Whether you are planning a church retreat or a party for your congregation, these Christian games are a great way to socialize and enrich your faith. These amusing activities can help break the ice as you increase your knowledge of scripture and your church beliefs. So, put some fun in your next church meeting or Bible study with these top ten Christian games for adults.

1. BIBLE PICTIONARY. This game will let you get in touch with your creative side, as well as your spiritual side. Split your group into two teams. Then, have each team write down several scenes from the Bible on separate scraps of paper. Fold the paper and place it in a bowl for the opposing team. One member from each team chooses a paper and takes a turn drawing out the scene on a dry-erase board. The other members from their team have to guess what scene it is within two minutes. If they guess it, they get a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the Bible Pictionary Champions!

2. DANCE PRAISE 2 – THE REMIX. When the music moves you, choose the dance game that features the latest music from top Christian artists for hours of fun. Connect the enclosed dance pad to the USB port of your Mac or Windows computer. Then all you have to do is follow the onscreen arrows and start moving’ to the music. Dance Praise 2 includes over 50 songs from top Christian artists, including Mandisa, Barlow Girl, Superchick, Pillar, Casting Crowns, tobyMac, Jeremy Camp, Ayiesha Woods, and Plumb with over 200 dances to choose from. Available for purchase on amazon.com.

3. OUTBURST BIBLE EDITION. If you have a hard time holding it in, you’ll love Outburst Bible Edition. It’s a fun party game full of entertaining and challenging bible topics such as “Animals in the Bible,” or “Names for Christ.” Each topic has 10 target answers and players get 60 seconds to try and name as many of these as possible. The board game includes 252 topics for hours of fun and laughter. Find it here.

4. CAPTURE THE FLAG REDUX. Capture the Flag REDUX is a fun & exciting glow-in-the-dark game that also teaches meaningful principles. This active, adventure game is not for those who want to sit around and talk. It involves hiding, searching, running and even sneaking up on people. The game includes glowing orbs, territory lights, team bracelets and comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. It is the perfect icebreaker or adult party game for those who want to (literally) follow the Light! Click here to find out more and purchase the game.

5. BIBLE PERFECT PAIRS. Just like Noah found great pairs, this game is perfect for searching out perfect pairs, too. Write out the names of famous couples from the Bible on pieces of paper. Place the names of the males in one bowl and the names of the females in another bowl. All of the players draw one name according to their gender. Then, they walk around the party, and ask each player of the opposite gender only one question about who they are without saying their name. They continue to ask for clues until they find their significant other. It’s an amusing party game for couples, and a great way to get to know other adults.

6. BIBLEOPOLY. Yes, there have been a good deal of Monopoly variations, but this one is like none other. It’s a beautiful board game full of fun and faith where the ‘Go’ space is replaced by ‘In the beginning’, and the former income tax spaces are instead the ‘Abyss’. Learn about the fascinating cities in the Bible while your good deeds are rewarded. The makers of Bibleopoly say it is a game “where co-operation and not accumulation is the key; where you can only win by assisting fellow players.” Be the first player to build a church in one of the biblical cities to be the winner. Bibleopoly can be found here.

7. BIBLE JEOPARDY. For a fun trivia night with other adults, play this game like the TV version of Jeopardy with categories and clues. Contestants choose a category and then have to buzz in to give the question that the clue answers. Each clue has a point or monetary value and whoever buzzes in first and gets it correct, gets those points. Play a few rounds of Jeopardy and then have a Double Jeopardy round where the points double. At the end of the game, each contestant bets his or her points or money on a Final Jeopardy question. To design a version to use on your computer, you can visit ​Jeopardylabs.com. There are also sample questions to use that you can find here.

8. HOLY HEADBANDS.  For a fun and easy adult activity or church party that doesn’t take a lot of equipment or planning, play Hold Headbands. Grab some post-it notes and write the names of different bible characters on each one. Without seeing the name, have each person stick one on his or her forehead. Then, the players go around asking only yes or no questions to the other players until they can guess who they are.

9. APPLES TO APPLES – BIBLE EDITION. When it comes to Christian games for adults, Apples to Apples Bible Edition equals instant fun. Plus, it’s so easy to play, just open the box and deal the cards. Each round is filled with crazy comparisons of people, places and things from Christian history. Players select the card from their hand that they think is the best match of the card that the judge plays. If the judge chooses your card, then you win that round. Players take turns being the judge. You can purchase it here.

10. BIBLE CHARADES. Get folks up and moving at your next Christian gathering, by playing Bible Charades. This version is similar to the regular charades, except that they guess bible characters. Split your group into equal teams, then each team writes down bible characters for the other team to act out and guess. Teams get points for the number of characters that they guess correctly. It’s a fun way to enrich your faith and explore your acting abilities.

It’s been said that raising teens is like nailing Jell-O to a tree. It’s hard. Understanding teenagers and relating to them is something that no parent is prepared for, and yet, the parent’s role is vital to guiding them and giving them opportunities to experience right from wrong.

As Christian teens mature, they need more chances to form their own beliefs, make a connection with their faith and build their own personal relationship with God. Parents can encourage a life-long relationship with Christ through daily exposure to faith with fun avenues like games and books. These Christian games are a perfect for families with teens, as well as teenage youth groups and teen bible camps.

