun game. The kids love it! When our box came missing parts I emailed customer service late that evening. By the next morning I had a response that the parts were in the mail along with an extra set of batteries. Great customer service, great game!

  85. LaTisha W.

    great game. My kids love it. Only thing I wish there was a way to just buy the marker pieces for replacing just in case it was lost or broke and not have to buy the set. Just like how the bracelets are replaceable.

  86. B H.

    We love this game! The kids have enjoyed playing it with their friends. They purposefully plan gatherings to play on the weekends!

  87. Anonymous

    Glow bracelets faulty at times.

  88. Kathy D.

    Bought this as a gift for my grandson. He loves it. He has played it with cousins and they had a blast playing. It’s now the go to game when they come over in the evening.

  89. Jennifer M.

    Some of the parts broke easily

  90. ANZ

    We got this game for my 10 year old daughter’s birthday. She loves it. Her and her friends play at night and have so much fun. They do have a tendency to break, though. The bracelets break at the joint. Don’t worry too much if it does, because they will send you replacement parts really quickly and for free. It is hard to believe that their support is so good. Seriously, that good.

  91. Cait

    Kids love it! Great outdoor activity.

  92. Lesley H.

    Pretty nice product, but some of the lights didn’t work when we went to use it. Some rocks didn’t work nor did a bracelet. Thank God we had glow sticks to use as well. I wouldn’t buy this again.

  93. Erica T.

    Such a fun game for the kids during summer nights!!

  94. Tony M.

    Grandkids love it

  95. Anonymous

    Received product quickly. Hours of fun!

  96. Melissa G.

    Fun item! One of the globes is not as bright as the other.

  97. Heather

    Gifted to my 13 year old grandson. They loved playing it!

  98. Anonymous

    3 of the bracelets don’t work and the backs to some of the jail pieces fell off. I am returning.

  99. brandi w.

    I just received this item and it is clearly not new. The box not only had been opened but a part of the box is torn off. Also items in the box no longer had their plastic wrap. I don’t know how the product actually works but I’m not happy that I received one that that’s not new when that is what I paid for.

  100. lizajane

    We had a lot of fun with this game. One of the wristbands didn’t work but customer service was great and we received new pieces quickly without question. Would definitely order from this seller again.

  101. Jane D.

    The game was bought for a birthday. When it arrived there was one bracelet damaged and one piece would not light. I contacted Starlux and within one week they replaced the parts at no charge. Great service.

  102. Anonymous

    I bought this for my son’s 13th birthday party and he and his guest had so much fun. If they could’ve played all night they would’ve. It is definitely worth the money especially if you have teens.

  103. Anonymous

    My kids 13 and 9 love it. And the customer service is the best I have ever seen. We needed a replacement part and we had it in just a few days. Highly recommend

  104. sally A.

    My 12 year old grandson loved this game. He can’t wait till he can play it outside with more friends after the pandemic is over. Great product

  105. Kathleen C.

    My kids cant wait for warmer weather to play capture the flag/glow in the dark. We got to use it once before “social distancing” and the cold weather came back through… Played for hours, they even started making up their own rules and additional games with the pieces. One of the pieces was broken when we opened the package, hoping to hear back from the company for a replacement part ( hopefully I dont have to buy a full set) I did hesitate a bit before buying this product because of the price… DONT you will def get your money’s worth!

  106. Lo F.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This was the HIT of my 11 year old son’s sleepover party. All of the boys loved it! One even texted his mom from the party that he’d really like it for his birthday. The kids begged to play again the next day as well even though it was light outside. We played it on the golf course at night in our backyard, and it was so much fun. My husband and I enjoyed playing with the kids, too.The game comes with additional cards to give completely different twists to the game. They’re so much fun! I really like how this game is reusable since all of the pieces have on and off switches.

  107. nathan

    These are very durable the teens were throwing the flags it even landed on the gravel driveway an sustained a couple scratches but still works greatIt was awesome for in the yard with the youth group but unfortunately a couple of the lights went out after 45 min yes you can put new batteries in but now I have to go get batteries for everything before I use again

  108. Kyle .

    It only comes with 10 bracelets so realistically only 10 people can play because all the kids are going to want to wear the bracelets. This is very shady in my opinion. If I hadn’t been buying it for my daughter’s birthday party, I would have sent it back.

  109. Jacob S.

    We have the older set of the capture the flag REDUX, And a few of the parts started to die. Luckily Starlux Games was able to help me out and I got some parts shipped out to me. And they arrived on the morning of the event I was having. The kids and staff loved the event! Thank you to Starlux games for all your help! we will continue to use the games you all provide for as long as possible!

  110. Jamie

    Otherwise, My 13 year old and a group of his friends had a great time with this

  111. Nana s.

    Terrific game for active boys!

  112. Eric D.

    I got this to give as a gift and two of the lights never lit up for them. Can I have some back up straps or “flag” for them? A product should when upon arrival

  113. Tchrmom

    My son recently received this game as a gift and has already spent hours playing it with neighborhood friends. I emailed the company about a minor issue with the game, and it was quickly resolved. Highly recommend.

  114. Salvador M.

    It’s a really fun game, but some of the bracelets are already broken after 3 times of use. So it’s an expensive games for the material quality.

  115. Anonymous

    Upon opening and setting up for my son’s birthday, we realized two balls didn’t work. Very annoyed, we tried to make due with what was working. Half the bracelets stopper lighting up within a few minutes of use. This game was not inexpensive. So disappointed in the quality of this product.

  116. Lee W.

    worth the money

  117. syocham

    This was a hit this year for a fun Christmas gift! Great for the fun nights when you have a get together and kids get to play! Highly recommend!

  118. Amy F.

    We had a problem with our game when it arrived, however Lindsay customer service was a rock star in getting us what we need to start playing!

  119. Cynthia V.

    I bought this as a gift for my grandson. He liked it very much. Good quality. I’m very happy with it! Thank you!

  120. Anonymous

    Fun game! We play capture the flag with our granddaughters during the day but now with this game its fun to do in the dark!

  121. Domsgram

    Bought this for my grandkids. Maybe they need someone that has a CLUE what this game is or how it’s played. I don’t. So, it sits. Never getting used. For the money, I should have returned it because I cannot help them with how it’s played. Watched a video and it didn’t really help.

  122. clz

    One of our “flags” was not working and within days a replacement item was sent. No hassle and great customer service!

  123. BPittman

    As other reviews have stated, some items didn’t light up out of the box. Was able to easily order replacements though. If they had all worked out of the box it would have been 5 stars. Tons of fun to play for all ages.

  124. Anonymous

    It’s just some glowing wristbands and plastic rocks. It’s overpriced for what it is. We used for a birthday party and the kids played for like 20 minutes and then lost interest. I paid almost $50 for it. It should be around $20 to $30 price range. Wouldn’t recommend.

  125. ShaSha

    This game is awesome. The teens spend hours playing. They don’t care if it’s cold, wet, or hot. We’ve had this game a year now and everything still works great. Very work thank the money.

  126. Connie

    My grandchildren love the game.

  127. Richard L.

    Very bright and fun to play for old and young alike

  128. Cara P.

    The green prism battery capsule is defectiveIt is bent and the batteries will not allow it to light up. We changed the batteries and it is in the prism, not a battery issue

  129. Lani

    To REDUX Company:I would suggest making a mark as to where the straps for the wrist band should be inserted. I hosted a party with 10 girls from the age 10-12 and they had a very difficult time with the straps for the wrist bands. This eventually caused a few of them to brake.Next, I would suggest that the company come up with a hard cover for the on and off switch for the flags. Sadly during the game, the on and off switch got pushed inside of the ball and also broke.The company should offer replacement options so if you break anything you don’t have to buy the entire game again.To The Consumer:I don’t generally write reviews, but I was really sad about this outcome. Honestly this is a really cool game, I just wish it was a little more durable for little active minds.My personal suggestion is to get glow balls and glow sticks from the dollar store, rather than spend your money on this game. Especially if it is for kids!I think adults would have handled this game a lot better, or maybe just don’t use it at a party with kids gone wild! LOL

  130. Michele

    I received this game as a gift and it had a couple of pieces that did not work right out of the box. It was super easy to get replacement parts tho! Customer service is top notch and I would definitely buy from them again! Keep up the great work star lux games!! The game is super fun and the kids played it for hours with their cousins.

  131. Anonymous

    This is great fun, my three boys age 4, 8, and 11 love it! It gets us all moving and playing! The kids love the spin hat it is best to play in the dark.

  132. Tosha H.

    So much fun. Kids loved it.

  133. HipMom

    The kids had fun with this at my son’s 12th bday party but for the high price tag I could have made this game with some glow sticks from the dollar store for much cheaper. Way overpriced for what you get.

  134. Toni S.

    We had a party in our large yard. The kids loved it. There were a few smaller kids who threw the orbs and they broke (after multiple throws). The company replaced the orbs very quickly and with no hassle. We can’t wait for another nice enough night to bring it out again and may even consider the expansion pack to add a third team for more fun!

  135. jessica m.

    The kids liked playing the game with these supplies. It worked right out of the box with minimal set up. However, a few of the bracelets broke as soon as the kids put them on.

  136. alexis

    I bought this game for my 14yro birthday party. I was worried that it would be cheesy, but kids from 8-37 years old played and had a total blast. They loved the game! All the pieces came in working condition and it was easy to assemble. We liked that it had multiple game cards that you can follow. Awesome game!

  137. Trilla

    I received my amazon order and opened it on Monday to get it ready for a party on Friday. I discovered that I was missing the red territory markers. I contacted the email address enclosed and exchanged several emails as the day went on. I received a brand new replacement by Wednesday. With the evenings getting darker earlier, this was a perfect past-time for the kids while the adults mingled separately. We simply handed the box to the kids ranging in age from 2nd grade through 8th. They set it up, formed teams and played. Super easy!

  138. merilee

    Very fun activity/game for the kids!I bought this for my son for Christmas last year and he! It’s a great way to get the kids out of the house and playing something fun and different!

  139. gymrat

    Gave it to our 9 year old grandson for his birthday. He was thrilled and he made it the center piece of his birthday party.

  140. Cindy C.

    This was a birthday present for a 13yr. Old boy. He was very happy to receive it and having a blast with it

  141. Harvey C.

    great product! it was lots of fun a dm was being thrown around and still did not break.

  142. Supergirl

    My son loves the game and has played several times since we gave it to him for his birthday.My only issue is when we first opened the box 2 of the bracelets are broken and will not light up.However it’s no fault of the company since I did not reach out to them to let them know. My son and his friends were so anxious to play I didn’t have the heart to pack the game up and send it back for a replacement.

  143. Brayden

    We already broke one of the bands though because of the design, need to improve them somehow, maybe like a regular watchband or something? The game is all around fun though! Me and my friends play it around the neighborhood all the time.

  144. Angela K.

    This company is AWESOME! We had a group of 12 kids (aged 5-15) playing this game and they thought it was so fun! The pieces glow in the dark really well. We did have an “orb” malfunction. When I emailed the company, they sent us a new one WITH some free replacement batteries, no charge. Great company to work with that stands behind their product. My kids play with this a ton!! Well worth the money!

  145. Allison C.

    Kids big and small will love this game!

  146. chennel P.

    Couple of bands broke when we were trying to set up the game, we end up just watching the movie on the computer, I will be returning the game and the expansion set I bought.

  147. Adam C.

    I bought this game for a yearly family reunion. The kids (ages 5-17) loved playing at night with a lot of room to run. Only downside was that one of the pieces didn’t light up properly – it was very dim.

  148. Danielle M.

    We took this camping and it was a total hit!! We had a large group of 8-10 year old, rough & tumble boys, and they were not easy on the game pieces. Unfortunately one of the green orbs and two bracelets were broken…but only because our group of boys are very tough! When I contacted customer service they immediately sent replacement parts at no charge, and even included extra batteries. We’ve played the game a few times since then and it’s a blast! Thank you so much!

  149. GoBruins

    Bought for a kids party, but a few of the pieces are defective out of the box and don’t work with multiple tries to fix. I’d suggest to buy this a bit in advance and be ready to buy more than you need, as now we’re short parts and can’t give each kid one at the party coming up this weekend. Cool idea and neat kit, but need to plan ahead for quality control issues. Can’t speak to the durability over time, but already dead pieces upon opening doesn’t leave me with hope to use more than once.

  150. Mark H.

    Our kids love this! If you’re looking to get the kids away from the video game and outside this is absolutely fantastic. Our kids have a blast with this and it’s great they have hours of fun playing with this outside.

  151. curtis a.

    We gave this as a birthday gift to our 9-year old grandson. While adults were enjoying a backyard bonfire, the kids had so much fun playing Capture-the-flag, while parents watched. I am purchasing the game again for another grandchild!

  152. MSmart

    We received this game and played it that very night. We realized that some parts were not working, we contacted customer service and they immediately took care of our issue. We have played it several times and everyone ask about it and comments on how much fun it is.

  153. Dan C.

    This is a lot of fun and a great activity for the kids and their friends. Wrist bands need some work on craftsmanship but other than that this is great! Wrist bands won’t fit a full grown man’s wrist but you can carry it in your hand.

  154. Matthew G.

    Just received this in the mail and as I was checking the lights, one of the jail lights battery was dead. Overall though, it seems light a good quality product.

  155. The R.

    These worked great. They have been used numerous times with teenagers and they have held up great. There was minor scuffing but nothing that impeded the usage.

  156. Harvest B.

    We have purchased 3 or 4 of these and love them. But, in one of the packages, one of the larger orbs is missing all of the internals. Obviously a production issue and we were not able to use the set. I would love to receive a replacement green orb…

  157. Meggie J.

    My boys and friends love this. So much so I also got the extension pack so they can have more friends play.

  158. Crystal

    We loved playing this game with the whole family! We initially bought just the base game but ended up buying the expansion pack as well to play with the neighborhood kids as well because it was so much fun, everyone wanted to get involved while we were playing in the neighborhood common area!!! It is so easy and fun to play, we had kids from ages 4 to 50 playing together all night long. Great fun and so many laughs and memories!

  159. Wade R.

    The lights for the flag and a couple markers were blown. You can work around not having all the markers lit but not having the flag lit makes it tough to play in the dark.

  160. Goddasea

    Pretty cool game..i bought it for my nephews for their birthday. It says 4-20 players but the game comes with 10 wrist bands. Anyway, all the kids love it and its something we can all play together up at camp. Definitely a cool gift. The kids are 11, 8, 7, 6, and 5. They all think its pretty awesome so I would recommend it for kids of any age really. I’m 31 my brother is 33 and my mother is 54 and we all jump in and play it w the kids!

  161. Karen J.

    I bought this game for my son’s 12th birthday and it was such a hit! They played several games and it has been long lasting. Very durable and easy for travel as well. A hit with all the kids.

  162. Meredith S.

    Bought for a birthday party that included adults and kids. Once we took it out, everyone wanted to play and we all had a blast! It was just as much in the day and at night. Had never played capture the flag before, but the directions were very clear and the set up was incredibly easy. Over the next few days, once we got the hang of the traditional version, we had even more fun exploring the variations that came with the game set. I highly recommend this product.

  163. Joan G.

    Interactive for all ages. Wonderful personal customer service. Easy to set up. Great fun game. Thank you.

  164. Susan M.

    The kids had fun playing. On a warm day setting up a sprinkler would be a fun idea. Great game that gets everyone outside for a little exercise and fun! Down side is having to purchase extra bands for larger teams.

  165. lynn b.

    One of lights doesn’t work even after trying new batteries. Comes with batteries but guess it must be something else.

  166. Frank S.

    It worked great at our annual beach family gathering..all 27of us ….on the sand …Adults and kids(11 – 18) played first night. Kids played second and third nights. .. adults hobbled. Lots of laughter with big post mortem meeting. I am the father/grandfather who bought the game and was reminded many times not to forget to bring it next year.

  167. Stacie

    My family had a great time playing Capture the Flag after the fireworks on the 4h of July. The kids (ages 8-21) spent a lot of time strategizing. We had a wrist band that didn’t light up and two “jail beacons” that were faint, but customer service was great about sending replacement parts.My youngest spent a lot of time reading through all the variations. I can foresee many more Capture the Flag sessions in our future.

  168. Doug

    As described!

  169. Mary A.

    We got the pool game. Really nice quality, well made. Kids love it. Customer service has been top notch, we had a piece come damaged and a new one shipped out right away, then I made a mistake about describing the piece that was damaged and the wrong one was sent. It was my mistake and they still shipped out the new correct piece free of charge immediately too. We will purchase other games from Starlux.

  170. Greengrass

    I bought this game as a Christmas gift for my teenage granddaughter and had it shipped directly to to her since she lives in another state. My daughter in law just shared with me about the awesome customer service she experienced from this company back at Christmas. One of the bands arrived not working so she contacted the company to tell them and they promptly sent out a replacement along with two more bands and a hand written note apologizing for any inconvenience. Wow hand written…now that is impressive. The game is lots of fun. They have played it as family and it was especially fun played during a youth group function. My teenage granddaughter was all smiles during a recent visit telling me about it!

  171. Long t.

    Despite my expectations, all my four kids and the hordes of neighborhood kids concur that this is completely lame

  172. Deedemogirl

    Have bought a couple of sets of these for some of my grandchildren’s birthday gifts and it is an absolute blast they have so much fun every time they use them

  173. Nicole M.

    My kids were so excited to play with this over the summer but it just didn’t hold up for more than a game or two. Each piece of the game requires a battery. Unfortunately the batteries that came with each piece didn’t last. The batteries didn’t hold up for maybe more than a month.

  174. Mama P.

    We knew we would be camping next to a big grassy field over Spring Break. The field has no lights and it’s SUPER dark at night. This set was a major highlight of the trip. We had 5 families camping together with kids ages 7 to 13 and after we did this the first night, the kids were all over us to get it out every night after that.

  175. Bluff G.

    I really want to give this product five stars for all the fun the youth group had playing all evening! However, the green orb was broken right out of the box. At first I thought it was the battery that was dead, so I replaced them both. It still was not turning on. Bummer too since we ordered it just in time for their first gathering and didn’t have any time to request a replacement. We just ended up using one of the “prison” lights as the green team flag. I’m hoping the manufacturer will respond to my email about the broken orb to see if they can replace it. If so, I’ll be sure to update the rating and look past this glitch. The kids really did have fun!

  176. amy d.

    Santa brought this game for my 8 year old this past Christmas. It sat untouched until school was out in June. On the last day of school we invited all the neighborhood kids and parents over to play at twilight on the last day of school. Everyone had a blast and played from around 7:30 to 10:30. We’ve played several times since and it seems to have become this summer’s theme for our neighborhood. This game brings back happy summer memories from when I was kid and truly engages this generation. We lost a couple of the lights during the last game and called the company to see about replacing them. They immediately sent us replacements free of charge and included replacement batteries, as well.

  177. Anonymous

    Got it as a gift for my grandson something to get him outside love it really any age can participate

  178. Vanessa

    We took this on a camping trip with 8 other families, with a total of 30ish kids ranging in age from 4 to 16. They had a blast with this kit. I was not looking forward to explaining how they should play, but one of the teens picked up the box, read the instructions, and then devised her own spin on the rules, boundaries, teams, etc. all on her own. Two hours later, they finally came in from the woods with a winning team and tales of hilarity and amusement. The next night, they just used it to play “zombie tag” to make the game shorter. Another hit with all of the kids. Everything worked upon delivery, batteries were included and working. The only con I would say is that it only comes with 5 (I think) bracelets per team. That was not enough for us (or even for when we use it for our neighborhood kids), so we had to supplement with Dollar Store glow bracelets. Very happy with my purchase!

  179. Erika D.

    Cute game

  180. Christina G.

    My kids (10, 11, 13,14) LOVE this game! We have taken it camping and seen it draw out many other kids to play. They’ve played it in the front yards throughout our neighborhood as well. The pieces themselves are durable but when they break they quickly replaced my parts for free! Thoroughly impressed from top to bottom with the whole experience.

  181. L

    We found the light up flags to be the best feature of this game, but really did not need all of the other light-up parts. Three of the bracelets did not work when I received the game, as well as one of the red markers. I needed to go to a specialty battery store to find the correct batteries and then one of the bracelets still did not light up. At this point, I contacted the company and they immediately replied to me and sent a new game.

  182. Pastor E.

    I love this thing. I bought it for a youth Lock in and we use it all the time now. great quality and value for the dollar. the bands are well made and i feel like this thing will last a long while. batteries are easy to change out as needed.

  183. D W.

    I used this game for a large group activity in children’s ministry for 4th/5th graders. It was awesome! They absolutely LOVE it!

  184. ithinki8abug

    Awesome game! The bracelets seem to be a little flimsy where they connect. one broke but the customer service was awesome! I emailed them and the sent me 3 extras. Super easy!

  185. Anonymous

    Great game for every age. Works great in the dark and had so many options to play.

  186. Shawna .

    Finally have a nice night to use it, opened the box and very disappointed to find that both orbs do not light up. Batteries must be dead. Such a bummer!!!! The bracelets work (except one) and seems like it would be really fun if all parts had working batteries. 🙁

  187. Angela D.

    I got this as a birthday gift for an 8 year old. I wanted to wait until it was opened and played with to write a review. The kids all loved it and played until it got too cold. The age range of the kids playing was 8-15 years, both boys and girls. They all had a lot of fun!

  188. Monique

    I BOUGHT THIS FOR MY SONS BIRTHDAY IN JAN company was super nice on getting back with me when i alerted them the wrong item was sent and was kind enough to send me the correct game free of charge. Unfortunately the item i got has a broken ball. When i let them know i was directed to a form to fill out for replacement parts within a few minutes. Other than that this game would be awesome for parties and gatherings. From small kids to adults can have fun playing. 5 stars for game quality, customer service and overall experience.

  189. Anonymous

    Broke after first use. Several wrist bands didn’t light up after first use.

  190. ana b.

    All the neighborhood kids have had a blast with this game. Very durable and a fun game. Just be careful not to throw the “base flag balls” because they will get damaged. The Leds glow brightly

  191. SGM M.

    Awesome product

  192. Patty F.

    Purchased the game for my grandson’s birthday. He went home that evening and played it. He loves it! The gift was a big hit with his friends too!

  193. David N.

    The kids love how it shines at night.

