Fun Family Games for Connection

fun family games

One of the best ways to stay connected to loved ones is by playing fun family games. It’s easy to get whisked away into the online world as individuals. We think we are connected to online groups and digital friends but are we really?

I’ve always told my kids that I can never be as entertaining to them as the entirety of the internet. But the internet isn’t going to change their flat tire in a rainstorm! So they might want to pay attention to me instead of that glass box in their hand.

If your family could use some disconnection from the digital world and more real-world connection, then mix in some fun family games to build that connection.

For summertime fun (or winter if your family is crazy), did you know you can build your own dunk tank? From a toddler to a teen, any kid will enjoy dumping cold water on mom or dad. Don’t wait for the next county fair or local festival. Make this game a backyard event. If dad isn’t handy, then ask grandpa to build the dunking booth. If you have to coax the kids into playing, give them a reminder. None of their Instagram followers are gonna be helping them pay for college!

Pong isn’t just for frat parties. It can be family friendly too. Get this set of Wicked Big Pong and create a fun weekend for your tribe. Play in the shade when it’s too hot. Take it to the sunny areas when it’s cool and you need to shed a pasty winter tan. If your kids need some motivation to turn off Netflix and join you in the yard, we have suggestions:

  • Stop paying the Netflix bill
  • Cut the cord on their TV, literally
  • Ask them if they like wearing name brand shoes


The folks that come up with DIY games never cease to amaze me. Don’t go to Walmart to fight the pajama-wearing mobs in order to get a Twister game. Make your own board right in the yard. Use materials most families have on hand with instructions here. If your kid is a gymnast or cheerleader, they will likely dominate the rest of the family in this contest. That’s fine. At least you got the family together to play. Getting beat by a kid is better than never seeing the kid who stays piled up in his or her room.

Ever heard of Rollors Backyard Game? Neither had we, but after watching their video demo, we are onboard. It’s a combo of Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, & Bowling, according to the company description. That makes it unique and the fact that families can play it anywhere is a huge plus. So stop combining mediocre Netflix series, Instagram’s never-ending feeds, and mindless likes on Facebook. Get outdoors and play fun family games like Rollors! This game is available at

There will be times when you can’t get outdoors to play a game. Weather can keep families inside. When that happens you can still get in game mode. Chess will never go out of style. Or, for a simpler game that will help kids detect a lie, how about “Two Truths and a Lie.” Players tell three facts and other players decide which one is not true. Hint – Dad never participated in a cage fight or wrestled an alligator. If he did, please behave!

A simple game of catch can make any day more fun and get the tribe into daylight. With a glowing frisbee (available at you can even play after dark. No need to keep score if you don’t want to with this game. The point is to unplug for a while and plug into your family. How was their week? What is going well for them? When are the kids gonna start paying rent? Tossing a frisbee is a good segway into conversations like those.

Ping Pong. None of us will probably ever reach the level of the greatest ping-pong player in history–Forrest Gump–but this classic game is always a blast to play. You can buy both full size and portable ping pong tables and paddle sets at amazon.

Those fun family games above should bring connection back to you and yours. If not, then use those scissors to cut as many cords as necessary!

BTW, if you guys have a swimming pool and need a new swimming pool game, we have you covered. Our glow in the dark Starlight Swimming Games Kit has been a hit ever since it became available. You can only play Marco Polo so many times.

And for Star Wars fans, make sure to look at our latest glow in the dark game, Glow Battle. The early reviews give it high praise for after dark excitement. For big groups needing a game to connect with each other as a company team or a family reunion, Capture the Flag Redux is an awesome choice.

Capture the Flag REDUX banner

Which fun family games are you keeping to yourselves? Don’t be shy. Share your games that give your family a chance to connect. In a world trying to keep us connected to the “grid,” we can never have too many games that help us stay attached to what’s real.


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