It’s March and time to get your green on for St. Patrick’s Day! But why not add a little more sparkle to the holiday this year and celebrate with a whole slew of bright and festive rainbow colors? Everyone knows that rainbows are a magical part of St. Patrick’s Day tradition. They bring the wonder of sunlight, water and color together. Plan a day – or even a week – full of fun rainbow activities with your kids, and maybe you’ll find something way more magical than a pot of gold.


Did you know that rainbows can appear at night and are called moonbows? And, did you know that rainbows can appear without any rain at all? Read the truth behind these myths and more interesting facts about rainbows here


Face paint has the power to magically make kids smile! And, nothing is easier or more fun to paint on faces than a rainbow. So pull out the face paints and paint your kids’ cheeks or foreheads to celebrate the day. If you’re feeling extra daring, search online for tutorials on how to paint a rainbow butterfly or rainbow tiger look!


Imagine cutting into a cake and discovering a rainbow of brightly colored layers. It’s easier than you think to make this seven layer cake. All you need is two boxes of white cake mix, three containers of whipped frosting, three equal size round cake pans and gel food coloring. Prepare the first box following the directions and then split the batter into three equal bowls. Add food coloring to make purple, blue and green batter and then bake according to the instructions. Then, repeat the process with the second box of mix to make the red, orange and yellow layers. After all of the layers have cooled, level off the tops and begin to layer the colors in order of the rainbow with a layer of frosting in between. Then frost the top and sides. Decorate with sprinkles if you desire, and cut into the cake to reveal a beautiful rainbow! You can find more detailed instructions here


Looking for more than green and gold on St. Patrick’s Day? Plan a scavenger hunt using every color of the rainbow. Make a checklist for kids to find specific items of each color. For example, find a red fruit, an orange sock, three things that are yellow, something green and gooey, something round that is blue and a purple toy. Make up your own crazy and creative rainbow search or find one here


 If there are no signs of a real rainbow overhead, paint your own bright and colorful one to hang up. Simply grab some butcher paper or a large sheet of art paper and a sponge. Then, use craft or poster paint to squirt blobs of paint directly onto the sponge in a straight line in order of the colors of the rainbow. Next, slowly slide the sponge across the paper revealing a magical rainbow creation. Add details as desired – the sun, clouds, butterflies, birds, or a glittery pot of gold! See this craft here


To see a rainbow grow right in front of your eyes, try this really cool experiment. Line up seven clear plastic cups and fill them 2/3 with water. Then add 5 drops of red food coloring to the 1st and 7th cup, add 5 drops of yellow to the 3rd cup and 5 drops of the blue to the 5th cup. Next, take paper towels, fold them in half and in half again lengthwise. Place one end of a paper towel in the first cup with the other end in the second cup. Do the same between the remaining cups. Wait a few minutes and watch the colors spread like magic. See this experiment here


Nothing can spark your kids’ imaginations more than pretending to be unicorns racing to find hidden, glowing gems to protect a beautiful rainbow of colors, or the leprechauns that are hiding the sparkling lights. Perfect for kids ages 4 to 10, Protectors of the Rainbow can be played indoors or outside. It’s a magical treasure hunt game that keeps kids active and their imaginations active, too. It’s so fun, they will want to play it over and over again!

The plan is in place, now it’s time to enjoy a festive St. Patrick’s Day surrounded by color and magic!


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