  194. Dianne l.

    Great gift

  195. Paula


  196. KRS

    Bought it for 10 year old grandsons birthday. He hasn’t used it yet.

  197. S. M.

    If you are on the fence about this item, take my word and make the purchase. This item brings a new element to the childhood game that people, tall and small, enjoy! This makes a perfect gift, whether it be for a birthday, holiday, or just because. This game gets children moving and turns beautiful nights into wonderfully fun memories. It should be noted that this company provides the bests customer service that I’ve seen in years of Amazon purchases. Take the plunge and purchase today 🙂

  198. ZS .

    This was bought as a present for a 14yr old. From his initial reaction, he was really enthusiastic to play.

  199. wendy

    My kids and family and friends sure do loveeeeeeee this game 1

  200. glutenfreemom

    We got this for my daughter for xmas. It has sat on the shelf until this week unopened with illinous westher we finally got a break in the cold to use it. Sadly our blue team orb isnt working and we have repkaced the battery with no avail. The kids say the game is awesome if they had all the pieces we needed. We planned to buy the expansion and the case but arent sure how to replace a single orb on a new game. Hopefully the company can remediate this for us!

  201. Anonymous

    Bought this game for my sons 12th birthday party. They had a blast! It’s also fun for all ages. For game to play at night!

  202. Rabecca F.

    Had to replace to replace product due to m.k missing and broken parts

  203. Christol

    We purchased this game for our 13 year olds birthday party. The kids played this game for hours. Truly a great buy! We did have some issues with the armbands, but I contacted their customer service and we were able to get replacement bands. Loved their customer service!! We are looking at the expansion pack to add a third team for more kids to play. Definitely a great buy!

  204. PM2016

    Amazing product, customer service second to none. Replaced three game pieces for free through their webpage no questions asked, then provided an offer for an add-on kit at 50% off for registering. Highly recommended, a great way to experience this classic game for all.

  205. Tammy H.

    I bought this for my 10-year old son and we all love it! All the neighborhood (kids and adults) has joined us in playing and its a blast! The lights are bright and look really cool, and there are enough bracelets for everyone to play. The game variations make it fun for 3 people or 16 people! Its a great way to get off the video games and have a blast with friends and family!

  206. Molly M.

    This is such a fun game! Our boys and all the neighborhood kids have had a blast playing it! The glow factor really takes the game to the next level. One of our lights wasn’t working quite right and the company replaced it (and sent several extras!!) immediately. Great product that encourages activity and team work and a company with wonderful customer service!

  207. Gary T.

    Got this for my nephew who loves to play outside. He loves it and him and his friends have fun playing.

  208. Anonymous

    Bought it for my sons birthday party and the boys loved it. I would recommend this item. Thanks again!

  209. Big d.

    Such a fun and awesome way to connect as a family!

  210. summer

    Kids loved it! Ages 13-16

  211. LsuTigress

    This is so much fun! Kids had a blast. Adults had a blast. We LOVE this game and I’m so glad I purchased it.

  212. Brandy G.

    Whole family loves this game!! Lots of fun!!Brought it out a family get together and ages from 6-40 played all night:)

  213. Anonymous

    We bought this game for our 12 year old son for Christmas to help him get off video games and play outside with his friends. He originally showed interest but each time we suggested he play with his friends, he said no. Eventually he said he didn’t want it anymore and we should take it back. My wife and I were very disappointed and so decided to keep it. We had friends with kids over last night and decided to play. He reluctantly said “yes”. Everyone ended up having a great time, especially my son. The kids ages ranged from 8 to 15 years old. Since we were short one player to make even teams, I decided to play as well. (50 years old) We played wizard since one of the kids had a broken ankle and couldn’t run. It was a great way of including him and he enjoyed moving the players around. We were all laughing and sweating from running around for an hour and a half. By the time we were done, the kids were planning which game variation they wanted to do next time. This is a really fun game that many ages can play at once. The lights are very bright and work well in many lighting conditions. I suggest playing on grass or other soft surface as the kids tend to drop the orbs whenever they get tagged. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is because the rules were difficult to understand when it came to people guarding the orbs. Our wizard had to move people if we were stuck in a stalemate. We will figure it out though. It is a great game. If you are thinking of getting it, you should buy it now.

  214. Bridgette R.

    I bought this for my nephew at Christmas. It was the first gift actively employed that evening with all of his friends. It was a hit! He was thrilled and loves it!

  215. Sara P.

    Kids loved it. Keeps all the neighborhood kids entertained.

  216. Cj S.

    Game is great, came on time, it was a great gift to give. Super fun for group of kids to get them outside & off the net!

  217. Anonymous

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for a very finicky 10 year old who loves being outside, especially with flashlights or glow sticks. This game surprised him and is loads of fun. We will continue to enjoy it all summer too!

  218. Jess

    I love the product but some of the brackets broke the first time using them.

  219. Sara S.

    We bought capture the flag for our son for Christmas. He didn’t get go and play immediately, to cold. We just had some spring like weather and he and his buddies went out the other night and played for hours. They thought it was even more fun at night! Great for parties too!

  220. ellen

    Great game! Lots of fun!

  221. Anonymous

    I have no idea how well this worked. It was a gift for a child

  222. Jennifer A.

    My son LOVES playing this with friends. Great night fun. Two of the items were not working out of the box and customer service sent us replacement parts immediately. I will definitely do business with this company again.

  223. bfarber

    We took the kids out to a neighborhood community area and invited the neighborhood to come play capture the flag one night, and everyone had a blast. There are a lot of variations, so I’d suggest feeling free to be flexible with the rules and focus on having fun more than sticking to any specific set of rules. The equipment feels of good quality and everything worked well.

  224. Gold C.

    I bought the game for my son’s birthday party. Although the area for the game wasn’t the best, the kids had lots of fun and I’m considering getting one for his school as they regularly plan activities outside of school hours for the students and their families.A couple of the units didn’t light up right away, and we had to give them a shake, so 4 starts instead of 5. All in all however, a great way to get kids outside and moving!

  225. Megan B.

    We didnt get to try this game yet….looks like a very fun game and well made. Will do another review in the spring when it comes out of the box to be played with.

  226. mylo0602

    This is worth every penny! There are multiple game variations so kids of any age can play. Our family is 100% satisfied.

  227. Rooster

    Great game! We use it for Cub Scout campouts. Everyone loves it! Highly recommend.

  228. Jennifer L.

    Great customer service and prompt replacement of a game piece. My family loves this game!

  229. Jill L.

    Kids love it! Customer service is excellent.

  230. Bonnie K.

    This was a Christmas gift for my grandchildren and I’m not sure if they have used it yet. They were very excited to receive it and thought it would be a lot of fun.

  231. Becca

    I bought this game for my son and his family for Christmas. They enjoy games that they can share with theri neighbors and friends. They really do like this game a great deal. They are planning on using it as an activity for their church group as well. I am happy that this game is such a hit! Great activity.

  232. Kristin

    Product was great. My kids(10yr old boys) really enjoyed the game as well as our neighbors who joined along. The lighting definitely helps for night play of any sort.

  233. Carol B.

    My niece and nephew loved it!

  234. Joanna A.

    My kids love this game!! They play by their own rules and make up different variations. They play it in the house and love it!!

  235. ROBIN L.

    My boys enjoyed it with their cousins. They are ages 10-13.

  236. AvidReader

    We haven’t had the chance to use the game yet as it was a Christmas gift. We bought to take camping and for our boys’ friends to play with around the neighborhood. We did open it and check out everything in the package and played a makeshift game in our house! It’s such a cool thing and our four boys aged 8-16 loved it. We can’t wait to play a full game once the weather warms up!

  237. Anonymous

    Bought for Christmas

  238. Lisa

    Love this game! Love that it gets the boys off their iPads and outdoors! It’s a great game to play with a bunch of their friends!

  239. Sadie R.

    We played it in daylight and dusk on a playground, as well as sneaking around grandma’s house at night over Christmas break. All of the pieces worked, although a couple of the bracelets seemed to have shorts in them because it took a little wiggling to get them to light up. It is pretty cheaply made, but still really fun and it was worth it to have over Christmas with the family.

  240. Anonymous

    The Orbs keep coming apart!!!

  241. Golfinkathi

    This was a Christmas gift, the kids were excited to receive it, I haven’t heard anything further about it.

  242. MICHELLE M.

    Got this game for my son to play with his friends on his 13th bday. The kids played it for hours in 30 degree weather outside and had a blast. The only thing is I will need more of the jail/territory markers.

  243. nora p.

    My kids love this game. It’s always a huge hit at parties when all the neighborhood kids come over. Keeps them busy for hours!

  244. Nicole S.

    I purchased it for my nephews for Christmas and they were super excited when they opened it!

  245. Monique V.

    Even in the winter, our kids have had fun playing this in the basement with friends. Can’t wait to see when they actually get to play outside!

  246. Jason L.

    The game is great but the customer service from the company starlux games is the best I’ve ever dealt with. Capture the flag was the best gift this season.

  247. Daniel

    Game is a blast. So many kids from our neighborhood stop over the play. The additional game cards keep the games interesting.

  248. Kerri

    We bought this for our grandson and when I received it I thought it was a really small game box for $60.00 but we loved the game! It was great that the whole family could play (16 of us) and we even put one on the dog so we could keep track of him. We went to the local soccer field and played there. It was really fun.

  249. Tom &.

    I bought this for Christmas for my 3 kids. Straight out of the box, I was a bit sad to find out that a few pieces didn’t work (I am assuming dead batteries). Regardless, we had enough working pieces to play that evening with a group of people and the kids LOVED IT. They played for hours. I did contact customer service and they immediately sent me replacements for the pieces that were not working and an ENTIRE SHEET of replacement batteries for the entire set. But the best part is, I received a hand written note from them apologizing for the pieces not working. HAND WRITTEN. I was very impressed and showed several people my note. Might have to purchase the other package to extend our teams for even more fun!

  250. Chrissy

    So much fun

  251. Lina

    Great family game! My 12 year old twins loved it!

  252. Maria H.

    Great game for all ages. My kids love playing this with all their cousins & friends. They spend hours in the backyard playing, and it encourages teamwork. Gets them outside and out of the house!

  253. Mollie M.

    We bought this game for our kids for Christmas. It has been so much fun to play with our kids. The adults have just as much fun as the kids. We even play in the house with all the lights off. We can’t wait for warm summer nights to be able to play outside more.

  254. jpkelly23

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  We bought this game for our 7 and 5 year old sons to play over at our sports performance center we own. My husband and I tried the game out with them and my husband accidentally stepped on and cracked one of the jail markers. We contacted the company and they sent out not only the replacement part at no cost, but also additional jail markers as backup! The kids had so much fun playing this and we did too! Thank you for creating such a fun game to keep these kids active ! Highly recommend!

  255. StarCC50

    This game was for my grandson for Christmas. He played it with my other grandsons and neighbor kids the first night that he got it. They had a blast! They all loved it! He took it home to Iowa with him, and played with his friends there. They had a great time, too! They thought it was an awesome game to play at night! Great gift!

  256. Anonymous

    My kids love it!! They play inside/outside with neighbors. They have a great time with it.

  257. loverkitty

    It is a great product! My kids loved it ! would recommend it!

  258. Anonymous

    I purchased this for my grandchildren to use with their youth group. My grandchildren have played it had a lot of fun. The youth group has not had a chance due to the wet weather we have been experiencing.

  259. Tara T.

    At this point in time we couldn’t get the full effect of the game because it is winter here. The kids played it in the house and had a blast with it.

  260. Mrs. C.

    I bought this for my 13 year old son for Christmas. He always has friends over and they always seem to want to play outside after dark. They absolutely LOVE this game.

  261. T. B.

    All the kids had a great time playing and the adults did too. The observers enjoyed watching as the brightly glowing bands dart across the dark yard. A real winner for all ages. You can’t go wrong with this gift.

  262. Heidi G.

    Amazing family fun for ALL ages!!! We took this game to the ski resort and played at night in the snow with the entire family, ages 5 years old to 67 years young!!! Great family memories, thank you for this great idea!

  263. Stacy T.

    This game is a ton of fun for kids and adults. We had ages 4-18 playing in the middle of mud in the winter. We can’t wait for long summer nights to enjoy this more.

  264. Michelle K.

    Lots of fun!

  265. Megan

    Came in at a decent time. Kids played with it multiple times already and love it! I wish the pieces were weather proof so I don’t have to worry about the water on the ground other than that it’s a perfect gift for the family! Money well spent!

  266. Joseph S.

    So excited to play this game! I have heard nothing but great things! We’re waiting for the weather to shape up here in Montana, but then we’ll be all over it!

  267. jjleimom

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This product is so fun! We were looking for a game that our wide range of ages in our family could enjoy and this game delivered! We can’t wait to use it this summer.

  268. J. C.

    It is a lot of fun and it works great

  269. mickedy

    So much fun!We got this game for our daughter for Christmas – it’s such a hit with the entire family! From age 4 to 40 – everyone loves it. We turned the lights off in the house and played indoors. Can’t wait to try it outside.One small part wasn’t lighting up correctly. Contacted customer service and they instantly responded. They sent a replacement part and extra batteries free of charge. Even checked in afterwards to ensure everything was good.Amazing service and a fun family game! Highly recommend and I know I’ll be looking into purchasing other games made by them.

  270. Joanna M.

    The kids went crazy when they opened this at Christmas!

  271. Jenny S.

    My 10 year old son and his friends absolutely loved it! Great game to get kids outside!

  272. Mary D.

    I bought this game for my son’s 10th birthday- they played outside with it for hours. They loved it.

  273. Karen E.

    Bought this for my grandsons birthday party and they had a blast!

  274. Betty

    I gave it as a gift to grandson, he was excited when he opened it, but they have been on vacation so don’t think he’s had chance to use it yet.

  275. Tiffany C.

    The kids love it. We also love that it comes with cards so the kids have diffrent variations of the game. This will defiantly have them playing outside more. The only thing that would make it better would be if the bands were sizable. With little ones they put them on their legs but the pants cover them and they are a little to big even for the older ones so they pushed them up their arms but I noticed they didn’t stay and the kids were messing with them quite a bit. They never complained and didnt stop their good time. Over all really a great product 😊

  276. SONNY R.

    We had a great time playing this game as a family! All of the kids loved playing and were disappointed when it was time to head home. We did have a slight problem with one of the Orbs flickering on/off while we played, but we contacted customer service and they quickly sent a replacement part. We look forward to more family fun nights and highly recommend the game!

  277. Mamaof4

    I purchased this item for our youth group in October, and we’ve used it about once a month since. Yesterday I turned the green orb on and off, and the switch fell inside the orb, I can’t reach it. I am rather disappointed as this game has only been used three times. For the price, I expected it to last longer.On the bright side, the kids and I love playing this game. It’s always a hit, leads to hours of fun.

  278. Melody

    This game is great for all ages. Our kids range from 6 years old to 14 years old. They have spent hours and hours playing this game and we’ve only had it since Christmas (less than 2 weeks). Their cousins and friends have really enjoyed playing it with them. Definitely recommend this for kids who like to play outside and for parties. Love that is lights up so they can play outside in the dark! They are always wanting to play flashlight tag and this is perfect!

  279. Queen B.

    Arrived with several of the bracelets and one of the markers with dead batteries, so not able to play it yet. Emailed seller twice and so far I’ve gotten no response (been about a week or more).

  280. 4BinDE

    This is a very fun way to play a classic! Can get the whole neighborhood involved! Just wish the marker lights were a switch to turn on / off instead of twisting. Lots of dead lights If the kids pick up

  281. 1234reviewer

    Awesome game! Kids from 7 to adults will love it. Loses a star because a few if the bracelets have already failed and 2 of the lights. If quality was better, this would be an amazing product (and it wouldn’t take much to fix the quality issues with bands pulling out)

  282. Hannah L.

    I got this as a Christmas present for my kids. We played it for the first time last night. We had loads of fun! Several games to play to mix it up. Only complaint is 3 of the blue bracelets didn’t work right out of the box.

  283. angela b.

    All the kids in the neighborhood love coming over and playing

  284. Anonymous

    Very neat product

  285. Zach L.

    Only received 10 bands. I purchase this set because it clearly said 16 bands.

  286. AllCare P.

    The kids had a blast with this until it started falling apart. One of the orbs broke on first time use. Other orb made it for about three more times. Bracelets don’t stay together well at all. Now the kids just run around with the little lights playing werewolf. Give it a 1 star for quality but 5 star for concept and fun. Just too expensive to fall apart so easily.

  287. wanda

    The grandkids love it!

  288. K. S.

    My two boys, ages 10 and 11, love to play this game when they have a group of friends over. It has provided hours of outside nighttime entertainment for them.Being rambunctious young boys, they were a little rough with it and both orbs broke. I emailed the company’s customer service department to see if I could purchase two new ones and within a few days they sent them to me free of charge.

  289. Lisa .

    My teenage boys got this from Grandma when the family was together for Thanksgiving. Because it was such a blast, we ended playing with all the adults and kids 7 and up three nights in a row! The boundary line maker and “jail” is great, and team coordinating light-up bracelets and orb add a super fun element to the game. My kids will definately be playing this when they host parties and have friends over. We love it! Great product.

  290. Sgt.koon

    Great game for a variety of ages! Excellent customer service!

  291. christine z.


  292. Brett C.

    We have friends over weekly and usually have all the kiddos go outside for a game. All of the kids LOVED playing this together. The glow in the dark really makes it novel and fun for youngsters and older children.

  293. Brian

    Really fun game and great company to work with

  294. Fight F.

    Great set. Really fun game and the kids love it. I’ve had it for a couple years and only played a few times but batteries still work. The switch in one of the orbs failed. I filled out a request on their website and had a new orb in just a couple days. Great support too.

  295. Julie A.

    Love this game! The company has great service! I would spend some time up front telling players to remember where they put everything and collect it after the game and show them how to take on and off bracelets are where to put them when finished. WIth a big group of impulsive teenagers having a great time they can be a bit rough on the game!

  296. Brian

    Group of 13 year olds LOVED playing this outside. One issue with one of the parts was quickly fixed by the company at no cost and no hassle. Would definitely recommend.

  297. Hannah E.

    Awesome fun game for all ages!

  298. Denise B.

    I bought this for my son’s birthday party and they had a lot of fun. The reason why I gave it 3 starts is glow up bracelets are not well made a few broke just putting them on the kids.

  299. marcia z.

    The globes broke for no reason:(

  300. C. I.

    I ordered this game for a boy’s 14 year old birthday party at night and it was a BIG hit. It IS worth the money! Also they have the BEST customer service for replacement parts – just contact them through their website –

  301. Carol B.


  302. Lana .

    Great birthday gift!

  303. Jaba

    This was so much fun! And love that it came with variations to try. I would have given it 5 stars but I spent way too much time fixing bracelets for the kids. They would yank them off when we traded teams. One side goes in easy, the other is a bugger!

  304. Julie S.

    Our youth group really enjoyed it!

  305. Keri K.

    Such a fun game! Great for both kids and adults. I don’t think I laughed as much playing a game as I did playing this game. The game comes with light up markers, bracelets, and flag orbs. The game also comes with different variations of the game which are super fun to play. I highly recommend this game for a fun filled laugh and run til you drop evening!

  306. Anonymous

    It was a hit!

  307. Kimberly T.

    We owned one of the original sets, which fell apart and quit working; however, was still a lot of fun while it lasted. The new set is designed much better and the kids love it. So far everything is working good, and we are loving this game.

  308. Breanna T.

    We bought this for our youth group! They LOVED it! It’s awesome. Definitely worth the money.

  309. JK

    This is a great product in theory, but lacks. The bracelets light up really well, but the ends pull out easily of the battery pack (on the end not meant to come off). I spent the whole evening fixing bracelets while the kids played. Eventually, I super glued the ends in.🤷‍♀️

  310. KAB

    I’m so happy that we purchased this game. The kids had a lot of fun. They didn’t want to come in (it started raining and I called them to come in). This was an excellent purchase. I highly recommend it. I know that we’ll get a lot of use out of it.

  311. Anonymous

    Really fun game! Everything was bright and looked great. The kids loved it!

  312. Nicole (.

    Our four boys loved this game as soon as it was opened! Unfortunately, the green orb broke the first night. A quick message to customer service and a couple days later a new green orb arrived on our doorstep, free of charge. Highly recommend this game and company. The boys are asking for the glow in the dark pool game for Christmas! Thank you, Starlux Games for great neighborhood and family fun!

  313. Anonymous

    I have not played yet but the customer service was excellent! The game comes with different styles of play and idea cards. You can also register your product for coupons! Can’t wait to play!!!

  314. Chelseab86

    We bought this for my sons 11th birthday party. It was a glow in the dark themed birthday and it fit the bill. The kids had a blast!!!! It will be used for years to come! Love it. We had a minor glitch upon opening and inspecting but the customer service went over and above to help us. Would highly recommend.

  315. Vasili

    When I first heard of this product I was skeptical. However, once it arrived at my doorstep and I turned on all the equipment, I knew this game was going to be great! Great customer service from REDUX when I needed to order some replacement parts and overall the product is awesome. What a better way to spend a nice evening outside with friends than just hanging out on the couch.

  316. Jena` J.

    I love the concept, but I do have 3 things that would make the experience better for me.1. The bracelets be more secure or not made of just plastic? Maybe a silicone covering over the plastic concealed battery/light pack to ensure they don’t break so easily? The first day used I had 13 and older and 5 bracelets (minimum) have broken or have been lost due to the middle piece not staying secure and the entire thing being plastic.2. The flag/ball light could be brighter. When playing outside the ball gets kind of lost in the darkness if hidden in grass making it extremely difficult for the other team to find. Would love it waaayyyy brighter. :)3. The area and jail indicators are really small and also get lost. They are bright but being so small they get lost in the grass as well. If the area dividers and jail boundaries could be larger that would be great!!!That being said I and my entire family love love love this concept!!!! So fun!!!! We haven’t had a chance to try the variations yet but intend to so at the next family function. We have been using this with laser guns making all the more AWESOME!!!! Possibly something to consider adding in the future for bulk purchase? 🙂 I have purchased 2 of these now as the first one was adored but as stated above the bracelets broke or were lost so I ordered another to allow for more players. So hoping to have at least 12 players at a time as I bought 3 sets of 4 laser guns to go with it. :)Keep up the awesome work!!!!If I could possibly get replacements for the bracelets it’d be appreciated :).Worth 5 stars if bracelets are a bit more durable, flags are brighter and indicator lights are a bit bigger. :)Thanks!!!!