1. Cactus Games Outburst-Bible Edition

This entertaining party game is filled with challenging Bible topics such as “Names for Christ,” or “Animals in the Bible,” and “Sons of Jacob”. Each topic has 10 specific answers and players have 60 seconds to name as many answers as possible. It includes 252 topics, a molded card viewer, bonus points, passing chips and hours and hours of laughter and fun. It’s available for purchase here.

2. Bible Word of God

Perfect for teens, this game emphasizes the consequences of gossiping or spreading rumors. Choose several bible verses that have positive themes or relate to good character, write them down on small pieces of paper, and put them in a container. Players sit in a circle and one player blindly chooses a verse and reads it to himself. He then whispers the verse to the person sitting to his right, who then passes it on to the next person until it reaches the last person of the circle. This person announces the verse to the group to show how a message can change when it is passed from mouth to mouth, demonstrating the negative effect of spreading rumors.

3. Bible Jeopardy

Play this game like the television version of Jeopardy with categories and clues. Contestants choose a category and then have to buzz in to give the question that the clue answers. Each clue has a point or monetary value and whoever buzzes in first and gets it correct, gets those points. Play a few rounds of Jeopardy and then have a Double Jeopardy round where the points double. At the end of the game, each contestant bets his or her points or money on a Final Jeopardy question. To design a version to use on your computer, you can visit Jeopardylabs.com. There are also sample questions to use at https://www.christianity.com/trivia/jeopardy/.

4. It’s All About That Grace

A hilarious game that teaches you that God’s grace wins every time. For 2 to 6 players, this game includes 60 cards with seven deadly sin cards that are nearly impossible to avoid. The good news is that the grace card can save you from the sin every time. Combine strategy and the abundance of grace to be the last player standing to win. All About That Grace is available for purchase at http://www.gracegame.com.

5. Bible Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun game to play in small teams of 3-5 people. Give each group a bible, a copy of the scavenger hunt questions, and a something to write with. They will also need a camera or cell phone with photo capabilities. They then race to look up the answers to the scavenger hunt questions. Once they know the answers, they race to go and take pictures of the different items in the answers. You can find a free printable worksheet at http://scavenger-hunt.org/bible-scavenger-hunt/.

6. Capture the Flag REDUX by Starlux Games

Capture the Flag REDUX is a fun and exciting glow-in-the-dark game that also teaches meaningful principles. This active, adventure game is not for those who want to sit around and talk. It involves hiding, searching, running and even sneaking up on people. The game includes glowing orbs, territory markers and team bracelets and comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. It is the perfect icebreaker or team-building exercise game for youth groups, church activities and church summer camps. This game gets preteens active and teaches them to (literally) follow the Light! Find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XK9C4H0maas=maas_adg_DE0F2D96B8246F92080AD556B253718D_afap_abs&ref_=aa_maas

7. The New Teen Choices

Applying Biblical Principles to Everyday Situations by Rainfall Educational Toys: This board game makes learning to choose right from wrong fun and exciting. Face tough, real life decisions involving peer pressure, honesty, and purity. The game includes a game board, 6 player markers, 150 dilemma cards, and 10 principle cards to help teens learn how to base decision-making on biblical principles. Purchase this game at https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/22489/new-teen-choices.

8. Who am I?

For a fun and easy youth group activity or church party that doesn’t take a lot of equipment or planning, play “Who Am I” – bible version. Grab some post-it notes and write the names of different bible characters on each one. Without seeing the name, have each person stick one on his or her forehead. Then, the players go around asking only yes or no questions to the other players until they can guess who they are.

9. Dance Like David Dance-Off

Teens love to dance, and when the spirit moves them and they want to show off their moves, you have a dance-off. Choose some impartial judges, and make a bracket with all of the participants’ names. Then, let the music begin and let them battle each other, until one by one they are eliminated and you choose a final dance champion. This is a great outlet for teens that love music and dancing.

10. Christ-Centered Video Games

Sometimes it’s hard to get the teens off of their screens. When it comes to that, you want them to play video games that have uplifting themes and Christian messages. To find these, parents can search Christian-based game review sites such as: https://www.christcenteredgamer.com and http://www.familyfriendlygaming.com. One game that is popular with stunning graphics and a powerful Christian message is Axys Adventures – Truthseeker. The main character is a teen that struggles to make the right decisions but ultimately learns of the healing and forgiveness that God offers. You can find it online at http://www.therebelplanet.com/product/axys-adventures-truthseeker/.

It’s true. Kids need all of the religion they can get – and, their parents need a lot of prayers too. All kidding aside, studies show that Christian preteens want to gain a better understanding of what they believe and make a connection with God. It’s important for them to find ways to learn more about their faith and to have a chance to express their beliefs and questions. How do you get today’s youth excited about God? These Christian games for kids are a good start and are perfect for families with preteens, youth groups and summer bible camps.

1. Throw & Tell Prayer Ball by Group Pub Inc.

This sturdy, inflatable ball is covered with colorful sentences like prayer prompts and discussion starters. Start a timer and then let the kids toss the ball around for a few seconds. When the buzzer rings, the child holding the ball reads what’s written under his or her thumb, and then answers. It’s a fun way for kids to learn about being thankful and praying for others. There is also a Throw & Tell ball just for preteens that includes icebreaker questions to get kids talking and laughing. Kids love the Throw & Tell Balls, and parents love seeing them open up, laugh, and connect with each other. Available for purchase at amazon.com.

