Six Great Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home

This Memorial Day weekend will be more meaningful than ever.

We’ve all been missing social interaction with our extended family and friends. We’ve been missing the freedom to do what we want, when we want. And, we’ve been missing celebrations like birthday parties and graduations. As folks slowly begin to transition back to small group gatherings, make the most of your time together over the long weekend. Cherish the time you have to bond with your family over the holiday, and find fun ways to celebrate the little things. If you’re staying home this Memorial Day weekend, here are eight great ways to make it special.


Start Memorial Day weekend off right by teaching your family the true meaning of the holiday: to honor those you have fought for the freedom of our country. If you know any veterans, help your kids make cards to thank them. Brush up on your US history and plan a trivia night for a fun way to learn it. Decorate your house and yard with flags and make a patriotic craft or dessert with your kids. Plan your own Memorial Day parade by decorating bikes or wagons with red, white and blue and riding through your neighborhood.


Memorial Day weekend traditionally marks the beginning of summer, and you can kick it off right with a Welcome Summer Party! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, so break out the summer fun like water balloons, sprinklers and popsicles. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of sunny days and milder nights.

Get everyone outside, put on some sunscreen and play all day in the summer sun and all night under the stars.Some of the most interesting art activities can involve nature and observing the world around them. Plus, being outside means that you can be a little more messy which is a great opportunity for a tie dye kit or mosaic stone kit. You can also include supplies to paint so many fun outdoor projects like birdhouses, garden pots and pet rocks.


Memorial Day Weekend gives you an opportunity for a whole extra day with no work and no school work. Take advantage of the long weekend by sharing your favorite activities with your family. If you love music, plan a backyard dance party or download a new album to listen to together. Love food? Make a new recipe with your kids or try a new take-out restaurant. If you love art, buy a craft kit or some paints to start on a new group project. Or, if you love to garden, plan and plant a family garden. Make the long weekend count and take advantage of every minute by enjoying the day together and really bonding over shared activities.


If you have concerns about heading to the public park or beach over Memorial Day weekend, just don’t go. There are so many ways to have a great holiday celebration without ever leaving your own backyard. Pull out the grill and some paper plates and enjoy the simplicity of cooking outside. Set up some backyard games like corn hole, Bocce ball, volleyball or badminton. Fill a cooler with drinks and kick back in your lawn chairs.

Better yet, get the whole family active with Capture the Flag REDUX. It’s the classic Capture the Flag revolutionized with futuristic glow-in-the-dark lights. Just like the traditional game, players split into teams and then work together to break teammates out of jail, sneak into enemy territory, protect base and steal the flag. But unlike the classic, the flag is now a glowing orb and players wear color-coded LED bracelets to differentiate team members and glowing jail markers.


Sure vacation is fun, but if you aren’t able to leave town, create your own stay-cation at home. A stay-cation lets you enjoy the long weekend without the cost or hassle of a traditional vacation, and it can be equally relaxing and fun. Step one is to put away your work emails and house chores. Step two is to plan fun stay-cation actives: take in some movies, go on long bike rides, soak up the sun, eat some junky food and read some junky magazines. And, if you need to make if simpler, just remember: eat, play, nap, repeat.


We’re SURE you’ll miss being a stand-in teacher, but as the school work begins to wind down for the year, celebrate your children’s efforts as well as your own. Let Memorial Day weekend be a chance for them to put down their pencils, unwind from a stressful semester of digital learning and just play. Free play can be a great way for kids to learn creativity and build their imaginations. And, family gamily night is the ideal way to teach them strategy and teamwork. Let loose with some extra fun family activities like a slumber party on the family room floor or in a tent outside. Arrange an ice cream sundae party with all of the toppings. Stay up late, eat snacks and play together as a family.


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