  317. jefftania

    We purchased this fabulous glow-in-the-dark capture the flag for an 11yo baseball team party. It was a huge hit! They played in a rural field/farm which was pitch dark but the quality of the lights wld work great in a nighttime ‘city’ atmosphere as well. We can hardly wait to use it again!

  318. J.L.

    We got this for our son’s birthday and he and his friends (9-10yr olds) absolutely loved it! They would have stayed out all night playing it if we let them!

  319. Mama

    I purchased this for my son’s 13th birthday sleepover. The kids had a blast. The lights are very bright and vibrant, and the bracelets are easy to use, although a few of the markers and one of the orbs did not light properly. Customer service was extremely responsive and sent replacements within a week. However, I would expect a product of this pricepoint ($60) to work correctly right out of the box. You can basically recreate the concept with glow bracelets and battery operated tea lights from the dollar store. It’s a great idea, but for what is included and the quality, I would expect to pay half the listed price.

  320. Brandi H.

    The game was a lot of fun the kids enjoyed it but one ball has broke already and I think I had a total of four bracelets that have never worked

  321. Dawn E.

    Super fun and entertaining for all ages. Amazing customer service. One part arrived broken but received the replacement part in less than a week.

  322. Cole L.

    We used this product for a youth ministry event. The students loved it. I would definitely buy it again. It’s hard to talk about quality because I’ve only used it once, but the pieces held up well during its one use.

  323. KSanch

    Santa brought this for my kids last Christmas and we got it out for camping and had kids ages 5 through adults playing! We would have brought it out sooner had we known we didn’t have to place it all in the sun to charge it. The little kids, teenagers and adults laughed, sweat and LOVED this game! I know it will provide fun for years to come!!Such a simple concept, but took it to another level!!!

  324. Anonymous

    I was saving this as a gift and purchased early. I should have opened it right away as one of the orbs is busted. Trying to exchange this item is not easy. Looking for a replacement piece at the moment. Other than that it looks fun. I hope to use this in a teen center during the winter months. I hope I can find a replacement orb. This game was not cheap.

  325. Nicole G.

    We were trying to hack together a game of capture the flag using glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark spraypaint when we stumbled across this product. It has EVERYTHING you need. Not only that, there were a couple of pieces that weren’t operating properly and the manufacturer sent us replacements really quickly!

  326. Roxann S.

    It was the perfect game to get the kids outside and run and play! They had no desire to go inside to play video games. The quality is great! Love how bright the bracelets are. Great family game or for large group!

  327. Melissa D.

    This arrived on time and was a gift for my son who spends leisure time outdoors with friends at the lake or camping. The instructions were easy to comprehend and set up was basic. Both my son and daughter in law were eager to take to their next meet up with friends.

  328. Teresa O.

    I have not used it yet as we are saving it for Halloween

  329. SHANE M.

    We first played this game at a camp and were hooked! It is awesome for big groups so we got one for our future camping trips and for sleepovers.

    It’s a simple game with lots of detailed strategies though. Mix in the fitness benefits and you can’t go wrong.

    I guess I didn’t realize how much my family and I needed some more outdoor time. It is so easy to get stuck inside glued to a screen. I get on the kids for their phone use, but I was no better → watching football on the big screen for hours on Weekends.

    We all feel better after running around in the woods or the backyard for a couple hours playing CTF Redux. There is no replacement for exercise…. except fun-based exercise! And that’s what outdoor games like this have added to our family.

    Getting to play when the sun goes down is a bonus. More time for games when you don’t have to fit it in on a busy day. #NightFun

  330. J. H.

    So fun, our kids love it and the quality seems great so far. Can’t wait to use it with more friends!

  331. Arlene F.

    Bought this for my grandson’s 11th birthday and he and all his friends LOVED it!

  332. JP K.

    For a couple of hours, I watch a group of teenagers running all over a park, united in their teamwork to defeat the opposing team. Remarkable to me was the fact that three or four of them had been socially somewhat excluded previously. Instantly, they became equal members of the team. That breakthrough for them continued later as they laughed and rehearsed how the game had gone. I’ve also talked to a number of families in my neighborhood who bought the game for a child’s birthday. Each recounted that the game was being played not only with their family but with others who live in the neighborhood. Especially, they talked about how it had been a long time since the family had had so much fun together.

  333. Jared .

    I run an outdoor education program and we use this game (with some of our own designed expansions) as an evening activity for some schools. The kiddos love it and if anything every breaks Starlux Games sends out a quick and free replacement part. Highly reccomend!

  334. Tona V.

    This game was really great! We played with our youth group and all the options made it a huge hit! Our orb was not working when we received it and they quickly sent us a new one! Great customer service!!

  335. Anonymous

    I got this game to play with my youth group of girls ages 10 and 11. They had a blast, even playing through all of the different variations of the game. The instructions were easy to follow and the set up was simple. It was a perfect, stress free, high-energy activity.

  336. Brian

    I experienced this game being played amongst a large group of high schoolers. It’s a lot of fun!

    The way that the kids had to use strategy, teamwork, and athletic ability also shows that this game has a positive influence on their development. The glowing element is really unique and adds a lot to it.

    I definitely recommend this,

  337. support

    I was looking for a fun, outdoor activity to do with my youth group. They are a group of girls ages 10 and 11. The girls had so much fun and could’ve played for hours longer than we had time for.
    They really got into the game, and even played all of the different variations. The set up is really simple and the rules are easy to follow, even if you are not familiar with Capture the Flag.

  338. Becky S.

    I think it’s safe to say that not only our family but any of our friends or extended family who have gotten to play this absolutely love it! Tons of exercise, laughter and great memories to be had whenever we play.
    It’s honestly really cool as a mom to be inside with the windows open and hearing everyone outside interacting, screaming and laughing their heads off. No cell phones, no TV, no electronics!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! Back in the day, my husband and I played lots of night games with our friends. It’s awesome to see that our kids are getting the same experience now but with super cool glow in the dark game pieces. There are several fun game variations that come with this and our favorites are, “Ghosts in the Graveyard, Traitor and the Zombie !” You know it’s a major hit when the kids don’t want to stop playing yet to open birthday presents and have cake and ice cream!

  339. Anonymous

    Defective units that they said they would replace and didn’t.Not worth the money, you can create this experience with glow sticks and orbs from a local party store

  340. Fallriver56

    I am writing this review after just one use. We received the items on Thursday and put it to use the very next day. It is often hard to buy for your kids as they get older. It seems their interest become video games and technology. This was a surprisingly delightful switch.I bought the item based on the Amazon reviews. They all seemed pretty positive And they were right. My child is just turning 12. He asked for a couple friends to come over and hang out. I bought this hoping it would give us some great fun and another way to celebrate his birthday.I was able to get together about 13 people, included us parents and we headed for a local sports field.It was amazing fun! A great way to partner with the kids and strategize our next moves. We split adults up onto both teams. No way were we going to give them the advantage of youth vs. the oldies (we are all just 40 something).We played for over two hours and the kids were not ready to call it in. I can see that we will have years of fun with this, even when they reach high school. I strongly suggest it. I felt it was pricey when I bought it, but it is so worth the money they ask.The only down side to the game is that sometimes the wristband falls off. We had two come apart completely but were able to get them back together. When they come apart, you often have to have another teammate help put it back on. I wouldn’t let this stop you. The experience is well worth the minor inconvenience!

  341. Patti H.

    I was looking for a birthday gift for my ten-year-old twins that didn’t involve a screen or a plug, that’s when I came across Capture the Flag REDUX. So, I ordered it for them, and I’m so glad I did. They were so excited when they opened it and have loved it ever since. It was easy to set up and so much fun to play. It’s so great to see all of my kids from ages 7 to 20 playing it together, and it makes me happy to see them off of their screens and doing something active. And, they are having fun trying all of the game variations on the cards. The pieces have held up great and are still really bright even after a lot of use. We even played it in the snow with our neighbors! I’m thinking it would make a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for my nephews and nieces this year!

  342. Amy C.

    Great game. Teenagers loved it

  343. Brick

    This item had lots of positive reviews but I didn’t have a very good experience with it. We had 20+ 10-11 year old boys to play capture the flag for a birthday party. One orb kept stopped working which was basically a game stopper. The wristbands don’t stay on and would frequently break. I spend so much time dealing with the wristbands that don’t work well and unsnap easily then break. The markers also didn’t all work correctly and took about 20+ minutes to get some to work. This has good potential but the quality of the products is low. After spending $90 for the main kit and expansion I was quite disapppointed

  344. Brad &.

    Our kids love playing this and they are great with customer sevice if you run into any issues at all!

  345. UndgnfiedWrshpr

    We purchased this game to host an event on a college campus as a Christian Student Ministry “Glow in the Fark Capture the Flag”. We had over 50 students play and they are begging for us to do it again because it was a blast! A few of our lights were stolen that night, but if you go to the merchants website, you can order replacements. We did so and got them within a week. I was waiting for a bill but never got one, so I called them to ask about it and they told me they send replacement parts for free! That’s right, you read that right FREE! They also sent me a discount code to order the expansion pack which adds a purple team set. Can’t wait to do it again. Great customer service and amazing to play. We also ordered separate boxes of wristbands (100 in each box) so as not to give away the nice ones this set comes with. We only let our faithful students use them so we know we’ll get them back.

  346. Michael L.

    I ordered this game for a youth lock-in. When the box came, it was much smaller than I anticipated, but once I opened it up, I was very pleased. They fit a lot of product in a small package! We prepped everything for the game and I was impressed by the quality. When we started playing, our teens dropped one of the flags pretty hard a few times and the bottom came off. I couldn’t get I back in. Our teens soon noticed that one of the bands was malfunctioning. Thankfully, I had already registered the product.I messaged the company and let them know that one of the bands was defective and that we had broken one of the flags. I was expecting to purchase a glad since it was our fault. They sent me replacement parts for the part we broke and the defective part, plus a few extras with a hand written note from one of the employees.Because of the fun with the game and the first class customer service, I plan to buy the expansion pack when we need it.

  347. Jemma T.

    We love Capture the Flag and the light up version is even better! Kids absolutely love it- all ages! This set is quality- not junky at all- very well done! And amazing customer service! Buy the expansion set as well! Will definitely order from this company again (buying the swim game next).

  348. Auntie

    Given as a gift for my 13 year old nephew. Great game. Great concept, the kids all love the glow!! Awesome customer service. Had a problem with the switch on one of the orbs and I filled out an email form and company replaced it at no cost in 2 days. They couldn’t have been nicer! Definitely recommend this game and company! Great gift!

  349. ALISON B.

    Get your kids OUTSIDE! This game is GREAT because it can include everyone in the neighborhood (parents too, if they are adventuresome enough:) They play this game for hours!My kids are 11, 13 and 15; they all enjoy the uniqueness of the challenge and the fact that all their friends can play.We had an issue with one of the main glow balls breaking, and the company replaced the ball quickly and at no charge! This is a company that understands there are pieces that can break, but they are willing to support it, and keep the kids having a great time. You will NOT be disappointed!!

  350. Anonymous

    We absolutely love this game! SoMany variations to play. We ended up having an end of summer cook out and played this for 2.5 hours! Adults and kids had a blast. One band came not functioning but I’ll contwcg customer service on that. Buy it!

  351. rockITgirl

    The kids loved this. Took this on a few camping trips and just the fact that they got to run around at night, they found exciting. The cards are clever but the kids seem to make up their own games. The only reason I gave this a 4 star is because the wrist bands pop open and fall off. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to make them smaller for little kids so they are way too big.

  352. Dabin R.

    the game is very fun, is a good idea, the rules are easy and you can change or make more creatives ways to play, good exercise too, the kids and the adults enjoy it very much.

  353. Thomas M.

    This is awesome for kids, adults and really everyone! We love it and have such a great time.

  354. Amanda

    This is so much fun! A big hit at the family vacation.

  355. Alan W.

    Headline says it all. New spin on classic game, and the optional directions for other games is fantastic. Great for youth ministry!

  356. Mila

    Got this game to be played at a large sleepover party for 2nd-5th graders. It was a big hit and kids made up some of their own rules as they went along. However, about 20 minutes after the start one of the orbs stopped glowing after a fall into the grass. Also multiple bracelets snapped of on the wrong end and couldn’t be adjusted. Kind of disappointing to get such a flimsy product for $60.

  357. Christine

    My kids love this game.

  358. Anonymous

    This was a gift for my grandchildren to add more fun to an already loved game. They said the game was awesome! Thanks for making night games more fun!

  359. RJ

    We had about 22 teen kids over for a pool party, try to organize them – well that’s an issue you will have to figure out. They had a blast. So my parenting advise, inform them to let you place the bracelet on & off the wrist. The attachment is not so easy to figure out in the dark. 2 broke, we had glow in the dark bracelets, so we were able to substitute (but not with flashers) I do wish the ground dividers were a little bigger or had 2-3 more to line up. Make sure your grass is freshly cut-or its harder to see the line. They include game cards which is helpful, but before the big event try it our with your family / close friends first to work out the ins & outs. last suggestion- pool parties, don’t let your guest get the items wet.

  360. Jacqueline D.

    Played at night at camp by my campers. They loved it!

  361. K. B.

    When our game arrived, one of the bracelets was not lighting properly so I contacted Starlux games online. I received a prompt response telling me that two replacements were being sent to me which I received within just a couple of days. The game is a hit with my kids and their friends – a fun twist on a traditional game. They love playing at night with the glowing orbs and bracelets!

  362. Johansing

    We took this camping (the kids made up different rules they all agreed upon) and they all had a blast! It was so neat to hear hem working out the details and then gathering into their groups. Good times and great fun! Unfortunately we did lose some pieces. Guess I shouldn’t have left it up to the teens to get all parts back into the box.

  363. tbjaa

    My grandchildren LOVED this game! I had 9 grandchildren overnight and had lots of activities planned for their stay. This was the favorite! I did have one of the red jail lights that didn’t work and one border light that didn’t work. I still give this game 5 stars because I emailed the company and they promptly sent out replacements.

  364. Daniel

    Our capture the flag game arrived after what was apparently a little rough mailing process. After writing the company about a few replacement parts they replied promptly and shipped the new pieces within a few days. The game is truly fun and the kids are having a blast in the backyard with us. It’s a perfect family night time game. We even take it camping! Thanks for the great customer service and we will definitely buy more outdoor entertainment products again.

  365. Melissa H.

    My son received this for his 11th birthday. We had the chance to use it after a cookout one evening and it was a HUGE hit with his friends. Great to watch the kids running around the yard instead of playing video games!

  366. Andrea T.

    I bought the game for my 14 year old grandson. He played with siblings and friends ages 9 and up. They loved it so much that I bought another one for my other grandchildren from Chicago. The game was easy to set up and although a few bracelets wouldn’t stay together, they taped them and continued playing. They did say that the capsules for the flag did not stay attached and had to tape as well. I believe the game pieces could be a better quality, but the game itself is wonderful! Gets the kids outside and active.

  367. billsfan

    Lots of fun to play but the lighted balls break easily. One of our flags broke the first time we used it and now we have to tape it after we turn it on. Still a great idea and we had a lady playing it just wish it was better quality

  368. Wanda T.

    The instructions on this game are complicated. We never really figured it out. The best part of it was the glow in the dark pieces. Priced too high for what it is.

  369. J. B.

    Perfect game for teen event. We had 18 teens and kids show up at a local park one summer night and it was a huge success in entertainment. Great fun by all! Everyone still talking about it.

  370. Moser

    AMAZING GAME!! Everyone loves to get involved from little kids to adults. Customers Service was OUTSTANDING; only a few minimal problems and they replaced everything for FREE along with additional bracelets for more kids to play and lots of free batteries. This company added a hand written note with the replacement parts and you just don’t see Customer Srvice like that today

  371. Katie S.

    We ordered this for my friend’s 10 year old boy as a gift and the entire family says it is a huge hit!!! They bring it to their baseball events and play after the games!!!

  372. Kim

    We had a glow in the dark party for my son’s 11th Birthday and the kids had a GREAT time playing the glow in the dark capture the flag. We were limited to our backyard so 3 on 3 seem to work the best for our space and we just had kids rotate in and out. We had black lights so their neon clothes (and face paint) showed up bright but you certainly don’t need it with this game. I love that you can re-use it and I’m already thinking about ideas for our church youth group. I love that 16 people can play. The kids only feedback was that we needed more rules. We only tried the basic game but are planning to take it to the beach with our group of 16 and have a fun game on the beach!

  373. Graham

    The game was a blast. The kids had so much fun with it, they wanted to play again the next night. We put up a sign up sheet in a local ice cream shop in our little vacation community and ended up with 36 kids signing up. They had to take turns as we didn’t have enough bracelets. The parents had to force the kids to stop playing they were having so much fun. Word of mouth got out the next day and many more kids (who hadn’t signed up) were asking the ice cream shop workers when the next game was because they had heard it was so much fun. All the parents in this community have decided to make this a yearly tradition. We will need one or maybe two expansion packs and probably the three way expansion pack. Remember, you will have to divide them by age group too. With the older kids running full tilt and tagging, it can inadvertently get a little rough if younger kids are mixed with older kids.The only negatives (and reason for not giving it 5 stars) were: during the first game when one of the kids got tagged while holding the orb they dropped it and it broke. We had to do some creative package taping to get it to work again. And there are no clear markings on which side to pull to get the bracelets off–especially in the dark–so the kids were just yanking them off when their turn was over and they ended up pulling out the wrong end. We had to fix a bunch and only one seemed to be damaged. But I think I will use strong glue–CA maybe– to seal the one side so the correct side slides out and doesn’t risk breaking the bracelet.As far as I can tell they don’t sell replacement orbs so if one does break (and the kids do throw them around and drop them) it would be expensive to have to re-order the whole kit again. And instead of just the $30 expansion pack, I wish they sold packs of just blue, green, and pink bracelets in case only one color was damaged and needed to be replaced–like a four pack.Overall, this is so worth it! The kids loved it and want to play it every night! We are going to talk with our park and rec department about doing a game one night in our town park.

  374. Anonymous

    My summer campers absolutely love this game. We play in a dark classroom inside. They ask each day if they can play again. This is a great game and company. Their customer service is also top notch.

  375. Heather

    It’s a blast, kids and adults love it. One of our orbs arrived not working and the company corrected it immediately.

  376. Austin

    I purchased this game to add some variety to our youth group games. Just received both sets as well as the extra bands and am so far pleased with the contents. Everything is decently made and looks like it will hold up well as long as it’s used responsibily. I can foresee some of our teen boys wanting to toss the Orbs around which are definitely not built to withstand that type of play.I did test everything in the box and found a couple bands either didn’t turn on or were quite finicky to turn on and off; but the customer service with the company was excellent. They sent replacement parts the next day and we are set to go. We look forward to testing the game out soon.

  377. Missouri B.

    Grandkids had a great time with this over the 4th of July holiday. Everything worked, and I’m impressed with the company follow-up after purchasing to assure that all pieces arrived and were working properly.

  378. Michele .

    Great idea! However, the amount of button batteries in here is worrisome. The button batteries fall out of the little round lights very easily. Since I have a toddler and a puppy, I don’t even let my older son (12 yrs) use the little lights in fear of my kid or dog swallowing one of the button batteries if it falls out. I HATE toys that use button batteries, but I know the options are limited.

  379. WishesUT

    This game takes night games to a whole new level. The lights really add to the fun and my kids ages 15 to 7 had a great time with it. The parents did too. I was incredibly impressed with customer service. I let them know that one of our bands and a sphere weren’t working properly and replacements were sent immediately. If you register the game they’ll also send you some replacement batteries. The game includes cards which has variations of the games you can play. It’s a lot of fun and worth the price I think. It’s nice to work with a company that stands behind their product.

  380. mary F.

    Great game for kids of all ages!

  381. s.Vincent

    Gave this to my grandson for his 14th birthday birthday party. He had 14 friends over and they all had fun!

  382. Anonymous

    This game is. . . in a word. . . awesome!Since receiving the game, we have hosted two 14-player Capture the Flag Redux events, and they went really smoothly. The game devices (field markers, orbs, bracelets) were easy to use and clearly marked the field and the players. The kids (ranging in age from 7 to 14) were all really excited to be playing after dark and the LED component created a “space-aged” feeling, which added to the excitement.We are very happy with this purchase and may even buy another to host larger events.

  383. Shelly E.

    It shipped quickly and made a wonderful gift for my friend’s son who needed some cheering up!

  384. CT r.

    This was a birthday gift for a young man on his 13th . He LOVED it and it was a huge hit with him and his friends the evening of his party

  385. michael d.

    This game is so fun and if you lose any of your pieces, you’ll find their customer service is incredible. Highly recommend!

  386. Jen

    Cool game, excellent customer service.

  387. Hoodly

    My son and his friends though this was very cool, BUT, the globes (flags) both broke on the first use. He has his friends over for bday, set up outside, first globe was not lighting up and second glove was lighting up intermittently. I emailed the number provided in the box for repairs or replacements and never heard back. VERY disappointing considering many customers have posted this challenge.

  388. Anonymous

    I purchased this game and was hesitant because I felt it was over priced. Sure enough it arrived for my sons birthday party and the light up orbs would not stay lite and kept blinking or just not lighting up. Within minutes one of the green bracelets completely broke. The 12 kids ages 4-12 did have fun but it was hard to determine boundaries with orbs that constantly turned off. Would I recommend this game for another family. Only if they want to spend 50 dollars and pray it worked properly.

  389. Cristina S.

    I Bought this game for my daughter’s beginning of Summer sleepover! She had a group of athletic and competative 11 year old girls over and they all loved this game. They would’ve kept playing all night if we hadn’t made them come inside. We would highly recommend this game to everyone!

  390. Lisa P.

    Wonderful night time game for teens and adults.

  391. LEH

    I purchased two of the starter sets and two sets of the expansions for my campus organization. My college students love it! A few of our pieces were not working upon arrival, but their customer service was excellent and quickly replaced the defective parts. Would buy again without question. A great company and I look forward to seeing what they offer in the future.

  392. Nancy P.

    Kids have a blast playing Capture the Flag in the dark.

