Our new glow in the dark game Glow Battle gets a great review from the Mommy Has to Work blog

Glow Battle glow in the dark lightsaber game

We are very pleased to announce that we just received a wonderful review from Marijean at the popular “Mommy Has to Work” blog for our new glow in the dark game for kids and teens called “Glow Battle“.  Here is what Marijean had to say about Glow Battle:

“If you have kids you must check out Glow Battle by Starlux Games. Glow Battle is a one of a kind battle experience for kids of all ages, and will get them off their electronics and outside having fun!

My kids ages 9 and 6 love playing with their toy light sabers and toy swords. I knew they would go nuts over Glow Battle. They were very excited to open the box when it arrived. The set I received includes 10 Weapons of Light, 10 LED Bracelets and 8 marker lights. Colors are green and blue. The Weapons of Light are made out of foam, so your child will not get hurt.

It is such a fun game for the kids to play at night or during the day. My kids have been asking nonstop to play this outside in the evening with their friends. They are having so much fun, and I am so glad it is keeping them active.”

Click here to read Marijean’s full review at the Mommy Has to Work blog.

Click here to learn more about Glow Battle and purchase it. 

Glow Battle glow in the dark lightsaber game


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