2. Bible Charades

We all know that tweens like to act out! Bible charades is a exciting and active way to get them to do it respectfully. This version is similar to the regular charades, except that they guess bible characters. Groups can divide into equal teams. Then each team writes down bible characters for the other team to act out and guess. Teams get points for the number of characters that they guess correctly. Bible charades lets preteens explore their faith and express their creativity.

3. Capture the Flag REDUX by Starlux Games

Capture the Flag is a fun and exciting glow in the dark game for kids and teens that also teaches meaningful principles. This active, adventure game is not for those who want to sit around and talk. It involves hiding, searching, running and even sneaking up on people. The game includes glowing LED games pieces with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. It is the perfect icebreaker or team-building exercise game for youth groups, church activities and church summer camps. Capture the Flag REDUX gets preteens active and teaches them to (literally) follow the Light! Click here to learn more.

4. Living Sculpture

Need a silly game to get kids laughing? Split into teams and give each team a supply of toilet paper, saran wrap, and tin foil. One member on each team stands in a statuesque position while the rest of the team wraps toilet paper, saran wrap and tin foil around him or her to create a “work of art.” The team with the best sculpture when the clock’s up wins. It’s a creative way to teach preteens that they are all God’s works of art.

5. Kingdom Quest: A Strategy Guide for Tweens and Their Parents/Mentors

This is a practical and fun guide for kids ages 11 to 13 to use with the guidance of a parent, mentor, or teacher. The chapters of the guide are called “Kingdom Keys” and include related scriptures that encourage adolescents to reflect, question, and journal about their faith. The guide also includes quizzes that facilitate group discussion and conversation. The guide is a fun way for preteens to strengthen their faith and relationships. To purchase, click here.

6. Bible Relay Race

Need more ideas on how to get kids active and teach them scripture? Divide into two teams. Each team chooses a bible verse of similar length to memorize. The participants run from a starting point to a whiteboard or chalkboard and right only one word of the verse at a time. Then, they run back and hand off the chalk or dry-erase marker to the next team member. The team that is first to write their whole verse correctly wins.

7. Faith and Redemption by GameDevCo

Prepare for an epic journey from the Garden of Eden to Judgment Day. This intriguing Christian board game is specifically created for ages 10 to 14, where players gain followers and are granted prayers and miracles to help them overcome the temptation of sin. Play with two to four players, or play in teams. The tagline of the game says it all, “Although Faith and Redemption represents a fallen world, redemption is always possible and forgiveness is never more than a prayer away.” Click here to purchase.

8. Jesus Tag

This game is a simple and tangible way to teach preteens the power of Evangelism. Choose one player to be IT. That person is the Christian and tags another player, saying “Jesus loves you.” Continue playing until all of the players have been tagged and converted. The last player tagged is the final Christian and winner of the game.

9. Dance Like David Dance-Off

When your preteens want to show off their moves and the spirit moves them, you have a dance-off. Choose some impartial judges, and make a bracket with all of the participants’ names. Then, let the music begin and let them battle each other, until one by one they are eliminated and you choose a final dance champion. This is a great outlet for preteens that love music and dancing.

10. Biglightgames.com

And, when you just can’t get them off of their screens, Biglightgames.com offers a multitude of free online Christian games – like Save the Bible, The Road to Bethlehem and Build a Church. The purpose of the site is to provide a fun, safe Christian gaming experience. http://www.biglightgames.com

Do you know of some other great Christian Games for kids? If yes, please list them in the comments.

Today we’re going to talk about several fun variations of Capture the Flag. Now, if you’ve ever played Capture the Flag you know it’s one of the best outdoor games ever created. But did you know there are multiple different ways to play besides the traditional manner?

The basic concept of Capture the Flag is defending your territory and invading the enemy team’s turf. Stealing their flag and returning it to your side of the field is the ultimate goal. Along the way, you must avoid getting captured and sent to jail. Click here to learn how to play Capture the Flag. The following variations of Capture the Flag add twists and turns to the rules and tactics.

If you have a large group playing CTF you might wanna think about adding some spice to it. How do you do that? With multiple flags! One college set an actual world record for the most people playing CTF. They used a pile of flags and it looked like a Braveheart scene.

Everybody loves Halloween so why not have a costume based Capture the Flag game? We’ve heard stories of people dressing up like Star Wars characters, Marvel characters, and other superheroes to play CTF. This variation adds quirky fun, especially for younger children.

Getting stabbed in the back is no fun as an adult – you know, devious coworkers and all. But having a turncoat involved with Capture the Flag is quite fun. It adds a twist to have one spy on each team working behind the scenes for the other team. This traitor, chosen randomly/secretly, gets one chance to steal the flag and take it to his real team. If he gets caught he has to go to jail like a real spy would. This is a big shake-up that makes everybody nervous, making for a better game.

There are ways to play Capture the Flag with only one flag. Some people refer to this as  “neutral base” Capture the Flag. This variation involves having the flag in the middle of the field. Each team tries to get it back to their specified home base. This often turns into a big tug-of-war as the flag sometimes moves only inches at a time. This fun variation of Capture the Flag is a war of attrition, so be ready for a long battle.

Groups who mix paintball with Capture the Flag create an epic gamer concoction. The game is played the same way as if you were tagging the players except now you are using paintball guns. Get hit by one paintball then you go to jail or are out of the game. Obviously you want to wear protective gear just like when playing regular paintball. This variation is great for teens and adults.

