Celebrate Going Back to School with Glow in the Dark Games!

Our Games

Capture the Flag REDUX

Capture the flag has evolved! Experience this classic game with a modern glow in the dark game twist.

Starlight Swimming Games

Jump into a magical wonderland of swimming pool games with this waterproof glow in the dark game kit.

Glow Battle

Light up the dark and face down your friends in this dashing and dueling neon game of swords and light.

Save the Lost

Looking for a Christian game that's super fun? Look no further than this amazing glow in the dark game!


Play multiple types of glow games and variations with each and every kit.
The alterations are easy to learn — and you'll never hear, "I'm bored!"



We travel four states away each Christmas and have to travel with all of our gifts. We purchased a kit for each families cousins and they loved it! It has been a gift that spanned all the ages, was interesting to the boys and girls alike and is still being played by all this summer. It is also a favorite of my own kids to take to sleepovers! Well worth the money!


We have played with extended family and with friends on camping trips, at birthday parties, at family reunions and at Cub Scout events. It has been a wonderful way to spend an hour or more and appeals to all ages – which is one of the many aspects we love about the game! Our two boys expend lots of energy playing the game and learn about strategy in the process – we especially enjoy playing at night with Capture the Flag Redux. It is one of our favorite games.


Playing Capture the Flag when I was a kid was a blast. I recently got the Redux version of Capture the Flag this year and played it with a group of young men from my church. I can tell you that I am no way in shape, all had a blast and it brought me back to my glory days as a kid. I would totally recommend this to anyone that loves the game.