Simple Ways to Give Back This Christmas

The holidays are a time for celebration and bonding. That is what the themes all boil down to. In our socially conscious world we are all aware of how Christmas is not about the presents but about the love and the thought behind the season of caring. Yet, how can we successfully convey this to our kids (hey! Even convey it to other adults)?  Sometimes our giving and volunteering over the holidays can even lose meaning if we feel stressed or obligated to participate. It is important that we show our kids the spirit of caring without getting to frazzled in the process. So what are some ways to give back this Christmas that may be “small” acts of kindness, but still meaningful to the whole family?


Give Holiday Workers a Break:

The next time you are out shopping, help the store employees by picking up any trash you might see in the store, maybe return a misplaces item to the front desk, or better yet in the parking lot have everyone in the family round up any empty and scattered carts they see and return them to their rightful place. Everyone deserves a little help over the holidays.


Pay It Forward:

Maybe while you sit in your Starbucks drive-thru you decide to pay for the car behind you. Or maybe you send your kids to school with extra lunch money and let them pay for their friend’s lunch or extra snacks. They can also donate that money to the school office who can transfer it to a kid’s account who is overdrawn or empty.


Holiday Thank Yous:

We all love the neighbors who put up the Christmas lights every year. That took a lot of work! However while they may enjoy them as well they would also probably love to hear any compliments from their fellow residents. Maybe write out a “thank you” card saying how much you and your kids appreciate their effort and spirit and leave it at their door step.


Shovel some Snow/Rake some Leaves:

Whether you live in a city or in suburbia there is bound to be a yard full of leaves or a sidewalk that always seems to be covered in snow somewhere. Have your kids offer to go shovel or rake the yard of a nearby neighbor. It takes 30 minutes at the most yet means a whole world to those who are less mobile.


Be Grateful:

What everyone in the world really needs, but seldom gets, is a little appreciation for their work. Face it, we all feel underappreciated throughout the year. This is a great time for you and your kids to sit down together, make a list of the people who you all feel deserve a special thank you, and write our notes to them to let them know how much you appreciate them (even if you don’t say it enough).  A card and a kind word can go a long way.


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