One of the best ways to mix things up is to make the flag throwable. You simply use a ball for the flag. This can be a football, tennis ball, soccer ball, etc. Once a team member grabs the ball-flag they can throw it to their teammates. This can make the game go really fast. One thing to note is the players cannot throw the ball-flag all the way over the line to their own territory. We refer to that as cheating!

For water lovers, there are fun variations of Capture the Flag just for you. Teams have played using kayaks or in their swimming pools. You need a floating flag for a lake unless you want to go all in for scuba gear. Expensive!

Another water variation is using water balloons instead of tagging players. Get hit with a water balloon, go to jail, soaked.

What about multiple teams above the standard two-team CTF? All you need to do for three or four teams is divide the playing field up into thirds or fourths. This is a chaotic way to play the game since teams will be attacking from many directions. No worries. Chaos means added fun when we’re talking outdoor games. And since you need lots of players for this awesome Capture the Flag variation, it’s a good excuse to meet new people as you invite them to play.

Get out of jail options make for an interesting variation of CTF. There are reports of games where players can get out of jail in other ways besides being saved by a teammate tagging them while in the pokey. Here are a few:

  1. The jailbird has to say the alphabet backward to a ref.
  2. 50 push-ups frees the captured player.
  3. Trivia questions from a ref can free a player who is incarcerated.


Once you’ve tried all the daytime variations of CTF what are you gonna do after dark? Play Capture the Flag Redux… duh! Since our game glows in the dark, teams don’t have to quit this outdoor game after the sun slides behind the horizon. This fun variation of CTF is the most popular version created in modern times. The main concept is protecting your glowing flag while hunting down the enemy team’s flag. All players are visible to each other as they wear glowing wristbands. CTFR has many variations of its own, including:

  • Hunters vs. Werewolves
  • Fugitives
  • Fireflies


If you have your own fun variation of Capture the Flag please let us in on it in the comments section below. Other outdoor game lovers want to know. A simple twist here or there can make for bonus excitement when it comes to classic games. To enjoy the game even more, here is an article we wrote on how to throw an unforgettable Capture the Flag Redux party.

It feels pretty great when your team wins a game of Capture the Flag. Not only did you defeat the enemy team in a fun game based on speed and agility, you outwitted them too! That’s why this game has been so popular over the years. Brains and muscles combine for hours of fun competition.

If you do not know how to play this great game, here is an article we wrote on how to play Capture the Flag.

There are many variations of Capture the Flag. It has been around for years as an outdoor game. And in recent years it has been incorporated into online video games like Overwatch and Call of Duty. An exciting glow in the dark version of Capture the Flag is also available by us here at Starlux Games.

Capture the Flag REDUX banner

We are going to lay out five strategies for winning at Capture the Flag in the real world outdoors. But for you online gamers, here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t overdose on Red Bull.
  2. Take a nap after 19 straight hours.
  3. Open some blinds so your body won’t reject sunlight when you finally venture outdoors.
  4. Drink pickle juice for thumb cramps.


Now, here are our top five strategies for winning when you play our versions of CTF in our original nighttime game or in our newest game, Glow Battle. We’ll also toss in some tactics that you should not attempt.

5. You probably won’t win very many Capture the Flag contests with an undisciplined team. Do you think the New England Patriots would win so much if their offense let any player be the quarterback? Ridiculous right? Every team needs to have its players know their role. A team needs some guards to protect their own flag. And some attackers are needed to go after the flag in possession of the enemy.

With defined roles, your team won’t risk leaving your flag unprotected. Faster players will make for better attackers and slower ones will make for better guards. Each role is just as crucial as the other though. A team wins the game, not a single player. Tom Brady is the right QB for the Patriots, but his team wins as a unit, not as individuals.


4. It sounds like a simple thing, placing the enemy flag on the best spot on your side of the field. Most of the time teams will put it as far away as possible at the edge of their territory. But your team should give thought as to whether there is a better spot. Maybe it would be easier to guard the flag if it were closer to the middle of your territory. It’s possible that your team could take fewer chances and keep an eye on the enemy better by placing the flag closer to the middle ground.

It’s crucial to pay attention to how your rival team is attacking if you play multiple games. If you’re losing consistently then why not change up the location of your flag? Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Some would say playing video games for 19 hours straight defines insanity pretty accurately too!


3. Have you ever noticed football teams with great offenses tend to win a lot of games but often lose in the championship game? It’s true more often than not. There’s something about a fast-paced offense that does well consistently but loses when confronted with a patient defense. So your team can choose to attack aggressively to win a Capture the Flag contest. And you’ll likely win many games if you have speedy players able to dodge the enemy team.

But if you’re in a tournament you may wind up defeated in the end by a team that focuses on defense. In tournament situations, it would be wise to mix in a patient defensive strategy with an opportunistic offense to keep the other team off balance.


2. Use your best player as a decoy. If you have the fastest player on the field, you have a big advantage. But use him or her wisely. Just sending the speedster straight after the flag at the start of the game will get them knocked out of the contest early since the other team still has all of their players defending.

Instead of risking your best player in a direct attack, send them near the flag, then let them lure the defenders away from the flag. Your one player could occupy 3-4 enemy players as they try to catch your version of “The Flash.” This should make it easier for your remaining attackers to make a run for the flag.

*One tactic that won’t work – sending a herd of players bunched up in a barbaric attack on the flag. You might get a rush of adrenaline for a few seconds, but your team will get picked off easily as they are too close to each other.


