The Top 10 Christian Games for Kids

Christian Games for Kids

It’s true. Kids need all of the religion they can get – and, their parents need a lot of prayers too. All kidding aside, studies show that Christian preteens want to gain a better understanding of what they believe and make a connection with God. It’s important for them to find ways to learn more about their faith and to have a chance to express their beliefs and questions. How do you get today’s youth excited about God? These Christian games for kids are a good start and are perfect for families with preteens, youth groups and summer bible camps.

1. Throw & Tell Prayer Ball by Group Pub Inc.

This sturdy, inflatable ball is covered with colorful sentences like prayer prompts and discussion starters. Start a timer and then let the kids toss the ball around for a few seconds. When the buzzer rings, the child holding the ball reads what’s written under his or her thumb, and then answers. It’s a fun way for kids to learn about being thankful and praying for others. There is also a Throw & Tell ball just for preteens that includes icebreaker questions to get kids talking and laughing. Kids love the Throw & Tell Balls, and parents love seeing them open up, laugh, and connect with each other. Available for purchase at

2. Bible Charades

We all know that tweens like to act out! Bible charades is a exciting and active way to get them to do it respectfully. This version is similar to the regular charades, except that they guess bible characters. Groups can divide into equal teams. Then each team writes down bible characters for the other team to act out and guess. Teams get points for the number of characters that they guess correctly. Bible charades lets preteens explore their faith and express their creativity.

3. Capture the Flag REDUX by Starlux Games

Capture the Flag is a fun and exciting glow in the dark game for kids and teens that also teaches meaningful principles. This active, adventure game is not for those who want to sit around and talk. It involves hiding, searching, running and even sneaking up on people. The game includes glowing LED games pieces with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. It is the perfect icebreaker or team-building exercise game for youth groups, church activities and church summer camps. Capture the Flag REDUX gets preteens active and teaches them to (literally) follow the Light! Click here to learn more.

4. Living Sculpture

Need a silly game to get kids laughing? Split into teams and give each team a supply of toilet paper, saran wrap, and tin foil. One member on each team stands in a statuesque position while the rest of the team wraps toilet paper, saran wrap and tin foil around him or her to create a “work of art.” The team with the best sculpture when the clock’s up wins. It’s a creative way to teach preteens that they are all God’s works of art.

5. Kingdom Quest: A Strategy Guide for Tweens and Their Parents/Mentors

This is a practical and fun guide for kids ages 11 to 13 to use with the guidance of a parent, mentor, or teacher. The chapters of the guide are called “Kingdom Keys” and include related scriptures that encourage adolescents to reflect, question, and journal about their faith. The guide also includes quizzes that facilitate group discussion and conversation. The guide is a fun way for preteens to strengthen their faith and relationships. To purchase, click here.

6. Bible Relay Race

Need more ideas on how to get kids active and teach them scripture? Divide into two teams. Each team chooses a bible verse of similar length to memorize. The participants run from a starting point to a whiteboard or chalkboard and right only one word of the verse at a time. Then, they run back and hand off the chalk or dry-erase marker to the next team member. The team that is first to write their whole verse correctly wins.

7. Faith and Redemption by GameDevCo

Prepare for an epic journey from the Garden of Eden to Judgment Day. This intriguing Christian board game is specifically created for ages 10 to 14, where players gain followers and are granted prayers and miracles to help them overcome the temptation of sin. Play with two to four players, or play in teams. The tagline of the game says it all, “Although Faith and Redemption represents a fallen world, redemption is always possible and forgiveness is never more than a prayer away.” Click here to purchase.

8. Jesus Tag

This game is a simple and tangible way to teach preteens the power of Evangelism. Choose one player to be IT. That person is the Christian and tags another player, saying “Jesus loves you.” Continue playing until all of the players have been tagged and converted. The last player tagged is the final Christian and winner of the game.

9. Dance Like David Dance-Off

When your preteens want to show off their moves and the spirit moves them, you have a dance-off. Choose some impartial judges, and make a bracket with all of the participants’ names. Then, let the music begin and let them battle each other, until one by one they are eliminated and you choose a final dance champion. This is a great outlet for preteens that love music and dancing.


And, when you just can’t get them off of their screens, offers a multitude of free online Christian games – like Save the Bible, The Road to Bethlehem and Build a Church. The purpose of the site is to provide a fun, safe Christian gaming experience.

Do you know of some other great Christian Games for kids? If yes, please list them in the comments.


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