  393. Anonymous

    This game was purchased for our beach vacation. Night time on the beach was a huge hit. We had a slight issue with one of the orbs but the company was quick to respond. I would definitely recommend trying it out as soon as you receive it so any issues can be dealt with ASAP. That being said, this was definitely worth the money. Kids and adults all loved it. By the end of the game we were all covered in sand and sore from laughter. We plan to play again with my son’s friends at his graduation party.

  394. Sharon K.


  395. Anonymous

    I am a kid’s pastor with 2 boys. I tried this out first with the neighborhood kids… ages 6-11 (10 of them) they loved it. They played for an hour and didn’t want to stop. Later that week we had a camp out with 27 kids (3rd-6th grade) and they played for hours without complaining. I asked after the campout what they liked the most and they said capture the flag! Great game!The only issue I had with it was that a few of the bracelets kept coming apart on the opposite side during the game. I had bought extra glow sticks and just had the kids use those if that happened.

  396. Need m.

    If I could give a no stars, I would! Bought for my daughters birthday party. Took out of box and one orb “flag” won’t work. Changed our batteries (yep..went and bought some small expensive “watch batteries only to find that didn’t work either). Most braclets broke and would not stay on the kids wrist. Very disappoint! I spend almost $90, including the extra pack of braclets, only to find we can’t play the game. Please don’t waste your money!!

  397. Nicholas W.

    My 8 year old daughter and her friends love this. Usually the run outside at night playing tag. Now they play this whenever they can. They love having the lighted wrist bands and helps the parents keep track of everyone. Company was great is resolving an issue with one of the bands and, as promised, sending replacement batteries.

  398. Tina K.

    The kids loved setting up they’re territory’s!

  399. Jenny V.

    Bought this for my daughter’s 10th bday party and it was a blast! All the kids enjoyed the game and didn’t want to stop playing. Definitely recommends this product.

  400. Julie S.

    We ordered this for my sons birthday party. It was a huge hit!!! We had a ball break the last round they played. Customer service was phenomenal!!! I would highly recommend their products. We can’t wait to get a group together to play again!

  401. Zach

    15 to 18 year old boys love it! And, parents love the customer service! Ordering replacement parts is simple and easy.

  402. Andrea

    Everything was great but one of the flags didn’t work… so that was disappointing

  403. tavis l.

    Just as others said, the orbs did not work. Due to it being a delayed birthday present…I missed the return window. Should be a fun product. My son was super excited. What a let down.

  404. S. R.

    This has been a game that, once introduced to our scout troop, has been requested regularly. There are multiple game modes, lights for jails, globes for the flag, and wristbands for players.I had an issue with my globes, and they sent me replacements with a hand written note of appreciation for buying from them. How wonderful!I can’t recommend this (or the customer service) highly enough! 🙂

  405. sono464

    This product is SO great. It came on time and my group is very excited to play. The added cards for alternate game play is a great bonus! Thanks for an awesome product! Their customer service is outstanding as well.

  406. Anonymous

    I bought this for my nephew for his birthday & his Dad assembled it for him. Even after trying to mess with the batteries & exchanging for several different sets of replacement batteries, the lights on the balls WOULD NOT stay lit. That’s the whole reason my nephew wanted this game for his birthday!!! I’m so disappointed now because I’m the Aunt that gave my poor nephew a broken toy for his birthday. It was pretty expensive, too…and since I wasn’t told about the defect (as my sister didn’t want to hurt my feelings), we missed the return/exchange deadline. (Which was only a week after his birthday). Boo to this game & the fact that we’re stuck with a dud. I don’t have the money right now to get him a new one.

  407. Samantha U.

    Liked by kids & adults both!

  408. dgold

    Best game ever!!! Kids only played once and can’t wait to play again! Great customer service also!!! Looking forward to the rest of the summer nights playing all the fun games that are included, endless summer fun!!

  409. Christine H.

    My kids ages 7 and 8 love playing this with friends from the block

  410. Anonymous

    What a great game!! Kept my teeneagers entertained for hours! The kids look forward to coming over so they can play. If you can get teens away from their electronics & laughing and in fresh air then it’s a MAJOR WIN!! I had some trouble with a couple of the pieces, contacted customer service and they were AMAZING. They replaced the pieces right away.

  411. T2278608

    I have seven kids and this game entertains for hours. I would recommend to anyone with kids or a competitive game between adults:)

  412. Dayton F.

    I’m a student Pastor and this had been one of the favorite youth group games that i have bought for my students. They love it. Great game to get them outside and moving around. Great game for team work. And who doesn’t love capture the flag? A lot of fun!

  413. Charles b.

    I work at the YMCA. Occasionally, we do Parents Night Out, which means a lot of outdoor games in the dark. This product is great because our kids love playing Capture The Flag. Since every thing lights up, including boundaries, jails, and flags, and wristbands, this product has given us hours of big time fun. I love this product.

  414. u. m.

    Orbs did not light up. Game was fun though can you please send us new or does that work? Thank you

  415. LShaff

    DisappointedReady to use for youth group in 2 days only to have the product to arrive with 2 of the 3 orbs not working. Only the pink orb is working. The blue orb had the battery protector still in tact, but when removed it didn’t work. The green orb worked fine when turned on for the first 3 times then stopped working. I wish I could contact seller and ask him to send me the green and blue orbs so we could have our youth night game on Tuesday as planned. It seems like a great concept and I want to stick with it, but I have no choice but to return unless seller send me contact information.UPDATE: Customer service overnight-ed 2 new globes in time for my youth event. They even added 2 extra bracelets. Everything work perfectly. It was a huge blast for the teens.I also ordered the expansion bracelet kit and 3 way expansion kit because we have a large group.

  416. Iowa

    Our kids are 9 and 12 and always want to play capture the flag. The kids love it!

  417. Anonymous

    My kids are too young for this game, should be for 12-17 years old

  418. Susan W.

    Great game. Family has already had fun with it right out of the box. Lights are bright on the boundaries, jail and “flags”. The wristbands for players are durable and light up nice. A few weren’t working out of the box so we wrote the company. Replacements were quickly sent, even had a handwritten note inside thanking us. You also “register” and they send you replacement batteries free! Can’t wait to try with a large group. Great product and worth the money in my opinion.

  419. Martin (.

    Kids love it

  420. Jennifer W.

    My youth group like the game

  421. JT

    A lot of fun! Family has truly enjoyed it!

  422. Tiffany

    Very fun! Kids love this game, can’t wait for warmer weather to play outside more comfortably.

  423. Christian

    So excited to play capture the flag with this lighted equipment. For those of you out there with similar questions as myself, the bracelets are not adjustable and most likely will not stay on a little persons wrist. I’m currently trying to figure out how to affix it to my five year old so that it will stay and be visible. Also, I’m not a big fan of the way the bracelet connects (like a male female connection) because I feel like it could disconnect very easily while running. Otherwise, a very novel idea and I’m sure my kids and myself will have a blast!

  424. sunshineandj

    I ordered this product for my son’s birthday party. I saw it as a fun alternative to laser tag which costs a great deal more. The kids had a blast with the game. I was hoping to love the product, but unfortunately, it was not without issues. We had difficulty getting many of the lights to work. Some of the marker lights came with two batteries but would not turn on. We worked through each one and found that some of them actually worked with one battery instead of 2. One of the blue lights would never turn on. The issue wasn’t the battery but the bulb. Also, the large blue orb light did not work well. The battery was very weak and the contact poor. It only comes on occasionally. The green orb light was dropped once and now is difficult to turn on. I would think with a game that involves running with the orb outside that the orbs would be made sturdier. The lights on the bracelets work great but are difficult to keep on smaller arms. I am sad that we may only be able to use the product once. I have consoled myself in that we at least saved money compared to one game of laser tag. The idea is great. (Also, for people who have children that are sensitive to images, do not allow your child to look through the deck of cards included. Some of the images are quite scary. I so like the game alternatives but would have preferred the ideas in absence of the images.)

  425. michelle

    Love this game! Felt like a kid again definitely took me back to my childhood & also reminded me how out of shape I’m in(lots of running)! The neighborhood kids have had a blast playing this on the golf course at night! Definitely worth it!

  426. Jacquie B.

    The game is awesome and honestly fun for my while family. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because the wrong end of the bracelet on a couple of them came out and we had to glue it back in but other than that it’s awesome!!

  427. Tulip T.

    My teen’s group of friends had played Capture the Flag at camp and when I saw this–I thought it would be fun for them to play.They really enjoyed it, but after playing a couple of times–there are already parts that are broken or not working properly. The battery holder chamber on the orbs came off and would not stay on so they have had to tape them on. Additionally, several of the bracelets are not lighting up and working now.Even though the game itself is fun–I found it expensive for the quality. Maybe our kit was just a dud–but it was too much money to have parts not working after only playing as a group 2 times.

  428. Anonymous

    Awesome game! All the small children (ages 8-12) loved the game and had fun playing it at night. I highly recommend this! Great product

  429. Sada

    The game was really neat and fun, but hard to understand. It’s probably better for older children.

  430. JKStewart

    Kids are loving this game. They played this game the same day it came in and loved it. They even got other kids from the neighborhood and played.

  431. jennifer g.

    Super exciting!

  432. Melissa

    Bought for a teen party, they played it for hours…so much better than video games!

  433. Sharde G.

    I purchased this for a boys sleepover party. It was delivered very quickly, and all of the little boys had a blast. No complaints!

  434. gbl

    This game is a blast. Set it up in a fairly dark park and all you can see are the lights- the other lighted wrist bands, the boundaries, and the field markers. It’s even fun to watch. My kids are constantly wanting to go out and play this. I had bought lighted cones, wristbands, and a lighted frisbee and football for my son for Christmas, but, even though it was fun to play, the pieces worked intermittently and it was frustrating. With this kit the lighted field markers and wristbands are more reliable, and it ended up being less expensive than buying things separately. I did have an issue with this kit where the on/off switch on one of the balls was loose and the company immediately shipped out a replacement. I highly recommend this game and this seller.

  435. I L.

    Nice concept, but at the end of the day, they really just are just glow-stick bracelets. The glow sticks cost a fraction of what this game costs. Would rate it higher if it was priced more competitively considering how simple the components of this product are.

  436. OTgirl

    Responsive company. Replaced any items that were not working upon arrival (mostly battery issue) and any that broke within the first few times playing. Received quickly and company personally e-mailed me to see if I was satisfied. Great night time group game! We look forward to using it this summer.

  437. Anonymous

    Great concept, kids love it, we can play in the house to and is a lot of fun. Wish there was a way for the glow wristbands to be adjustable, otherwise everything is great.

  438. ccxthree

    I was hesitant to order this game because of the price, but it is worth every penny, and then some. My son got this for his birthday and every time he brings it out, it is a HIT!! The kids (and adults!) all come in exhausted,laughing and claiming how much they love the game! They even played in my house one time! I would give it 10 stars if they had them! There are also cards included for variations on the game.Another AWESOME thing about this game is their customer service. If any part needs replacing, they send to you immediately! When my son first played the game, the orbs’ batteries lasted a very short time. I figured that this was just from being in the box, shipment etc, but I did write to the company. I had a response the next day and they sent a whole new set of batteries (which I had within 2 days!) WOW!Really impressed at this game and the service!

  439. Anonymous

    I bought this game for a weekend outing with a bunch of teenage guys, and it was a hit. We played in the dead of night in the woods for a couple of hours. I highly recommend it if you want to entertain and tire a crowd of people. I would also encourage you to buy extra batteries, some of mine where already drained as soon as we turned them on. No biggie though!

  440. Kindle C.

    Fun game to play in the dark. My order came quickly and everything worked. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the wrist bands come unhooked fairly easy. We lost one of the green bands when it came off. We were able to find the battery part, but not the strap.

  441. Mom o.

    SUCH a fun game – our kids (aged 11 to 15) loved playing it on the beach!

  442. Kevin M.

    a pleasant surprise. Good ideas for additional games.

  443. Anonymous

    My kids (10-8y) loved this game. They have so much fun.

  444. Liliane C.

    I mentioned to the makers that one of the lights wasn’t working in the set. I had a replacement within a week along with a whole set of replacement batteries in case other lights went out. That is some awesome customer service! We had a blast using this with the family.

  445. DANI L.

    Everything worked perfectly! Great game redone!

  446. Macelin C.

    Kids have a ton of fun playing this.

  447. Owen

    We only played the game once and I noticed the design of the wrist bands is not that great, took awhile to put on. fun game! you get lots of exercise out of it, need to improve the wrist bands somehow, maybe like a regular watch band?

  448. marianne T.

    Not worth the money paid!

  449. Nanajio

    Loved the way you can track the players and ensure they are safe while letting them have the fun of regular capture the flag plus all the additional games. Loved this for my grandson so much I bought two more for the youth group at church.

  450. Tasha3864

    Just ordered this for my sons birthday party and neither of the “flags” will light up. very disappointed.

  451. mom a.

    Played for hours…

  452. Christa

    My boys had a blast with this the other night with their friends! When the weather gets a little better they are planning a neighborhood event! So much fun in the dark! Everything, so far, works and the seller made sure to let us know if anything didn’t work they would replace. Very nice follow up!

  453. Madi R.

    Best game ever. We never wanted to stop playing. And such a great fun way to get kids out and moving. They ask me to play again all the time!

  454. Jean-Francois R.

    This is a great product! Our kids love it and they have been playing with it since the Holidays.

  455. ann w.

    I am usually pretty wary of buying items like this because they tend not to work. However it had great reviews so I thought I’d take the risk and buy this for my son‘s 10th birthday party. Upon opening the package we discovered two of the items did not work. The owners of the company had already contacted me just to check in to see if I had received the items and to let me know to contact them if there any problems. I immediately emailed the company and received a reply within an hour. Replacement items were shipped out to me the next day. My son and his friends played this at his birthday party and the kids had a blast. I know they will get a lot of use out of this when summer comes and all the neighborhood kids are out playing on those long summer nights. I am giving it four stars just because of the fragility of the items. One of the orbs was dropped during the party and immediately stopped working. I am guessing it just needs a new battery. The customer service from the company was excellent.

  456. REBECCA A.

    Arrived with broken pieces.

  457. Patricia S.

    Great product and great customer service. I would deal with this company all day long. Thanks.

  458. kellyjlo

    Have played once…needed a much bigger space to play

  459. Anonymous

    Super fun game but disappointed by many items requiring new batteries out of the box. Luckily I had some (but not all) on hand on the day of the party it was purchased for. The box says “batteries included” but they were drained in both orbs and many bracelets (big bummer).

  460. Mike

    The kids love this game! It arrived with a couple broken parts, but customer service was excellent and sent out replacements right away. I highly recommend this product.

  461. Richard M.

    Purchased as a Christmas gift. Looking forward to warm weather to play. We had one blue light not working. Redux quickly replaced it and provided a few extra pieces also. We received our free batteries for registering. Great company to work with!

  462. Ashley

    Great game! Kids love it! Phenomenal Customer service!!!

  463. Bryson W.

    Very fun experience I had with not only my children but I also play the game with some coworkers a lot of fun definitely a great product

  464. Brenda B.

    My kids love this game. Keeps them playing for hours. They can’t wait for it to get dark enough to play. They don’t let cold, snowy, Minnesota winter’s slow their fun either. Year around fun. Played so much that both orbs were damaged. Went to the company website to purchase replacements and found there provide them at no cost. Within a few days replacements arrive. Kids are excited to play again.

  465. CCarlson

    I purchased this game for my 13yr son this Christmas, his friends and him played it right away and loved it. Unfortunately after the game they lost some of the pieces. I contacted Redux via email and Lindsay emailed right back. She was very helpful, I stated what pieces I had missing, she very quickly shipped them out to me, (along with extras) at no additional cost. It is rare to find a company with such good customer service. We are excited for nice weather so we can get the full experience of the game and are grateful to Lindsay for providing the missing pieces so that we can. I would highly recommend this game for a fun outdoor summer activity for everyone of all ages.

  466. SUSANNE R.

    This game is absolutely brilliant and our kids have a ball with it, as well as their cousins. We were away together over the holiday and they all played every night. Players ages ranged from 5-42. It’s a total crowd pleaser. My sister plans on getting the game for their kids as well of a few friends I have told about it. Perfect alternative to video games that got everyone outside and moving!

  467. MICHAEL M.


  468. Missy

    Awesome! My boys love it!

  469. Laura R.

    Hours of fun for large or small groups. Of all ages! Comes with cards that give you multiple ways to play the game. We had such a blast playing this and we even played it indoors. With a small group of kids at my son’s school. Way too cool!

  470. Faith P.

    Very awesome game. Comes with a ton of variations. And if you register your game they send you free batteries!!

  471. Anonymous

    Great outdoor fun everyone was able to participate

  472. amber F.

    Love it!!! Everything was in working order! I’ve ordered several products from the same company. And they all were amazing!!! They have some the best customer service I’ve ever received too!!! Great products, and great service!!! Highly recommend!

  473. Gail M.

    I first bought the Nighttime Outdoor version of Capture the Flag for two of my grandchildren. This product was such a great hit it is now one of my gift staples. Boys, girls, under 10, tweens and teens all love to play…a total success!

  474. Michelle W.

    We had fun but all of the technical difficulties made playing a game you got for Christmas with 7 children a little frustrating.

  475. Amanda B.

    My grandson loved it!

  476. John S.

    Bought this for my kids, we all played it the first time in the house and had a blast, our whole family love this game. Can’t wait to play it outside. The kids love the orbs and having the wristbands that light up! Highly recommend for anyone looking to have fun and get your kids playing outside for a change!

  477. Lisa U.

    Played this at our daughter’s 13th birthday party. Everyone had so much fun.

  478. Brad S.

    The company was great to deal with and delivered exactly what was advertised.

  479. Nolan

    Purchased for my middle school program a the Y. Kit was smaller than expected but they manage to fit all the parts into the box. All pieces are made of plastic so we will see how they hold up over time. Some of the batteries were dead or dyeing and they dont give you extras in the kit, but if you register your kit they send you a bunch of new batteries which I appreciated. Great Customer Service; One of my wrist bands did not work but after filling out the easy replacement googledoc I had a new band with a few extras in a few day. Using the kit for the first time this Saturday.

  480. Michelle T.

    The kids had a blast! Couldn’t wait for it to get dark!

  481. Rightmeow

    I gave this to my 12 y/o grandson to have something to actually do when he has friends over, besides Nintendo! He was a huge fan! Loved it.

  482. Daniel L.

    Enjoyable game with the neighborhood kids. My nephews love to play when it is dark and the weather is clear and cool. Hours of fun and exercise.

  483. BA

    I don’t know sent it as a gift

  484. Karly C.

    Kids have so much fun

  485. Anonymous

    My nephew was super excited to receive this game for Christmas.

  486. B.J

    What a fun game. My kids played for hours!

  487. Margaret G.

    My grandson was so excited to receive this Capture the Flag game for Christmas! He can’t wait to get his friends together to play. This is really a great idea!

  488. JLG

    Good to get the kids outside.

  489. Corine D.

    Rating it 4 stars for now just because we haven’t gotten to play it yet since it’s frigid here in MO. But coming out of the box it looks so awesome and my girls (10 & 12) are super excited about it. They’re already counting down the days for when we can have friends and cousins over to play.

  490. vannoy b.

    The kids absolutely love this game they played for hours

  491. Anonymous

    Great game to play with family and friends

  492. baybreezedb1

    This was a Christmas gift for my 13 yr old grandson and he said “This is so cool”

  493. Karen

    We are a foster home of 7 kids right now. The game held they’re interest for hours. It’s pretty cold outside right now at night and they still went out to play it. I peeked at them a little running around the yard. We have a lot of space-40 acres and there were kids running everywhere. It will get far more use when it warms up. It is not really a winter time activity in some areas.

  494. Anonymous

    I ordered this game for a sleep over Christmas party for four, ten year old boys to play. They stayed out in the freezing cold after dark playing this game for a few hours! They loved it and I loved watching them play. Anything that gets kids moving and outside is exciting for a parent!

  495. Kenneth

    I got this as a gift for my nieces and they really enjoyed it. I remember playing flashlight tag and capture the flag myself in my youth and this blending of games meant for outdoors summer fun seems great. Arrived on time with all parts.

  496. Lynn H.

    Got game for my daughter for Christmas. We played Christmas night, even though we had a small group we still had fun, can’t wait till New Years Eve to play with a bigger group!! Great way to get active….even at night!!

  497. Ghida N.

    Bought this game for my 10 yr old and he and his friends love it. Then the adults played and it was great!Delivered very quick upon purchase. Thanks!

  498. Anonymous

    My kids got this for Christmas and they love it

  499. Barbara A.

    Great kids game. Thank you.

  500. Anonymous

    Capture the flag was a huge hit this morning – in fact, it was the most exciting gift my boys received from Santa! We will be playing it tonight (kids will be happy & busy capturing the flag) so the adults can have a beautiful Christmas dinner! Everyone wins!!

  501. Aaron N.

    Excellent for kids of all ages – had a blast!

  502. Lisa A.

    We played the game one time and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the wristbands fell apart within minutes. However, I contacted the seller, received a response within a day, and they sent replacement wristbands immediately, along with a few wristbands that connect in a different way. Super impressed with that. Our whole large family really enjoyed the game!!

  503. Eric

    Great game for kids of all ages!!

  504. Anonymous

    Kids had a blast playing this at night! Perfect front yard activity

  505. Tracy .

    Product was delivered on time and was packaged as advertised. It’s a Christmas present so we’ve not used it yet, but overall happy with the purchase. My son loves capture the flag, so I think he will Love this version.

  506. Pen N.

    We had fun playing with this at my daughters birthday. Everything worked great and it comes with so many pieces no one felt left out. I liked the variety in the game ideas they provided too. I totally recommend this product.

  507. Chelsea B.

    My son is going to be so happy! Thanks so much!

  508. Makenna B.


  509. Kristen

    My kids and their friends (ages 7-12) had a BLAST playing this. I LOVE the quality and durability of this great product. Not cheaply made. I like how the makers of this product will ship extra batteries right away when you register your product. They also leave a slip of paper inside the box saying to contact them if there are any issues or damage that may have happened during shipping, so they can fix it for us right away. There wasn’t anything wrong with ours when we got it. We LOVE it, and the kids can’t wait to play it again. We play at a big open field behind the kids school even during the cold months. The kids just dress warm and wear wear mittens, and all the running around keeps them plenty warm. Breathing cold air is actually really good for them so I’m thrilled to see them outside playing instead of in front of the screen. We’re very happy with this awesome game! 🙂

  510. nikki s.

