The Best Birthday Gifts for Boys Ages 10-12

birthday gifts for boys ages 10-12

It can be a challenge to find the perfect birthday gifts for boys, especially for boys ages 10 to 12. The old saying goes “boys will be boys,” but really no two boys are alike. You can dress them in matching outfits, raise them in the same household – they can even be twins – and each one is going to have his own personality. When it comes to birthday gifts for boys, it’s important to consider their individual personalities to find the perfect match. Some boys love science, some are sports crazed and some are free spirits that just want to run around. Check out these top gift ideas to match the personality of your birthday boy.

THE BRAINY GIFT: Physics Workshop

Maybe you’ve heard of a chemistry set, but this is something new. The Physic Workshop includes 36 models, 37 experiments and an easy-to-follow manual that let them discover amazing real-world applications for physics. They can explore concepts like gravity, momentum, and acceleration with a fun hands-on approach. The workshop lets them experiment with gears and simple machines, build a wind power generator, create their own pin ball game and much more. This is gift is phenomenal for all of your curious boys who want to know more about how the world works around them. Available for purchase here.

THE SPORTY GIFT: Indoor Soccer Hover Ball

While you may think soccer should stay outside, this isn’t the soccer that you’re used to. In a new take on the classic game, this soccer disk glides over any surface on a cushion of air and lights up. Its powerful LED lights combined with its soft foam cushion are suitable for indoor and outdoor play and are the perfect gift for your sporty 10 to 12-year-old. This new twist on soccer is a great way for your kids to have fun while exercising, even in the dark! This gift is sure to keep your boys engaged and active while the foam cushion protects your furniture, making it a gift everyone will love. You can purchase it here.

THE SWIMMING GIFT: Starlight Swimming Games

If you have a swimming pool, you already know that boys love playing swimming games. Starlight Swimming Games offers a game kit with 10 different swimming games and waterproof glow in the dark game pieces. This makes playing in your swimming pool at night a blast as well as providing great exercise. You will love that after they play Starlight Swimming Games, they will be exhausted and sleep very well. And who knows, maybe these games will prepare your son to become the next Michael Phelps! Learn more and purchase Starlight Swimming Games here.

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THE CREATIVE GIFT: Create Your Own Comic Book

Let’s face it, superheroes are all the rage, but finding a superhero gift that doesn’t involve your child staring at a TV or computer screen is a challenge. With the Lulu Jr. My Comic Book Kit, you can design your own comic book story and create adventures for yourself. The kit comes with an 18 page ready-to-use comic book, a pencil and artist eraser, an outline pen, and markers to help make your work look stunning and engage your creativity. In addition to the set, you get instructions and a postage-paid envelope so that you can get your very own comic book professionally printed. This way, your child’s work will look just like the real thing. Available for purchase on


It’s safe to say that most boys like to keep moving around the clock. Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean they want to. Capture the Flag REDUX is the perfect thing to keep them moving after dark. It’s a hot new take on the classic Capture the Flag that features futuristic lights and glowing orbs to use as flags. LED color-coded bracelets mark which team you’re on, light up markers designate each team’s territory and jails, and cool game variation cards can be used to switch up how you play so you can play a bunch of different ways. Each box includes the glowing orbs as “flags,” light up wristbands and markers, a rule-book, and 12 game variation cards. This game is the perfect birthday gift for boys and is an awesome way to keep your night owls happy. Buy it online here.

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THE SCI-FI GIFT: Vega 360 Telescope

The best birthday gifts for boys are those that will grow with them as they grow. The Vega 360 Telescope is just that. This gift combines science with absolute amazement. This telescope is small enough to pack up and take with you on all of your stargazing adventures, but the perfect size so that you’ll never miss any of those magical moments in the night sky. The 50-mm refractor telescope comes with two eyepieces and to image-erecting eyepieces that help your birthday boy look at things on Earth without the pain of seeing everything upside down. This is a great gift for the curious-minded boy who wants to explore the mysteries of space. Available for purchase here.


Boys this age are always on the move, and this intense glowing game uses all of that raw energy. It lets them unleash their inner warrior and team up with friends and family to defeat the enemy. Run at your opponent, attack your foes, defend your position, and strategize with your team in order to achieve Glow Battle glory. This is the perfect game for getting boys off of their electronics and up and moving outdoors! Teams play with harmless glowing weapons and use strategy and teamwork to help lead their side to a victory. Join the hundreds of Kickstarter backers in this awesome new game that lets your children move around and have a ton of fun. It may even be so much fun that you’ll want to join in yourself! Available for purchase here.

THE SLIMY GIFT: Slimeball Slinger

You’ve never seen slime fly like this! This high-tech slime-slinging device launches slimeballs into the air and sends them flying towards their targets. Simply grab the gel handle, place one of the balls into the bungee net, yank it back, and watch it fly. The precise slime-slinging device is made to launch the slime up to thirty feet in the air and the device’s design is made to enhance accuracy. This gift may sound gross but it’s actually a parent favorite. The slimeballs are made from soft non-stick rubber that’s made to look and feel like real slime, and are completely safe to use. The package comes with the precision slime slingshot with gel handle and mesh bungee net and two slimeballs. You can find the Slimeball Slinger here.


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