Just Add Water: The Top 10 Swimming Pool Party Games

Top 10 Swimming Pool Party Games

It’s summer and time for swimming pool parties. You’ve got the sunscreen, you’ve got the snacks, and you’ve got a great swimming pool. Believe it or not, even with all of that, kids and adults can still get bored. You need some fun swimming pool party game ideas to keep the party exciting and keep the kids happy in the water. Check out these swimming games for a a big splash at your next swimming pool party.


1. Chicken Fight

This game encourages pushing, pulling, swatting – no wonder kids love it so much. Form teams of two where one person is the base that stands in the water and the other person rides piggyback on their shoulders to form the “chicken.” Then teams prepare for battle and square off against each other. The object of the game is to knock the other players off of their team member’s shoulders. The last “chicken” standing is the winner.


2. Swimline Giant Shootball

This inflatable pool game is floating fun. It’s a larger than life basketball action game that is a great for any number of players because it has multiple ports that let everyone play at once. Made from durable, heavy-gauge vinyl, it’s 45 inches high and 36 inches wide when fully inflated, and it comes with an inflatable ball. You’ll score big with this one. Available for purchase here.


3. Splash Contest

This classic swimming pool party game calls for a low pain threshold and some confidence. Players take turns by either doing a belly flop or a cannon ball into the pool to make the biggest splash. You can also add some variation by also doing the smallest splash, best dive, craziest jump, or whatever entrance you think would be a challenge.


4. Starlight Swimming Games

Play your favorite swimming pool games after nightfall with this glow in the dark swimming pool game kit. You can play ten different swimming pool games with the enclosed waterproof glowing games pieces and game instructions available here. Classic swim games like Treasure Hunters and Human Whirlpool are even more fun after dark. The kit includes six glow bracelets, four dive diamonds, six border lights, two glowing flowers, batteries and a guidebook with game instructions. Simply twist each light on and toss into the water for an amazing pool party.

Starlight Swimming Pool Games


5. Float Races

No, these don’t involve ice cream – although that is a great summer fun idea, too. These involve anything inflatable, as long as it floats and it is big enough for someone to sit on. Team members line up on opposite sides of the pool with their floats. Someone shouts “go” and the first set of floaters race to the other end of the pool. Then, they tag their other team member’s hand and they race back across the pool to the finish. If you fall off, you have to start over. You can have as many team members on each relay team as you want. You can jazz this up with some really cool floats which you can purchase here.


6. Water Sports Itza Floaty Pong Backyard and Pool Game

This swimming pool party game is right on target. It’s a pool pong set that includes Interlocking target rings in assorted colors that can be set up in endless configurations for limitless summer fun. Complete with six foam balls, the game has targets with different point values and color variations that can be used with or without the plastic cups. Available for purchase on amazon.com.


7. Greased Watermelon

There is more than one way to enjoy watermelon in the summer. Grab a gourd, grease it up with some Crisco or petroleum jelly, toss it in the pool and get ready to laugh. Split your party group into two teams, then the players try to grab the watermelon and pass it to other team members until they get it to the opposite side of the pool and score a point. First team to ten points is the winner.


8. Sharks and Minnows

There’s a reason this game is a classic swimming pool game…easy to learn, great fun and no equipment required. Choose one person as the shark and he or she starts at one side of the deep end of the pool. All other players are the minnows and they line up on the opposite side. The shark calls the minnows over by saying “Swim Minnows” and then the minnows must jump in the pool and swim across without getting tagged by the shark. Once they are tagged, the minnow becomes a helper to the shark and starts off of the side with them. The untagged players get out of the pool and line up again opposite the shark. This continues until all of the minnows are caught. The last minnow caught is the shark for the next game.


9. Pool volleyball

Everybody loves pool volleyball, but it’s always hard to find a volleyball system that last through a pool party, much less an entire summer. If you’re looking for a net that will last years, not months, click here to purchase a high quality pool volleyball system. Their volleyball systems include high strength, solid aluminum volleyball poles and heavy duty nets featuring 2-inch net borders made of 18oz UV / Mildew Resistant Vinyl and stitching. They are designed for prolonged outdoor use and are available in custom widths. It’s pool volleyball at its finest!


10. Bottom Dwellers

For last-minute, easy-to-organize pool fun, this game is a sure bet. Scatter different colored poker chips throughout the bottom of your pool and let the players race to dive and get them. Each color equals different points. You can put less of the higher point chips in the deeper sections to make it more challenging. You can even play in teams and then add up all of the points at the end.



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