    Awesome game. Totally love it.

  511. ShippityShop

    I’m revising my original review and giving this 5 stars now. Originally a couple of the bracelets didn’t work and I wrote the company to complain. They responded promtly and sent replacements (plus a few extras) as well as a personalized note. Has this ever happened before?! Fantastic customer care! Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any problems. This is such a great product!Great game.. we are excited to play it. Two of the glow bracelets didn’t work however upon opening and inspecting the new package. For $60 I have expectations that everything in the box should work. Wondering if there’s a way to ask the company for replacement glow bracelets.

  512. Sabrina T.

    This was truly a game of fun for our whole family! The kids had a blast, and so did the adults. Definitely would recommend this for any family that is looking for an outdoor summer time game for after a bar-b-que or take it out for camping.

  513. LeeBot

    The kids (9 and 10 year olds) loved it, and it’s a great family game that gets everyone active.

  514. Bradley G.

    Great game for our son’s 11th birthday party. We had 2 lights that weren’t working upon delivery, and they promptly sent us replacements (with extras) and a personalized, handwritten note was included. We’re very impressed with this company! The wristbands are a little large for 11-12 year olds, but as long as they’re lit up, they’re easy to find if they slide off. It’s an investment for a game, but great customer service. Many thanks.

  515. M E.

    Bought this for my daughter’s 15th birthday party and the kids loved it. Our only issue was finding a good place to play for a pretty good sized crowd of kids (about 25) but they had lots of fun! We ordered glow in the dark bracelets to use instead of using the ones in the game since we had a big crowd. Worked very well! Excellent customer service from Redux when we needed some additional parts!

  516. lori c.

    Great game! Bought it for my 13 year old and he loves playing with his friends and the younger neighbor kids.

  517. cynthia s.

    My kids love it!! Awesome kit!

  518. Karen E.

    My kids were so disappointed with this game. We used it for the first time with a group while camping. More than half of the plastic bracelets cracked in half and the on/off switch to one of the “flags” broke. I called customer service though and they were understanding and are sending out replacement parts.

  519. Mom o.

    We had a bunch 5th to 9th grader boys over for a boys club event and it worked perfectly. The lights are very bright as we are way out in the country away from street lights and there happened to be no moon shining that night. The boys had a great time! Highly recommend.

  520. Heidi B.

    My boys love this game! We bought it for my sons birthday party and it was a hit. But 2 wrist bands batteries died the first time we played it. We called the company and their customer service was absolutely amazing. They offered to replace the batteries and sent a package of batteries along with 4 new bracelets (even though we needed just 2) for us to enjoy. The game was fun and the customer service was exceptional! Thank you! 5 stars!

  521. kerianne h.

    We use this game for my boys Birthday Party ! They loved it!!

  522. Kayla

    I have not actually played the game yet as it is a Christmas gift for my brothers. I did open the box to make sure everything worked and literally cannot wait for them to open it. Looks like it’s going to be a great game!!! 🙂

  523. Geoff H.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  We are a rec soccer team, and have no access to lighted fields. So, once day-light savings ends, it is pretty tough to get in practices during the last few weeks of our season. I actually used this kit last night, along with a glow in the dark ball  Kan Jam ILLUMINATE Ultra-Bright LED Light-Up Glow Soccer Ball, Size 5  and glow in the dark Cones  GoSports LED Light Up Sports Cones (6 Pack), 9″ , for a glow in the dark soccer game. We all – kids, coaches, and parents – had a BLAST. Thought it was going to be just a one-time event, but it was so popular that we are doing it again tomorrow night. We do love the game, and look forward to using it. Several other coaches in our league are ordering for the same use.One of the parents took a video – check it out.

  524. Shelley S.

    Most fun birthday party ever!

  525. Nickole

    I literally paid 64$ for some little t lights and a few light up bracelets? Just save your money n use glow sticks.

  526. Dorothy M.

    Get family fun. Also great for birthday parties or big family get-togethers. Gets people moving and having fun! We love it!

  527. james s.

    My son and all of his friends love this game. It keeps them entertained for hours!

  528. d

    Fun game.A couple of the pieces did not light up when we received them. Contacted the seller and they immediately sent out a replacement along with extra batteries.

  529. Tim

    I bought this for my students to play at our Halloween party and it did not disappoint!It has several different ways to play, and although we didn’t get to try all of them they each seem like a lot of fun! The lights all glow very brightly and the materials feel pretty high quality. Each light has the game logo on it which gives it a cool look. One of the lights went missing at the end of the party and I emailed their customer service to purchase a single light. Instead of making me buy it they just sent me a replacement, and several extras, plus batteries! She also included a nice note! I’m more than happy with the purchase and can’t wait to play again! Thanks

  530. Anonymous

    Product is as described. Everything works; fun game!

  531. John

    You won’t be disappointed with this purchase. Perfect for high school boys and girls looking for something to do. They meet at someones house bring the game and have hours of fun.

  532. Anonymous

    We received this on Friday and played it on Saturday 28th of October. Two of the bracelets broke right away. The kids loved the game play. But we are disappointed with the quality of the bracelets. Not sure I would buy again.

  533. Alyssa D.

    This game is awesome. I bought this for my sons 9th birthday. About 10 boys played this and had a great time. The lights are nice and bright for nighttime playing. Another cool feature is the cards that come with that offer a variety of different ways and themes to play this game. I highly recommend this product!

  534. Elizabeth H.

    I was very weary buying this as a birthday gift for my 12 year old. We typically try to stay under 40 dollars for kids gifts. I’m very, very happy with the purchase. The kids love it! I watched them play and it was just amazing to watch al the neighborhood kids (from age 7-17) were having a blast!I did have to give them a pre-talk about not being too rough with the orbs (they aren’t balls!) and would not hold up to spiking or multiple throws on the ground. They did hold up to our dog fetching them, and a few gentle tosses. The markers seem to hold up ok with being stepped on occasionally. Bracelets are definitely too big for the little ones. We’ve used glow bracelets for a few games. Some game variations require the bracelets be turned off or to blinking so we may have to use them as ankle bracelets for those.The best thing is the customer service. They replaced the broken pieces quick and easy and also sent the 10 free button batteries with a note. This alone makes it super easy to recommend to others

  535. JM

    A dozen kids and a few adults played this at a Halloween party last night. They had a great time with it. I cannot believe how much the price has gone down since I bought it!

  536. Anonymous

    Such a fun game for kids of all ages to play! This game provided hours of entertainment and energy release.

  537. Anonymous

    Kids broke the bracelets in one night so pretty expensive for a one and done toy.

  538. Sarah

    Fantastic product and even better customer service! When item arrived, two components weren’t working. I followed the instructions that came with the game and got my replacement pieces within 2 days of submitting my request! My 6th and 7th graders had a combined class party and this game was such a hit that it is goinfto become an annual activity!

  539. E.Murphy

    I purchases this game for my nephews (ages 9 and 11.) They played it on a camping trip and had an amazing time. The game was a huge hit for kids and adults alike.

  540. Jamison B.

    This game looks great. Customer service has been on point and very grateful to have run across this game!

  541. Anonymous

    I bought this game for my niece and nephew. We played it as a family with adults and kids and we all had a lot of fun. I highly recommend this game if you are looking for an outdoor activity where all ages can participate.

  542. Sybil D.

    Very customer friendly company. The product is a little bit fragile, but really fun. When some bracelets stopped working, they quickly mailed free replacements.

  543. benjamin j.

    Incredibly fun game! We had so much interest in our community that we ordered a second set so everyone had a bracelet. We play with approx 30 people ages ranging from 4-45 years old. So fun! The battery broke out of the orb after the first game and they promptly sent us a replacement. The customer service is amazing and I’m confident that if anything broke in the future it would be replaced, no questions asked.

  544. Nemesiis

    Kids had fun.

  545. 1212

    Bought this in August, one of the orbs didn’t work, customer service very quickly sent me a new orb which is why I give this product 2 stars. Used the game for the first time at a large kids event this past weekend, and the other orb stopped working after 10 minutes of use, the bracelets wouldn’t stay latched so kept falling off, and a couple of the jail lights and a couple of the red boundary lights died about 30 minutes in to the game. We all really wanted this to be awesome but it ended up being a dud because the kids just couldn’t get it to work.

  546. matthew

    I bought this product for my youth group. We went outside to play and most of the wrist bands either stopped working or broke. The orbs had some sort of short in them so sometimes the light would go out or go dim causing it to be hard to find. Overall I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy it. We did have lots of fun but that’s because we made the best of it. We had to replace the wristbands with glow sticks. But not something to pay this much for it.

  547. Anonymous

    Expensive price tag…extremely cheap construction. Half of the wristbands broke before we ever got outside to play. We tried putting them back together, but they kept falling apart while players were running. Additionally, a couple of the light up territory lights moved in their casings and now can’t be shut and therefore turned on, rendering them useless. One of the orbs fell apart the first time it was captured, and we lost the non-glowing portion in the darkness. You would be better off (both financially and from a frustration/disappointment standpoint) if you just purchased a bunch of inexpensive glow bracelets in 2 different colors and used them for player and as the markers.

  548. Georgette

    The kids loved it. They had a blast. The cards with different games was great. However the bracelets wouldn’t stay on and we lost quite a few through out the night. You can still use the game without the bracelets but for the price I would have liked to be able to use all the parts more than once.

  549. Anabela


  550. Lori A.

    I purchased this game for my son to have a Capture the Flag get-together. I was shocked to find several pieces from the game missing (jail markers, bracelet, extra batteries). In addition, the green orb had a short in it and kept going on and off, then it wouldnt light at all. When you’re paying $60 for a game, you would expect nothing less than perfection! Thank God for an amazing Amazon representative… She saved me!

  551. Lisa R.

    Such a fun game! Took this game camping for hours and hours of fun!

  552. Barb

    Great game! My son has enjoyed playing with friends and family. This a nice set, everything worked right out of the box, very happy with purchase!

  553. Tdb802

    My kids love playing this game outside at night. Lots of neighborhood kids join in. There are enough bands included for all. After a couple of games some of the bands stopped lighting up. I emailed the company and they immediately sent me some replacement bands. Customer service is excellent. I can’t say enough about how much fun my kids get from playing with this.

  554. RLB

    My kids love this game. We dropped an Orb on the driveway and the light broke so we had to buy a glow in the dark rubber dog ball to replace it.

  555. Robin O.

    So much fun! Customer service exceptional!

  556. Danielle a.

    My son was so excited to get this game! When we got it two pieces did not work … I thought likely due to the batteries. I let the company know and they sent the two parts plus extra batteries. I like that it offers scenario ideas too. So, a really fun way to play the game, plus an excellent company to work with.

  557. Justanother80’sTiffany

    The customer service is amazing. When I ordered this product I checked through everything to make sure it was all working. My green orb wouldn’t turn on–the bottom appeared to have been damaged during shipment. I ordered a replacement and received it within a few days along with a set of batteries (for registering my email). No questions asked. Everything seems to be high quality. So far it has exceeded my expectations.

  558. Christine M.

    Bought this for my son’s thirteenth birthday and he and his friends played with it during his sleepover party. They really loved it! Everyone wanted to borrow it for their own parties. It was a big hit and definitely worth the money.

  559. TBeventer

    The only downside of this game is the short battery time. I’m a PE teacher and wanted to use this for some of my classes but that batteries would wear down really fast so I’m going to have to save it for a special occasion. It would be awesome if the company came out w/ battery replacement kit that I could just order and not have to search in stores for the specific batteries individually.

  560. Anonymous

    Everyone that plays this game loves it. We’ve played twice as a family since we bought the game a little over a month ago. It’s so much fun, kids loved it. We also planned a capture the flag evening for our 10 year old son, he had nine other boys over to make two teams of 5. The kids raved about it. I did not give 5 stars, only because the bracelets are a pain. They fall off easily. Not only on small arms, but even adult wrists. We new this was a problem, so for my sons get together we purchased blue and green glow in the dark necklaces to wear in case the bracelets fall off the boys. The bracelets did fall off, but they could keep playing and didn’t have to worry about trying to get the bracelets back on. I would recommend the company changes to necklaces or an old school watch style bracelet, in which you insert the prong in the hole to adjust the fit. Thanks for making such a fun game!

  561. timothy s.

    So much fun! My son played it on his 12th birthday and everyone had a blast. It’s fun to play with the family as well!!

  562. Mary

    Our family and whole neighborhood LOVES this game!!! It is great to have people of all ages enjoying a game together!

  563. Ash

    Our church youth played for hours during a lock in

  564. Ryan G.

    This has been one of the most fun games we own and we’re so glad we purchased it. We’ve used it on camping trips, birthday parties, school events, etc over past two years.While it’s normally been kids ages 7-16 playing us adults get in on the action occasionally and have a great time. We broke a few pieces over all of this playing and company sent us replacement parts for free including shipping when I would’ve been willing to pay. Amazing customer service!

  565. E. S.

    We bought this game for our 10 year old grandson. Our son and daughter-in-law have three sons and when we get together, we have a great time as a family having a “war” in our yard. It was a great gift for our family.

  566. Raquel Z.

    The kids LOVE this game! They want to play it all the time. We like the different versions of the game. I would get this as a gift for someone in a heartbeat! I also want to thank the company, they went out of their way to make sure everything worked. We had one piece that wasn’t working. We contacted them they helpful and quick to get us a replacement.

  567. Michael C.

    This is an awesome product! We took this out on our youth group camping trip and it worked super well even in a huge open field. We were very impressed by the quality of the lights. One of the orbs came to us not lighting up all the way and the company shipped us 2 new ones via two day shipping. We will more than likely be getting another set as the school year starts! Highly recommend getting this for any youth event or even young adult.

  568. Angela C.

    We had some issues with my son and his friends mistreating the toys and not handling them with care which caused a few of the items to break. Turning the lights on and off on each piece requires carefulness because if you turn them too much the pieces will come apart and the batteries can easily be lost, that was the only issue we had. Next time we play, the adults will gather the pieces and make sure it’s put away correctly, as 10 year old boys just want to move onto the next thing and throw everything in the box. I did contact the makers of the game and let them know that we had some issues with the pieces, at no fault to them, and gave some recommendations. I never asked for replacement parts, I was simply giving feedback and their customer service was quick and on top of my feedback. They replaced all my pieces that the boys messed up and/or lost in the woods, even knowing that it was not their fault but my kids. GREAT customer service and a very fun game, just be careful with the pieces when turning on and off.As far as the bracelets, they are meant for adults, I would presume. So we put them on their ankles so they wouldn’t fall off as easily. I would also suggest to play the game on flat ground, or short grass, the longer the grass the harder to setup.

  569. James D.

    Great idea….. however very cheap items. The bracelets didn’t all work and would go in and out while using them also glowing ball would fall apart a lot. I got it for some night time fun but the durability of the product was not what I thought it would be.

  570. RJ

    Amazing customer serviceHad a lot of fun with the game at a family reunion – an ‘all ages’ game!

  571. Anonymous


  572. Anne K.

    We played this on the beach under the stars and it was a blast!!! Everyone from a three year old to grandparents played. Totally fun.

  573. speedking1621

    This was given as a gift and from what I understand, they enjoyed the game immensely.

  574. chris f.

    Wonderful twist on an old favorite game. Everything about this game is well thought out and executed perfectly. Thanks for hours of fun.

  575. Anonymous

    I bought this to play at my daughter’s birthday party. It was so much fun & all the kids absolutely loved it. The adults loved it too. Great product. Great Company.

  576. Lynda H.

    Amazing family game the bigger the family the bigger the fun gets, we have so much fun with this game I recommend it to all families and friends oh especially group activities

  577. Nina H.

    My neighborhood has a lot of kids that play together in the evenings. They have had so much fun playing capture the flag redux! Who doesn’t love things that glow and running around with your friends!

  578. Anette D.

    Very awesome product. We love how the game comes with cards that give different variations of the game too. Good job, yall!

  579. Stephanie B.

    Worked well for a birthday slumber party! Kids had a blast and some neighborhood grown ups even jumped in. Need to make sure that the few bands that stopped lighting weren’t user error, but we got several packs of free batteries just by replying to an email from the company. Definitely good customer service and they want to please!

  580. P. c.

    Kids love it!

  581. Cindy

    I purchased this item , and was very impressed, with the service, and the quality of the product,

  582. TW

    One of the best purchases I’ve made! I have 3 boys and A neighborhood filled with over 20 kids. We’ve used this several times. What a hit with all ages. The game arrived on time. Very pleased!

  583. Amanda

    I was looking for something to make my son’s Capture the Flag party extra cool and was really excited to find this. The items are good quality and the company really seems to stand behind its product. Definitely recommend!

  584. Anonymous

    We got this for a birthday party and it turned out to be a huge hit. We even used it for a friends birthday party and they loved it! Everyone gets a neat light up bracelet and a glowing orb as a flag!

  585. Dan A.

    This was the second set we bought. Great game, really fun for kids 6+ and adults too.

  586. Mark F.

    Would return it if we could… Just not as cool as we expected. The wristbands are too big and half the game wouldn’t light up.

  587. bobbi

    This was a gift for grandchildren and they seemed very excited about it.

  588. Michael K.

    We have 78 children in a children’s center and they absolutely loved playing Capture the Flag at night. Hours of entertainment. Thanks for making this product!

  589. Anonymous

    The boys had a blast with this game! Countless hours of old-fashioned entertainment that glows in the dark in this box. What a great find!

  590. Nancy .

    Grandchildren fell in love with this game have played with it every night for the last 3 night.

  591. Carrie C.

    Best game for kids of all ages. My college kids got a few friends together and played for hours.

  592. Jennifer

    Many of the bracelets didn’t work and those that did work only lasted about 15 minutes. This was not worth the money.

  593. Rich v.

    I was excited about this product, as I love small businesses, but what we have here is basically some LEDs in a box. You can, for the price of about $5, buy the same concept in glow sticks at the dollar store and play Capture the Flag using them. I did like the playing cards with some game variations, but again, nothing you probably didn’t think of on your own. I was expecting some interesting wireless, LED, color changing variation on this classic game, but if you re-named a flashlight a “flag”, and used glow bracelets to separate teams, you pretty much just duplicated this $60 set. Great packaging and marketing, though my LED “flags” were dead outta the box. I returned this item and went back to playing Capture the Flag using glow sticks, just like we have for years. Honestly, I tried to make this review as straightforward as possible, as this company seems made up of great people who really care about pleasing their customers, and I sincerely wish them the best of luck.

  594. Hannah N.

    This is an excellent Product! It comes ready to play right out of the box, batteries all included and installed. If you register they’ll send you a pack of free extra batteries.Out of everything, only 1 light did not work, they immediately sent a new one free of charge before the week was out, with a short personal note, definitely a good company when it comes to taking care of things personally!The product is well made, and easy to use for any age group, lots of fun variations included and possibly more in the future (if you register it or sign up for email notifications)Everyone loves it! And I can’t wait to bring it to a family get-together. Would give 10 stars if that were an option 😊Comes with enough team bracelets to have a total of 16 players. If you need more I’d say it would be worth buying another set or if that is not an option buy some glow stick bracelets for a one time use.

  595. Nana

    Hi this was a gift our nephew and he loves it!

  596. Daniel W.

    Kids love the game! Customer Service is excellent!

  597. Jennifer -.

    great fun!

  598. Tara B.

    this is a great game, the kids have had an amazing time. I was at a party one night and all the kids were in the house, my husband walked in with this game and said, “GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!” they were outside playing for 3 hours. So much fun and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! We had a couple of bracelets not working and they immediately sent new ones. AWESOME!!!!

  599. Anonymous

    Fun game, but bracelets are hard to fit on small wrists. Also the red boundary lights could be a bit bigger. They kinda get lost in the grass. Fun game…kids loved to play it on a warm summers night. Will be great to play in the fall too.

  600. Marilynn

    Purchased as a gift; granddaughter and friends loved it.

  601. Anonymous

    The teenagers in our community love Capture the Flag Redux. We have ordered several kits because the popularity of this program keeps growing. We have 30+ kids on any given night to play in the park. The company has also been very helpful to work with.

  602. Matt S.

    We had a large family reunion and the kids as well as some adults absolutely loved this. Great product!! The glow in the dark prison, glowing boundaries and glow balls added a whole different experience to the game. The only thing I can criticize is the wrist bands. Though it added a really cool effect to who was on what team, some didn’t like wearing them because it gave away their positions when hiding. Other than that overall I loved it!!

  603. Cef

    This is an amazing game! I bought one for my kids (13 year old daughter and 15 year old son) and another for my niece and nephews (ages 13, 11, and 9). They love playing it with friends and can easily spend hours outside in the evening and night hours. We had a couple of parts that went missing (as you can imagine being outside and we also lent it to another family to borrow) and when I went to reorder more parts, thinking I would pay for them, they sent them for free, in addition to 5 new batteries. They even included a hand written note. How is that for customer service!!!! I was thrilled. Capture the Flag Redux is a great company. Would definitely recommend this game and company!

  604. Wino

    Had a small problem and they promptly remedied for us. Customer service is great and the game is great. This was a huge hit for our 4th of July party.

  605. albert b.

    one of the blue wrest bands didn’t work also along with one of the green lights but she loved it

  606. Anonymous

    Bought this as a gift for my grandsons and it is a big hit! They have lots of cousins and enjoy playing it with them.

  607. SLPinDC

    We ordered this for my son’s 14th birthday. All of the kids loved it! We had children from 6 to 14, plus adults, and everyone played.This product came exactly as described and all pieces were functional straight out of the box. The lights were very bright and were easy to see in near total darkness (there are no streetlights where we live). Bracelets and balls stayed bright through an hour of play and some were left on and were bright the next day!The next day a few bracelets were lost so I contacted the company to see if they had a booster box for just bracelets. They sent me replacements at no cost! The shipment was delayed and they sent me an email explaining why. Unbelievable customer service. I’ve been telling everyone about this fun set and company.One thing, I wouldn’t mind adjustable bracelets or the option for a mixed box with small and regular size. The little ones had trouble keeping the bracelets on.

  608. Anonymous

    12 year olds loved it

  609. Lori S.

    This went over really well on our camping trip. They played it both nights!

