The Ultimate Resource for

Capture the Flag

Kids playing capture the flag

Part1: Capture the Flag Basics

Start here if you’re new to Capture the Flag or need a refresher

  1. Standard Rules of Capture the Flag:
    A basic, straightforward guide to playing Capture the Flag
  2. Setup:
    How to get Capture the Flag set up in four easy steps
  3. The History of Capture the Flag:
    What inspired Capture the Flag through today’s common uses (reference video games)
  4. Capture the Flag Equipment:
    Game kits and DIY options

Part 2: Capture the Flag Variations

Check out fresh and distinctive new ways to play the game

  1. New Ways to Play: Add 3-way game sessions, multiple flags and more
  2. Specialized Character Roles: Amp up the action with Ninjas, Angels and others
  3. Settings: Use unique locations (like the beach) or settings (like snow) to enhance your next game
  4. Disabled players: Keep everyone involved in your next game, regardless of their mobility
  5. Paintball, Video Games and More: See other applications of Capture the Flag

Part 3: Capture the Flag Strategies and Why Play?

Capture the Flag Strategies: Give your team the competitive edge. 

  1. Beginner: How to assign team roles and secure the best flag placement
  2. Advanced: Strengthen your defense, use a decoy, and perfect the art of deception

Why Play Capture the Flag? 

  1. Physical Fitness: Replace your trip to the gym by playing Capture the Flag with friends and family
  2. Community: Play Capture the Flag with your neighborhood, summer camp, and more
  3. Socialization: The importance of putting down your phone and pursuing outdoor play