1. “All warfare is based on deception.” –The Art of War. Pretty solid advice from the ancient Chinese war manual. To Capture the Flag and win bragging rights, you will need to outwit the opponents. Use trickery, distractions, and maybe allusions if you happen to have a magician on your team.

Telling “yo mama” jokes probably won’t be effective unless you use it on a hot-head. Not a good idea as you could end up captured in a headlock! Your team is better off using these deceptions to win the game:

  • Have a player act like he has the enemy flag, yelling like crazy for a few seconds as he races back from their territory. Think of it as a flea-flicker.
  • Your team could pretend one of the opponents has your flag when they are in attack mode. Just a few seconds of confusion could give you an opening to their flag.
  • Who says you have to go after the enemy standing up. You can crawl, roll, hop, skip, (generally act crazy while in motion). Whatever it takes to throw them off their game.
  • Send a line of blockers with an attacker behind them. This is a common attack mode. But instead of having them go all in, set up another runner to circle around the other side with a little delay. The blockers will draw the defenders out a bit so your circler has a shot at capturing the flag from behind.

All you need to do now is use these top five Capture the Flag strategies the next time you get a chance to play. Winning these games takes planning and creativity. You won’t win every time by using the same old tactics again and again. Mix it up in order for your team to dominate.

We all want to win in any competition. But Capture the Flag is one of those games that makes you smarter, more aware, and improves your endurance even when you don’t win. Experience is a powerful teacher, and in this case – a fun one.

Click here to download our FREE eBook: 21 Ways to Win Capture the Flag.


Capture the Flag Redux Game Image

* The featured image used in this post is by Kadena Air Base and can be downloaded at http://www.kadena.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2000151764/

The sun goes down, the screens come out and parents need some fun scary games to play at night to keep their kids entertained and off of their phones.

With all of the hype surrounding mystery, spookiness, and thrill-seeking in today’s pop culture, these games are the perfect way to really engage your kids, capture their attention, and give them new reasons to get outside and get active. Too often, after it gets dark outside, kids, especially teens, turn to their screens.

With these games, you can encourage physical activity, move them away from their screens, and give them a thrilling way to have nighttime fun.


This game is an absolute neighborhood classic. Once the sun goes down, and your kids are looking for a way to take part in some spooky fun, bust out the flashlights and send them outside.

This game is so easy to play and only requires as many flashlights as there are players. One player is the “ghost” and he or she hides in the yard while the others look for them with the flashlights. The player that finds the ghost yells, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and all of the other players have to scramble back to the base before the ghost can tag them. Whoever is tagged is the ghost the next round. This is an inexpensive, easy way to keep your kids active in the evenings.


There is no better way to get your kids off of the couch after the sun goes down than this glowing version of the classic Capture the Flag game. Split into two teams and hunt for the glowing “flags” which are light-up orbs, distinguish your teammates from opponents using LED bracelets, mark your boundaries with futuristic lights, and lock your opponents in jail with glowing jail markers.

This game is perfect for kids of all ages and is the perfect way to entertain them when it starts to get dark outside. The set comes with all the mentioned glowing gear, a rule-book and 12 game variation cards with eerie characters like Werewolves, Wizards and Ghouls. This exciting glow in the dark game is available for purchase here.

Capture the Flag REDUX banner


Much like Ghost in the Graveyard, this game is easy to play, inexpensive, and so much spine-chilling fun. A new twist on the classic “sardines” game, this scary game to play at night also features players using flashlights to find someone, but this time, instead of running away from the person who is “it,” they hide with them.

Every player that finds the hidden person turns out their flashlight and hides with them until there’s only one player left. As you can imagine, this game can seem pretty creepy as you notice fewer and fewer flashlights on around you. This is a great game for big or small groups and is easy to set up for parties as well.


This light-up battle game is an awesome way to get some energy out of your kids as the sun goes down and is much more fun than staring at a screen.

Players use strategy, teamwork, and their own warrior instincts to team up and take down their opponent. Teams are distinguished with light-up bracelets that also serve as the target for opponents.

Using harmless, glowing foam swords, attack your opponent, hit their bracelet, and send them running back to their base to “recharge” before they get hit again. This game incorporates activity with strategy, and futuristic lights make the game eerie when you play in the dark, either indoors or outdoors! Glow Battle is available for purchase here.

glow battle glow in the dark game


These cool laser tag guns bring the arena right into your very own home or backyard.

These guns have a range of 130 feet indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for chilling nighttime play with glowing side panels and cool infrared laser readers.

They feature a speaker, life bar, team selector, and trigger and reload buttons making the game-play intense. You can also change the mode on your gun that switches the amount of shots you have before reload or the damage that you can do to your opponent. Imagine the thrill you’ll get tagging your opponent as you come around the corner! This game is available at amazon.com.


This game is perfect…if you’re not scared of the dark. Play in a dark or pitch black room (depending on the age of the players).

One person wields a flashlight, turned off, while the rest of the players spread out across the yard or room. When the person holding the flashlight counts to a certain number or says “Ready,” the rest of the players freeze in place, becoming spooky statues. The person who is “it” them turns the flashlight on and shines it around looking for the other players. When the beam lands on a player, the person who is it has to do a fake scream, trying to get the player to move or break from their statue-like stance. The first person to break is it the next round. This is a great game for dark nights outside and those looking for a good scare!