  610. Kirsten M.

    My Capture the Flag set was amazing. I used it at my birthday party, and it was by far what everyone looked forward to the most. The game variations also kept us going so that we never ran out of options. A few parts were missing from my set though, and some of the bracelets’ LED lights were dim. But overall, it is a great product and provided us with hours of fun. The set was also easily brought along to other events.

  611. Sharon

    Buy this game! Great activity for a group game. Our grandkids loved playing it for hours! It held up pretty well even with lots of active boys and adults playing. 4 stars because one of the globes broke after several nights of use but the kids improvised with duct tape and a game bracelet piece!

  612. B. J.

    A fun time for everyone! The company is wonderful as well. Had a random few pieces that would not light up and they sent me replacements immediately! Definitely recommend

  613. Jeanne M.

    Great fun for all ages!

  614. Kindle C.

    Our kids and their friends had a BLAST playing this at a bday party. Kids 7 through teens played and had to be dragged inside with the promise of cake to get them to stop! Excellent customer service. As noted in other reviews, two of the bracelets were faulty, but a quick response to an email inquiry that they had sent seeing if I was satisfied got us replacements and then some. I wouls definitely recommend this company to a friend…and have!

  615. Joel H.

    Kids in the neigborhood pllayed three games last night. Loved it

  616. dianelynn

    Very fun …kids love!

  617. Kathy

    We used this at our family reunion, we had 16 kids and it was a great night time activity. Hunters and The Werewolf was the favorite game to play. We are even going to come up with some of our own games with it as well. The only reason it got a 4 is because the orbs didn’t light up without a little smack to the side. Other then that, HIGHLY recommend!

  618. Suzannn J.

    My kids love this game. It was a hit at my daughters slumber party.

  619. Richard

    Great game used with my Youth Group and they loved it. I only wish they made the flags/glowing orbs more durable. All games will have them running with it or carrying it. If it is dropped once expect it to crack or break. Improve the durability of the flag/orbs and I am more than willing to buy another set and this is only reason for 4 stars.The company itself is a 5 star company. I had a couple of broken lights and they quickly sent them and extra batteries. So quick I can’t praise them enough for their customer service A+++. The product needs to be just a little more durable and you have an absolute killer game.

  620. Brady

    I love the game and my kids love it too! My only issue was when one of the bracelets broke as soon as my son fell wearing it.

  621. Patty O.

    Gave this gift to my 11 year old grandson for his birthday. He and his friends had a great time playing it on a warm summer night. Even their dog joined in! A modern day Ghost in the Graveyard. Great to see the kids playing outside!

  622. zagjak

    I purchased this for my two sons birthday party and all the kids had a blast playing outside in the dark. Their age ranges were from 4-13. The only downside was that the little boundary lights are a bit too small to be seen when placed in the grass. I wish they were larger, but the kids seemed to make it work regardless.

  623. Weezie

    So fun! Our kids love playing this with their friends!

  624. michelle h.

    Kids had a blast, say they can’t wait to do it again!

  625. Shelly G.

    Kids loved it, I think it will be used a lot this summer!

  626. deborah m.

    Bought this for a group of teen boys. It wad a hit! They loved it and played it late into the night

  627. Anonymous

    Bought it for my twins 9th birthday. 10 boys for a sleepover and this was a huge hit for the glow in the dark. It was So much fun that we played it the next day in daylight with adults and kids and still just as much funHighly recommend

  628. Joanna J.

    We bought this for my son’s high school graduation party. We had an outdoor party planned but the weather forecast did not looking promising. We cleaned out our basement and turned it into a laser tag, nerf, capture the flag battle ground under black lights. The teens ( age 13-19) loved it! They spent hours playing! They had two teams and tried to capture the flag (the glowing ball) while using the laser and nerf guns to get team mates out. The lights were nice and bright and the wrist bands helped tell the teams apart. Very durable, given the fact that a bunch of rough teen boys managed to not break any of it. Loads of fun! Highly recommend for any age. My 13 year old and his friends already have plans to use it again at his birthday party.

  629. Copper

    The game is lots of fun. Definitely for a bigger group, I would say 5-6 players on each side at least but can still have fun with less.

  630. Anonymous

    Used it for my nine year olds birthday party with 14 kids ranging in age from 4 to 12 and they ALL had a BLAST!

  631. Jessica M.

    We love this game! Kids had a blast and it worked great!We have the first version and we only used it a handful of times last season and the bracelets broke pretty easily. The springs in the ground lights didn’t hold up either. But we would reccomend for 8 and up! Fun to watch too!

  632. Brooke R.

    I bought this game for my 9 year-olds birthday party and the kids absolutely loved it! Everything worked great and the glow in the dark made it all the more fun!

  633. David P.

    One of the orbs didn’t work.

  634. shawn f.

    I purchased this set for our church’s youth group and was not disappointed. The glow-in-the-dark aspect brings something fresh to the CTF experience; our teens had a great time and were excited to play again. Also, one of the wrist band lights did not work upon arrival. I emailed the company, and they sent out a replacement part immediately. Their customer service is possibly the best I’ve ever encountered.

  635. Eleonora D.

    I bought this for my 10 soon to be 11 year old anticipating lots of summer fun in the backyard. Have not given this to my son yet but I was really impressed! He will love it!!!

  636. Anonymous

    He and his family cannot wait to play on the beach!!!!! It was a big hit!!!Always happy when we make the right choice!!!

  637. Brits

    My family and neighborhood kids have played the game several times. Very well made and the kids love it. There are a lot of extra batteries, too.

  638. Robert J.

    Everything works as advertised. Lots of fun in a small package. Delivered on time and In good fashion. I recommend for family/team building.

  639. Rebecca .

    My teenage boys and their friends LOVE this!

  640. Anonymous

    Love it!! So much fun!

  641. rondayvudo

    Haven’t used it yet, but all the components work. They have little cards with options for alternate capture the flag rules. The instructions for capture the flag are very clear. There was a little card to contact them if anything didn’t work which made me feel like they mean business about making sure that if anything wasn’t working, they would fix it asap.Will be using them at my next camping trip. Can’t wait.

  642. Lisa

    Love, love, love this set. Everything worked perfectly. Can’t wait to get outside and play this with the kids in neighborhood kids.

  643. Anonymous

    We played this game with family and had a great time so I ordered it for my kids. It is expensive so I was very disappointed that one of the bands broke before we even played. I emailed the company and they sent the replacement part. Thank you. My kids are already planning a neighborhood Capture the Flag party. The 5 star review was selected by the kids- they love the game.

  644. Vonage

    Kids love it. Only draw back was that a couple batteries were dead when it arrived otherwise i would have given 5 stars.

  645. Michelle

    Great fun for kids of many different ages

  646. D. P.

    Everything worked and entertained ages 6 to 50, this is a great game with everyone asking where I got it

  647. L P.

    FUN! FUn! Fun! The small “jail” and parameter lights come unscrewed really easy and the batteries and springs fall out. Be prepared to use extra caution thatKids don’t loose the parts.Update: Redux went WAY out of their way to make sure we we happy. They replaced the lost pieces! The kids LOVE this game!

  648. Jeffrey Y.

    This is the best game we’ve ever owned. It is a blast! Fun, ACTIVE, family or friends game. You can play inside at night (upstairs/downstairs teams) and outside. AND BEST OF ALL- THEY GIVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very rare these days. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  649. Jennifer D.

    Bought for a gift the kids love this game

  650. J. S.

    My 11 year old son got this for his birthday just a few weeks ago and has played it almost every night since-it’s perfect to play with his neighborhood friends (age ranges 7-14)! A great product!

  651. Chris U.

    Great game. Our 12 year old grandson was so excited to get it. Quality parts!

  652. Anonymous

    Truly a fun game for kids of various ages and adults. Our 5 year old and 11 year old love playing capture the flag with their friends. The game is always a hit during their gatherings. This is one of few games that the kids play for hours. So if you are looking for a fun game that keeps the kids active and encourages strategic thinking, capture the flag is the one. Very happy with the purchase!

  653. Kindle C.

    We LOVE this game! My son wanted a laser tag system – but we’ve bought one before and they’re very annoying. You always have battery issues or fights over if someone got hit etc. We were researching laser tag systems when my son found this Capture the Flag Redux and excitedly asked to buy it. (It’s half the price of most laser tag systems so I jumped on his excitement and bought it!) He has played it every non-school night since we’ve bought it. And wants it to be THE game that is played for his birthday party! Well worth the money!

  654. Jennifer C.

    Great game! Our group of 9-12 year olds played for hours.

  655. Susan L.

    This is the first game I have purchased that the kids used right away and continue to enjoy. Every time we have guests over the kids are all outside playing the game. We had an issue with the older version where the bracelets were breaking but when the seller checked in and I mentioned the issue – it was addressed right away. I would buy this again

  656. monica b.

    My kids love playing it, they already love keeping the others toy so this gives the the perfect reason

  657. AJC2

    My Life Group loves it!!! Fun and exciting game that’s keeps you on the edge!

  658. Kirsten T.

    The kids had a fantastic time with this game. We used it for our 11y/o boy’s birthday party. We did several of the variations listed and kids were tired, sweaty and all smiles when we finally called them in!

  659. Mason C.

    I am a youth minister and this game was used on our Fall 2016 Retreat. Was a huge hit! A couple lights went out and I emailed them about it a few months after and they sent new parts without any hassle. Extremely good customer service and a great product. Well worth it for any size group. My group is bigger than what this game gives arm bands for so we use cheap glow stick bracelets for extra team identifying.

  660. thefull90

    Great options for play! Capture the flag has been a classic but the suggestions on the cards are off the hook!

  661. Karen

    I purchased this for my son’s 14th birthday. Ten teenage boys played outside with it for hours and can’t wait to play again! They organized it all themselves and my son discovered the game variation cards afterwards so lots more opportunity to play! The lights are bright and beautiful against the night sky. Definitely recommend.

  662. Clint D.

    Works great! So much fun, especially when you combine this game with smoke bombs to make the “battle field” hazy.The company was great. When I couldn’t get one of the lights to work, they immediately shipped new ones, plus extra batteries and a handwritten note of appreciation. I’ll be buying from them again!

  663. Bob W.

    Birthday present for grandson. He loves it.

  664. Kindle C.

    I was very excited to find this gift after researching similar items in the market. It was so special that we gave it to our daughter as her only gift this Christmas. I was even more pleased when all of my kids (and the neighborhood kids) were excited about the gift and even decided that they had to play a game outside despite the 32 degree weather. Within a week of Christmas, they were playing it.Unfortunately, we had a group of kids playing ranging in age from 5-13 (the product says for 12 and older) and 4 bracelets snapped within hours. Perhaps it was our fault for allowing the younger kids to play and for not ensuring everyone understood how fragile the items were but we reached out to Customer Service to share our feedback soon after. Despite the initial experience with the product, we’re giving it 5 stars BECAUSE of the Customer Service. They truly went above and beyond to answer our questions and to resolve the issues we had. In fact, they sent us new bracelets within days of our communication. They truly care about their product and more importantly the kids using it. We’re excited for the next break in weather so that the neighborhood can enjoy this exciting game in the near future.

  665. Margaret M.

    My kids play this for hours! The wrist bands and light up balls make it exciting to use at night.

  666. Fun m.

    I bought this game for my 8 year olds birthday party. Last year we went to a fun center and spent well over $100 for a small group of kids to play one game of laser tag and a small amount of arcade games. And of course had to spend the money again when it came time for the younger sons party. I didn’t want to spend that much this year. I found this game and thought we’d try it…. Well worth it! Not only can we play it again and again but it was less money than a fun center and the kids had a blast. And since we can use it any year or anytime we want, I think it was money well spent! I read in some of the reviews that the bracelets broke easy but I think the company remedied this problem because they are flexible and we didn’t have any problems…

  667. Jess

    We got this for my sons birthday. At first I was nervous about the price, but the 2.5 hours we played this with about 16 kids last night payed for itself! Totally recommend

  668. Chris B.

    The “big” and regular kids love the set! Great quality. LED’s are the best, none burnt out yet!

  669. Anonymous

    Very helpful with product and even sent me upgraded bracelets when they were changed.

  670. Bass f.

    All worked as describe. Plus loved that it came with different game settings. Kids loved playing in the dark.

  671. KellyAnne

    GREAT game to get the kids outside. Customer service was amazing replacing parts that kids misplaced. I was EXTREMELY impressed with this purchase.

  672. Anonymous

    This is great product and a first class operation. We played on a Friday night with my kids friends and it was a huge success. Parents even got into it and kids of all ages played perfectly together. They all have been asking for another evening of fun, but some rainy forecasts have held us up. Customer service has responded to questions quickly and professionally. So glad Santa brought this for us!

  673. Denise Q.

    Alot of fun!!@

  674. AliMac

    I purchased this game as a gift for my children. We played it on Christmas and had fun but “we” didn’t have enough people. We were exhausted but happy. On Boxing Day we have a huge bonfire every year to help family and friends get rid of all the boxes and enjoy a good time. We whipped out Capture the flag and it was a hit! Children from 6-44 were engaged and playing. Though making up rules and regulations. The only problem the bracelets were falling off. Many were broken after repeatedly coming loose. Wrote the company. They not only replaced them. They sent a few EXTRA. These are sturdier. Their fit can’t be adjusted but I like them better. Thanks Redux!

  675. Laurie M.

    My kids love this game. I heard the pieces stop working…but I thought it was great when I heard them playing. The first night my kids (8-13) played the game, they were INSIDE!! yes, it was raining outside and they decided they had to play. So inside it was – Insane actually. There were 11 kids in my house (friends/neighbors) and they weren’t really running all over, but they seemed to be confined in one area..and there was lots of high squealing, laughing and ‘dashing’ around quick. I have no idea how to play, if they played the right way or if they even knew what they were doing…but there was NO ARGUING and the play was all focused and active on the game. Point is – they played for 3 hours and when I said it was time to stop, because I couldn’t handle the noise anymore, hey baulked. That’s a great game! They play outside now and my 10 year old packs it up each and every time…saying, ‘i love this game.’ Whoever created it took a lot of time and effort into making the pieces just so. The kids ‘get it’ and know where the pieces go and there never has been any arguing like there is with other games. GREAT!

  676. Erin

    Totally worth every dollar spent on this game!!!!! I bought this as a Christmas present for my kids ages 8, 10, 12, 14 thinking the older ones would play it. But even in the dead of winter they all go outside and play capture the flag for hours and hours. They love glowing in the dark with their bracelets and I can see them all from inside the house if I have to go in. I bought an extra game for my friends 4 kids and we can all play together. I can’t wait to use this for Boy Scouts and Youth Group nights!!!! And camping.

  677. Stephanie L.

    This game is a great idea! Wish I had thought of it. Not only that, the customer service was excellent. We had one small light out on one of the markers and after contacting the company via email, got a replacement with a hand written note inside. Would buy again and recommend to anyone! Even for just the neighborhood kids to use-

  678. Jeff M.

    My kids can’t wait to play this! We encourage the kids to stay off the electronics and get outside and play. We do a lot of camping and this is perfect gift.
    We tested the components right away and found one of the markers was disabled. REDUX quickly remedied it with no delay.
    Pros: Provides an awesome activity for the kids (and adults) at night.
    Cons: It’s best with a lot of players.

  679. Anonymous

    Great Game

  680. April D.

    My son loves it and is looking forward to playing outside when the weather warms up!

  681. Jeff M.

    My kids can’t wait to play this! We encourage the kids to stay off the electronics and get outside and play. We do a lot of camping and this is perfect gift.We tested the components right away and found one of the markers was disabled. REDUX quickly remedied it with no delay.Pros: Provides an awesome activity for the kids (and adults) at night.Cons: It’s best with a lot of players.

  682. Sarah K.

    Well designed and fun!

  683. Anonymous

    We had so much fun playing with our family. The ages ranged from 8 to 60 and there were about 15 of us. Highly recommend it!

  684. Cheryl M.

    It is great for the kids and gets them outside! The flexible wrist bands in the expansion kit are wonderful. The kids have a blast with it.

  685. Anonymous

    This game is great. Kids love this game during the day and it bring ps to another level with the lighted bracelets and ball (flag) for night time use. The only suggestion would be to have the bracelet have the capablility to snap in place. A large goup of kids can play. Be ready with water they run a lot.

  686. Anonymous

    10 year old loved it!! Favorite gift of whole Christmas. 18 yr old buying one to take back to college

  687. Anonymous

    My 2 boys loved this game before I bought this glow in the dark one for them and now they LOVE this game! I think they have played it every night since they got it! Such a fun game!

  688. TC

    My kids played the traditional Capture the Flag and now with this new set they are out every night! There are multiple kids at my house and they all absolutely love playing the game. No matter if it’s cold or rainy or warm, this is a great game to get kids outside and to see the lights running around the yard is quite spectacular. I would encourage anyone that wants to get their kids outside or if they are already outdoor kids, to try this game.

  689. Anonymous

    Really brings the family together

  690. Cristina b.

    This game was so much fun!! A lot of my family members have been playing it with out the glow lights for years, so when I found out they actually had the physical game I had to get it!! And it was so much better!!

  691. kcsteelers

    Fantastic, creative game that gets everyone outside. Terrific, responsive service.

  692. Anonymous

    Great game!!! Family gathering from ages 6-50 played! Screams and laughter from everyone!!

  693. Lorraine B.

    We played this game on Christmas night. Everyone has a blast!!

  694. suzanne h.

    Great game for all ages!

  695. dan231

    Awesome game, my teen son & his friend’s love it. Just what was needed to get them off the couch again.Have been having a blast playing this game.Worth every $.

  696. Anonymous

    Awesome game! It is very easy to set up and the kids had fun playing outside at night for hours. Great active outdoor play and perfect for a group.

  697. Gwen T.

    The grandkids played this game outside on Christmas Eve night. They had a blast! The adults actually had a chance to visit because the kids stayed outside and played for hours!

  698. Mom o.

    My kids (ages 10 and 12) and their friends had a great time playing the game for the first time – about eight kids in total. They all loved it, the only disappointing part is that when they opened the game, one of the bracelets was cracked and the light won’t stay secure.

  699. Anonymous

    Kids love playing and it gets the running around outside!! Win win.

  700. Rachael B.

    My kids love this game.

  701. Anonymous

    It is awesome! Great for youth and kids ministries!

  702. Anonymous

    I purchased this game for a 13 year old. He and his friends played it throughout the day and into the night. By the time they finished playing, all of the children were asking their parents for the game! I highly recommend it.

  703. Anonymous

    Everything was as advertised.

  704. Anonymous

    My kids absolutely love this game! They are having a ball with the whole neighborhood:)

  705. S. D.

    I got this for my w year old nephew. He absolutely LOVED it!

  706. Stacey T.

    I bought this for my 11yr old for Chistmas, by far the best thing I have ever bought! The kids and adults had a blast, we had 12 people altogether playing. Alot of falls and laughter! This is a must have! The lights are bright on all pieces. The bracelets can either flash slow, fast or stay on. If I could give it a 10 I would, that’s how much fun we had!

  707. Danielle B.

    My son is very excited to play capture the flag in the dark. I however am a little disappointed that may of the light up pieces need new batteries. This game wasn’t cheap and I don’t appreciate having to buy new batteries right off the bat.

  708. lll

    wrist bands need to be better… break easily. Fantastic fun!

  709. Chris B.

    Absolutely perfect, fun fun fun. No issues at all superior quality.I have kids ages 2 5 7 8 they love they are always asking to play it. Took it to a park and had a blast for hours. I show everybody these they can’t wait to get their own.Definitely would but this over and over again.

  710. Anonymous

    Bought this as a family gift for Christmas along with 8 Laser Tag Guns. We used the guns instead of the bands. Once the lives were gone on the gun, they went to jail and had to be tagged back in to reactivate the lives on their guns. Played at night and had a blast!!! Everyone said it was the most fun they had in a long time. Having an oyster roast for New Years Eve and planning to use them at the party! Can’t wait!!

  711. kc

    Great toy! Kids loved it

  712. stacy h.

    Awesome kit. I love the suggestions for alternative versions of the game. Very happy with purchase.

  713. Sara F.

    This has been a ton of fun for our entire family – young and old!!

  714. Carol L.

    The game is great and has everything needed to bring a game of Capture the Flag to the next level. Really like the suggestion cards for options on how to play.

  715. Shannon J.

    This game was a gift for our 6 kids, who range in ages from 12 to 22. The lights on the game are LED, and super bright. This was a great purchase! We’ve used the game twice already, and the quality of the pieces has not disappointed. We love it!

  716. Lucky 7.

    Great game for multiple groups and ages. Exercises mind and body!

  717. Nick B.

    UPDATED REVIEW: I am updating this review because the company’s customer service is fantastic. After my last review (see below), the company contacted me wanting to fix the problem. They sent us a new, updated set of LED bracelets that appear to be much less brittle and are quite an improvement. I am very impressed with their desire to correct a problem and help their customers. Would recommend this game to anyone!My sons were so excited about this game that they received for Christmas. It is a great idea and is a lot of fun to play in the neighborhood in the dark. Unfortunately, the first time we were playing when my son tagged his brother one of the wrist bands broke spilling the lights and batteries. I hoped we could superglue it back together but we have not been successful. The game is a great idea, but the quality of the equipment falls short of expectations.

  718. Julie B.

    Just got our set today and went out to play at a local park–loved it!! One wristband was not working, so I’ve contacted the company to get a replacement. Other than that, we love it so far! Great ideas for alternative play and the box and equipment is well made. Very satisfied!Update: I wish all companies had this kind of amazing customer service! They sent lots of replacements along with hands-written notes and were super prompt in replying. My kids and I have had a blast playing this game! Highly recommend!

  719. Guitarlvr12

    My teenage daughter loves this game! Super fun to play with all the cousins at night for hours. 4 stars because one of the bracelets broke first time playing, not sure how. This set has a lot to it! 16 players possible, glowing flag, centerline, team bracelets, jail markers. Great to watch out the window!

  720. Leah T.

    What an amazing way to spend an evening. We played with kids ages 4-12 and the adults even joined in the fun. Everyone had a blast. Wouldn’t change a thing

  721. Summer B.

    So much fun!

  722. Dilana G.

    Kids love it.

