Get out that After-School Energy

Kids running after school

It’s back-to-school time and while most parents are high-fiving and celebrating having a structured schedule again, it does bring other challenges. One of those is how to get that after-school energy out of your kids. According to the American Academy or Pediatrics, children ages six and over need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. While some kids may get a portion of that during the school day with recess and PE class, they will usually need more after school.

In fact, only one out of every three children in the U.S. spends time being physically active each day, and less that fifty percent of the time that kids spend in P.E. class involves enough activity to be considered exercise. And, physical activity is what kids need to build healthy bones and muscles, develop motor skills and coordination, improve strength and endurance, plus promote mental and emotional well-being.

Physical activity is so important for children’s growth, but often kids are tired and mentally drained after school or they have homework and school projects. As parents, it takes some organizing and encouragement to get kids physically active. Plus, it takes creativity to vary up ways to motivate them. Encourage you kids to balance homework time with valuable active time with this list of ways to use up after-school energy:

  1. BACKYARD TIME. Spend 30 minutes outdoors jumping rope, climbing trees, or playing ball in your back yard, front yard, side yard or any yard.
  2. GAME TIME. Pull out their favorite silly active game like Starlux Eyeballs of Madness or Bump Rumble and get out the giggles between homework assignments.
  3. PLAYGROUND TIME. Walk to a local park to swing on playground equipment, play hopscotch or climb on the jungle gym.
  4. SPORTS TIME. Join an athletic team like soccer or basketball and stay active practicing and playing games
  5. FRIEND TIME. Play outdoors with neighbors and siblings, ride scooters, skateboard and play kickball.
  6. FANTASY TIME. Tune into your kids’ imagination with games like Starlux Wizards and Werewolves or Vikings of the Northern Lights that will spark their fantasy and their fitness.
  7. REC TIME. Visit your local recreation center or YMCA a few times a week for classes like karate or swim lessons.
  8. FAMILY TIME. Take a walk as a family after dinner, or go on a bike ride around your neighborhood after school.
  9. DANCE TIME. Put on some fun music and have an after-school dance party.
  10. GLOW TIME. Just because it’s dark outside, doesn’t mean kids can’t still be active with games like Starlux Glow Battle or Capture the Flag REDUX.


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