This classic game is an undeniably fun way to have a blast and also instill some thrill into your summer nights.

Players go around hiding from the person shining their flashlight but when the beam catches them, the flashlight switches hands, and they are it. There are several fun variations to play this game. For example, you can either play that each player has a flashlight which is turned on and play by the regular rules of tag, or divide into teams and play freeze tag, trying to freeze as many players as you can on the other team until there’s only one team left standing. Regardless, this thrilling nighttime game is a great way for kids to stay active and get a little spooked.

Do you know of any fun yet spooky games to play at night? If yes, please tell us below in the comments section.

If you’re looking for super fun glow games, check out our online store.


Outdoor playtime is not just reserved for kids. The fact is you’re never too old for a little fun and frolicking outdoors. Whether it’s at a campsite or a tailgate, the beach or the backyard, kids, teens and adults can all take advantage of the great outdoors, too. To ramp up the fun factor, try one of these top ten outdoor yard games. All games are great for small groups and social distancing.


1. Spikeball

This game made its claim to fame on Shark Tank, and for a very good reason. Spikeball is played with teams of two serving and hitting the ball similar to volleyball, except with a much easier set up. The game consist of a flexible, hula-hoop-sized net with foldable legs, that make it the perfect, portable game to take to the park, or the beach. The players bounce the ball off the net and towards the opposing team who then have three passes to get the ball back. When they miss, you score, and first team to get to 21 wins. Spikeball is available here.


2. Ladder Golf

Some folks call it Ladder Toss, but the official set is labeled Ladder Golf. It’s fun and easy entertainment for a backyard party. Each player gets three “bolas” to toss onto the ladder rungs. A bola is two golf balls tied together with rope – how can swinging that not be fun? The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the ladder steps and possibly knock your opponents off to steal their score. It’s fun, it’s frustrating – everything you want in an outdoor game.

For official rules and to purchase, click here.


3. Badminton

A hand tosses a badminton birdie in the air.

Although this game officially became an Olympic sport in 1992, badminton really is the great classic equalizer of skill and age – anyone with any skill level of any age can play. The great thing about badminton is that once you have a net, a few racquets and a shuttlecock, it can be as fun and flexible as you want.You can play with any number of people as long as you have enough racquets, and you can be as competitive as you want. Each side takes turns serving and points are scored when the opposing side missing the shuttlecock and it falls to the ground. If you want to take your badminton to the Olympic level, see the official rules here.

4. Lawn Twister

Create a giant twister board on your lawn with ground marking spray paint in different colors. Cut a 10-12 inch circle on a piece of cardboard and use that as a stencil to spray paint your circles. You can make as many rows of each color that you want depending on how many people will be playing. Then, you can either make a spinner like the game, or make cards with the different options – for example: Right Hand Red or Left Foot Blue. If you have teens and adults playing, make the circles bigger and further apart. For smaller kids, make smaller circles that are a little closer together. Whatever the age, Lawn Twister will bring the laughter outside!


5. Corn Hole / Washer Toss

For some strange reason, get outside and no one can resist throwing things into holes. For the best of all hole-throwing worlds, entertain your teens and adult friends outside with a combo “Corn Hole and Washer Toss set” (available for purchase on amazon.com). This set includes both classic outdoor lawn games: 3 -hole bean bag toss and 3-hole washer toss with two 26″ L x 10″ W game platforms, six 4″ square toss bags (3 red, 3 blue) and six washers (3 red, 3 blue). Just flip the platforms for your choice of bean bag toss or washer toss.

The Capture the Flag REDUX game box


6. Capture the Flag REDUX

It’s the classic Capture the Flag game revolutionized with futuristic glow-in-the-dark lights! Break friends out of jail, sneak into enemy territory, protect your base and steal the glowing flag to win. Each game box includes two glowing orbs to use as the “flags,” color-coded LED bracelets to differentiate team members, glowing jail markers, and a rule-book. As an extra bonus, each kit includes 12 game variation cards that provide you with new ways to play Capture the Flag, as well as other games. It’s a great way to bring people of all ages together – kids, teens, even normally boring adults. Click here to purchase Capture the Flag REDUX.


7. Lawn Bowling

For the ultimate backyard hangout session, The Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game comes with everything you need to have a ball. The set includes ten 8” solid pine wood pins, two 2.5″ wood bowling balls, and a nylon carrying case so you can take the game anywhere – backyard, beach, or park. Simply unpack the game, set up the colorful pins, and you are ready to roll.

Check out the fun here.

Four Wizards & Werewolves players howl on a hill.


8. Wizards & Werewolves

This epic, team-based game that pits two mythical forces against each other in an exciting backyard battle of speed, skill and wits. Play as a Wizard and search for glowing magic crystals. Or bare your teeth as a Werewolf and hunt down the Wizards. For 4-15 players, ages 8+. Get yours here.


9. Giant Outdoor Games

When you want an eye-catching game for your next outdoor event, visit this website to choose from bigger-than-life size versions of Snakes & Ladders, Checkers, or Pick Up Sticks. This site has all sorts of games that have been super-sized so you can physically get in the fun, including jumbo wooden dice, giant chess games, supersized croquet, and huge volleyball. The motto here for outdoor fun is go big or go home.