  723. Lisa K.

    I ordered this for my son’s 11th birthday party and it was a huge hit. All the kids went home saying they wanted that for their birthdays too. The fact that it runs on batteries that can be replaced makes this a totally worthwhile investment (it would easily cost more if I had to pay for a group of kids to go somewhere and play this for a party event) because I know both my sons and their friends will use it over and over. The game comes with variation cards for new ideas about how to play that make it easy to fit any size of group or handle odd numbers. Some of the bracelets did not work properly right out of the box, but the company responded immediately to my email and is sending replacements. I highly recommend this kit, it is a lot of fun.

  724. C. H.

    Highly recommend this game! I had 16 boys for my son’s 13th birthday and it was a huge hit!There were a couple of parts missing, but I reached out and they arrived before the party! Great service to support the product!

  725. Reednmegan

    I bought this for my daughter’s 13 birthday glow in the dark party. The kids seriously loved this game and after playing it for almost two hours we had to convince them to do the other activities. Two bracelets and one of the orbs did break that night but when I emailed the company they were so helpful and immediately sent us new ones. The kids have played this several more times and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great purchase!

  726. Missy L.

    Hours of fun!

  727. Mommy o.

    We had a party with kids aged 3 to 14 and the kids had so much fun with this game! Really well made!! Great buy!

  728. kstie r.

    I bought this for my nephew’s 8th Birthday. The kids played it at the party and we’re having so much fun the adults joined.

  729. Angela S.

    Fun ,kids loved it, but the only bad thing was the bracelets break easy if they get hit by another person or the one wearing it falls.

  730. Stacy

    Super fun. the kids had a blast.

  731. Amy R.

    Kept 11 year old boys entertained outdoors for 2 hours!

  732. Ricochet

    Very fun. Bracelets are defiantly a bit too delicate, though.

  733. David B.

    I purchased this game for my kids (8 and 10). They absolutely love it and the game is a hit for the neighborhood! I have bought several now for gifts. One of them came with a few broken pieces and a dented globe. I emailed the company and they immediately sent me new pieces plus a few bonus ones! Super fun game to keep your kids playing outdoors!

  734. TravelingMom

    I wanted to love this. The idea was fun and the kids played it one night. They loved it!! But, by the end of the game three bracelets broke and multiple lights broke. The quality is not there for the price paid.Update: I changed my review to 5 stars after the seller reached out and sent my new “redesigned” bracelets. The new bracelets are great and the kids love playing the game. Great game…and great customer service!!!!!!

  735. Jeannine

    We love the game, such a great idea! The kids had much fun and the company was so responsive to replace the broken bracelets.

  736. crissy

    A total blast! I bought this game for my son’s 11th birthday party and everyone loved the game. A perfect night time activity for any party. Customer service is top notch. Immediately was contacted by customer service to see if everything was received and in working order. Two batteries didn’t work and I received not only free replacement batteries, but a another light and two additional add -ons for one of the game variations that weren’t in the original package. I highly recommend purchasing this game. The boys were raving on how much fun the game is.

  737. CFox

    Great family game! Awesome customer service!

  738. shoeymis

    The kids absolutely love this game (boy age 12 and girl age 9). All the kids on the block have played it together a couple of times a week since we gave it to our son as a birthday gift.

  739. Anonymous

    My 12 year old son had several friends over to play the game for his birthday. They loved it! Kept them busy for hours. The only problem was that the bracelets kept falling off. Not because they were too big, but because they didn’t stay together. We ended up taping them so they would stay on, but not before a few of them were lost.

  740. tiffany

    This is a product that is actually as cool as it looks! The pieces are well made – we bought it for my son’s 8th birthday sleepover and the boys had a blast. So much that a friend who was there also ordered it for her son’s birthday the following weekend. Highly recommend! (I’m also excited to play it with the whole fam or just adults!)

  741. Jennifer C.

    This game is awesome! We played it for my sons 6th birthday party, and the kids loved it! The lights are so bright, and the bracelets are an exciting touch for the little ones. The adults loved it too! It can be made easy enough for little ones and more complicated for us big kids. Really a great buy!

  742. Jennifer F.

    Had a party with 19 boys ages 9-12. They had an absolute blast and played for hours!

  743. Midwest M.

    Purchased this primarily for my son’s 10th birthday party. The kids enjoyed every minute and played for hours!

  744. Kim P.

    I bought this game for my 11 year old granddaughter which she opened and played at her birthday party. The girls loved it! They were outside half the night playing Capture the Flag REDUX. It was definitely at hit!

  745. toni

    Awesome fun for everyone..I bought 2 as I needed 24 bracelets for a party we had..every kid enjoyed it we have decided to make a big play date with all of them again to play!

  746. Eric B.

    This is a really great concept and a lot of fun to play at night. The first time we played in a wooded area. The lights and bracelets worked great. The second time we had to play on a street. It worked well however several of the lights were stepped on and crushed and on a couple of occasions people playing fell and broke their bracelet. That poses a problem with playing it a third time and beyond. It would be great if the whole construction was more durable since the lights Form the boundaries And can easily be stepped on and broken. Again great concept but a little fragile when playing 100% effort.

  747. Anonymous

    Big hit for a boy’s birthday party!!! They loved it!

  748. Terryl

    I bought this for a Star Wars party for my 6 grandkids ages 15 through 10. Instructions were easy to understand. The kids thought it was lots of fun and they played 5 rounds before they wanted to take a break. It gave them a great outside activity and we always knew where they were as they all had on a light up bracelet. All of the parts worked, however one did break on the first night out of the box. I believe that it would be easy to order more bracelets, so really not a problem. I plan on using this game over and over when the kids come to visit. A great find! I would recommend it highly!

  749. AA i.

    Bought this for my now 10 year old’s birthday party. It was a huge hit with all the kids, keeping them running and laughing for hours. It is also beautiful to watch the colors streaking by on a dark night. I plan to play with adults, and even my teenager said it was cool!

  750. lowcalspam

    I rarely review items on Amazon. It’s not because I don’t want to help you, the dear reader. It’s primarily because I order so much from Amazon, I would have to hire a capuchin to write all of the reviews for me. My wife and I had a Halloween party with 16 teenage girls…They played this, and LOVED it. It kept them entertained for 2 hours solid, and kept them outside, so I didn’t have to hear about looney teenage girl stuff. They could have stayed out longer, but I made them come inside because of CLOWNZILLA.

  751. Cassie S.

    Way fun!

  752. Austin

    Such a fun game! The whole family loves to play. I love that it comes with several different game variations. Every time we play it seems like it is playing a new game.

  753. Rebecca H.

    This was he best game! Unfortunately some of the pieces do not working the light goes out after 20Minutes. However, the concept is fantastic and it’s the perfect gift for a 13 year old boy.

  754. monkeyrooster

    Bought two kits — one for myself and the other I gifted to a little friend. Brought both kits to campground. Entertained 20+ kids ranging in age from 5 years to 12 years for an entire night. However, after the one night of play, several bracelets were broken, as well as one of the “flags.” I contacted the seller who was immediately responsive and sent replacement parts along with extras, as well as extra gifts. Seller was extremely wonderful to work with! This is a must-have for summer nights with lots of kids! Thank you, REDUX!

  755. Anonymous

    I purchased this for my son’s birthday party with 12, twelve year old boys. They absolutely loved playing this game and it kept them engaged for several hours. It was easy to set-up; easy to play. A couple of the bracelets were lost in the dark of night, but, overall, it was an excellent experience.

  756. James K.

    All the pieces glow very bright and the game is easy to play. I recommend this for any outdoor event…it will keep the kids busy for hours!

  757. momoftriplets

    Super fun game! We played this game tonight with some neighbors. The oldest neighborhood boy who is 11 said to his dad “wow I’m actually really having fun!!” My children are 5 and didn’t quite understand the rules but that didn’t matter so much as we all had a ball playing it!

  758. Anonymous

    Excellent outdoor game. Everyone that plays it loves it.

  759. Israel H.

    First, let me say that the “idea” of the game is awesome. It was a lot of fun to play and the 16 teenagers at the party had a blast playing the game in the dark. The reason I am giving it 1 star is the quality of the game is crap. Over half the bracelets broke and are unusable now. Several of the territory markers and jail markers also broke. For a $70+ game I’m very disappointed that we will only be able to use it once.Update 1/19/17The companies customer service is fantastic. I was very surprised when I received an email from them in response to my Amazon review. They acknowledged that the 1st generation of bracelets had some issues and offered to ship me their 2nd generation at no additional cost. The new bracelets worked out much better. They are a flexible plastic that holds up to the kids running around knocking into things in the dark much better then the original hard plastic bracelets. My kids love this game and I am very impressed with this company.

  760. Anonymous

    My son just turned 8 and had a glow in the dark themed party. We played this in the yard with the kids and it was huge hit. The lights not only made the game more exciting but it helped me feel more comfortable with the kids running around in the dark. I love that it comes with game cards that give suggestions on how to modify the game for a twist on a classic.

  761. Tavia

    I gave this to my 12 year old son for his birthday. He played it with 12 other boys for his party and they loved it. Had a great time.

  762. Calimom

    Played this with adults and children for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. So much fun!! AWESOME!!!Everyone had a great time.

  763. Anonymous

    My kids really love this game. I have even played it with them on several occasions. The pieces are all plastic and could break over time and the batteries may be expensive to replace when that time comes, but so far the set has been great and we have had no problems.

  764. Anonymous

    We had about 10 eleven year olds play this last night and they had a blast. Great game!

  765. Little L.

    We purchased this for my 12 year old son’s glow in the dark birthday party. It was a huge hit!It was easy to assemble and play. Super fun to play outside in the dark. Everything worked great,and was easy to see. It was a better kit than I imagined!

  766. Cynthia

    My kids loved this. I liked it too BUT, the bracelets broke very easily. The glow in the dark part was really fun for the kids. I would recommend it, just make sure the kids know not to pull on the bracelets or they will snap.

  767. Sharon

    I bought this game for my teenage daughter to use at an outdoor party with a group of her friends. These kids were all juniors and seniors in high school, and they had a blast playing this game. I did not give the game 5 stars for only three reasons: (1) the price is a little steep for what you get, (2) we had to replace 2 of the batteries right away (we received the game just a couple of days before the party and did not have time to return it), and (3) one of the orbs was dented, but still functional. I would recommend this game for all age groups, and think that is one of its best qualities. It is rare to find a game that I think would appeal to a wide range of ages from children to adults.

  768. Greg M.

    The game is an absolute blast, however the bracelets break easily. Price is too high for the quality.

  769. Mark P.

    The box was shipped to my house today. Disappointed finding that one of the bracelets didn’t work, especially for this price considering its only LEDS. Would make sense if there was technology built-in keeping track of the game.

  770. Ashley

    I am excited to test this game out in a few weeks!

  771. Darren N.

    We got this as a gift for our son. He wanted to play it with his friends at his party, and everyone loved it. Was the hit of the party!Many thanks

  772. Amy A.

    My 12 year old had his friends over to play capture the flag. It was a big hit! When we opened the box we found that two lights didn’t work and I contacted the company. Within 3 days I had replacements! I would purchase this product if your child likes to be outside at night with a large group of friends. Well worth your money!

  773. D

    We bought this game for my daughters 11th bday party. The kids had a blast and wanted to know where they could buy it from! The only thing, and it’s not a negative for the game itself, is we only had 8 kids total. I believe the more the merrier with this game.Awesome fun!

  774. Anonymous

    Recieved for a birthday party two of the lights didn’t work. But didn’t have enough time to send it back so we played with out them. The kids had fun

  775. Lance

    Excellent escape into the world of Tron. A great game that young and old loved at our party.

  776. Kayla H.

    This game is so much fun!! I have a couple suggestions though for making the game more user friendly and durable. The wristbands need to be a soft material like a rubber or silicone. The hard bracelets were breaking left and right (keep in mind we were playing with a teen/adult crowd and some people were being a bit competitive). We also had three of the little lights fail to turn on. We tried moving the batteries around but had to improvise with glow sticks. The blue orb was much harder to see than the green, not sure if it’s just because of the color or it was not as bright. Other than a few improvements and a little improvising for the failed lights, we played this for hours! So much fun!

  777. asc

    Ordered for my daughters birthday and just played for first time. Was awesome! Mixture of kids and adults and enjoyed by all! Great way for families to be active together and good exercise for adults too!

  778. Nicole

    All of the pieces work except one blue bracelet, but because it comes with so many, I’ll keep it as is. I’m a little taken aback by the price of this game due to the quality of the set. Nothing feels very well made, you could improvise a DIY version for around $20 max. Having said that, I purchased this kit because it is such a cool idea. I feel like it will be a hit with my video game loving son. It feels part tron, part capture the flag. I’m excited for him to open this on his birthday and I’m glad I found it

  779. Stagemom23

    I took a chance on getting this game for my son and his friends to play at his graduation party. These are 18 year olds, mind you, who are known for being glued to their phones. My 20 year old daughter got in on the action and was the most enthusiastic player of all! It’s your standard game of Capture the Flag but it’s way cooler playing it at night with glowing orbs! As others have mentioned, there are issues with the bracelets breaking and some just refuse to snap back together. If this problems ever gets fixed, this game will be a 100% winner. We gave the broken ones to the girls and they wore them in their hair. Not the intended method but it worked for them. It was fabulous to see a bunch of older kids running around at top speeds, exercising, laughing and cheering at the same time. They would have played longer but it was very hot and humid that night so everyone was tired and sweaty. Just be sure you play in an area with no obstacles, including holes or rocks. The kids were so absorbed with the game they never even looked where they were going! Totally recommend this game for kids of ALL ages. What a fun way to exercise and have fun with a group. Plus, everyone who drove by our house slowed down to see what all the moving, glowing objects were!!! Next time I’m playing!I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. My review is totally unbiased and based on my own opinions andthoughts. If you find that this review was at all helpful, please let me know by voting the YES button below. This will help me to write better reviews and help YOU in return!! 🙂

  780. Anonymous

    This game is fantastic! What a fun way to update a good old fashioned backyard game. My son and friends love it!

  781. Anonymous

    The kids and adults loved it! It is a big hit. The company was so generous. When one of the bracelets charge didn’t connect and my son broke one while playing, they were kind and sent out replacements free of charge. It is a great game and great company.

  782. Todd K.

    Playing Capture the Flag when I was a kid was a blast. I recently got the Redux version of Capture the Flag this year and played it with a group of young men from my church. I can tell you that I am no way in shape, all had a blast and it brought me back to my glory days as a kid. I would totally recommend this to anyone that loves the game.

  783. Chad C.

    Our family and entire neighborhood have enjoyed playing this game. When we received it a few of the items did not work, I emailed Redux and they immediately replaced the broken ones and added a few more for extra measure. They even sent a hand written note of apology. What an awesome gesture in a world filled with electronics and void of personal contact. Thanks Redux!

  784. Heidi

    Yes awesome gift idea for teens

  785. Mandy J.

    This was the BEST purchase for summer in my neighborhood! The kids absolutely love it. It is so much fun to see all of the kids from ages 5 – 15 playing together and having a great time. There were a couple of issues I had but it was resolved immediately with excellent customer service. I am recommending this to everyone!

  786. Christina M.

    What a great time for the family! We had so much fun and the other ways to play were great!

  787. Laurie R.

    I’ve only gotten to play this once so far, but it was a lot of fun! My friends and I in our 20s and 30s but you’re never too old to play, right?? We played the original version on the beach and it was pretty exhausting! (I’m not embarrassed to say I intentionally got caught once to catch my breath for a minute in jail – sorry team!). I’m excited to try out the expansions and playing in an environment with a few more obstructions… like the woods! Thinking this will be a great gift for my nephews, too.

  788. Unknown

    Concept is fun, capture the flag is a fun game. Bracelets are too fragile – broke one with first use when it fell off of a kids wrist when they were running. Kids (12 year olds) had a difficult time putting bracelets on. Bracelets were uncomfortable (they are round and hard). Rest of game pieces are bright and fun. We were very careful with the globes (flags), there are warnings that they cannot be dropped. Overall the game is not very durable.

  789. K. C.

    Yes, game is fun and my kids ages 8-13 years old play it and loved it

  790. Dale P.

    Bought for my 12 year olds birthday party and she loved it, and the adults had as much fun as the kids!

  791. Michael A.

    I serve with teenagers at a local church. We are always looking for “wide games”, games that involve strategy, some activity, and are a lot of fun. Capture the Flag has always been popular but predictable. Enter Capture the Flag Redux. We played it the first time two nights ago with a group of 16, which was perfect. To say it was a hit was an understatement. The kids loved it, and it was a mixed-age group with the oldest being 20 and the youngest 14. We played inside in a darkened church building, which involved a lot of hiding, stealth, and planning instead of just wide-open running around.I can’t recommend this too highly. We did make one fun modification to the game. We had some flag football flags, and the kids wore those and were tagged out using them. That made it even more enjoyable for us.I think the designers are on to something here. Highly recommended. Everything was ready to play right out of the box.Addendum 7/12/17 … I ordered a second set and was delighted by the redesigned wrist bracelets. One bracelet wasn’t working properly and the company replaced it. No questions asked. These folks are the greatest.

  792. cjmcfarl

    Lots of fun haha

  793. Jesse P.

    Absolutely a fantastic and fun game! My kids had a blast with their friends. They would play this every night. Definitely a great purchase and would recommend it to anyone. We did parents verse kids and everyone had so much fun. Fun for all ages!!!!!!

  794. Anonymous

    We purchased this game for our 8 year olds birthday. Upon opening he was super excited and started turn everything on, putting on bracelets, and reading super easy instructions. Then sadness hit because one orb wouldn’t turn on and the cover kept falling off. We contacted the company and got an immediate reply and apology even better sincere apology from a real person!!! New orb and additional bracelets were delivered and arrived quickly. Now it was time to put this game to use. Game 1 was with 10 boys and girls ages 6-14. Everyone had a blast! Love how brightly the items shine!! Only disappointment was not enough space to spread out and hide the orb. Game 2 we played with 20 people ages 3 to 33 in a more spread out area! We had so much fun for hours, lots of running, laughing, planning strategy, and team work. Only downfall is bracelets and orb could be more durable. Since the bracelets are not adjustable they fall off smaller wrists easily and caused it to break when hitting pavement. Orb battery cover comes off very easy we lost 1 and battery already in grass. So over all fun for everyone but needs to be more durable for kids.

  795. Eric

    Got this for my 13 year old nephew. He constantly has friends over and I thought they would enjoy this.Anyway, we opened the box up and tested everything out. There weren’t any broken pieces or non-working pieces like some of the other reviewers have mentioned.The game comes with a couple of orbs, which are the flags, as well as jail markers, territory lights, and glow bands. There are 12 variations to the game. My nephew’s favorite is, “The Traitor”, where you have one member on your team that is actually playing for the other team. They decide when in the match to switch their allegiance.Anyway, a few of the parents and myself went out and played with the kids. Everyone loved the game, even the grown ups. Beware of trying to keep up with a bunch of 13-15 year old two and three-sport athletes when you sit your butt in front of a computer all day.This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  796. Anthony D.

    When charged with the duty of coming up with an activity the whole family would enjoy at a family reunion, I was left pondering for days until I came across this product. Who didn’t love capture the flag as a child? The LED aspect attracts the screen-addicted children of the group, attracting them like moths to a flame, and they have so much fun playing that they don’t even realize there’s exercise involved (an attribute I’m always looking for in toys!). Adults love the nostalgia of playing a game they’re familiar with, and playing in the dark multiplies the fun. The manufacturer did a great job providing everything you need for it to really feel like you’re in a video game (LED boundary markers, jail markers, the orbs (flags), and bracelets for every play (16!). For the price, you really can’t find get better entertainment for a large group! I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  797. Christopher H.

    This is so close to a 5 star review…the game and concept are excellent. The neighborhood kids are addicted. The only problem is that the bracelets are fragile. We broke a few on the first night. The kids are getting better at taking care of the equipment, but they are still so fragile that I’ve broken one myself. That said, the company is very responsive and replaced our first batch of broken equipment right away. They know the bracelet problem and once they get it fixed, this is a true winner.

  798. CR

    This is a game that is worth your money. Many hours of fun for our youth group

  799. Keri C.

    I bought this game for my daughters (ages 7, 10 & 11) birthday party. To say it was a hit would be a huge understatement. They love playing capture the flag with their friends at night all summer long, this was such a cool version of it. The bracelets are high quality and fit the kids well. If you needed more than 8 per team you could always use glow bracelets. The other LED lights that make the ” jail ” and game borders are bright enough to clearly see in the grass. The kit also comes with a bunch of cards with game variations on it. The led globes that are the “flags” seem to be made well too. They were thrown around quite a bit in a game of keep away by the losing team. If your kids like capture the flag they will love this. Also the company that makes it is has one of the most responsive customer service people. The package I received was clearly tampered with in the mail, they got right back to me and expedited shipping on a new box so it would arrive before the party.

  800. Daniel L.

    The kids really had a blast. Because the ages of the boys were between 9-10 (and my one nephew who is 6), it was a bit unorganized, but the kids got so excited about having everything lit up. One of my favorite things about the product is how the all the lit up gear really transformed a boring night into an awesome, exciting night for the kids. They got so amped up when I started turning all the gear on. The bright orbs is a creative substitute for regular flags too. Being able to track the “flags” and all the kids without worrying about them running all around in the dark was pretty nice too. Overall I’m very satisfied with the product. I’m sure as the kids get older they’ll be able to play some of the more involved alternative playing styles.

  801. Nikki

    Great Game! Gave to my 13 year old for his birthday and he had a blast playing it with 15 other teenage boys! They absolutely loved it. They were a little rough on it and broke one of the orbs the first time out, but I guess boys will be boys!

  802. Anonymous

    I purchased this game for my 14 year old nephew and sent it to him for his birthday. It arrived with several pieces that broken and can’t be used.

  803. Kris

    I don’t know what everyone is raving about but the quality of the construction and packaging was so terrible and cheap it was half broken when it showed up. Everything (markers and wristbands) other than the orb is made of super hard brittle plastic that breaks off into hard sharp pieces like glass. If anything is bumped slightly it shuts of, often permenantly . I might have an old version, I ordered back in February and didn’t bother opening it and trying to play until we had summer weather and now it’s of course too late to return.The company offered me a full refund, but it’s still a terrible product.

  804. Alicia

    Bought this for my son’s birthday and we had a blast! People passing through the park all stopped and asked what game it was and where we got it. Everything worked great and we can’t wait to use it again!

