How To Keep Kids Busy Over Winter Break

Ahhh!! Only a few more weeks of school and then the kids will be back in the house 24/7 and YOU will be responsible for keeping them busy. Sure you could let them sleep in and watch tv all day (and maybe a few days of that are well deserved) but maybe you could also keep them active and engaged so they don’t lose any of their drive from the previous semester.  We wanted to keep kids busy over winter break so we invented the glow in the dark game Capture the Flag REDUX. The game keeps the kids off their screens and outside and moving. Now that they are missing their recess and PE time, be sure to keep them active at least 30 minutes a day. Other ways to keep them busy:


Keep every part of their brain growing by adding in some fun art time. Invest in an oil or painting acrylic kit from stores like TJ Maxx or Ross. These stores tend to carry cheap art supplies over in the kitchen/organizing section. Have you kids follow a Youtube tutorial (helloooooo Bob Ross) with their new supplies.


Maybe have them take up some free online coding classes.  You can go to or Code Academy to have your kids do a two week coding course online.


Have them discover the great outdoors again by sending them on a nature scavenger hunt. Have them collect a variety of bugs, leaves, and flowers to bring back home and investigate. Or they can go out and take photos of their favorite discoveries!


Maybe this is a good time to take up a new sport? Most community colleges or nearby YMCAs will offer winter break classes to residents. They can take up a swimming class or maybe join a local ice skating rink and have them learn how to skate.


Don’t forget to keep them happy and social by planning at least one get together with their friends. In today’s climate, sure they can keep social online, but it’s important that they have some actual face time with their classmates as well. Invite a few friends over for a backyard camp out and have everyone play Capture the Flag REDUX that night as well. 😉

Capture the Flag Redux Game Image

While this is not an extensive list of items to keep your kids busy, it is a few ideas to break up the days where they will be fighting you to stay on their computers and phones. It’s important that they have a bit of a detox from the screens they experience while at school and on the regular. Happy winter break and good luck!



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