How To Relax After The Holidays

The holidays can be so stressful. Duh. We’re sure you’ve never heard that before. Eye roll! However, every year even though we all know the holiday stress is coming we never seem to be able to avoid it. Still, maybe this year we can all focus on just letting what may happen…well happen…and then learning how to relax after the holidays.


First off, stay positive. Know that the worst is over and soon, very soon, your children will be off to school again.


Second, exercise is important. Exercise has been known to boost your mood and help you get better sleep. Both which could make you feel a whole lot better after a stressful day.


Third, unplug from the buzzing of life. We are so attached and in the habit of constantly checking our phones first thing in the morning and throughout the day that we don’t notice the stress that it can put on our daily lives. When we read what’s going on in the world or even simple news from relatives and friends this can have a toll on our mindset. That’s why it is important to unplug from time to time to detox the brain.


Fourth, go outside. The trees and nature have been proven to lower stress levels. Also sunlight has been proven to boost moods and even help the eyesight of young adults.


Fifth, eat a healthy but indulgent snack. Sometimes eating a snack that we seldom have, but enjoy, can be enough to increase our energy and mood. Just be sure to keep things in moderation.


Sixth, listen to music. Preferably something relaxing or something that will trigger happy memories.


With these simple and easy adjustments to your day, you are sure to destress–even if just for a few hours. Until we meet again in the new year…..we at Starlux Games hope you have a very peaceful start to your 2018.



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