You see kids splashing and laughing in the swimming pool and you’re secretly thinking, “Why should these kids get to have all of the fun?” Adults don’t need to sit around the pool all summer watching the fun, they should jump in feet first and enjoy. Summer is right around the corner, so plan some adult parties or couples’ nights at your pool and amp up the fun factor with these top ten swimming pool games for adults.

1. Tug of War

Remember the grade school game that stressed you out? Now, it’s a fun adult swimming pool game that actually decreases your stress. First, find a long, thick rope that stretches across the deep end of your pool. Divide your guests into two equal groups and mark a line of chalk somewhere around 5 feet away from the edge of the pool. Then, position each team at the starting line and yell, “Go!” Each team pulls the rope until the stronger team pulls the other ones into the pool. Who knows if the winning team is the one on dry land or the ones splashing in the pool!

2. Wet Shirt Relay Race

This race is a great way to get your guests in the pool and get everyone laughing. Split up into two teams and give each team a large t-shirt. The first person in line puts on the shirt over their swimsuit. At “go,” the first person must swim up and back the length of the pool with the shirt on. When they reach the end, they take off the shirt and hand it to the next teammate waiting in line. Then, the next player puts the shirt on and swims up and back. They continue to pass the shirt until each teammate has gone. The team that finishes first is the Wet Shirt Relay Champion!

3. Starlux Pool Party

Starlux Pool Party


Nighttime adult swimming pool parties are even more fun with the help of some glowing gadgets. Although the glow in the dark Starlux Pool Party was created for kids, who’s to say that the adults can’t sneak it out for some fun after dark too? You can play tons of different swimming pool games with the enclosed waterproof glowing games pieces or you can use the glow in the dark game pieces just to add a glowing effect to your pool parties. Simply turn each light on and toss into the water for an amazing pool party. Starlux Pool Party is available here.


4. Beach-Ball Volleyball

Everyone loves volleyball and it’s even more fun in the pool. Set up a net over your shallow end grab a beach ball or a soft volleyball for an entertaining adult swimming pool game. Divide up into teams and let the competition begin. Play with your own rules or see the official pool volleyball rules here

5. Belly Flop Contest

This is the classic choice when you need a swimming pool party game for adults that lets them act like kids. Players take turns by either doing a belly flop or a cannon ball into the pool to make the biggest splash. Then, let a panel of judges from the party crowd rate them. You can also add some variation by also doing the smallest splash, best dive, craziest jump, or whatever entrance you think would be a challenge. Be sure to have a party prize on hand for the person who wins each category.

6. Greased Watermelon

You haven’t truly enjoyed summer until you have played a game of greased watermelon in a pool! Split your party group into two teams, grab a gourd, and grease it up with some Crisco or petroleum jelly. Then, toss it in the middle of the pool and start the countdown. At “go” the players try to grab the watermelon and pass it to other team members until they get it to the opposite side of the pool and score a point. First team to ten points is the winner. 

7. Outdoor Movie

This is technically not a game, but it is a great way to enjoy a summer evening at your pool with other adults. Borrow or buy a movie projector and hang a white sheet on a wall or between some trees by the pool. Find some fun floats or pull up some chairs and pick a happy, summer-themed movie to watch when the sun goes down. Whatever adult pool activity you choose, just don’t let the kids have all the fun this summer.

Give a kid a glow stick and you’re giving them hours of fun. Give a kid some glow game ideas, and you can fill their whole summer with nights of laughter and activity.

Kids of all ages love glow sticks and playing glow in the dark games. There is something about the bright gleaming colors in contrast with the darkness of night that makes them so exciting to wear and a thrilling accessory for nighttime games.

Glow sticks are an inexpensive way to make a summer night, or any night, an extra fun one. So, buy glow sticks in bulk (you can find them on amazon), turn off the lights and get ready to have fun with these rousing glow stick games that light up the dark.

Glow in the Dark Tag

Playing tag in the dark has always been exhilarating. You never know what is hiding in the darkness and when someone will jump out of the shadows. Add some glow sticks and nighttime tag becomes even more futuristic and electrifying.

You can use the glow sticks with connectors as bracelets and use specific colors to identify the taggers versus the ones trying not to get tagged. You can also use the big glow sticks with strings that hang around your neck.

Hunt for Glowing Treasure

Kids love treasure hunts and it’s even more fun to hunt for treasure when it’s dark out and the treasure is glowing.

Purchase a bundle of different colored glow sticks, activate them and hide them outside at night, or inside in the dark. Then let the hunt begin.

When all of the glow sticks have been found, give different glowing prizes to the winners of pre-determined categories such as the most green sticks found, or the one to find the extra long glow stick.

It’s a great game for all ages and you can make the hiding places as easy or as hard as you want.

Glowing Water Balloon Fight

Who doesn’t love water balloons? And, when you combine them with glow sticks, you are asking for some crazy, wet fun.

Purchase some large water balloons and some smaller glow sticks. Activate the glow sticks and insert one into each balloon. Then, fill the balloons with water, tie them off and place them in large tubs. Get ready for an exciting nighttime water balloon fight, or play water balloon toss in the dark.

Red Rover Glow Game

If you’ve ever played Red Rover, then you can only imagine how much fun it would be to play at night with glow sticks.

Two teams line up across from each other on an open playing field with a good distance between them. Everyone on both teams wears a glow stick on their wrists and holds hands to form a chain.

Then, one team calls out the name of a person from the opposing team. When the name is called, that person immediately runs toward the opposing side and uses their body to try and break through their chain of arms.

