Swimming Pool Games That are a Blast to Play

Swimming Pool Games for Adults

You see kids splashing and laughing in the swimming pool and you’re secretly thinking, “Why should these kids get to have all of the fun?” Adults don’t need to sit around the pool all summer watching the fun, they should jump in feet first and enjoy. Summer is right around the corner, so plan some adult parties or couples’ nights at your pool and amp up the fun factor with these top ten swimming pool games for adults.

1. Tug of War

Remember the grade school game that stressed you out? Now, it’s a fun adult swimming pool game that actually decreases your stress. First, find a long, thick rope that stretches across the deep end of your pool. Divide your guests into two equal groups and mark a line of chalk somewhere around 5 feet away from the edge of the pool. Then, position each team at the starting line and yell, “Go!” Each team pulls the rope until the stronger team pulls the other ones into the pool. Who knows if the winning team is the one on dry land or the ones splashing in the pool!

2. Wet Shirt Relay Race

This race is a great way to get your guests in the pool and get everyone laughing. Split up into two teams and give each team a large t-shirt. The first person in line puts on the shirt over their swimsuit. At “go,” the first person must swim up and back the length of the pool with the shirt on. When they reach the end, they take off the shirt and hand it to the next teammate waiting in line. Then, the next player puts the shirt on and swims up and back. They continue to pass the shirt until each teammate has gone. The team that finishes first is the Wet Shirt Relay Champion!

3. Starlux Pool Party

Starlux Pool Party


Nighttime adult swimming pool parties are even more fun with the help of some glowing gadgets. Although the glow in the dark Starlux Pool Party was created for kids, who’s to say that the adults can’t sneak it out for some fun after dark too? You can play tons of different swimming pool games with the enclosed waterproof glowing games pieces or you can use the glow in the dark game pieces just to add a glowing effect to your pool parties. Simply turn each light on and toss into the water for an amazing pool party. Starlux Pool Party is available here.


4. Beach-Ball Volleyball

Everyone loves volleyball and it’s even more fun in the pool. Set up a net over your shallow end grab a beach ball or a soft volleyball for an entertaining adult swimming pool game. Divide up into teams and let the competition begin. Play with your own rules or see the official pool volleyball rules here

5. Belly Flop Contest

This is the classic choice when you need a swimming pool party game for adults that lets them act like kids. Players take turns by either doing a belly flop or a cannon ball into the pool to make the biggest splash. Then, let a panel of judges from the party crowd rate them. You can also add some variation by also doing the smallest splash, best dive, craziest jump, or whatever entrance you think would be a challenge. Be sure to have a party prize on hand for the person who wins each category.

6. Greased Watermelon

You haven’t truly enjoyed summer until you have played a game of greased watermelon in a pool! Split your party group into two teams, grab a gourd, and grease it up with some Crisco or petroleum jelly. Then, toss it in the middle of the pool and start the countdown. At “go” the players try to grab the watermelon and pass it to other team members until they get it to the opposite side of the pool and score a point. First team to ten points is the winner. 

7. Outdoor Movie

This is technically not a game, but it is a great way to enjoy a summer evening at your pool with other adults. Borrow or buy a movie projector and hang a white sheet on a wall or between some trees by the pool. Find some fun floats or pull up some chairs and pick a happy, summer-themed movie to watch when the sun goes down. Whatever adult pool activity you choose, just don’t let the kids have all the fun this summer.


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