Top 50 Best Outdoor Games List

Top 50 Best Outdoor Games List

Our fans asked for a huge outdoor games list so we have delivered.

Below you will find 50 great outdoor games that will get you moving, energize you with sunlight, and inject your days with fun.

These outdoor games are not to be kept to yourself. Make sure to invite your family, friends, neighbors, and schoolmates over to play these fun outdoor games. The more the merrier, right!

Feel free to add your favorite outdoor games in the comment section below after checking out our top 50 outdoor games (in no particular order). Maybe you invented your own outdoor game, or tweaked a game in some way that makes it even more fun to play. If yes, please tell us about it below.

Top 50 Outdoor Games List

  1. Disc Golf
  2. Horseshoes
  3. Cornhole
  4. Fishing Tournament
  5. Washer Toss
  6. Paintball
  7. Marco Polo
  8. Chicken (in a pool, not on a tractor like in Footloose)
  9. Flag Football
  10. Baseball
  11. Softball
  12. Basketball
  13. Obstacle Course Race
  14. Adventure Racing
  15. Marathon
  16. Badminton
  17. Tennis
  18. Golf
  19. Mini-Golf
  20. Tag
  21. Dodgeball
  22. Red Rover
  23. HORSE (Basketball Shooting Game)
  24. Wiffle Ball
  25. Capture the Flag and Capture the Flag REDUX
  26. Drone Racing
  27. Volleyball
  28. Half Marathon
  29. 5K Race
  30. Ultra Marathon
  31. Cross Country Race
  32. Soccer
  33. Starlight Swimming Games
  34. Lawn Bowling (It’s a thing!)
  35. Pickleball
  36. Bocce Ball
  37. Potato Sack Racing
  38. Lawn Darts
  39. Tug of War
  40. Scavenger Hunt
  41. Geocaching
  42. Ladder Toss
  43. Archery Competition
  44. Kickball
  45. Hide and Seek
  46. Tiki Toss (Set it up in a treehouse)
  47. Glow Battle (if you love Star Wars lightsabers you will love Glow Battle!)
  48. Water Balloon Fight
  49. Twister
  50. Catch (Use as a meditative activity or use catch streaks to determine a winner)

With that outdoor games list, there is no excuse to stay indoors too many days in a row. Get out and have some fun. Your body and mind will thank you by giving you a tingly feeling all over. OK, maybe you won’t tingle. But you will feel better after getting out in nature and letting your body do what it was meant to do… move!

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