Playing in the dark, the glow sticks help the runner pinpoint a target to break through by showing where the linked hands are.

Tic Tac Glow

If you love strategy, a Tic Tac Glow tournament is a fun way to spend a summer night.

Simply activate glow sticks and connect a few to form a large tic-tac-toe board on the ground.

Then, use connectors to shape more glow sticks into X’s and some into O’s.

Players take turns going head-to-head to place their X’s or O’s just like a normal game of tic-tac-toe.

The winner of each round goes against the winner of the next round until you determine a Tic Tac Glow champion.

Glowing Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Divide players into two or three teams and give each team a supply of glow stick connectors.

Then, activate and hide enough glow sticks for each team to make a rainbow pattern with them. For example, tell the teams that they will need to find one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue and one purple glow stick per team. Someone says, “go” and the teams race to find each of the required glow sticks and connect the different colors in the right pattern. The first team to complete their rainbow wins.

Zombie Glow Stick Tag

Want to add a little creepy thrill into your evening fun? Zombie Glow Stick Tag is an easy way to spook up your nighttime game of tag.

Buy twice as many red and green glow sticks and connectors for as many people that will be playing the game.

Make bracelets and give the green bracelets to the healthy humans. Choose one person to be the zombie and give them all of the red bracelets to wear on both arms. Tell the zombie to close his or her eyes and count to 40 while the healthy humans run and hide. Then, the zombie goes on the hunt to infect the healthy humans. Once the zombie catches them, the zombie gives them a red glow bracelet to wear and they become a zombie, too.

The red glowing zombies keep chasing healthy humans until they are all caught and inflected. The first person to be caught is the zombie for the next round.

Glow Bowling

Looking for an inexpensive game to liven up your next nighttime party? Save up ten empty 2-liter bottles and add some glow sticks to create your own glowing lawn bowling alley.

Create lanes out of connected glowing sticks and then put a glow stick in each empty 2-liter to make pins.

Use a glow-in-the-dark ball to knock down the glowing pins, like the Franklin Sports Glomax Playground ball which is available on amazon.

Capture the Flag REDUX

Capture the Flag REDUX is the ultimate in glow technology. It actually comes with reusable LED glow bracelets in the game, as well as everything else you need to play a fun and futuristic version of the classic Capture the Flag game. It’s the ideal way to get kids, teens and even normally boring adults outside and active at night.

It comes complete with glowing orbs to use as “flags,” the color-coded LED bracelets that identify the different teams, and light-up jail markers. It’s available here.

Plus, you can purchase the REDUX Expansion Set to get 12 additional glow-in-the-dark bracelets with included batteries that turn on and off for future use. You can use these bracelets to expand your teams for Capture the Flag REDUX, and also use them for any of the above glow stick games.

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image



Looking for more exciting Glow in the Dark Games? Check these out!


Starlux Pool Party

Starlux Pool Party is available here


Glow Battle is available here 



The photo used as the featured image for this post is by Alecia Brown and is available on Flickr.

Our fans asked for a huge outdoor games list so we have delivered.

Below you will find 50 great outdoor games that will get you moving, energize you with sunlight, and inject your days with fun.

These outdoor games are not to be kept to yourself. Make sure to invite your family, friends, neighbors, and schoolmates over to play these fun outdoor games. The more the merrier, right!

Feel free to add your favorite outdoor games in the comment section below after checking out our top 50 outdoor games (in no particular order). Maybe you invented your own outdoor game, or tweaked a game in some way that makes it even more fun to play. If yes, please tell us about it below.

Top 50 Outdoor Games List

  1. Disc Golf
  2. Horseshoes
  3. Cornhole
  4. Fishing Tournament
  5. Washer Toss
  6. Paintball
  7. Marco Polo
  8. Chicken (in a pool, not on a tractor like in Footloose)
  9. Flag Football
  10. Baseball
  11. Softball
  12. Basketball
  13. Obstacle Course Race
  14. Capture the Flag
  15. Capture the Flag REDUX
  16. Adventure Racing
  17. Marathon
  18. Badminton
  19. Tennis
  20. Golf
  21. Mini-Golf
  22. Freeze Tag
  23. Vikings of the Northern Lights (Ultimate Freeze Tag)
  24. Dodgeball
  25. Red Rover
  26. HORSE (Basketball Shooting Game)
  27. Wiffle Ball
  28. Drone Racing
  29. Volleyball
  30. Spike Ball
  31. 5K Race
  32. Mölkky (A Finnish throwing game)
  33. Cross Country Race
  34. Soccer
  35. Glow Battle (if you love Star Wars lightsabers you will love Glow Battle!)
  36. Lawn Bowling (It’s a thing!)
  37. Kan Jam
  38. Bocce Ball
  39. Potato Sack Racing
  40. Lawn Darts
  41. Tug of War
  42. Scavenger Hunt
  43. Starlux Pool Party
  44. Geocaching
  45. Ladder Toss
  46. Archery Competition
  47. Kickball
  48. Hide and Seek
  49. Tiki Toss (Set it up in a treehouse)
  50. Water Balloon Fight

With that outdoor games list, there is no excuse to stay indoors too many days in a row. Get out and have some fun. Your body and mind will thank you by giving you a tingly feeling all over. OK, maybe you won’t tingle. But you will feel better after getting out in nature and letting your body do what it was meant to do… move!