The Best Glow in the Dark Outdoor Games

glow in the dark outdoor games

Glow in the dark outdoor games are your key to keeping your kids active outside when the weather is warm. Everyone knows that when the weather is nice, kids should be outdoors playing and getting exercise and fresh air. However, once the sun goes down, kids too often go straight back to their playing on their phones, computer, or video games. You have to give them a reason to put down their screens and get outside. These are the best glow in the dark outdoor games – sure to get your kids outdoors and active even after the sun goes down. This list combines some old classic games along with some new favorites, all perfect for those summer nights after sundown.


It’s tough to imagine a more classic summer night game than flashlight tag. There are two basic ways to play this game. With older kids, it can be a ton of fun to give two of the players, those who are “it,” flashlights and have them walk around the yard trying to find the other players with their flashlights until there aren’t any kids left hiding. However, for younger ones, it’s probably better to give every child a flashlight and play the game like a normal game of tag. For a cool looking twist, you can tape a piece of colored tissue paper on the flashlights to differentiate teams, determine who’s “it,” or simply make it look more futuristic!


For a great way to cool off on hot summer nights, just open up the Starlight Swimming Games Box. This box of ten different light-up swimming games is the perfect way to turn your summer evenings into pool parties. These glow in the dark swimming games are so easy to set up and let you take advantage of more time in your pool. Or, you can kick back and relax by the pool while watching your kids enjoy a great night outside. The box comes with two light-up lotus flowers, six glow bracelets, four dive diamonds and six border lights. They are a great way to light your pool up at night even if you’re not playing the games. Available for purchase here.

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Easter egg hunts are one of the first indicators of warmer weather, and by the end of spring, you have a bunch of empty plastic eggs and have no idea what to do with them. Who says you can’t hunt for Easter eggs any time of year? This game is perfect because it brings the fun of the Easter season into the summer! You can either put glow sticks or plastic tea candles in each of the eggs to get them to light up or you can simply order glowing easter eggs at amazon.


This is a new twist on your favorite classic game that is sure to keep the fun going after sunset. Your kids are sure to love this new twist on Capture the Flag that features futuristic light-up objects and glowing orbs in place of the flags. Use the cool LED color-coded bracelets to divide up the teams, keep your opponents in prison with light-up jail markers, and turn your backyard into the playing field with electronic territory markers. Each box includes the glowing orbs, LED bracelets, light-up markers, a rule-book, and 12 game variation cards that give you a new experience every time you play. This is the perfect game that even parents will find familiar and fun. Available for purchase here.

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This is a fun new take on the party game that a lot of people call “reverse hide-and-seek.” In this version of sardines, each player has a glow-in-the-dark bracelet or necklace on and circulates the playing area looking for the hiding players. The game starts with one person without any glow-in-the-dark attire who hides. When one of the other players finds them, they ditch their light up gear and hide with them. Slowly but surely, you’ll start to notice fewer and fewer lights in the night as the players start to find the one who is hiding. This game is perfect for keeping kids engaged outside and is easy to play, requiring only a few glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces.


There’s no better way to get all of the energy out of your kids when the sun goes down than this glow in the dark outdoor game. This game combines strategy and teamwork to lead your team to victory over your opponent. Run at your enemy, attack, defend your position, and hit your foes with (harmless) glowing sticks. This game is perfect for parties and is a surefire way to keep your kids off of their screens once the sun sets. The game comes with glowing sticks, bracelets, and markers. Players try and whack the other team twice before they can get back to their home base. Join the 426 Kickstarter backers in this fun game that keeps kids active after dark! Available for purchase here.

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This game is similar to flashlight tag and sardines, but adds an element of suspense and fun to nighttime play while combining the best elements from the other games. One person hides in the dark outside and the other players walk around the yard with flashlights or glow sticks looking for this player who is the “ghost.” Once one of them find the ghost, they yell, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and the rest of the players scramble trying to get back to home base before the ghost can tag them. Whoever gets tagged is the ghost in the next round. Another fun way to play this is to have a “secret ghost” who is also trying to tag people once the other ghost is found. Essentially, have two ghosts, but once one of them is found, the other also runs around trying to tag the rest of the players. This is a great game for all ages and incorporates engaging physical activity with light-up fun making it a great glow in the dark outdoor game.


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