3-Way Magenta Kit – Add a Third Team for Three-way Capture the Flag

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Add an extra team to Capture the Flag REDUX for three-way, three-team competitions. Includes one orb, four jail lights and four bracelets.

Ages: 8+

Number of Players: Adds 4 Players

Batteries: Included and Replaceable

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Add a third team to your Capture the Flag REDUX games! This 3-way Magenta Set is not a stand alone product – but it IS an awesome way to add totally new dynamics to the game. Includes game pieces for 4 extra players, 4 jail lights and an Orb

Key features include:

  • Add an extra team for 3-way game play and even more excitement
  • New color: all-pink. Great for added visual variety and greater inclusiveness
  • Includes 9 game lights and all required batteries (for 12+ hours of fun)
  • Allows for 4 additional players
  • For use with Capture the Flag REDUX; this is NOT a stand-alone item

4 reviews for 3-Way Magenta Kit – Add a Third Team for Three-way Capture the Flag

  1. Becky S.

    LOVE this beautiful magenta color! Now when we play, All the girls are magenta, the boys are blue and the adults are green!!! Adds a whole new team and an even more fun dynamic to a game we already absolutely love playing!

  2. Amber M.

    We loved the product and had sooo much fun playing this with our youth group!

  3. Chris R.

    Great game for a group, young or young-at-heart. The kids love this game.

  4. John S.

    Love that I can help to make the basic pack more interesting with a 3rd team!

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