  805. Daniel K.

    I bought this for the Military so they would have a fun game to play while they relaxed from a long day.
    The game is fun, and it keeps the group entertained for a while. People of all ages like it. Amazing good time!

  806. Matthew W.

    This game is amazing! All of the neighborhood kids come ringing our doorbell every evening wanting to play this game! My kids play this game all night and day! Even the adults get in on the fun!

  807. Anonymous

    My 13-year old son bought this for his birthday with money he was given. We have lots of kids and live on many acres of fields and woods. They have been playing many variations of Capture the Flag outside and have even brought it to others’ houses and have invited friends over to play. All of the pieces have held up well and we haven’t needed to replace any batteries as of yet. One of my son’s friends did drop his bracelet in the yard (turned off) and lost it. I contacted the company, and within days they sent a new bracelet along with a few extra replacements. The sheer excitement in my son’s face when he opened the package and read their handwritten note was priceless. I love the combination of electronics and old-fashioned playing outside. It is a perfect match for teenagers. My husband and I love playing it with them too. All around, this product is a win, win. I have raved about it to friends already and would happily buy it as a gift for others.

  808. Kelly

    I purchased this game for a surprise 40th birthday. The entire party was themed after it actually. When we opened the box to play neither “flag” lit up. Needless to say…there went the party. I purchased this game plus the extra set of bracelets since it was a large party. We found a way to rig it enough to try to play, but it was a bust…ended up throwing it all away. Complete waste. Definitely try it out before distributing the bracelets in case you need to exchange it. Very expensive game to receive broken. It really would have been fun if it worked properly. Hopefully mine was a fluke.

  809. Anonymous

    We haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, but we are excited to try it out. It looks perfect!

  810. L M.

    The customer service is amazing! We received our game and tested every piece. We found that all of the wristband were the same color and one of the markers had dead batteries. Called the number that came in the box to talk to them about it and got through to a actual person straight away! They explained that this happen with another person, who got all of the opposite color I did (so you can see what happened there! Haha) and told him about the dead batteries, but I wasn’t concerned about that part as I have plenty of that type of battery.He said they would send out the new, opposite color, wristbands straight away. Not only did they send a double set of the other color wristbands to match the number of wristbands we already had, they didn’t just send new batteries to replace the dead ones, they sent a whole new marker!Extremely impressed and highly recommend the game and company!

  811. Taylor

    This game can be played with things you find around the house or get at the dollar store for a lot cheaper. The parts were fun the way they glowed, but not very sturdy and half of the bracelets were broken after the first use. The orbs are not very sturdy either, the piece that holds the battery in pops out of place easily. BUT, the kids had a great time!!!

  812. Emilie M.

    My grandson loves this game

  813. kathryn w.

    Some of the batteries were already dead which was a pain but the kids like playing in the dark neighborhood!

  814. Aaron S.

    The lights on this game encourage the kids to get outside and play a fun, backyard game. Highly recommended. Our kids are 10 and 13 and both love to play!

  815. Kindle C.

    The bracelets break VERY easy. We have already broken five bracelets. This makes it hard for teams to be even and the kids get upset because their bracelet broke. We would very much appreciate being contacted about getting more.

  816. MelSpring

    This small box is packed with loads of fun! All the bracelets, markers, and flag orbs are LEDs so there is nothing else needed to play again and again. We have played with “kids” in the neighborhood ranging from 7 to 45 years old. The 7 year old wore his bracelet around his bicep because it was a little big for him. Lots of exercise and laughter!

  817. Meredith R.

    This is a great idea! My kids love playing Capture the flag and this just makes it way better! What kids don’t like playing after dark with glowing stuff???This game comes nicely packaged with directions and cards for different ways to play. Great customer service. Get your kids outside this summer:)

  818. Anonymous

    kids love the variety of games you can play with it, the instructions provided for tons of fun.customer service is great as well.already ordered a second one as a gift.

  819. Doug F.

    Capture the Flag REDUX is a cross between Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, Freeze Tag, and Cops & Robbers, all rolled into one adventure with a twist. To play, each adventurer must give up watching television or video games for the evening and instead head outside at night for a great evening of activity, strategy, friendship, safety, and socializing. My 11-year-old received the game for Christmas. Since that time, our fenced backyard has become the neighborhood meeting spot. At first, only kids in the 9 to 12-year-old range would come by, riding their bikes and throwing a football around until darkness took hold. Over the past month, the age range has expanded for kids from age 6 up through age 15 to join in the action. Further, I expect the trend to continue. Having just started on a new expansion Game Variation called Ninjas, this Variation actually sets up parameters to provide distinct team advantages vs. disadvantages. This is absolutely perfect as a solution to keeping the game exciting, challenging, and fair with a significant disparity in ages. The Ninjas Game Variation could not have come at a better time. I can legitimately say that our family has adopted the game into our weekend activities. When my 9-year-old has his birthday party in May, we did not go to a laser tag center, a bowling alley, a rock climbing wall, or an arcade. Instead, we set up a number of tents in the backyard, invited a number of neighbors to spend the night, and played Capture the Flag throughout the evening, with pizza and cake during breaks. While the kids were covered in LED lights for safety and to follow game rules, I simply spent a (fairly) quiet evening in the backyard hammock watching the fun. The impact of watching a large group of kids actively playing outside while having a blast completely obliterates any though of video games or television … it is a change in which I am proud to be a partner. This is truly a game changer (literally and metaphorically).

  820. Molly

    So much fun! We played with a 20 kids and 6 adults in a gymnasium. It was a blast running around in the dark and trying to get a strategy together while being attacked by other team. This is a great way to get kids moving! The kids enjoyed this way more than the usual flashlight tag. We had a few bracelets break when they hit the hardwood gym floor, this may not be an issue when playing outside in the grass. The company is helpful and responded quickly when I needed to get more bracelets for a larger crowd.

  821. raindrop

    Fun! My 10-year-old son wanted this for his birthday. It’s a little bit pricey, but it’s lots of fun. We want to round up some neighbors to play this in the neighborhood. Three lights didn’t work when we got them. I sent a quick e-mail to the seller and we had new ones within 2 or 3 days with two extra bracelets included for the inconvenience. Fabulous customer service!

  822. Anonymous

    Really fun game. Adults and kids had fun playing. Directions were easy to follow. Very fun!

  823. Anonymous

    My son got this for a birthday present. He played it that night. The bracelets could be made with a sturdier material. 2 broke that night. However, they loved the game. I wrote to the company, and immediately was sent an email from Jay King, apologizing for the broken bracelets as well as replacing the two that broke, as well as some extras at no cost. Great customer service. I would buy this product, and would recommend it to others. My son loves it, and that’s what really matters.

  824. KDW

    The kids in the neighborhood love playing this game.

  825. Misty A.

    So much fun! We played with a 20 kids and 6 adults in a gymnasium. It was a blast running around in the dark and trying to get a strategy together while being attacked by other team. This is a great way to get kids moving! The kids enjoyed this way more than the usual flashlight tag. We had a few bracelets break when they hit the hardwood gym floor, this may not be an issue when playing outside in the grass. The company is helpful and responded quickly when I needed to get more bracelets for a larger crowd.

  826. Jane E.

    Bought this for my college kids. Had it sent to school. They loved it. Played all night.

  827. YA D.

    This was the best idea for my 14 year old for a birthday gift! They spent the evening outside rather than inside playing video games. We have since taken it to a family cabin to play in the snow with extended relatives at night. My younger son took it with him to scout camp.! Our neighborhood likes to play night games so this will come in handy as the weather warms up this year!!! Thank you for a new twist on old game and now they can play it at night!

  828. Anonymous

    Really cool concept, but bracelets poorly made. Five of 14 were broken in the bag. I had ordered it for my sons birthday party. The boys enjoyed the game alot but we ended up having to use regular glow bracelets to use it.

  829. astrochick

    Super bright vivid colours. The best part of a birthday party full of 9 year olds. It will be well used with full families this summer!!

  830. Peter S.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how well this game was put together. My wife and I got it for our nieces since they have a big backyard and no shortage of energy. The game was ready right out of the box, requiring virtually no setup at all, and we had a ton of fun. And let’s face it, glowing lights are just cool.

  831. Dave K.

    I bought two of these kits, one for a friend with 5 kids and for my own family of 3. I can honestly say that I love this modern version of capture the flag. I grew up playing this game with the neighborhood kids and later in scouts. It’s been so fun to watch the kids enjoy this game and in a safer fashion (the lights do a lot to ensure that kids don’t run into each other).

  832. William T.

    I brought the game along to a family vacation in the mountains and we set it up one night on the edge of a field, near a wooded area. We had great fun, especially as we were able to take cover behind trees, bushes, and boulders in order to conceal our advances. My nieces and nephews especially enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

  833. Mountain W.

    I bought Capture the Flag REDUX for a boy scout overnight camping trip to Antelope Island, a desert island in the Great Salt Lake. After our evening campfire, I gave the game, unopened, to the boys (ages 12-15) and told them to have at it. They loved it! It engaged them for well over an hour, until I called them in for lights out (and for their review of the game). They found it to be user friendly, with minimal instructions needed. They used a sage-dotted area about a 50 yards by 100 yards as their playing field, but larger or smaller would work, as would unusual configurations (like neighborhood yards). They loved the idea of lights, and they were intrigued by variations that the game’s author suggested. When they were finished, they packed all materials into the game’s shoe-box-size container–a plus for me, as the keeper of all things related to scouting. Definitely a winner!

  834. Nathan N.

    Definitely a cool way to play capture the flag. My kids love anything that glows in the dark and the kit works really well! The game variations are a cool idea and a good way to keep the game fun.

  835. Nightingales

    This is such a great set. When my son got it for his birthday, we took it to a party with a bunch of kids. They played this as soon as it got dark and couldn’t stop playing. That same night, 5 other parents ordered the set from Amazon because of how much their kids loved it and because some of us dads wanted to pay it, too 😉

  836. Anonymous

    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my son. We had a birthday party with nine 10 yr olds and everyone had a blast playing it! It was cold and snowing outside but I could not get the boys to come in. For the money it is well worth it! It is a great idea!

  837. Alexander S.

    I brought this to my first overnight camp-out with my new Boy Scout Troop. It was officially Troop 241s Boot-camp. We had SO MUCH fun. We played over and over again. No one wanted to stop. The scoutmaster finally made us stop and go to bed. Everyone told me I had to bring it on the next camp-out. I think I will bring this on EVERY camp-out from now on.

  838. ruth p.

    Got this for my 12 year old son. We had a neighborhood party recently and it got all the kids outside playing together for hours while the adults socialized. A huge hit!!!!

  839. Kathy B.

    The game is great and the service from the company was exceptional. One of the orbs did not work when I opened the box. I emailed the company, and they responded immediately and sent me a replacement orb within three days, plus an extra one! My kids love the game. Highly recommend.

  840. Kirk O.

    Fantastic game and exceptional customer service! Thank you!


    So much fun for our 10 year old at her birthday party! Bought with headlamps as party favors which made it safer at this age and used the local park. Great idea!

  842. Kristen

    When I first got this game for my kids (7 & 9 yo) they didn’t play it the way I had expected; for example, there was a lot of running around in the basement with the lights turned out. I was not impressed and gave the product 1 star because I felt like I overpaid for blinking lights, glow sticks and glowing balls. I changed my rating from 1 to 4 stars because now that winter is melting away and the kids are able to play outside they have the whole neighborhood playing capture the flag the way it is supposed to be played! It is awesome to look outside to see a bunch of kids running around (actually their blinky lights and glow sticks) and having fun and knowing that they’re not inside on their devices.

  843. Bnbxtr42

    Hadn’t had a chance to play with but believe we will love it.

  844. Carisa

    My 3 boys absolutely love this game (ages 6,9 and 11). Every time a friend or cousin spends the night, they beg to play it.

  845. James N.

    I bought this game for my 13 year old son and he loves it! All my nieces and nephews played on Christmas (ages range from 6 – 14) and had a blast! Al the pieces glow very bright and the game is easy to play. I recommend this for any outdoor event…it will keep the kids busy for hours!

  846. Anonymous

    Such a fun game! I bought this for my thirteen year old son. I thought he wouldn’t be able to play this until it warmed up outside, but he and his friends were eager to try it out indoors. They turned off the basement lights and had the best time! We’ll get lots of use of it through the winter months and then can spread out outdoors when it warms up. Great game!!

  847. sullyhouse

    Super fun – but one of the glow balls arrived broken. It was for a party for my son the next day so we couldn’t return. My husband jerry-rigged it with a penny and some clear packing tape which “fixed” it for the party, but it’s a bummer that it wasn’t in prime condtion.Having said that – the 8 11-year old boys enjoyed their game immensely. It’s a great concept and great outdoor play!

  848. Dawn Z.

    I found this on (lol) while looking for a birthday gift for my soon-to-be 10 year old nephew. After reading the product description and other reviews, I figured this would make a good gift. However, I didn’t expect it to be his favorite gift! He LOVED it. Unbeknownst to me when purchasing it, capture the flag is a neighborhood and boy scout favorite for him. It turns out he went door-to-door in the neighborhood recruiting players and his mom said he was even trying to recruit the girls! (for a 10 year old boy, that was a big deal) Anyways, this is a great idea, I think reasonably priced, and I totally recommend it.

  849. Jennifer B.

    We travel four states away each Christmas and have to travel with all of our gifts. We purchased a kit for each families cousins and they loved it! It has been a gift that spanned all the ages, was interesting to the boys and girls alike and is still being played by all this summer. It is also a favorite of my own kids to take to sleepovers! Well worth the money!

  850. Victoria G.

    Very fun ! We had a 13 year old birthday party and went to the neighborhood park after dark and played this for 2 hours !!!

  851. Anonymous

    I bought this for my son’s 13th birthday party. We had over 20 boys and they played this for 3 1/2 hours non stop until I made them come inside. They had a blast! Would definitely recommend .

  852. Kevin R.

    We invited the families of our kids friends to play a game with us one evening at the local middle school sports field. It was a cold late autumn night. We divided into two equal teams and played. We played a few rounds, then decided to try a parents versus kids game. Here is how it went according to the kids…

    At the beginning the kids thought it was hopeless. Luckily they had the fastest runner of the group on their team. At first the kids went to get the flag, and the parents were tagging all over the place. When there were only a couple of kids left the parents decided to go for the flag. Sadly they were blinded by their success so far in the game, they did not remember that the fastest runner was still free on the kids’ team! The parents were dead meat. They got tagged before they could reach the flag. The student had become the sensei. The kids won and they have not let the parents forget it!

    The parents did not cheat, and boy did we pay for it!

    This game was the highlight of the year for parents and kids. The game is great for school age kids, teens, and their parents too! It really is a great time!

    Thanks for the hours of outdoor fun!

  853. Tom B.

    They thought of everything! Our youth group loved playing the game.

  854. Emerson J.


  855. Anonymous

    Our son and his friends played this for hours in the dusk. Fantastic outdoor play.

  856. Zachary

    Let me just tell you, I have never left a review for an item. The shipment was really fast, one of the capture the flag balls did come dead, but that didn’t hinder our fun while the new one arrived. Shortly after sending a message in just a few days I received a replacement with a handwritten note. The game is amazing, and entertains 20+ people easily for hours and hours. I would HIGHLY recommend this game and company to anyone.

  857. Anonymous

    “THAT WAS LEGITNESS!!!” This is the quote that could easily describe this game. It was beyond amazing… it was bemazing. Quick story; my team was trying to cross through the woods and across the river to invade the other side, but they were expecting it. Picture it, fourteen middle-aged men up to their wastes in mucky river water holding foam swords and shields wearing glow in the dark bracelets. Now, picture twenty-four middle-aged men who look exactly like the first fourteen charging into this river yelling obscene things like, “PEANUT BUTTER” and “FOR JERRY’S WIFE”. It was a slaughter. My team fought valiantly, but we were outnumbered and they soon overran us. We suffered heavy casualties while the enemy only had two (Jerry didn’t like it when Tom yelled “for Jerry’s wife). I managed to escape with my partner in crime, Matt. We snuck away from the massacre and made our way across enemy lines.We had to act fast because our defense would not be able to hold against so many men. Somehow we got lucky and Matt tripped over the enemy team’s orb. We quickly picked it up and high-tailed it out of there. As we approached the tree-line men jumped up from both sides and began chasing us. Matt tripped and realized there wasn’t enough time. He tossed me the orb and told me he’d hold them off. The last time I saw his beautiful face was when he was swinging like a wild man against the horde of enemy soldiers. He tried his best, but he couldn’t hold them for long. I took off for the treeline as he fell in battle. I swam as fast as I could across the river while fending off the enemy. Then I heard a long, deep sound echo across the woods. The Horn of Victory! I had done it. I had won. Although my team won, we suffered heavy casualties. Know this young adventurer, this game may seem like harmless fun, but realize that you are opening up a world of carnage and death. Once open, you cannot close it. Every night you must re-live the horror of battle and watch as your best friends are slaughtered by the evil that lives within. Eventually, you just ignore the new recruits and hope that you yourself survive the night. Good luck, and may Dulac grant you victory.

  858. Josh J.

    My dad got a kit by being a Kickstarter backer. So my family all played it, my siblings and their kids. It was AWESOME!!! Not only did we adults have a blast, but the kids were having so much fun that it lead to one problem: the kids didn’t want to go to bed! In fact, they were so upset when we told them that we’d only play one more game that a couple kids (6 or 7 years old) boycotted the last game to try to get us to keep playing (the rationale wasn’t readily apparent to us, but, hey, kid logic…). Not only was it bedtime for the little ones, but the adults were exhausted! We even tried to make things more equal between kids and adults (we played with a mixture of each on both teams) by requiring adults to always be carrying a beverage. It was so much fun that I got my own kit! I highly recommend this as a way to get kids active. Kids (and apparently adults, too) LOVE night games!

  859. Roy J.

    The game comes with very easy, animated directions and we were surprised at the high quality of the components. We first tried playing on a camping trip with three families and it only took a couple minutes to learn the game and set it up before we were giggling like crazy people. It was really dark and the blinking lights and glowing orbs added a lot to the excitement. We played with adults, teens and young children and everyone really got into it because there is something that everyone can do. My children have been asking to play it every night since.We decided to give one to our church youth group and are looking forward to playing some night games around the neighborhood. We are purchasing a few more to give as gifts because it is hard to find something this affordable (that doesn’t include a screen) that kids get this pumped to play with their entire family (grandparents included) on an ongoing basis.

  860. Colleen G.

    Great customer service!! One of the orbs came with a dead battery and the company reimbursed me for the batteries. I had to purchase new batteries the next day in order for my son to use it for his birthday party. They had a great time and have used it numerous times since.

  861. Charlie R.

    Anyone who has ever played the classic game of capture the flag knows what fun it can be, and this product makes it possible for kids to be chasing and hiding in utter darkness. How cool is that! The game comes with a variety of ingenious glow-in-the-dark and light-up apparatuses. My kids have used the kit several times so far, and it goes without a hitch. They can set up boundaries, designate jails, and arrange teams with different colored glow-in-the-dark wrist bands, and begin playing the game in minutes. The clear markers for boundaries and teams cut down on arguments (which any parent can appreciate).

    So far, the only issue we’ve had so far is that one of the orbs doesn’t seem to light up as bright as the other, but that’s a very minor issue.

    All in all, it is a great product that does everything you could ask it to, and makes an already fun game even more entertaining!

  862. T. N.

    Really fun game. My boys played it with neighbors. They used our trampoline for the jail. They want to use it on a paintball field. Highly recommend.

  863. Paul A.

    The game is packaged well and has a lot to offer anyone who wants to feel like a kid again (or its also great for kids.) Worth buying before they run out!!!

  864. Elizabeth

    What a cool game. The glow orbs are my fav part. They are not too bright so that you can hide them with out drawing too much attention. I liked it so much that I got another as a gift.

  865. Charlotte F.

    When I was a kid, capture the flag was always the game we wanted to play. Now in my 30s, I’d forgotten how great Capture the flag was, until I found this game online.

  866. Anonymous

    Fantastic update on a classic game. Simple and helpful instructions with plenty of possibilities for variations. Fun to play for a bunch of 12 year olds, even more fun to play for a bunch of 30 somethings who act like they’re 12 year olds. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new game to add to their repertoire.

  867. Anonymous

    An amazing adaptation of the game. Publisher is very understanding! Great company. Thank you for such a great game! Great for all ages.

  868. Heather B.

    We got this game for our son’s tenth birthday party and then hosted a boys vs. dads game of Capture the Flag. The fun was WAY more than any of us bargained for!! The glow-in-the-dark aspect of this game takes the thrill of the experience to the next level! Both the ten-year-olds and the forty-year-olds LOVED it!! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!!

  869. Sintillator

    I’m writing this review for my 15 year old daughter. I bought this an we donated it to her church’s youth group and she and they apparently “Love it”. Besides what else has been written already I think that about says it all.

  870. Ash B.

    First — I love this game. End of story. Go buy it. You’ll love it and have it for years to come.

    Second — I rarely leave reviews. I actually bought my game through a friend who is friends with the creator. This is an independently developed and manufactured game, so every bit of word-of-mouth helps! Apparently this is the brainchild of a former Boy Scout and current filmmaker in LA, so it’s very cool. Since he doesn’t have the advertising budget of the mega-big-guys, I figure I’d help out and leave a review for you nice folks.

    I bought the game in LA, after playing at a friend’s Memorial Day BBQ. Super-fun. Kinda felt bad, because I think it was supposed to be for the little kids, but if you give a crew of 30-somethings a keg + this game = awesomeness and hilarity!! Best time ever.

    I took my game to NYC for a family BBQ (I heart BBQs), and again… awesomeness. What was fun was the different environments! In LA, we played up in a huge backyard near Ventura so it was very much a drunk-falling-touch game. In NYC, it was a street game. No rough housing, well less rough-housing, ’cause no one wants to kiss pavement — but it still rocked! I ended up leaving my box behind for my sister + family.

    Perhaps I’ll buy another… 🙂

  871. Dallin K.

    An LED enhanced version of the greatest game of all time. With indefinite sets of multi-hour youth group engagement (managment), various game instructions to keep things fresh, and the versatility to entertain 6 to 60 year olds hour on end.. what’s not to like?!

  872. Nicholas M.

    This game is a blast to play outdoors in the dark! Love the creative game suggestions, too. What a cool, fun idea!

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