Brace Yourselves for the Homeschooling Sequel

Another Sequel Nobody Really Wanted

The spring of 2020 was long and stressful. Many parents were juggling jobs and trying to homeschool multiple children, as well as keep them socially connected and active during the pandemic. To some parents, the quarantine situation may have felt almost like a horror movie, and the fall of 2020 could be the sequel. As the summer days wind down, it’s looking like more and more schools will be keeping their doors closed and offering virtually learning to their students. Parents, brace yourself for another semester as teacher, entertainer, discipliner and social coordinator. Here are some homeschooling tips that might help.

1. Entertainment for All

Two kids laugh in their backyard.

When you’re trying to keep multiple kids from getting bored, it’s easier to think of group games and activities that will entertain various ages all at one time. Start by making a “boredom buster” list of fun games and active ideas to post on your fridge. Then, when someone says “I’m bored,” consult the list. Be sure to let your kids contribute to the boredom busters – no idea is too silly. Activities like backward bike races, dance parties, blind-folded balloon volleyball, pillow fights, limbo contests, backyard bowling and freeze tag are all fun, easy to learn and adaptable for all ages.

Glow Battle is a great boredom buster and a wonderful way to get excess energy out of your kids. You can play Glow Battle anywhere that there is open space to run – in the yard, in a basement or in the garage. It’s easy to set up and simple for all ages to play. Identify your teams with different colored glowing bracelets. Then, use the harmless, glowing foam batons to attack your opponent, and send them running back to their base to “recharge” before they get hit again. Whether you are trying to get your group active or offer a creative alternative for your homeschooling version of gym class, Glow Battle is an ideal way to keep your kids entertained between subjects.

2. Time Off for Good Behavior

A kid crouches on the ground and smiles at the camera while taking a break from homeschooling.

Virtual learning is not just stressful for the parents. It’s also hard on kids, and their brains are going to need some breaks. Since the majority of virtually learning involves digital devices, students need time off of screens for a mental break, as well as to give their eyes a chance to relax from screen strain. Offer your kids an easy rewards system for school work completed. For example, for every hour of school work they do, give them fifteen minute breaks of free play time or board game play.

3. Encourage Exercise: Homeschooling PE

In addition to burning off excess energy and maintaining good health, physical activity helps kids learn better. Studies show that regular exercise allows kids to sharpen their focus, be less impulsive and have fewer disciplinary problems. Meaning that kids that get moving during the day, actually stay focused longer when it’s time to sit down for schoolwork. Experts recommend that children get sixty minutes or more of physical activity every day, either all at once or broken down into smaller time segments.

Capture the Flag REDUX is a good way to provide small group social interaction and also remain outdoors. It’s the classic game of Capture the Flag revolutionized with glow-in-dark orbs, glowing bracelets and futuristic borders marked with LED lights. It’s the perfect way to provide active, social interaction for kids, teenagers and even adults. Plus, you can mix it up with 12 game variation cards for more ways to play Capture the Flag and other games…because, let’s face it, who knows if this homeschooling sequel will become a trilogy or not!

4. Provide Safe Social Connections

Teens play Wizards & Werewolves while homeschooling.

With the new rules of quarantine, it’s best to limit large social engagements. However, even if they’re homeschooling, children do need some sort of social interaction each day whether it’s with siblings or the one or two friends down the street that are in your chosen circle. Playing with them outside might be the best way to encourage social opportunities with less risk.

Wizards & Werewolves is the perfect way to engage kids’ imaginations while getting them up and moving. Play as a Wizard to search for glowing crystals or bare your teeth and hunt as a Werewolf in this outdoor game of hunting, hiding and howling!


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