At its heart, our company began on Boy Scout camping trips in the Sierra Nevada Mountains playing Capture the Flag. Working together as a team, sneaking around the forest, sprinting at full speed – it was the best game ever! These experiences took root as a business concept when one of us discovered an LED light shaped like an ostrich egg. Somehow, this strange object combined with a classic childhood activity and our first game emerged: Capture the Flag REDUX.

Judd King

While teaching high school for nine years, founder Judd King noticed youth becoming less and less aware of their surroundings and their peers. To combat this, “I wanted to create something I would have loved as a kid—but also something that would be so incredibly engaging and dynamic that teenagers would actually put their phones down and interact with each other.”


We encourage people of all ages to set aside their screens, open up their imaginations and do something active! But, most importantly, we want people to interact together, form memories and share experiences. We pride ourselves on doing this in an innovative and exciting way:

  • Bring people of all ages together
  • Motivate physical activity
  • Inspire teamwork
  • Provide a unique gift that feels good to give
  • Offer a thrilling group activity
Capture the Flag REDUX in 30 seconds


Capture the Flag REDUX Game Box Cover

Capture the Flag REDUX

Experience this classic game with a modern glow-in-the-dark twist

Glow Battle Ninja Game

Glow Battle

Battle like a ninja samurai using harmless glowing swords

Wizards and Werewolves Game Box Cover

Wizards & Werewolves

Transform your backyard into an imagination-fueled competition of mythic proportions

Starlux Games other games

All Others

Check out our other award winning active games and expansions

All of our games are easy to set up and include multiple ways to play, allowing you get the action going within minutes and keep the excitement knob cranked to 11!

As an industry leader in group games, our company proudly offers novel forms of play using glowing game pieces and cutting-edge LED technology. Whether you play inside or outside, day or night, know that it’s not just our game pieces that light up: people’s faces do too. (Yeah, we know it’s cheesy to say – but it’s true!)

Whether you’re entertaining a youth group, hosting a birthday party or planning a family get-together, Starlux Games promise a dynamic activity that everyone will love doing together.


Starlux Games Awards 2020


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Starlux Games’ products have been featured by publications ranging from Buzzfeed to The Today Show. Our awards include “Outdoor Game of the Year” from Creative Child, “Best Toys and Games“ from Boys Life and much more. But, what really matters to us is YOU. We measure our success based on the ways that we inspire you, your friends and family to have a blast doing something active together.



If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s creating fresh and innovative games! We’re proud to offer everything ranging from glow-in-the-dark remakes of classics games to new styles of outdoor gameplay, like specialized player character roles. At the time of this writing, we’re developing an indoor scavenger hunt game and a whole new style of futuristic, light up foam battling sets. We aspire to offer distinctive, amazing group experiences long into the future — and hope you will join us on our adventure!