The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

WE LOOKED EVERYWHERE to find some really unique and cool gift ideas for the lovely kid/tween/adult in your life that deserves….well lovely unique gifts. We have done a gift guide for boys and a gift guide for girls previously but this time….GET READY for the ultimate holiday gift guide for 2017!


HeroMods: Turn your child or yourself into a 3D printed action hero. You send in your picture and then choose between 6 different armor costumes.


Glowy Zoey Stick Figure Costume: ahem….theses could be really cool to wear while you play fun glow in the dark games like Capture the Flag REDUX. (See below).  They have a 120 day warranty (unheard of!) and their costumes are so durable that they promise to replace any part that doesn’t work.


Capture the Flag REDUX: woo! The perfect game for the entire family! Something you can play year round that is going to keep your kids up and moving (and away from their phones!).  Buy it and use it for birthday parties, neighborhood events, school events, after-school programs, scouting trips…and so much more!


DDASUMI indoor tent: for the kid who can’t get enough of camping-but sadly still has to live indoors. This tent cover can go over a bed and even on the floor and looks like an actual camping tent.


Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder: Get some squirrels, get some laughs. This ridiculous squirrel feeder is a fun way to enjoy nature plus why not give the squirrels a treat as well.


Brabuzzo Ice Straw Tray:  Turn any drink into a cool sip with this ice tray that turns anything into a straw! Great for adults too (helllooooo mimosa!)


Yooner Seated Ski: Take a break from standing? No but really! In case you are in an area where the hills aren’t ripe for skiing but perfect for some fast action sledding…then this is the sports item for you.


Glow in the dark Starlight Swimming Games. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate and you have a swimming pool, you and your family with love these glow in the dark swimming pool games by us at Starlux Games!



Capture the Flag REDUX Game Box Cover

Capture the Flag REDUX

Experience this classic game with a modern glow-in-the-dark twist

Glow Battle Ninja Game

Glow Battle

Battle like a ninja samurai using harmless glowing swords

Wizards and Werewolves Game Box Cover

Wizards & Werewolves

Transform your backyard into an imagination-fueled competition of mythic proportions

Starlux Games other games

All Others

Check out our other award winning active games and expansions

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