Different Types of Physical Activity to Keep Your Child Moving

Light, Moderate or Vigorous – how much of each should your child be getting?

Kids should be active in promoting a healthy lifestyle and growth. When children are trained to have a healthy lifestyle at a young age, they will manifest the effects and benefits in the long run. Through regular physical activity, they will improve their cardio-respiratory fitness and weight management. Moreover, it reduces the risk of health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Different Types of Physical Activity Based on Intensity

It is a form of exercise that requires energy and movement of the body. Any activity can have instant and long-term health benefits. Having regular activity improves the quality of your life. For kids, it would be best to have group activities to keep them entertained.

Light Physical Activity

Light physical activity is the movement of your body, reaching 1.6 to 2.9 metabolic equivalents (METs). METs are used by researchers to gauge the exertion of an individual in a standard way. The measurement is based on how much oxygen an individual utilizes during a specific activity.

Light-intensity physical activities involve standing up, sitting down, or moving around in a particular location. Some examples include:

• Household chores such as washing the dishes, ironing, and dusting
• Food preparation or cooking
• Light housework such as making the bed and doing laundry
• Working at a standing workstation.
• Simple gardening like pulling the weeds around the plant
• Doing your hobbies: sewing, drawing, painting, creating arts, and knitting
• Playing musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin, or drums.
• Casual walking such as strolling inside a museum, walking around a gallery, or window-shopping at a mall
• Playing billiards
• Basic yoga

Moderate Physical Activity

Moderate physical activities are actions that burn calories three to six times or faster than sitting quietly. These exercises reach three to six METs.

In these activities, children sweat more than light physical exercises and breathe a little harder, but they can still speak while moving their bodies. Some of the examples of moderate physical activities are:

• Walking briskly or jogging about 3½ miles per hour
• Bicycling around ten miles
• General gardening such as raking and trimming shrubs
• Dancing any genre
• Walking and carrying golf clubs
• Water aerobics
• Tennis or Badminton (doubles)

Vigorous Physical Activity

Vigorous physical activities are activities greater than or equal to six METs. Vigorous activities. These activities need the highest amount of oxygen consumption to accomplish a specific action.

Vigorous physical activities include:
• Running or jogging 5 miles per hour
• Walking rapidly for 4½ miles per hour
• Bicycling more than 10 miles per hour
• Heavy backyard work, such as landscaping and wood chopping
• Swimming in freestyle laps
• Aerobics
• Playing basketball with friends
• Tennis or badminton (singles)

Components of Physical Activity

There are four components of physical activity. To achieve total fitness, the body of an individual should focus on each component.

• Cardiovascular endurance measures the ability of your heart and lungs to work together to supply the needed oxygen of the body.
• Muscular strength is the amount of power you can exert in lifting. Fortunately, crossfit equipment for kids can provide tools for your children.
• Muscular endurance is the ability of a specific muscle to work continuously in an extended period.
• Flexibility is the ability of the joints to move in a range of motion.

Kids can attain physical fitness if they participate in activities that improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. They will most likely coordinate when they work with other kids. Doing collaborative activities like our Starlux Pool Party with friends can motivate them to exercise and move freely.

Key Takeaways

Nowadays, kids spend more time watching television and playing online games. They are now less active in playing and doing physical activities. Allowing the children to participate in group activities and competitive sports can help them maintain their physical fitness. Crossfit equipment for kids also encourages the children to have a workout.

Teach them to take part in simple household chores, such as gardening or washing the dishes. If the children want to have vigorous activities, some specific workouts or exercises work for kids. They will learn the value and benefits of doing physical activities if they start young. Moreover, they can carry this habit until they grow old. Read more to know how exercise can also benefit the mind.


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